CM11 Android 4.4 KitKat ROM for Sprint/Verizon Galaxy Note 2!

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For those of you with a Sprint SPH-L900 or Verizon SCH-i605 Note 2, you are not out of luck either on Android 4.4 KitKat.  In fact, you get the better version as the CM11 ROM for Sprint and Verizon Note 2 has camera/camcorder both working flawless out of the box.

If you don’t know what’s “new” with Android 4.4 KitKat, definitely check out our Top 10 Android 4.4 KitKat Features video right here:

CM11 ROM on Sprint and Verizon Note 2 is pretty, darn solid, probably one of the most solid Android 4.4 custom ROMs I’ve seen this week so definitely try it this week(end) and do let me know what you think!

Download CM11 for Galaxy Note 2 Sprint SPH-L900

Download CM11 for Galaxy Note 2 Verizon SCH-i605

Download Android 4.4 Gapps (DO NOT USE OLDER 4.3 Gapps you will FC!!!)

BEFORE INSTALLING, UPGRADE your CWM Recovery to latest version using ROM Manager App from the Play Store OTHERWISE YOU WILL BRICK!!!

To install, reboot into recovery, make backup ROM, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, and reboot.   (If for some reason you end up in a bootloop, reboot into recovery, go to Advanced Wipe for TWRP or Mounts & Storage for CWM, format/wipe /system, then re-install ROM.)

Note: CM11 does not have root enabled by default but you can easily enable it for adb & apps in Developer options.  If you do not know how to do this, see this video.

Credits – Sprint, Verizon <— Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!


Download Flash Player APK (if you want flash player use with Dolphin browser)

DownloadAndroid 4.3 PhotoSphere (uninstall existing Gallery app using Titanium Backup app then install this!)

If you want to run your apps in tablet/hybrid/custom DPI mode, see our Xposed App Settings guide.

If you want PIE Controls, see our LMT Pie Control guide.

If you want some awesome audio, check out Viper4Audio FX MOD, which you can install on this ROM to enhance your music 100%.

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186 Responses

  1. Mal says:

    In the video you said it was available for all note 2s but I cant find the link to the n7100.

    • julian says:

      i have no service

    • Alex says:

      My SPH-L900 is running on Boost Mobile and the 3G is broken along with no GPS lock. I have downloaded several nightly updates since the first install, and still the same 🙁 I’m disappointed, and have tried to restore a backup with no luck, still the same. I will have to pay $30 to have Cell Bros in Apopka, FL re-flash my phone again. When following the instructions with the install I followed everything as close as possible. Thinking back I probably should have skipped the factory wipe, and just did dalvik and data I think, or something like that, I forget, it’s been a while? :,-( I found some instructions on XDA to flash Sprint to Boost but it seems a bit complicated and annoying to say the least, feel like I’m going to make things worse since I don’t do this on a regular basis. If I did that would totally be a different story…
      Can anyone help, I’m in the Orlando area, thanks in advance…

      • chris says:

        try whompasaurus rom. I also tried cyan. I’ve been on whomp for a long time and love it. Everything works and you get tons of options & customization. Real freedom. study the instructions and follow them carefully. And don’t give up. It’s worth the time and it’s not that hard.

  2. Ricky says:

    note 2 i605
    Flashed TWRP No problems. ROM works great except no service. Still fun to mess with.

    • harold says:

      Heyy guys i have the verizon note 2 ,i fixed my data by going into settings,click on more ,right under data usage then hit mobile networks, hit network mode and choose 3G,that fixed it for me,hope it helps guys.

    • Nay says:

      I worked on getting mobile data to work on my Verizon SCH I605 for roughly 8 hours. I finally flashed rom using CWM instead of TWRP- and BOOM it works!!!! Full Data with 4G.

      • john says:

        lol thanks for that post i was wondering why install failed each time guess im gonna have to go with cwm as opposed to twrp

  3. RAUL MARTINEZ says:


    • Paul says:

      I flashed this i think on 13th on my Verizon note 2 and I had data. It was good thing because had to reflash twrp to go back to different rom.

    • harold says:

      Heyy guys i have the verizon note 2 ,i fixed my data by going into settings,click on more ,right under data usage then hit mobile networks, hit network mode and choose 3G,that fixed it for me,hope it helps guys.

  4. Rohit Roy says:

    I am currently on cm 10.2 nightly.. do I need to wipe data/factory reset before flashing cm 11???

  5. Mark Leonard says:

    Dirty flash from a cm10.2 nightly for camera to work. Must use clockworkmod for data to work.

