CM11 ROM for Galaxy Note 2! [AT&T/T-Mobile/Sprint/Verizon/Canadian/GT-N7105/GT-N7100]

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For this week’s Note 2 ROM of the week, check out CM11 ROM.

Last week we did see a usable CM11 ROM but with video replay broken and other bugs like data being a bit wonky for Sprint Note 2 users.

Well, we’ve got some great news for you, latest CM11 ROM builds for all AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, Canadian, GT-N7105, and GT-N7100 Note 2s are nearly perfect in terms of having everything working out of the box including data/4G LTE, WiFi, camera/camcorder, YouTube, video replay, bluetooth, etc…etc…

The only minor bug on the latest CM11 ROM is bluetooth voice search, which shouldn’t be a problem for most of you unless you use your bluetooth headset to do voice search on a daily basis.  (Also for GT-N7100 version only, your proximity sensor might not be working correctly, see here for bandaid fix.)

The good thing is that now you can try CM11 ROM as a full daily drivin’ ROM for your Note 2 and get to really experience Android 4.4 KitKat on a daily basis.  It’s very exciting to be in the middle of all of this development on the Note 2.  Also note that, Note 2 probably has one of the best custom ROM experiences as it supports older Android 4.1.1, 4.2.2, 4.3, and now 4.4.  I find this experience missing in some of the newer devices like the Note 3 where you are stuck with only newer 4.3/4.4 custom ROMs.

Overall, CM11 ROMs seems fast and stable at this point to recommend as a daily driver so if you are not running Android 4.4 KitKat yet, definitely give it a go this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download CM11 ROM for Galaxy Note 2 (for all AT&T SGH-i337, T-Mobile SGH-T889, GT-N7105, or Canadian SGH-i337M/T889V)

Download CM11 ROM for Galaxy Note 2 Sprint SPH-L900

Download CM11 ROM for Galaxy Note 2 Verizon SCH-i605

Download CM11 ROM for Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100

Download Android 4.4 Gapps (DO NOT USE OLDER 4.3 Gapps you will FC!!!)

BEFORE INSTALLING, UPGRADE your CWM Recovery to v6.0.4.1 or higher using ROM Manager App from the Play Store.  Also if using TWRP, use Goo Manager app to update to v2.6.3.3 or higher.  Otherwise you will FAIL during install!  You can also install CWM Recovery manually here.

To install, reboot into recovery, make backup ROM, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, and reboot.   (If for some reason you end up in a bootloop, reboot into recovery, go to Advanced Wipe for TWRP or Mounts & Storage for CWM, format/wipe /system, then re-install ROM.)

Note: CM11 does not have root enabled by default but you can easily enable it for adb & apps in Developer options.  If you do not know how to do this, see this video.

Credits – N7105, N7100SprintVerizon <— Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!

If you don’t know what’s “new” with Android 4.4 KitKat, definitely check out our Top 10 Android 4.4 KitKat Features video right here:


Download Flash Player APK (if you want flash player use with Dolphin browser)

DownloadAndroid 4.3 PhotoSphere (uninstall existing Gallery app using Titanium Backup app then install this!)

If you want to run your apps in tablet/hybrid/custom DPI mode, see our Xposed App Settings guide.

If you want PIE Controls, see our LMT Pie Control guide.

If you want some awesome audio, check out Viper4Audio FX MOD, which you can install on this ROM to enhance your music 100%.

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214 Responses

  1. justin miller says:

    I would kove to flash this rom to my Verizon note 2 but no matter what rom I flash it works fine until I turn off the phone and try to turn it back on…. it stays on note 2 boot screen. I have to full reset the whole phone to flash another.

    • Max Lee says:

      Try this ROM, it should boot. You may want to try reinstalling ROM after formatting /system next time you get into bootloop, that fixes 99% of bootloops.

    • Matt says:

      I’ve had that issue in the past and the only thing that fixed it for me was to go back to complete stock via odin and re root, after that I didn’t get anymore issues when rebooting and I’ve flashed plenty of roms since

      • justin miller says:

        This is what I will have to do then. However, I am currently running the latest Jedi X ROM and it reboots just fine. It appears to me that the only ROMs affected are the non touchwiz. Thank you for your input.

      • jonatan says:

        I will help you to solve this issue, you said that everytime you turn your phone off and turn back on it gets stock on the galaxy note logo, now this is what you going to do, turn it off, and turn back on by holding the power and the volume up buttons at the same time until galaxy note logo dissapear, and that will fix the problem, please geat back to me when you get it done, good luck

  2. Daniel says:

    Hey when I try to install twrp to 6.3.3 it only install 6.3.0 wat can I do

  3. Bry1981 says:

    Was running the “useable” cm11 since Tuesday, upgraded to this one tonight and am THRILLED! Running perfect so far! No issues that I can find! Love the customizable drop menus and pretty much everything else about this ROM! downloaded quickly, installed super quick no hangups no issues whatsoever! Most importantly, I am totally stoked to finally be able to use the GPS on my phone! (coming from running Jedi X 19 with no luck on the GPS fix) New to this site and to root… This site and the videos have been a tremendous help! Keep up the good work!

