Illusion ROM for Galaxy Note 2!

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For this week’s “best ROM of the week” (sorry I flashed waaay to many ROMs but I ended up using this one as my ultimate daily driver), check out Illusion ROM for Galaxy Note 2.

Illusion ROM is an AOSP ROM (What is AOSP?) built on Slim ROM with latest Android 4.2.2 and a hybrid ROM with features ported from other AOSP ROMs like AOKP and ParanoidAndroid. This ROM is available for ALL Note 2s including AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, GT-N7100, GT-N7105, Canadian, and Korean.

What I like about Illusion ROM most is the transition animations (you can see it in my video overview above) and I am certainly a sucker for these things as they are way too cool. And also this is the first time I’ve seen it integrated flawlessly to an AOSP ROM.

With Illusion ROM, you will be able to get UI customizations similar to AOKP ROM Control Settings. For DPI tweaking, Illusion ROM comes with Xposed App Settings along with ability to change your system UI to run in tablet mode.

I find Illusion ROM more stable and faster than other AOSP ROMs I’ve tried in the past and the builds seem more tailored specifically for Note 2 and tested thoroughly.

The only minor glitches I found was the font it came with as it messed with my GMail app but you can install Font Installer from Play Store to switch your font. I highly recommend the Roboto font btw. Also for some odd reason, I couldn’t get DSP Manager to tweak my sound correctly but you can just use AudioFX widget as an band-aid fix. (If you figure out how to use DSP Manager, please teach me in the comments box, thx.)

Illusion ROM also ships with the latest HALO floating notification ported from ParanoidAndroid ROM, which is great for multi-tasking on the go.

Overall, Illusion ROM gets full five stars from me for having a load of features working flawlessly out of the box. I could definitely recommend this ROM to anyone who’s looking for the best AOSP custom ROM experience.

And of course, you will lose any TouchWiz/Samsung features like Samsung camera, multi-window, etc…etc… because this is an AOSP ROM.

But it you are looking for a really good AOSP ROM, check out Illusion ROM this week(end) and do let me know what you think. I love it so much I switched to it as my daily driver (again).


Download Illusion ROM for Note 2 AT&T SGH-i317

Download Illusion ROM for Note 2 T-Mobile SGH-T889

Download Illusion ROM for Note 2 Sprint SPH-L900

Download Illusion ROM for Note 2 Verizon SCH-i605

Download Illusion ROM for Note 2 GT-N7100

Download Illusion ROM for Note 2 GT-N7105

Download Gapps

For Canadian Note 2, use AT&T version. For Korean Note 2, use AT&T version and flash AOSP SJKernel.

To install, reboot into recovery, make a backup ROM (just in case), wipe data/factory reset (unless coming from Illusion ROM), install ROM, install Gapps, and reboot.

To fix broken Google Search, just update “Google Search” app from Play Store.

Having problems with Phone calls on GT-N7100?  Flash RIL Fix here to fix!

You can upgrade to the latest Android 4.3 PhotoSphere camera.

Need S-Pen?  Here’s S-Pen alternatives you can use with this ROM.

Credits – AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, GT-N7100, GT-N7105 <— Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA! (You can find developer’s donation link on their homepage here.)

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224 Responses

  1. Redeye Dog says:

    I’d like to try it but after entering the captcha, it doesn’t download. Just brings me back to the same screen. Tried it 5 times..

    • oscar says:

      just go to the page where you get all the downloads thats the only way i was able to download it without getting an error

    • Nathan says:

      I tried the first time and it didn’t work. Just did it now and it worked fine.

    • N8IVE says:

      Use Jedi x 19 t epic keeps all the regular stock tomorrow and adds slot more to it runs flawless no issues had slot of customization to it like changing framework to color or change your status bar icons along with the custom text in the stations along with the bg pic for it so far my phone is pimped with Jarvis charger connect sounds stylus pretty Ichthyology everything Jedi x 19 is the way to go

  2. Scott says:

    Where can I find the illusion rom for the galaxy note 2 sch-r950 us cellular phone?

  3. michael d says:

    Installation aborted.
    tried with deleting the params and got error7.

    att i1317

  4. oscar says:

    failed to install

  5. Dan says:

    My biggest hang up with the ASOP ROMs (please correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t know much about all this) is the lack of Samsung apps. Most specifically the stock Samsung Camera, which has a lot of nice features. And a few other apps, like S-Calendar and S-Note.