  6. mayank says:

    hey max. can you please put how to install kitkat on Canadian galaxy note 2 . thank you.

  7. Rick says:

    I tried 3 times on the sprint and keep getting a fail on install. Using TWRP don’t know if thats why?

  8. Dana says:

    Looked good, but unfortunately, could not connect to carrier (sprint). Tried twice… Unfortunately, without mobile date, or even signal for a phone call or text message, I could not keep it on. I am sure it will get worked out. Back to 4.2… For now… 🙁

  9. allison says:

    i initially tried to install using twrp, no luck. reflashed with cwm, installed with no issues.

    up and running with 4g lte on sprint…pretty decent so far!

  10. Terry says:

    CWM indicated bad / corrupted files downloading CM 4.4, and gapps zip. went back to old Rom,

  11. sagar rai says:

    Will this work on N7100 Note 2 version as well.

    Kindly advise before trying out this upgrade on my Note 2.

  12. Adam says:

    Flashed the ROM and I have no issues… except that I can’t keep my SD card mounted. Within the ROM I can’t do anything with it. When I am in recovery, I can mount it and see my stuff on it, but as soon as I boot up it unmounts. Then I flash back to a 4.3 ROM and I can see it and everything is fine. Other than this issue, I love it.

  13. Jason Mitchell says:

    aare you using twrp recovery adam?

    • Adam says:

      No, I’m using CWM

      • Javier says:

        Im having the same issue. I can’t keep my SD card mounted. Within the ROM I can’t do anything with it. When I am in recovery, I can mount it and see my stuff on it, but as soon as I boot up it unmounts. Then I flash back to a 4.3 ROM and I can see it and everything is fine … And Im also using CWR Please advise..


  14. Gato Travieso says:

    What is the point to install this ROM if you don’t have no service,no data connection with sprint..ZedoMax i love your videos but i think you must to explain first if this Rom have data connection…there is no service for sprint..waste of time..

    • chris says:

      Flashed the December nightly (sprint l900 note 2). Audio Jack doesn’t work properly and call quality is terrible. same problem with an almost identical competitor rom. Tried multiple times. Same issues. Wtf. Yes I’m updated with cm recovery. Yes formatted etc etc.

      • chris says:

        wondering if it was a mistake to wipe cache and wipe Dalvik after I installed the rom. was buggy, rebooted, formatted, still buggy. anyway I don’t like kit kat. installed whompasaurus, (no wipe cache & wipe dalvik after install rom) and it works beautifully.

  15. Great rom everything and stuff except 3g data on a sprint note 2 on selectel wireless….

  16. EvoPlug says:

    I cant get data connectivity. No service bars at all. Someone help me please.

  17. Juano says:

    I had the same problem with the sprint version i had no service and cant play music installed 3 times same results, but it looks and feels awesome cant wait till they fix it!!!

  18. JoeV says:

    I’m on Verizon and I don’t see a switch from CDMA to GSM or Global…

    • harold says:

      Heyy guys i have the verizon note 2 ,i fixed my data by going into settings,click on more ,right under data usage then hit mobile networks, hit network mode and choose 3G,that fixed it for me,hope it helps guys.

  19. Terry says:

    Does anyone know if 64g microSD works on this rom cause everything is working so far. Data, Wifi and Bluetooth. My 64g microSD is note showing, can not access it. Advise

  20. Terry says:

    I m on sprint, galaxy note 2, data works, wifi woks. My 64g microSD is not showing up. Try several attempts to access it but still can not.

  21. steve says:

    Is this available for the At@t note 2??

  22. Terry says:

    Ha Adam, have you figure out how we can get microsd to work, got a lot of stuff on mines and I don’t want to lose it. If you figure a way for micro SD (64g) to work please post it.

  23. Josh says:

    I have no sleep option. Power button does put screen to sleep and the 15 second setting doesn’t help. Screen will just stay on all day until battery dies. Also, can access SD card to view stuff but cannot access my backup for TB. Those of you asking for a version for your phone… Its there, do look! U also must use cwm to flash OS otherwise you will just have a nice PDA with 4.4 but no data or voice. Follow the directions people. Now about my screen not ever turning off…. Anyone seen this happen yet? Can I correct it or go back to old ROM?


  24. Josh says:

    Never mind.. Somehow it just started working on its own.

  25. Patrick says:

    Thanks for this ROM max. I appreciate all the work you do. This ROM is flawless, data, GPS(didnt even lock on tw rom first before flashing)tethering, EVERYTHING works out of the box. My signal is even better on here than tw based ones.Used cw recovery to flash. Then used newest version of twrp to backup. My only question is will changing the DPI setting enable me to see recently opened apps? Only thing I haven’t figured out.