  4. Julian says:

    I’m having the same problem too.

  5. jarrod says:

    Screenshot doesn’t work

  6. Emiel says:


    After Rooting my phone, installing CWM Recovery v6.0.4.3 succesfull and installing this Rom (Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100) my screen will be black. Nothing happens.
    I tried to use the solution for the bootloop but it’ll still hanging black. Another thing is that i cant restore my backup for some reason. Seems like its been gone. Please can anybody help me???

    Emiel (Netherlands)

  7. vinx says:

    The sound on galaxy on fire skips. 🙁

  8. Fabiano Cruz says:

    You could make a review of Ditto Note 3! And also a step by step installation!

  9. joel says:

    Hey max,
    I was running a 4.1.2 rooted touchwiz stock. As you know 4.3 touchwiz started rolling out, I unrooted my phone to get an OTA. Now I want to try this CM 11. How do I go about rooting now with all this “knox counter” talk going on out there. (Currently runnin 4.3 stock touchwiz)

  10. Ankur Bansal says:

    Is it completely stable for note 2 GT 7100

  11. steve says:

    Works great on my 1317m using at&t ROM. I updated cmw using ROM manager first to There’s even cm11 support for customising on Google play

  12. Rico says:

    After installing CM11, the External SD card wont mount when the phone reboots. It will mount in recovery mode. How do I get the card to mount?

  13. alex says:

    When I flashed this ROM it wiped my MDN, MSID and other info for connecting to sprint. Can you edit this stuff in CyanogenMod or do I have to go back to stock ROM? Jellybomb did this to me also.

  14. Florin says:

    What case do you have please put the link for Amazon please
    Or same very God case 4 note 2! Sorry to write here!

  15. NEED HELP! When I flash this rom, it always fail. I am flashing with twrp What am I doing wrong? I have sprint galaxy note 2 NEED HELP!

  16. Kevin Lepp says:

    To many bugs for me lots of stuff broken, going to the 4.3 oem I wished this worked better has some nice features

  17. vinx says:

    The camera freezes up and gallery is not found with titanium backup to uninstall and install the photosphere. This is for the sph-L900. Typing issues when I try to type in this field and press the cap lock button the keyboard closes. These are the issues so far.

  18. Daniel says:

    Hey when I install this rom It doesn’t detect my since card so I don’t have any signal at all wat can I do

  19. Duke says:

    I flashed CM11 using TWRP 2.6.3 ok but I don’t have any phone network after that. WIFI is working ok. Please help.

  20. john says:

    Love this ROM everything was working for day but then I lost my data and service is there a fix for this I have note 2 for sprint

  21. Carmelo C says:

    Whenever I flash CM 11 or any other kit Kat ROM like omnirom, it flashes fine… But neither seem to recognize my Sim card. I have an att galaxy note 2 unlocked with a rogers LTE Sim card running perfectly fine on any other ROM, BUT kitkat Roms, I don’t understand what I am doing wrong.I do a complete wipe, I flash the ROM then the 4.4gapps, reboot, and my Sim card is not recognized. Help me please

  22. Richard Robinson says:

    Maxx, How do I take CM11 completely off my note 2? It is currently stuck in the boot loop CM screen and every time I try to flash a rom it won’t let me?

  23. Bry1981 says:

    Hey Max,

    Could you or someone please explain what I need to do…. When I open superuser it has a message saying binary code needs to be updated. Any help is appreciated!

  24. vinx says:

    Does anyone know how to fix the camera freeze issue. titanium backup says gallery not found when i try to uninstall it to install the newer camera suggested. I have the sph-L900. I’ve fixed the issue with the keyboard.

  25. matt says:

    No mobile network on Sprint! Please help!

  26. Preston says:

    Is anyone else having charging problems? My phone has been charging for a few hours and only gone up a few percent

    • Gato Travieso says:

      to fix the problem power off your device then conect the charge to your device wait till your phone is completed charged.

  27. Preston says:

    Obviously “stable” version doesn’t mean that it still doesn’t have any issues so if I can’t fix this charging issue, I’ll be going back to Beanstalk

  28. Gato Travieso says:

    i already finish to install CM11 without no problem averything work out the box…i use rom manager cwm ..later i will check if the wifi tether work.. 🙂
    I going to eat my turkey right now lol…

  29. Jayesh says:

    Can we use Philz Touch Recovery for installation of Cm11 …. ?

  30. RRC2 says:

    Just had things go WAY CRAZY. Flashing purple where screens and icons,etc. should roughly be. doing this on/off (fast) where you can see the icon/widge/screen and then not.

  31. Gato Travieso says:

    Same problem with KitKat 4.4 wifi tether is not working so CM11 waste of time.

