Avatar ROM for Galaxy Note 2! [CM10.1 + MIUI Themes]

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For this week’s AOSP ROM of the week (What is AOSP?), check out Avatar ROM.

A hybrid ROM with a mix of CM10.1 as base ROM and MIUI themes, Avatar ROM is a perfect ROM for those of you looking for stability of CM10.1 while having the ability to change themes like a MIUI ROM.

Best part? Avatar ROM allows you to change parts of themes to make your own custom theme. E.g. You can just change out the lockscreen or dialer from the theme you like instead of changing the whole theme.

I’ve been running this ROM on many of my older devices and it’s a very solid ROM with great battery life/performance while switching theme is quick and easy.

If you are satisfied with CyanogenMod 10.1 ROM but you don’t like the default theme feature, check out Avatar ROM and do let me know what you think!


Download Avatar ROM for Galaxy Note 2 AT&T SGH-i317 (or SGH-i317M Canadian)

Download Avatar ROM for Galaxy Note 2 T-Mobile SGH-T889

Download Avatar ROM for Galaxy Note 2 Sprint SPH-L900

Download Avatar ROM for Galaxy Note 2 Verizon SCH-i605

Download Avatar ROM for Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100

Download Avatar ROM for Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7105

Download Gapps

To install, reboot into recovery, wipe data/factory reset (unless coming from Avatar/CM10.1 ROM), install ROM, install Gapps, and reboot.

Credits – AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, GT-N7100, GT-N7105 <--- Please donate to the developers or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like this ROM, thx!

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38 Responses

  1. Sandeep says:

    does S-Pen features and multi widow feature works on it???

  2. say says:

    this is a good rom, but i only get Edge with tmobile. 🙁 Any chance i can flash the modem?

  3. Jay says:

    Will this work with a 64 GB SD card?

  4. Paul Trickey says:

    hi new to this im in australia using the telstra 4g network my note 2 is rooted any ideas of what roms/kernals will work? gt-n7105t
    baseband n7105tdvalk3

    kernal 3.0.31*500599dpi@hp19#1

  5. john says:

    when i try to flash this ROM install always fails. any help HIGHLY APPRECIATED!! I have a Verizon Galaxy Note 2 sch-i605

  6. Robert H says:

    ROM installs without issues. 4.2 camera works even with the flash on. The only issue I’ve been having is that the battery performance is terrible. I have installed every ROM available for my phone but this ROM is the worst for battery stamina. In less than 15 hours I needed to charge my phone where as if I used Scotts ROM or Jedi 14 I get at least 2 days. I’ve tried using Juice defender and Greenify but it hardly makes a difference. Other than that, this ROM runs well, fast and I especially like the ability to change the themes on the fly. Having said that will likely flash back to my previous ROM as the battery performance is a deal breaker for me. Canadian version (Bell) SGH-I317

  7. czarman says:

    Im using Verizon note 2 on tmoblie network flashed avatar but it will
    Not go to global as preferred network it stays on LTE/CDMA/EvDO. Any suggestions on how to fix.

  8. Eric Lambert says:

    Great ROM but for some reason I am unable to open or see attachments in any of my email accounts. Please advise.

  9. Jimmie Deveraux says:

    This ROM looks nice and I want to try it but I have one question…….does it have Wifi Tether enabled? Thats one feature that was not mentioned in the video. Thanks.

  10. Sunil Panda says:

    Hi Team

    Please help me…i have installed this ROM without doing a Wipe Cache Reset….and i m stuck at the boot screen where this Avatar logo is coming…and nothing happening.

    I came from X Note ROM.

    Please please help me out. Not able to use my handset.

  11. camboslice says:

    Nice look n feel to the rom n also smooth…..one very big problem…cant find play store

  12. JburchII says:

    I am at a loss – Using TWRP to install the file “avatar-2.16b-1270-20130622-i605”
    Fails EVERY TIME with Status 7

  13. JburchII says:

    I have downloaded this file 5 times and tried to install it – fails every time. Not sure what I am doing wrong…

  14. Steven tingate says:

    i have installed this rom, and it is jusr cycling through the avatar boot screen, any ideas on what the problem is ? i didnt wipe data but wiped cache please help ????

  15. camboslice says:

    downloads fine the first time from your link….then receives notification of update…after i download update and all of my files have been backed up from titanium back up a reboot is required….then im stuck at the cool avatar boot animation….why is this happening…do i haveeee!!!! to update or can i jus stay with the one thats in your link

  16. john says:

    Really wanna try this rom but every time I try to install it it fails download for the att/bell rom I am doing a factory reset and wipe but always fails download it on my phone and also tried downloading on my computer and moving it with no luck. Please help. Thanks john

  17. Reggie says:

    Just installed this mod and was wondering if anyone else was having audio problems. Such as playing back a video or just audio recording in general.

  18. xxiikirbyiixx says:

    I accidently wiped my factory OS from my Galaxy note 2 verizon version and when i try and put the same rom you suggested back on my phone it keeps giving me an error saying Failed.
    I really need help! I really want to flash back to stock but i dont know how because of this error. Im using TWRP and JellyBam keeps acting buggy and preventing my phone from working. Every ROM i use i have problems. I just want to go back to stock. PLEASE HELP!! In Lelu Dallas

  19. xxiikirbyiixx says:

    Also Avavtar Rom seems to work for me but i dont have Play Store, it kinda defeats the purpose of having a kick ass phone/

  20. Bamm Buckelew says:

    well the rom was good up for 4 min my 4g lte radio im pretty sure is out now. flashed back to jellybomb 20.1.0 and still have the same problem only have 3g. im pretty upset now :/ done just about every restart there is lol.

  21. blackrayne says:

    Avatar nice but a little large . honestly I think jellybutter rom way better.and for some of you should know to update TWRP!! and GAPPS!! TO THE NOOBS..

  22. Fabio GamaXiev says:

    Hi there ! Yeah ! I m still playing with my NOte 7100 ! Love so much themes and stuff , but this rom messed up my cel network , 3g works..but doesnt receive any calls at all ! tried all carriers…and dialing it goes to “dial loop” only stopping if I “forced stop” on settings !! any suggestions ??

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