  26. James says:

    I was able to get it up and running easily thanks to the guide but there are no Rom options and it seems like many other options are missing compared to say jelly bean. Did I miss something?

  27. jason says:

    here is the one for tmo so far it is running like a champ really haven’t found any bugs

  28. Jason says:

    Mr. Max Running Great on Sprint version. Thanks for the tutorial!!!

  29. Mike says:

    I also had trouble finding my SD card but after searching through ES File Explorer I was able to find it. If you go to the top where it says SD card and search through there you’ll see exterior SD SD 0 sd1 it’ll be in one of those.

  30. Alex says:

    Working great on my Sprint note 2. Wifi, Data, so far almost flawless. Flashed no problem with CWM. The only issue I’ve been having is when I wake my phone with the home button without a lock screen it opens the home page editor screen. Not a big deal just kind of annoying. Not sure if that’s an issue with the ROM or just with not having a lock screen in 4.4. My desire for the nexus 5 has been curbed for a while, and I’ll have better battery life 😉

  31. allison says:

    has anyone noticed reception to be slacking? i noticed im getting less bars…still can make/receive calls, text, data access etc..otherwise its running great!!

    • chris says:

      I think it’s giving a more honest representation of your reception. I noticed on sprint I’d have terrible call ability but bars would be higher. cm11 seemed to tell me exactly the right reception. What do you think?

  32. wade says:

    I am running Verizon version. Everything seems to be working. I am posting using 4g so I am not having any problems with it

  33. john says:

    Is there a way to fix the no service and data on sprint?

  34. Jesse Thomas says:

    Flashed fine to sprint Note 2 but NO DATA. I really like the look of ROM. Phone and text worked but NO Data is a NO GO for me….. going back to JELLYBOMB

    Would love to try it again if the data issue is fixed.

    Also do you know if the S Note will be working on this ROM. S note is very important to my business.

  35. Vinx says:

    So I have been running the Galaxy Note II Cyanogenmod 11 for over three days now. Here is what I have found. I had to initially call Sprint to reactivate my phone.

    The Good:
    KitKat on my Galaxy Note II!, Data/Wifi Works, S Pen works, but requires apps downloads like Note Buddy and CM S Pen Add-On, Better Battery Life, Camera/Video Works. Most apps run without force closing (FC), SMS/Voicemail works, Video Chat works. Dead Trigger 2 Works Flawless. Root Works. Great list of sounds, Cleaner User interface, faster and more fluid interface.

    The Bad:
    MHL (connecting your android to HDTV) doesn’t work, GPS not working, Wi/Fi Tether not working, Reception better in certain areas and poorer in others that previously had good reception, Visual Voicemail comes in text form even if you get the vvt sprint apk. All of TouchWiz gone, i.e. Multiview/ S Pen/MultiTask. SD Card Swap not working.

    In my opinion this is very promising, but I personally use all the TouchWiz features on a daily basis hence why I got the Note 2. So I’ll be reverting back to my Whompasaurus 4.2 rom. Everything works out of the box. Hopefully they’ll have air command for a Whompasaurus update of 4.3.

    • Tykisson says:

      I’m having poor signal in areas as well. Is your screen rotation working?

      • Vinx says:

        No, but I downloaded the app Set Orientation to allow the ability to since Android 4.4 doesn’t give you that capability.

        • Ty says:

          Nice, like the app, except for the notification stays up all the time. just a little annoying though.

          Notice the 4g data drops out when you make a call??

    • chris says:

      same here. sprint l900 reception pretty bad everywhere. didn’t try all the other things you mentioned. I remember cymod being great on prior phones. Also a competitor rom had same problem. What gives?

  36. jay says:

    My tethering protable hotspot WiFi is not working any advice ?!!

  37. bounejahn says:

    I really like it but my external sd won’t read. Also, it corrupted all my pics/videos on internal. =( I reflashed my backup and my internal stuff still corrupted. I’m gonna try to see if its because of clockworkmod. Gonna try and reflash a different back up with twrp. -crossesfingers-

  38. Gato Travieso says:

    This is my second post about this ROM…i said it ones i will say it again…WHAT IS THE POINT TO INSTALL THIS ROM IF NO DATA CONNECTION FOR SPRINT…ZedoMax you got my respect dude i believe that you make all this for free BUT dude why did you post a video of this rom without to explain if everything work out the box….in your videos you only focus in VIDEO/CAMARA….waste of time

  39. Rubenson says:

    You can not use the web while on a phone call

  40. Victor says:

    Great ROM, only downside is that when you put the phone into the Samsung Multimedia Doc AND plug power in the phone freezes. I will be keeping it though.