  32. Robin says:

    Is there any issue if we install 4.3 tw rom on this with simple wipe data process in recovery?
    Or there is some other thing to do…tio Downgrade from 4.4 to 4.3
    Pls reply.. As this rom us super fast and stable… But i cant use wi fi direct to connect to smart tv and ni samsung link and all share…

  33. Jeff says:

    Definitely NOT a daily driver for the SGH-T989. Worked good for about 3 hours until I completely lost data. Rebooted, reinstalled CM, worked again and until I lost data again. Also, had to manually add myself to the network, didn’t reinstall any of my apps. Junk ROM until they get those major bugs worked out

  34. Erwin says:

    Is anyone having trouble with GooManager ,I go into Goo to install recovery ,its say’s download starting but it just hangs there. I had to flash manual, but it would be nice to have Goo working. Suggest any solutions ?

  35. Suresh K Madhavan says:

    External SD card does not detect by File Manager but program Gallery detects the pictures in it. Even formatting to FAT32 did not solve the issue. Any solutions?

  36. fred says:

    Does the link not work today or maybe its corrupt. I downloaded the vzw version and id will notflash. Just says bad file. And yes im up to date on recovery image and all that. I even used rom manager to flash it with same results. Maybe fix the download links please? Thanks. ….

  37. Vinx says:

    Hope this helps Sprint Users since there seems to be a lack of people explaining what works or doesn’t. Max Love all your videos and I have been a long time fan. Unfortunately less than 99% works OTB.

    SPH-L900 Sprint Galaxy Note 2 Cleared Data,Cache, Dalvik Cache, Format system
    Installed Google apps 4.4 and CM11 using cwm

    Bluetooth file transfer, GPS, Data, Wifi, Texting, Calling, SPen via Handrite and note buddy, Google wallet, google sync, Camcorder works, Flash works.
    Google Play sometimes gets errors,
    Not Working:
    MHL (connect via usb to HDMI) Freezes OS when plugged in, Visual Voicemail comes in as text, Camera Freezes after messing with different camera settings. I am currently using Better Camera without any issues, bluetooth voice command, Games like Galaxy on Fire Sputter with sound, but I believe that’s more of a developer issue on their end.

    • vinx says:

      My mistake it looked as if GPS works when in fact it does not I’ve downloaded scout telenav and maps nothing seems ri lock on. Going back to whompasarus 4.2

      • Rodney Joseph says:

        GPS works…. The trick is to flash your stock rom. Then turn your GPS on. Then flash the ROM you’re using and that will solve the problem……….

        • Vinx says:

          Thanks Rodney. Have you figured out why camera was freezing? Or better yet how to uninstall it and reinstall the 4.3 photosphere using titanium??

  38. Sean says:

    Does Samsung Gear Manager work with this ROM? I’m tired of waiting on AT&T for their update.

  39. apollooqm says:

    it works perfectly. Thank you

  40. Daniel says:

    I’m still not getting any date signal i try searching for the apn setting but nothing so please help me

  41. JoeV says:

    ART doesn’t work.

  42. rajan says:

    Not able to acess external memory card..however gallary is showing memory card content but file manager is not detecting it..plz help..thanks

  43. Rodney Joseph says:

    Maxx…….. Send me a link for twrp for Sprint Galaxy Note 2
    Please The………

  44. rajan says:

    @suresh..try giving cm11 file explorer root access rights..didnt worked for me..but still u can try…please anyone give us solution as external memory card is not working in this rom

  45. Pete says:

    S pen not working

  46. brian says:

    I have a sprint note 2 and I flashed this ROM with cwm and it works fine except I do not get 4g. Can someone help me out with this please?

    • rrc2 says:

      You go into network settings, mobile networks, network mode LTE?

      • Hemingway says:

        I’ve got a AT&T note 2 flashed with this ROM and cwm and it works great…it says 4G, any clue as to why LTE doesn’t show up? the previous CM mod at 4.3 would say LTE on top of the 4G.

  47. Quez says:

    I’m getting this disturbing wavy noise when I’m listening to music. Also everytime I change the song I get the message “Unfortunately DSP Manager has stopped.” I’m using musixmatch. I tried disabling DSP Manager but that didn’t work. I installed Viper4Android and that didn’t work either.

  48. hobinator1 says:

    I got 4.4 to work but not getting any network signal. Tried all the usual problems to no avail. Any possible solutions? I really like the feel of the rom but its no good to me if it does not work. Verizon schI605


    • rrc2 says:

      Did you flash with latest cwm recovery(as opposed to twrp)?

      • hobinator1 says:

        Yes I did because I could not get a new enough version of twrp to flash properly. Now I am having problems getting my old jedi rom to work properly as well. Not real sure what is going on.

        • rrc2 says:

          Tell you the truth, i flashed the whole stock package via Odin and then installed via cwm. Not sure about the necessity but I was having problems with the data (I believe) because I first tried to install with twerp, but not 100% about that. Just know I was having data issue and now this ROM is a daily driver for me now. SPH-L900

  49. e1n5te1n says:

    Does this ROM include all of the features that come on the Note 3?

