H2O ROM for Sprint Galaxy Note 2 SPH-L900!

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For those of you looking for highly-themed ROM with cool features for the Sprint Galaxy Note 2, check out the H2O ROM. As the name implies, the H2O ROM comes with lots of bubbly icons, which makes you think you are in water.

Apart from the highly-themed UI, the H2O ROM comes with Perseus kernel with support up to 1.8Ghz overclocking, YouTube 2 app (allows you to download YouTube videos for viewing later offline), Multi-window with unlimited app support, horizontal launcher enabled, many apps for headphone addicts, and more.

I do like this ROM a lot, it mixes a lot of things I would put in a ROM together along with the custom theme. Try it out if this is something you are looking for and do let me know how it works out for you.


Download H2O ROM

Credits – XDA

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6 Responses

  1. Raul says:

    Just wanted to say that I have followed you since the evo 4g and everything you put in your website’s is very helpful information thankyou. I know you are very busy but I had a question on andoid wifitether. I downloaded trevs mod version but for some reason on the note 2 and galaxy s3 it shutsdown. I am coming to the conclusion that its not because of the thethering but infact that jellybean roms shut eveything down after no activity. This does not happen on cm10, tethering is constant. I guess my question is can I use android terminal emulator to force a script to control this problem.

  2. Victor Perez says:

    I have same problen until find. Wifi-terther vercion. 3.3-pre 1 instal and no change noting only your pass and name of your device leave all the seting in the way it is work fine on my note 2 and s3

  3. rachel says:

    the h2o rom is great except it runs my battery out extremely fast plz fix until then must uninstall 🙁

  4. ricrude215 says:

    Hi..this rom works perfect, I have it for 2 SPH-L900 Its fast with cool themes…the only problem im having is since call record has been enable, I am unable to “SWAP” between phone calls. ( the option dosent even show in dail pad anymore. Could u please help me out

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