  41. Ted says:

    Every time I am on my phone and on to the website to download, it gives me the “please enter the captcha” message,but there is no captcha. It just keeps refreshing when I click the download button. Help is greatly appreciated.

  42. Frank says:

    On Verizon, can’t seem to get my contacts. Saved them to my SD card but it says no v card file. Any ideas?

  43. Alex says:

    For some reason the first time I flashed this ROM my battery drained much faster than normal. My battery manager listed “Google Search” as the top battery hog, even above my screen! That was quite a shock. I tried changing some settings with sync and google now but didn’t seem to have much effect. Ultimately just decided to do another flash but this time I did a clean wipe of everything (including internal SD/data)- also partly motivated by a roughly 4GB “misc” section on my internal SD and my OCD tendencies liking things as clean as possible, plus anything important is always backed up to my dropbox. After the clean sweep and reflash the battery and everything are working tip top and I’ve got a nice clean 4.4 KitKat on my Sprint note 2. I’m moderately new to custom ROMs but of the handful I’ve tried over this past week this one has me the most excited. Now just waiting for the note 3 features on the sprint note 2.

  44. harold says:

    Heyy guys i have the verizon note 2 ,i fixed my data by going into settings,click on more ,right under data usage then hit mobile networks, hit network mode and choose 3G,that fixed it for me,hope it helps guys.

  45. AjaxL says:

    Has anyone had any trouble with initiating the recent apps function? I’ve tried long pressing all of my bottom hardware buttons but nothing seems to be popping up.

  46. scott says:

    all worked got it on my phone but no google apps dont want it how do i go back i did a backup but i cant get back to rom manager to format and restore everytime i reboot into recovery i get the regular guy saying down turn of target downloading i dont get the options for wipe zips and so and so

  47. Dave says:

    The dialer codes dont work. I flashed my phone to boost from sprint. I need to edit RTSP and a few other things for mms to work. I went from TWRP to CWM . can I reflash twrp all my backups are in twrp?

  48. Troy Southard says:

    Why do I want to use 3g when I have a lte sprint note 2?

  49. Javier says:

    Formatting my 32g and 64g card did the trick and now i can see them/mount them and view all files.

  50. superhandsome says:

    Any chance you can help me find a Verizon Visual Voicemail APK that works with this CM11?

  51. Charles Z says:

    This ROM works fine with Sprint, as long as you flash it using the latest version to Clockworkmod Recovery. I first tried installing through TWRP, and it installed the ROM, but had no data or service available.

  52. Gato Travieso says:

    After 2 negative post about this rom guys,i will say that everything work with sprint without no problem,my 64gb sd card work,that only problem with this rom is the wifi tether is not working,i use a different superus,different wifi tether 3.2,3.3,3.4 , beta and experimental with no result.other then that everything is ok.

    • Alex says:

      My WiFi tether seems to be working fine. Did a fresh system/data format when I flashed and don’t seem to be having any issues that other people are describing.

  53. Gato Travieso says:

    ZedoMax…I WANT TO SAY THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK,i been watching your video since i was using my Htc Evo 4g,i been learning througt your website how to root any phone and how to install any rom,now that i am using my Note 2..whatever i need i already know that i will gete from your website….a BIG THANKS..i hope you never get tired to teach in your videos to all those that we were at the time noobs…if you are making some money with all this honestly you deserve it…Thank you ….””Miami Heat in the House”

  54. focusteck says:

    First time root/rom backup/flash/new rom. Followed all your directions on the site, everything worked fine, well sort of. Running 4.4 on Sprint Note II, no issues (have data/cell service/ etc), but I think I missed something along the way: after first reboot w/ 4.4, I want to restore my app backups from Titanium Backup, but I cant find them, when I go to TB, it shows “no backup yet” for all apps. I did it before I flashed. Did I erase everything when I installed new rom? More importantly, where is my rom backup I made before I flashed? All-in-all, awesome having 4.4 and not having to continue to wait for updates.

    • Alex says:

      If you did what I did and saved your backups/titanium backups to your external SD card then you’ll have to repoint titanium backup to your external SD card again (in preferences) since the default is internal SD card. Then it’ll find your back up and work just fine.

      • focusteck says:

        Well, I guess I committed my nOOb mistake. I dont have an external SD card. !* From what I read, it didnt say I needed one. I thought about it, but since it wasnt explicit anywhere I figured I’d go ahead with it. ….messed up huh.?