  50. hobinator1 says:

    I am not only having the issue of no signal with Kit Kat but now that I have gone back to an older rom I still have NO network signal at al! Any help will be greatly appreciated. Was there anything durring the 4.4 install that could have affected network signal all together? Verizon SCH-I605

    • hobinator1 says:

      Update: I have now tried the stock deodexed rom to just get my phone working but to no avail. It goes into a bootloop with the stock rom. The only rom I have been able to even boot up is a version of Paranoid Android but then I still have no network signal at all. Its almost like I am in airplane mode but only for the network. My wifi seems to be working ok. Also I can not get any version of TWRP to install correctly so I can try to restore my back ups that I have saved. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

      • rrc2 says:

        I had to flash custom recovery (twrp in my case) and do a factory wipe and then it booted into stock firmware.

        • rrc2 says:

          Wait, deodexed (was thinking original reflash)… If all else fails check the “how to unroot/unbrick” tutorial on this site.

          • hobinator1 says:

            I checked it out but it is only good for the international version N7100. I have Verizon sch-I605. I am going to try and locate one for that version and go that route. Thanks for your help!

  51. black1234 says:

    i dont understand why people keep flashing CM roms. Everytime i look somewhere someone having problems with something. I know nothing perfect at first….but good lord. i have flash about 7 different roms and never ran into the problems i have with CM roms. im done with the hole thing. For this to be and up and coming source for flashing roms there not doing too good. thats just my thoughts.

    • Jason Mitchell says:

      and you always find someone with a lot of patience or whole lot of restraint to help you fix your problem so stop complaining. at least everyone knows CM….who are you?

  52. Suresh K Madhavan says:

    I have returned back to Touchwiz rom Tigra Version 3.

  53. Daniduo says:

    Every time I try to install I lose all Data Connection to Tmobile, I cant even make phone calls

  54. Ryan says:

    Can not connect to LTE on T-Mobile. Any fix?

  55. jamie says:

    Don’t waste your time too many issues.. battery drains, everything freezes, and when you are on the phone the proximity sensor tweaks out and then brings you to the time setting menu. Too many bugs I love kit Kat but not with bugs. Going back to Jedi

  56. Robert says:

    I have flashed this Rom on my T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy SGH-T889 and when I do People can’t Hear me Talk also there’s real bad feed back and it seems to do this to all of the Rom’s i Have tried but the Jedi Rom do you have any idea how to fix this because I would really love to use this Rom as my Daily Driver any help thank you so much

  57. hobinator1 says:

    Ok, I am still fighting just trying to get my phone to work again after trying out this KIt Kat 4.4. I have tried to Odin back to stock and it says it finshed and completed/passed but when it tried to reboot it just leaves the screen black. I am getting really frustrated at this point. I am questioning the fact that I have a hardware issue. The only thiing I can get to boot up is Paranoid Android but that has absolutely no network signal. Only wifi works. What the heck is going on with my phone? I have been flashing roms since the droid x days, I am no expert by any means but this is getting rediculous!! Please Help!!

    • RRC2 says:

      Havn’t seen black screen after odin stock flash. I will say the odin stock flash has saved me a few times so far. At one point after doing the stock flash I did get stuck at the Samsung boot screen (bootloop) but ended up flashing TWRP and doing a wipe/factory reset and then was able to boot into the stock rom with things working fine. From there I installed CWM, wiped again, and then installed CM11/Kitkat.

      Been running as a daily driver for over a week now with very few problems (minor stuff) on Sprint (SPH-L900) with LTE and wifi hotspot working.

  58. james says:

    i like the new idea of cm 11 but it does not have as many small features as cm 10 figure it would be an upgrade with more features but i feel it is downgrading and i have hand one consistent issue.. when im calling or texting someone the call will last around 2 minutes average and then it will disconect and say i have no signal and the phone shuts off same with texts il be typing the text or sending one and it freezes and reboots i love cm11 but im going to find me a more stable daily till their have been a few updates. Good luck

  59. hobinator1 says:

    I noticed another strange thing that has me a bit confused. Like I said, I can get Paranoid Android to boot up like normal with wifi working but no network signal. The confusing thing is that my baseband version is showing as unknown. That seems like it could be a big part of my issue. Any thoughts? Thanks again for all help past, present, and future!

  60. Zachary Miller says:

    Does the printing work?

    • hobinator1 says:

      Printing? I am not sure I understand what you are asking? Can you help me understand a little more what you are asking?

  61. Tarlo says:

    Hey Max
    I have att note 2 sgh i317.
    Is cm 11 att compatible with mine because I see their sgh i337.
    Please help. Thanks

    • Hemingway says:

      I got CM11 loaded onto my att note 2 and it’s working. FYI…it looks different than stock…and I don’t get LTE displayed over the 4G. So not sure if I’m getting LTE

  62. Michael says:

    There is no Chinese keyboard here. I need that badly, any way to get it in this ROM?

  63. rSizzle McSizzle says:

    1 word–disappointing. 1st and foremost s*pen doesnt work (its only a major feature of the note 2) and jus about every app i want to run isnt supported! so glad all my paid full versions are null with this ROM. i gave it a chance but wiping this crap off my device.