    Are there any ways to get these apps on here with this ROM?

  6. oscar says:

    working now the first one was like 68 mb the last one the good one about 144 mb


  7. Nathan says:

    Hey Max, is there a tutorial or something on using the halo?? Just finished putting this on my SGH-T889 and it’s smoother than a baby’s bottom. Love it. Thanks.

  8. Redeye Dog says:

    Got it! Installed on N7100. No problem. I’ll check it out for a while. Thanks much!!

  9. ed says:

    I wanna try this ROM for my T-Mobile s3 so which one do I download

  10. Curtis says:

    I’m very interested in flashing this rom, but how’s the battery life?

  11. harresh says:

    hey there im confused as to how to install this rom
    how do i get the AOSP SJKernel for at&t and install it (am i flashing thru odin)
    sum1 help please 🙂

  12. Johnny Huynh says:

    i have the t mobile galaxy note 2.. i had jellybam but didnt have 4gLTE and my data goes away a lot. will this rom support my LTE or at least 4G? Because 3g or H+ isnt cutting it for me.

  13. Jeff says:

    So far, no lost signal! I think I may have actually found an AOSP ROM that is worth hanging onto for a little. Been on Wifi since last night but today will be the true test to see if I get LTE at work. *fingers crossed*

  14. mbk says:

    Hi Max..i installed this rom to my n7100.everything works fine but i have one problem with phone app..when i try to call some one its working call is works fine but when i press the end call button after its stock .i can’t end that call.

  15. Otelo says:

    Hi Max and the rest of you,

    I have a portuguese N7105, and I’m trying to install this rom, and like all the others, I can’t…

    I reboot, wipe factory, install from zip card and always, always a error appears and the image of a death “android”.

    Then I reboot and start again with stock rom.

    Thank you very much

    Does anyone now what I’m doing wrong?

    • Otelo says:

      I have a picture of the error, if someone wants to see, but I can’t post it


      • Saurabh Rupji says:

        Did you update your CWM recovery. I used to have this problem. i updated my CWM recovery and it solved my problem

    • Nathan says:

      I used to have this problem using CWM, wouldn’t install Aosp roms. I switched over to TWRP for the recovery and it works great. Everything installs and have had no trouble.

  16. Ed says:

    Nice ROM but no LTE on AT&T i317 🙁

  17. David Mack says:

    Nice rom… no 4G… Any ideas????

    • David Mack says:

      it’s a shame because this is actually a nice ROM by what I can tell. No 4G is…. sacrilegious…

      • Kyle S. says:

        yea, I am in love with this rom, lots of cool little features such as when your charging with the circle battery, it moves in a circle, the TV tube thing with you turn phone off, and the notification light fades instead of blinking, its all of those small features that i absolutely love. Sad to see it go sooo fast.. I will definitely be following this rom and looking for updates.

  18. Raymond Tan says:

    This Rom is fantastic but I seem to have 3 issues.
    1) Incall audio is too soft.
    2) Loudspeaker when on a call is too soft that makes it unusable.
    3) 4G doesn’t seem to work.

    I have tried all the settings available in the phone to increase the volume but its still way too soft.
    I am on Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7105

    Any Help will be great!

  19. Owen says:

    HELP! after I installed illusion, I then needed to install gapps. I noticed that gapps was on my ext sd card not internal. I attempted to install gapps from ext sd, and it fails, says ‘cant open external sd/download/gappsjb-2013. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  20. ansar khan says:

    Hey max ! I just installed it on my GT N 7100, and im completely lost in those transition animations 🙂

  21. Joemarcucci says:

    Installed rom on my t-mobile note 2 along with gapps, runs fantastic, no data drops, but it’s missing the activesync add account for exchange servers.

  22. Jay says:

    Will this work with my 64 GB Sd Card?

  23. Nathan says:

    Is there a way to get more themes???

  24. Abdulla says:

    Please help me
    I don’t have a play store or anything
    Please help me

  25. Owen says:

    Got it to work finally. Got to the setup screen and placed the phone in my pocket. Its now asking for my password, and when I enter the previous password, it says that its incorrect. I am locked out of my phone.