  55. Alex says:

    When I flashed this ROM I did a full system/data format and don’t seem to be having any issues that others have brought up (data, wifi, tether, gps…). I just leave all the backup and ROM zip files on my external SD card, works great!

  56. Taka H. says:

    I have installed rom onto my Verizon Galaxy note 2, everything works fine except my camera… I can take pictures, and videos but it will fail to save the picture/video … i tried uninstalling the camera i had and installing the photosphere, still doesn’t work…. I really like this rom becuase i can finally watch my Hulu videos, but i can’t even snap a pic …. Any clues to fix this

  57. focusteck says:

    Also, i guess we cant use the s pen with this to write notes and texts and stuff for emails. Is there something I have to add on to be able to use that feature?

  58. Eric R says:

    Hey max, I’ve been following your work for a while and this is the first time I ask you a question… Big one… Here it is will there be a variation of cm11 with everything working out of the box like the s3 but for the at&t version…

  59. Doc M says:

    Beautiful .. Flashed to my Sprint Note 2 and everything works perfectly .. That is of course after I flashed it with CW instead of TWRP .. KitKat features are pretty cool and I’ll be sticking with this ROM for a while

    • Doc M says:

      Correction .. No s-pen features and the auto rotate seems not to want to work on most apps but overall still love the ROM

  60. Gato Travieso says:

    Hey Alex how did you make your wifi tether work…what version of superus end wifi tether are you using,,in my sprint note 2 everything only problem is wifi tether…

    • Alex says:

      I was just using the WiFi tether built into the ROM. If you go under Setting/Wireless & Networks/More/Tethering & Portable Hotspot you can set it up and that was working fine for me from the get go. Writing this connected to that now just to test it out. I actually hadn’t gone into my SuperSU app in forever so when I opened it to check the version it had to update! It’s now showing v1.75 I rooted a while back but have only gotten the courage to try flashing ROMs in the past week so if I didn’t answer what you’re asking let me know. Hope it helped!

  61. John C says:

    Can someone post a clear answer? If you have Verizon CWM does not work like it does in your videos. We have to use TWRP. I cant get on VRALJB build bc my phone came with VRAMC3 and there is no way to go back on a stock build. So how do I get this to work on my Verizon phone using TWRP if I’m on stock unrooted VRAMC3 build. I did not take any OTAs my phone came with this build. The videos here just make no sense for Verizon phones. Anyone else get this to work Using TWRP after using Casual NOYOUverizon from VRAMC3 build?

  62. Gary says:

    I’m having the same problem. Verizon phone on .605 stock rooted. I download the kit kat file and use TWRP, click install, choose the file. It says no md5.sum found a few minutes later it goes to boot loop and I have to restore a previous backup. It would be nice if he made a video for a verizon phone using TWRP bc Rom Manager causes my verizon phone to brick and I have to start all over so I can’t use CWM.

  63. Gato Travieso says: install KitKat ROM you need to download ROM Manager from Play Store is free that’s the only way this ROM work.

  64. Gato Travieso says:

    John C …you need to ROOT your device first to install this ROM otherwise doesn’t my unrooted phone does not work…but in my other phone that is rooted work perfect.. ZedoMax website you will find all the information that you need to root your device.

  65. John Carney says:

    See this is where I am lost. I AM ROOTED. I have super user working after running casual NoYouVerizon. If I install rom manager and try to boot in CWM it turns my phone into a brick. I’m not understanding how people are running rom manager on a verizon phone from a VRAMC3 build not VRALJB then please let me know. I can install the rom manager app but if I try to use it to boot into CWM it bricks. I have to use TWRP. Someone on a rooted VRAMC3 build please help. Thanks

    • Gato Travieso says:

      John to go inside Rom Manager when you boot your device just hold Volume Up-Home-Power when you see the logo galaxy note release Power but still holding Volume Up and Home wait few seconds then you will see rom manager menu….let me ask did you make a custom recovery with rom manager??when you open rom manager end go to recovery options will show “Current Recovery:ClockworkMod
      let me know if this help…

  66. John Carney says:

    If I got to XDA forums and look for roms for i605 VRAMC3 kitkat does not show up as an option. So it looks like those of us on i605 VRAMC3 build do not have access to the kitkat rom at this time.

  67. AJ says:

    Here’s where I’m at.