  64. RichyRich619 says:

    I ran into all problems trying to reflash this ROM, but found the solution.
    I have the Tmo build.
    1) First flash your CWM to the suggested version from ROM Manager download via GPStore.
    2) Then reboot your phone so it is updated, normally and verify if its updated by going back to ROM Manager and verify version.
    3) Then reboot into CWM Recovery to reflash the ROM. Make sure you have already upload the zip file in your ext SD card. Reflash after all the wipes (factory reset/cache/dalvik cache wipes).
    4) After ROM Reflash its gonna take a while, let it do its thing during reboot.
    5) Then install the Gapps APK file via from File Manager, then reboot again.
    Takes patience and some time. These are repeats and some minor steps that Max may not have mentioned but should help out NOOBs as well.

    Thanks Max, always! oh and CM Team.

  65. RichyRich619 says:

    Oh one more thing,

    If only this ROM features Apps to SD switch, and recognizes when the S Pen is removed to access SNotes.
    All and all its gonna be my daily driver.

    • Jeff L. says:

      Agreed… and I’d love to see multi-window working as well. I had the Earlier 4.4 Cynogen but I went back to Stock rooted for multi-window. Now that an update is out, I’m going back to 4.4 tonight. I want the multi-window but I can live without it for the time. The speed of this ROM makes up for the lack of windows open.

      • richyrich619 says:

        Yes thats the other item I missed.
        Max where are the new features for KitKat of what the Note 3 has.
        CM team please update soon, because its an awesome ROM.

  66. black1234 says:

    Hey people I posted early in this thread… I’m trying to figure out why CM roms are so good I have installed about 3 different roms from him,them who ever.i just keep running into problems and it seems I’m not the only ONE. I’m not a pro at this but I can handle my own. When I install any other rom it goes thru no problem. To me TW is better you don’t get the headaches. If I’m wrong can someone explain to me why they like CM roms. When they know they are having problems installing it. And the bugs that come along with it and there is always bugs every ROM has bugs that CM produces. I’m not a hater of CM but if it’s not working why keep trying.

  67. Max Power says:

    Do you if it recognizes 64gb microsd cards?

  68. RichyRich619 says:

    With CM11 DO NOT Install

    1) App2SD : brick
    2) Kernels: brick

    If anything else please share…thanks!!!

  69. Jeff L. says:

    So can I back up my apps with Titanium and restore them to KitKat after the install? Am I going to have any compatibility issues coming from 4.1.2 to 4.4?

  70. iamallison says:

    has anyone had issues when using headphones? im not getting any sound while using the youtube app, google music app

    • bryan says:

      I have that bug as well… I found that if you start playing google music before you plug in the headphones they should work. Hope that makes sense.

  71. Kevin Lepp says:

    Are there nightlies for this?

  72. kilver says:

    works with at & t I317?

  73. fredy says:

    I just installed CM11 on a SGH-T889, and I was disappointed to find out that T-Mobile Wi-Fi calling does not work. though I know I should’ve thought about it I just need it to survive. does anybody knows how to install it?

    Thank you all!

  74. Patrick T says:

    Well was loving this rom. Has been my daily driver for awhile and then i’ve just lost all data connection today about 10 minutes ago. dirty flash, re-flashed cwm recovery, wiped cache/dalvik no luck. Anyone have a solution? I’ll be forced to go back to a TW based rom for the time being….:/

  75. John B says:

    Having “please insert SD card before using camera” . Have unmounted and mounted, reads photos from gallery. There is no setting to allocate where photos are stored…?

  76. MC says:

    My proximity sensor is not working on tmobile note 2?

  77. Billybob Tweeters says:

    Will this rom support all features for my Galaxy Gear watch?

  78. elias brito says:

    when is an update for macks rom coming. I am running allstar 5.0 ma7 on a sprint note 2.

  79. bkori says:

    ive tried to flash this rom and my phon keeps going straight to TWRP. it says no MD5 file found. how can i fix this

  80. Tom says:

    Max!! This is working like a charm NO problems at all, Installed without a hitch!! My only problem with this is No SPen function, gonna run it for a few days but i use the spen daily for teaching/meeting notes ect. gonna look for a good apk to replace it but GOT TO HAVE IT!! but i hate to loose such a killer Rom, AAA++++ Work! thanks for all you do for us,You Rock!

  81. prashanta says:

    Iwas trying to download tigra rom v4 from xda abd im install the rom but when I reboot the device its stuck on serial mumber

  82. Brandon Osorio says:

    I flashed this and love it except for the fact that I cant seem to access multitasking/recent apps by holdimg down the home button. Is this a problem only I’m having or is it something thats just missing from the rom?