  26. Kyle S. says:

    I installed this on my verizon galaxy note 2 (i605) everything works flawlessly except that i dont have any 4g, 3g, any data at all. I absolutely love the transitions, but i cant keep this rom if i dont have data. hopefully there is a fix for this in the future. For now ill have to stay on Jelly Beans Rom. any advice before i delete this rom and put on jelly beans? Thanks…

  27. gino says:

    I tried all the explore it cannot found my sdcard storage…
    Any help will be appreciated

  28. Hey thanks for such an awesome review and video…i really liked it…but I would be more grateful if you direct the downloads to my dev host would help me to keep a count…thanks a lot anyways

  29. Alex says:

    i cant call somebody, and when i call somebody i cant reache the person and that if i press disconect i cant really leafe

  30. andres morales says:

    hola amigo tengo un problema ya que isntale la room pero al momento de colgar las llamadas no lo hace y la llamada sigue y sigue,, hasta que me toca apagarlo.

    • Redeye Dog says:

      No estoy seguro de cuál es el modelo que usted tiene, pero mi N7100 no tiene este problema. Mis llamadas terminan normalmente. Si se desconecta el otro extremo, termina la llamada. Si cuelgo, finaliza la llamada. No estoy seguro, pero puede que tenga que volver a instalar la ROM, pero asegúrese de hacer el reset y borrar la caché en modo de recuperación.

  31. jesse says:

    Hey max I like this rom but when every time I flash from touchwiz ROMs to aosp ROMs I lose my recent Google contacts. I’m on tmbile can I add the lte APN so I can have lte?

  32. Fabian says:

    Hello, sorry how i can install playa store? Sorry forma my english im spanish boy. Thank you.

  33. Fabian says:

    Todo install gapps i need todo wipedata/cache? Please help me i am spanish boy please.

  34. boss Ed says:

    Just came from the macks rom and everything works great but when playing music it is so much quiter and is wondering is there any options to fix this

  35. Jayesh says:

    Can we have the Snote app on this which was previously on the touchwiz … ?

  36. Hakim says:

    after i install, i lost my s note pen do i get back

  37. Talgat says:

    My phone is not recieving incoming calls. Please help. I love this rom but there is no point in flashing it if I can’t recieve phone calls. I have GT-N7100 (International). Everything is great except this HUGE ISSUE.
    please respond and somebody help.

  38. Jellybeanman says:

    This rom is good but deleted play store upon installation and then shut down and bricked itself a few minutes after. This was installed on a fresh phone.

  39. Alex says:

    please where is the alpha?

  40. Raul says:

    Having trouble getting Netflix to run.

  41. David Mack says:

    is there a fix for the lack of 4G data with this rom?

  42. John Y says:

    i just flashed this rom and nothing works no play store can’t add an acoount nothing !!!!!!!!!!

  43. David says:

    How to use the DSP Manager with the Illusion ROM. I researched and wrote an entire walk through guide to make the sound perfect on this rom but every time I hit “post comment” it says “hmm. this seems a bit spamy. We don’t like that around here” Either tell me a way to post it or give me an email address to send it too, please.

  44. Isaiah says:

    I have no idea how to get the google services…..

  45. Redeye Dog says:

    OK. Maybe I spoke too soon. My incoming calls seem to work fine and disconnect fine. However, when I initiate a call, I do not have access to the keypad functions to enter extension numbers. The keypad pops up but ignores any presses I make. What’s worse, like others have reported, when I initiate a call, I cannot hang up. The only way to hang up was to reboot the phone.. While I’m here, the other issue I have run into is that “settings” will crash from time to time. No reboot needed, though.

    These seems like a neat ROM. I’d like to keep using it but the broken phone makes it impossible for me as this is my only phone..

  46. Andrew says:

    I need to get my corporate email on my phone but this did not come with it. How do I put it on?

  47. KJ says:

    Illusion rom is under the touchwiz roms, is it a touchwiz based rom?

    • Max Lee says:

      Sorry, it is AOSP ROM.

      • David Mack says:

        Max Lee? Any suggestions how how to get or keep my 4G coming from Tweaked Rom? I had Illusion installed… Runnin fast n smooth… Benchmarks in the low to mid 7000’s… but the missing 4G was messing with my head so bad that I had to go back to Tweaked… I am on the Note 2 T889UVBMD1 baseband Build #JZ054K.. Tweaked 2.3

  48. Nathan says:

    Jeff, I don’t have lte. No icon or anything. But in satisfied with it. It’s got lte speed.