    I have a i605. I was was on TWRP 2.6.3 I flashed cm11 4.4 and the rom seemed to run fine. I was missing service however. I flashed cwm as my recovery and then reflashed cm11 4.4 and service instantly returned. My 64 gb sandisk sd card is showing. I had previously formatted it to fat32 from ntfs for compatibility between roms. The problem I’ve run into is that the soft keys are not even showing up. I do not have access to the app switcher. A long press on either menu or the home button brings up the menu.

  68. Glen Buckner says:

    Hey. My screen doesn’t shut off while I am talking on phone. Is there a setting for that?

  69. Kodiakbear408 says:

    I’m on Verizon, everything works fine, however,
    1. it does hiccup here n there and have had to do a battery pull once in the last three days.
    2. My Google music app becomes muted after listening to one song. I have to unplug my headphones, press play, then plug it back in again.
    3. Cannot hide apps in app drawer
    4. No multi-task switcher.

    • Glen Buckner says:

      your screen shut off while you are talking on the phone, or are you cheek dialing? just curious, I am having an issue with that.

    • AJ says:

      I too am having the problem with my screen not turning off while on a call. I have to press the power button. And as mentioned no app switcher or soft keys showing. Kodiakbear do you have soft keys available on the screen for home, back, and recent apps?

    • kodiakbear408 says:

      yeah i believe that is an issue as well.

  70. Gato Travieso says:

    guys there is no issue with the screen,to make this rom work 100% to avoid any problem everybody just have to do a clean install using rom manager that’s all….the only problem is wifi tether,the one the come with the rom is not the wifi tether is the hotspot and to be honest i am not sure if the hotspot has been hack,so for now till some one know how to fix the issue.. i will keep using one of the best rom so far L900 Project AOSP 1.5…EVERYTHING WORK OUT THE BOX it is android version 4.1.2 but my speed is awesome 26mbps in lte network in some areas that is no LTE my speed is between 14 to 16mbps still other words KitKat is good android version 4.4 but no wifi tether,i instal different version of superSU and wifif tether i cant make it work,the hotspot like i said the come with the rom it work but i dont know if has been hacked ..

    • Glen Buckner says:

      So you’re saying that while you are taking on the phone and you put the phone to your cheek, the screen turns off? You are not hitting buttons with your cheek or hitting the power button to shut it off.

  71. AJ says:

    The soft keys are not showing up in my screen no matter how I install this rom. I can wipe everything and it won’t put the soft keys on the screen.

    • Glen Buckner says:

      I do not believe there are any hybrid mods working for 4.4 yet. I just read somewhere that some one got exposed working but I didn’t test it to confirm. I could be wrong.

  72. Beau Eginton says:

    Pretty stable ROM…Needs more work though. The HDMI output doesn’t seem to be working and the wireless hotspot/tethering doesn’t seem to function either.
    Bottom line…I would recommend flashing if you don’t use the HDMI out feature the stock ROM has.

  73. Richard Robinson says:

    Max, I just installed Kit Kat on my Sprint Note 2. How do I use Titanium Backup to restore my apps?

  74. Dave says:

    With kitkat you are supposed to be able to search for phone numbers by entering pizza in the phone search section that doesn’t work you’re supposed to receive a picture and caller ID from Google when you get a call from an unknown buisness source that doesn’t work

  75. Jason says:

    Worked good, flashed using Clockwork…. Booted up fine, was nice and pretty.. Call works, Data works. The only thing I could not get to work is WiFi Tether.. That is a dealbreaker with me. If Teather worked, then I would use it as my main every day use ROM

    • Gato Travieso says:

      Jason..there is no way that the wifi tether work on this ROM,the wifi tether that is built into the ROM is not wifi is HotSpot,like a said it before i am not sure if the hot spot has been hacked..other then that everything work.

  76. Danny says:

    Works great on my Verizon Galaxy 2. Only problem is I can’t get voice and data to work simultaneously. Any solutions???

  77. Drew says:

    Can anyone confirm LTE working on Sprint? I had 4.3 AOKP ROM flashed and LTE didn’t work (even if I changed the mobile networks).

    • Gato Travieso says:

      Drew ,,what is the name of the rom you’re using…whatever rom you flash for sprint note 2 l900 everything work without problem probably you need to go setting and set up your network to LTE…

      • Drew says:

        I’m using AOKP ROM MR2 for Galaxy Note 2, it’s like 3 posts after this ROM. I’ve went in to my mobile networks settings and changed the network mode to CDMA + LTE/EvDo, but that just causes me to have no data (even in spots where I’d only have 3G).

  78. RRC2 says:

    Sprint SPH-L900

    I’ve been running this ROM for about a week now. Overall, quite stable and I am enjoying it.