  83. crolikman says:

    Aren’t you guy crazy? I mean Max has numerous phones so if one dies he has another one to go along with, but just looking at this thread dedicated to CM 11 and it’s easily recognizable that this particular manifestation of Kit Kat is one huge pain below your back. Why keep on trying to install it via different recovery versions and etc? IT IS SIMPLY NOT READY TO BE USED!!! If you are like Max and have numerous phones you can play with – sure, go ahead, install CM 11 and have “fun”, but if you have ONE and ONLY device, then why would you risk screwing it up?
    I have been flashing ROMs for a while, since SGS2 was released, but I have never gone for something that isn’t stable one way or another. For now I know only TWO roms that can do their job on SGH-i317 without any problem:

    1) JEDI X19 (or 18) JB 4.1.2 – I would not recommend this one if you are a gamer, as everything more or less demanding in terms of GPU lags horribly, however all TW functions work great, the battery life is somewhat decent;

    2)BeanStalk JB 4.3.1 – good for everything except for TW features, which can be replaced with alternatives, but only in respect to SPen, no multiwindows, no other TW goodies, however the games run much faster than on overclocked to the max JEDI X19; there is another issue – after a while BeanStalk rom gets “dirty” and some of the functions start “acting” up, but factory reset and reinstall fixes all the issues at the cost of time spent or reinstalling all the apps and etc.

    • Bryton says:

      You are wrong The people having problems just didnt rread throught the instructions Thouroghly enough, i got it to work on my first try every time. and ive installed this rom several times because i was switching between roms to decide what one i like best but to far this one is The Best

  84. Peter says:

    Maxx, none of the CM11 roms you listed (Omni rom 4.4 or this one) will work on my Tmobile Note 2. Installing with CWM, no problem. Installed the gapps 4.4, no problem. Upon reboot it says cannot locate SIM and tries to log into Google via wifi (which I can’t do because I’m at work). I’ve been using Carbon, 4.3.1 with no issues. Just trying out 4.4 and CM just wont find my SIM card.
    About phone details:
    Model listed as GT-N7105 (Shouldn’t it be SGH-T889?
    Android 4.4. good
    Baseband version: unknown
    Kernel 3.0.64-CM-g7fc3ce7root@will-Virtualbox #1 Monday Nov 25
    CyanogenMod version: 11-20131126-UNOFFICIAL-t0lte
    Build number: cm_t0lte-userdebug 4.4 KRT16S e3ffa9cd1e test-keys

  85. Frank Kelly says:

    Help please. I lost my original backup. My computer crashed and I don’t have my backup saved anywhere else. Can someone help with a stock ROM for the Note 2 on Verizon?

  86. earl says:

    Has anyone had issues with the dialer app? As soon as I accept/make calls, the screen shuts off immediately. After fumbling with the buttons I can get it to the homescreen but when I open the dialer app again (either by icon app or from the notification drawer) same issue.

    • Ken Hensel says:

      I had that issue on 4.3.
      I believe what fixed it was to clear data/cache on either Contacts or Contacts storage, I don’t remember which.


  87. Randy McNary says:

    I’d love to try this, but Goo Manager will NOT update TWRP for me. I get as far as the d/l screen, then..nothing

    • brendan says:

      Just download the newest version .zip and flash it thru the twrp u have now. Google twrp2 (with no space,as i wrote it) download and click on the “find your device”?(something along those lines) box on the top right side/corner and write in note 2….when u do it will bring up all note 2 models. Now click ur model and it will bring up a list of .zips and .tars. I think you have to scroll to the bottom for the newest one. Download the newest for your device and if its a zip..flash it thru ur current twrp. If u have Odin…u can download the .tar and flash thru Odin..either way works. Goo manager wouldn’t work for me either.

  88. solomon says:

    Having some issues sending sms, though hangouts and through sms app. Any ideas? Did a re-wipe, cache, and dalvik and reflashed rom with gapps,

    • gato travieso says: avoid any problem just install this rom using clokworkmode recovery 6.0.43 from Rom manager free from Google Play..everything work out the box..only issue wifi tether is not working.

  89. Gato Travieso "aka" Miami Heat in the House. says:

    Go heat!!! if someone have any problem installing CM11 or KiktKat 4.4 just let me know i will glad to help.

    • Chan says:

      I have a Note 2 (AT&T i-317) and rooted using your website. Then I flashed the CM11. Everything worked out but now I don’t think I am rooted anymore. I downloaded titanium backup to restore my apps from my original/stock ROM and apps but titanium says : “Sorry, I could not acquire root privileges. This Application will *not* work! Please verify that your ROM is rooted, and try again.”

      Can you please help?

  90. Ken Hensel says:

    I found an issue that has to do with headphones.

    I start playing music with the Google Play widget and am listening on plugged headphones. As soon as I open any app, including Google Play itself (other than being on the home screen and controlling music via the widget), web browser or any other app, the music stops playing. I have to exit to the home screen and unplug the headphones and start playing music again via the widget. It will not play at all in the Google Play app. This only happens with plugged headphones. If I use my bluetooth headphones or play music from the external speaker, everything works just fine. The same thing happens with youtube, but only with plugged headphones as another user reported.

    So, the issue seems to be only with plugged headphones running an app anywhere other than on the homescreen.

    I’ll try to report this issue to CM11 bugs as well.


    • Ken Hensel says:

      CM Website is too confusing. I can’t figure out where to report this bug. Hopefully somebody is watching this thread. 🙁


      • Gato Travieso says:

        Ken…I been using CM11 without no problem for like a months,my headphones work even if I open any apps..specially when I playin Perfect Kick I don’t like the background music of this I put my own music in my device to listen to while I’m playing..did you check your sound setting or are you using a different music player??

        • Ken Hensel says:

          Hey Gato,

          I was using Google Play Music. But it does the same thing in Apollo, Youtube, MixCloud, SoundCloud. In fact the only time it will play when headphones are plugged in, is on the home screen via widget. It’s strange, I press play via widget. Then, if I do anything at all like app drawer, pull down notification, open browser or email etc, the sound goes off but the widget(s) still show as playing. I can hit stop, play over and over but sound does not come on unless I hit pause/stop and then open and close something again (app drawer, app etc). That will cause the sound to toggle back on. My sound settings are nothing out of the ordinary, all system sounds off etc. It seems that opening something toggles off sound that can only be toggled on again by stopping play and opening and closing something.

          I almost exclusively listen to music and sound via my JayBirds bluetooth headphones, and that works just fine. But, I like to listen to music all the time in my car plugged in via headset to my car stereo. Since this is not working, I went back to 4.3 for now.


          • Ken Hensel says:

            I decided to try going back to KitKat and downloaded the 12/18 nightly for i605. The problem still exists, but I figured out a workaround: Open the app (DI Radio, YouTube, Google Play Music etc and open the app, click play THEN plug in the headphones. It seems that it is necessary to do this every time you want to start playing something new also, so it’s kind of a pain, but I’ll keep updating with nightlies for awhile until I see if it gets fixed.

  91. Chan says:

    I have a Note 2 (AT&T i-317) and rooted using your website. Then I flashed the CM11. Everything worked out but now I don’t think I am rooted anymore. I downloaded titanium backup to restore my apps from my original/stock ROM and apps but titanium says : “Sorry, I could not acquire root privileges. This Application will *not* work! Please verify that your ROM is rooted, and try again.”

    Can you please help?

    • Chan says:

      By the way, I did follow your instructions to go to developer options->root access->Apps and ADB. Both Titanium Backup and SuperSU doesn’t work.

      • Gatto Travieso "aka" Miami Heat in the House says:

        Chan..let me ask did you root your device ..what method did u use??..the easy method is Odin..

  92. brendan Sampson says:

    Which cm 11 do I use for my i317m…The t0lte? I can’t seem to find an att version.

  93. Alan says:

    GooManager only updates TWRP for the Sprint phone to, not Is this version good/young enough to install CM11 without a problem?

    • brendan says:

      I just flashed twrp thru Odin. I got it from the website and I flashed no problem. Beware that it will change the model # to N7105 if u have another model but I flashed back for a min to see and mine changes back i317m. But as far as I can tell Alan, I don’t see why u would have a problem as u are only 1 iteration of twrp below what I flashed with. I am pretty sure it just has to be twrp2. 2.3.6.x should all work. If not..just do a ROM backup with twrp and boot recovery and restore. It likely will just an error and not flash if your twrp has any short comings anyway. Good luck and CM 11 is force closes and everything works!!!!

    • Jeff L. says:

      Use CWM for this ROM. I tried to use TWRP and it failed. Went back and installed cwm recovery and flashed the previous 4.4 ROM, and this ROM twice without issues.

      Verizon i605

  94. Michael Buckner says:

    Please help…I have an Att Note 2 i317. after install my APN settings are blank and I can’t create and save a new one. Please help seems like a cool rom.

    • Ken Hensel says:

      I had the same problem on my Verizon note 2. I had installed via TWRP (which is the latest one I can find for my phone). I flashed ClockworkMod Recovery and installed using it which fixed the issue.

      Hope this helps.


      • Michael says:

        I tried installing using CWM & TWRP and still have blank APN settings which wont allow me to create nor save new APN settings. Any ideas?

  95. tan van says:

    So I installed this ROM, but for some reason my GPS just completely stopped working. How do I get it back? I even went back to my old ROM and it didn’t work there either.

  96. Bishop says:

    Please how can I format my sd card to fat32

    • Gato Travieso "aka" Miami Heat says:

      Bishop…format your SD Card in your loptop or desktop usin a multi card reader if your computer dosen’t support sd card.

  97. Gato Travieso "aka" Miami Heat says:


  98. JWnFL says:

    Thank You! Max for all the GREAT!! Roms!!!

    I have a newb question.. I have been looking and even went so far as too download DN3 Ditto v3 (no wifi for me on my at&t i317 and no air tools hand or pen)

    do you know of a stable rom with air command? ala 4.3 stable stock rom? LULZ! I know the factory / stock rom is not stable, less stable than ditto! LULZ!

    any way, please! pretty please!!! when you find one will you share it for us newbs!!

    Thanks once again.. you got me rooting!! and I always back up first.

    still learning about cache wipe verse dalvik wipe? baby steps for me.