    -Data/LTE working: data did not work for me at first. I had to go into the Mobile Network Settings and ensure that Data Enabled was selected, CDMA subscription was on NV (not RUIM/SIM), and that Network Mode had LTE selected. LTE/3G works without issue for me on a daily basis (ie. no signal issue, no reseting).
    -Wifi Hotspot: turning on the wifi hotspot in the system settings (not having to use something like Trev E mod) works without issue as well (and without hotspot activated on your account). I’ve not tried the tethering so far.

    Issues I have had so far:
    -Google play store crashed when trying to d/l a bunch of apps at once (when I was installing apps after first installing ROM). The d/l’s cont. and I was able to simply go back into the store w/o really any issue.
    -CNN app: when try and play a video the app crashes
    -SMS while in call: I was in a call, switched off wifi and when the network kicked in the call dropped (not sure if this is anything with the ROM though).
    -When in a phone call and the screen turns of due to being close to my face, when I pull the phone away to press “end call” the screen will not go back on. I have to press the screen on button.
    -There is no history. I was looking at the Nexus 5 the other day and it does have a history. I assume this may be something to come with newer releases?
    -64GB SD Card not showing up. I’m reading others have gotten this able to work by formatting to Fat32. But what other format is there? My PC shows FATex and when I try and format Fat32 (in DOS) it tells me my chip is to big. I’ll have to play with this a bit more I suppose.

  79. AJ says:

    I formatted my card with a third party utility. Easeus partition manager to go to fat32. I am now using pie controls for my onscreen soft keys. I have not yet tested WiFi tether. I too had network issues when first flashing this ROM. I flashed CM instead if twrp and reflashed it it has been working great from boot. Interesting note, I have an LG tone that would Not pause and play Spotify using the built in button with 4.3 or 4.2 but this 4.4 ROM allows the pause play button on the Bluetooth headset to work.

  80. Randy McNary says:

    The comments on this ROM seem to be all over the map. Some folks have few, if any problems, while others cant even get cell service. This just seems too unpredictable to me

    • Gato Travieso says:

      Randy Mcnary..if you are susing Sprint Note l900 one of the best rom so far is l900 Project AOSP 1.5, Android version 4.1.2..everything work out the box,in LTE Nerwork my speed is 26mbps, in 4g network my speed is between 14 and 16mbps still exelent..i been using this rom for more then 3 months without no problem,,,””KitKat 4.4 is a good rom but the wifi tether is not working. the HotSpot work but i am not sure if has been hacked””

  81. mark says:

    The hot spot built into this ROM, has it been hacked? Or will we be charged extra hot spot usage fees? If so are there any alternative hotspot tether opinions for this ROM?

  82. Emiel says:


    After Rooting my phone, installing CWM Recovery v6.0.4.3 succesfull and installing this Rom (Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100) my screen will be black. Nothing happens.
    I tried to use the solution for the bootloop but it’ll still hanging black. Another thing is that i cant restore my backup for some reason. Seems like its been gone. Please can anybody help me???

    Emiel (Netherlands)

  83. JD says:

    Everything works great on my Verizon I605, the only issues I’ve encountered are: very low volume when using the speakerphone, and no LTE, signal is not as good as stock. Anyone else having these issues?

    • mark says:

      My volume was low but I downloaded viper mod in the description above and it helped out a lot with the sound issues. Did you update to the latest clockwork mod the video above shows exactly how to do it. If you didn’t flash it right you could have data issues.

      • JD says:

        I have the latest clockwordmod, I reflashed and reinstalled, and still no LTE, also viper works if using speaker phone for apps such as YouTube or music apps, however, if using speaker phone for listening to calls, it is horrible! I use speakerphone for conference calls, the volume is at max and I’d have to put the speaker to ear if there’s any noise in the room. I’m probably going back to Clean Rom until this gets fixed. Also I notice that I can send a text to a contact from the call menu, I’d have to actually go into my sms app to compose a text. I like it overall besides these issues I’ve ran across.

        • Mark says:

          I noticed that too with the speaker phone but I have a bluetooth so thats what i use for my hands free until speakerphone gets fixed

        • Mark says:

          Oh a different Kernal might fix the speaker phone issue I saw on xda there are some guys running plasma kernal i dunno if it would fix the speaker phone issue but its worth a try.

  84. jah says:

    Still no data for sprint version. I’m gonna try to reinstall it.