    • brendan says:

      Hey there JWnFL….u gotta flash the devil kernel as well and u will get ur WiFi back and features. Its in the xda post where u downloaded the ROM. Just flash it over the ROM. Download kernel…Boot recovery…depending on which recovery u use…cwm choose .zip..then install (flash) .zip (kernel .zip). Or twrp..install..choose kernel .zip and flash. It should help u out a lot.

  99. lefty says:

    Hey max, I been with you since my Gs2. Love your site. One question, when are we getting the 4.3 update with all note3 features?? Sorry to say that I had to look else where and found the skynote note3 for my G Note2…with all note3 features. I only have one bug…bluetooth headset not working in my car stereo. But I was wondering if you guys would get it perfect and post????

  100. lefty says:

    Sorry I didn’t even ask, does this rom have touchwiz 4.3 with all note3 features including Air conmand. Please post one if there is one. Skynote is ok except for bluetooth in my car.

    • brendan says:

      lefty…I am now running Ditto Note 3 and it’s great. Everything works…that’s including a newer multi window that’s a tad different than the note 2 4.3..and the air command is working perfect. It has all the s pen apps from the note 3…launcher…widgets.. and wallpapers. I only flashed it a few hours ago so i didn’t try everything yet. But so far, so good. search on xda. …follow instructions and it works. oh and I flashed it from stock 4.3 with two But again…If u flash DN3. ..FOLLOW THE FLASHING INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY EXCEPT THE RECOVERY SWITCHING PART…IE: IT TRIED TO GET ME TO FLASHING CAM FIRST BUT I USED TWRP2 ANYWAY.

      • lefty says:

        Brendan, did you mean that this rom(CM11) has all the note 3 features including all spen features or the Skynote rom? Sorry for the confusion.

        • Brendan says:

          Actually neither…lol. Its called Ditto Note 3 as I stated above and it is on xda website. I like it a lot and think it works great. Some ppl claim it works fine and some ppl have certain problems but on my i317m it is perfect. Which model note do u have Lefty?

          • lefty says:

            hey Brendan, thnx for getting back dude. well my note 2 is the t-mobile version which is t889 but when i installed the SKYNOTE NOTE 3 on it the model number changed to i317, lol. so you have no bugs on your note 2 with note 3 features with the DITTO NOTE 3 rom, correct??? it is based on touchwiz then right? also, can you install WANAM EXPOSED on that rom?? that is thee best thing to have to personalize your whole freak’n phone. any color on anything you can think of. sorry for so many questions dude, just wanted to make sure before i made the jump, lol. like i had stated before, the SKYNOTE rom is perfect except for the in call speakerphone not working. thnx so much in advance .

  101. markill0s says:

    Only 181 mb???? Really?

    • Robert H says:

      Yes, Really. This is pure android and does not contain any of the bloat-ware and Samsung software that is included in the stock Note 2 OS.

  102. Jon says:

    When Placing or receiving a phone call the sensors dont work to turn off the display when talking on the phone. Im constantly hitting keys when im talking. Is there a fix for this or a setting to change. Thanks!

  103. Jose R. Lopez says:

    This is really nice and I love it but there is one thing driving me nuts, whenever I am in a call I keep accidentally touching the status bar in my ear and end up toggling settings and opening apps while in a call which is pretty annoying. I remember there being some setting to disable the screen for saving battery with the proximity sensor that would normally solve that issue but I can’t seem to find it.

    Any clues?

  104. ayu says:

    Great ROM – everything is perfect… until I cant receive a phone call or make a call cause there is no sound to the other end… please help fix….

  105. Shawn says:

    I installed this rom without and issues but, the video player plays video without any sound if you play your music player before hand (vice versa). Certain apps do not work (sound is choppy). Random reboots.

  106. pooper cooper says:

    Upgraded from cm10.2 using twrp v6. Installed gapps 4.4. I have no modem now. Reverted back to 10.2 restore. Modem is fine. Did complete wipe and installed cm11 and still no modem. Not sure what I am missing. Fml

  107. rewt says:

    I cant find a TWRP anywhere for the N7100 (not even GooManager). I already have installed from before, and CM 11 never booted up. Can you point us where exactly can we download the twrp zip file please?

  108. Jeremy says:

    Flashed this ROM recently and now have very little internal storage. When I check root browser I now have a folder called emulated storage along with sdcard0 and sdcard1. With sdcard1 being my external SD card. Somebody please help me figure this out.

  109. Brendan says:

    Did anyone happen to notice that the download link for at&t and canuck versions say i337 which is the S4 instead of i317 which is note 2…or in my case i317m. And as far as the “no modem” for certain models..its confirmed with the bell canadian model. Though flashing a canadian modem zip afterward (rogers) seemed to do the for twrp…goomanager is actually one of the worst places to look ffs.

  110. says:

    Camera = Trash ( the best camera is 4.2.2 )
    i use it for 5 hours and take it off my phone. Back to begin…

  111. Elliott says:

    I would love to install cm11 but it fails every time and I have all the updated twrp and cm. What else can I do???

  112. kyle says:

    So I flashed this rom and now i have no phone service, is this something that happens to a lot of people, or am i extremely fucking this up? What should i do?

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