  85. jah says:

    Reinstalled it and now I have a data connection for my sprint note 2. I just wish this ROM had allshare and it would be a number one ROM. Thanx

  86. JiggyDancer says:

    Confirmed. Flashed using latest Clockwork Mod recovery and LTE works out of box!

    Did not have any signal when I first flashed with TWRP.

  87. JiggyDancer says:

    Confirmed. Flashed using latest Clockwork Mod recovery and LTE works out of box!

    Did not have any signal when I first flashed with TWRP.

    Using Sprint L900 btw.

  88. iamallison says:

    Has anyone else experienced issued when using headphones? Im not getting any sound when using google music app or youtube. Have to consistantly reboot phone for it to work.

    • Mark says:

      I noticed if you play the music first then plug the head phones in it will the switch over to the headphones. I also used the viper mod apk above and it amplified the sound on the headphones speaker and bluetooth alot.

  89. patrick says:

    Everything has worked great for me on my note 2 sprint . accept I don’t know how access my voicemail I don’t seem to have an app for it. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  90. patrick says:

    Hello again …. I am still having problems getting my voicemail. I get a text with a phone number to call to listen to my voicemail. I can’t access them from there because it is asking me for password and it tells me that it is incorrect. I have sprint service on my note 2

  91. Adam says:

    The first thing I missed in this ROM is the ability to clear out running apps. Is there any way to do that or incorporate this in an update? Everything else is great really liking 4.4 on the galaxy note 2.

  92. Jim says:

    Has anyone got a reliable way to get the GPS to work after this upgrade ??? Everything else seems to work.
    Regards !!!

    • Mark says:

      Yes. First you need to download a custom touch wiz rom like lab rats custom pinky and the brain rom. Then you want to get a GPS lock with the navigation or maps. Then flash the aosp kit kat rom cm11 but make sure you use the latest clockwork mod recovery and not twerp mod recovery. The video above shows good detail. People that didnt follow these steps are more prone to run into issues with this rom for some reason. I did this and gps works fine for me also the viper mod apk above is good for sound enhancement. I still think the sensor for calling has some bugs and wireless tether isnt working for me. Other than that seems ok.

  93. Kevin McKean says:

    Great video!

    For all of those experiencing bugs just keep up with Nightlies through Settings>About>CyanogenMod updates // switch Update Types to “New versions (incl. Nightlies)” and Check for updates to “Daily”

    The volume in call over speaker is still an issue up to the 12/16 Nightly but I am currently installing the 12/27 now so I’ll update if all is well

    Heads up! The old school way of editing the tiny_hw.xml file in system/etc/sound WILL NOT WORK and renders the speaker unusable after reboot.. Not really sure why but even if you edit the default value of by replacing “57” with the same value of “57” the speaker becomes utterly useless after reboot.. To fix just mount the system folder as R/W and extract system/etc/sound from the latest Nightly from storage/sdcard0/cmupdater >> system/etc/sound..

    • Kevin McKean says:


      The volume in call over speaker is still an issue up to the **12/26** Nightly but I am currently installing the 12/27 now so I’ll update if all is well

  94. Kevin McKean says:

    No luck on I605

    No Network – No SIM detected.. Latest CWM , Tried on Dalvik and ART run times with compatible Gapps

    VZW users make sure you have a full backup prior to attempting you will have to restore

    Beyond that looks promising – Decent features

  95. Nelle says:

    Thanks for finally talking about > CM11 Android 4.4 KitKat ROM for Sprint/Verizon Galaxy Note 2!
    | Galaxy Note 2 Root! < Loved it!

  96. Hi, I have installed 4.4 custom rom for HTC Incredible S. I am from India.

    Though the rom and gapps got installed successfuly, Its showing no signals – No Service. I have even updated recovery CWM to 4EXT.

    Please help!!!


  97. Kevin K. says:

    To those who have a problem getting the phone signal:
    You need to upgrade the recovery ROM before you try it. The old recovery ROM won’t work with Kitkat.
    I upgraded the version of my TWRP ROM to and everything worked flawlessly. I hope this helps.
    This ROM is outdated. I’d install the latest PAC ROM instead.

  98. bryan says:

    Hi all!

    I have a Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (SPH-L900) flashed to Boost Mobile. Can I simply run follow the new 4.4 Kitkat instructions on how to install on a Sprintbphone? Just wanted feedback before I start it. Other than backing up to my PC and connecting it to usb, I think I am ready…

  99. JASON says:


  100. Barudstyr says:

    I was suggested this website via my cousin. I’m no longer sure whether or
    not this post is written by means of him as nobody else realize such precise about my difficulty.
    You’re wonderful! Thank you!

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