  49. cameron says:

    Hey max can you try my rom plz im still building some updates

  50. boss Ed says:

    Best rom so smooth battery is great , had 1 problem the sound level but that can all be adjusted . first 4.2.2 that is simply flawless . big thanks to developer you safed my note 2 lifes

  51. Jaypee Dionisio says:

    Guys can anyone help me out? Ive intalled hawkish extreme rom on my n7100.. and ive been getting constant freezing on my phone..and when batt dies, after turning on again it stuck on samsung screen..had to reformat cp.. but still freezes my screen.. what shpuld i do?

  52. Jaypee Dionisio says:

    Guys can anyone help me out? Ive intalled hawkish extreme rom on my n7100.. and ive been getting constant freezing on my phone..and when batt dies, after turning on again it stuck on samsung screen..had to reformat cp.. but still freezes my screen.. what shpuld i do?Reply

  53. jaypee says:

    How can access play store?

  54. gabe says:

    This ROM rocks! Its almost perfect, but I need your help, the thing is…when I make a call, the “hang up” button is broken, I can’t end the call, the same bug is present with an incoming call, the only way to end any call is to turn off the phone, is there any way to fix this?…

  55. Mike says:

    Hey Guys,
    I’m having trouble with calling issues in & out going. Is it just me or is anyone else experiencing this as well?

  56. marul says:

    i’m liking this rom. installed with no problem at all. my only issue is that it won’t show/mount my sd card. any fix to this?

  57. JAYANT says:

    worst rom i have ever been across.

    for what reason we use cell phone to get connected to friends.
    unfortunately they cant reach you when they want bcoz when they call you, will only hear ringing sound at their end, however at destination cell phone would not show that there is an incoming call coming.

    rest was ok, that was the only bug i have found.
    loved halo effect and the transitions.

    • Mike says:

      I know what you mean i’m having the same problem.
      Really like this rom, wonder if there is a fix for this problem?

  58. john says:

    Is anyone having problem running Netflix with this rom???

  59. RonDellawear says:

    I’m using T-Mobile SGH-T889. The camera does not work, when i takes the picture it does the save animation, then when I scroll to the right to see my gallery it’s just a black screen. If I go to my gallery app the pictures are not saved. I tried uninstalling it with titanium backup then installing jb camera+, 4.3 camera, 4.2 camera, ics camera and nothing works. Is anyone else having this problem or knows how to fix it?

  60. jerry says:

    I can get the 4G LTE to work on my sprint note 2 any help anyone

  61. jerry says:

    I cant get the 4G LTE to work on my sprint note 2 any help anyone

  62. Rick says:

    What can be done about setting up a Corporate Email/MS Exchange account? That’s a killer for me if we can’t do that. Any help would be appreciated.

  63. Affan says:

    Hey… I got it installed properly, but all my Google apps are missing. I don’t see Google play or gmail or YouTube. please help me.

  64. Affan says:

    There is some problem in calling, when we try to end the call the call doesn’t end. It jus stays, please help me solve this bug rest everything is fine.

  65. nick says:

    hi Max..This is a very good rom by the way. but sadly, The dealer have a Big big problem..Its broken and cant be use at point in using a rom if You cant receive a call and end it..u can only end a call by Rebooting. I have see the many comments here..and its all the same. This problem dose not only have on this rom..The Sumsonic Rom too has this problem by the way..Is ASOP rom having an on going problem with out the developer knowing it?? I think it only happen on GT N7100.

  66. Travis says:

    I installed this ROM and I loved it but when I try to use my sandisk 64gb sdhc class 10 micro SD card, it says it is damaged and when I try to format it it still comes up with damaged SD card. Any advice? I really do like this ROM, thanks.

  67. Gato Travieso says:

    well look like is a great rom,if Sir Zedomax posted is bcuz is good but i got a question,,,this rom ia only 141mb?as far i know all roms for galaxy note 2 is more then 800mb…where is the full version of this Illusion ROM for Galaxy Note 2….141mb is not a full rom probably is an update..

    • Saurabh says:

      Roms based out of samsung touchwiz jellybean 4.1.2 are normally around 800mb . pure android roms which are jellybean 4.2.2 are around 120 – 160mb in size.these are not updates they are full version. However you have to install gapps to get play store on them. Illusion is pure android 4.2.2 based ROM hence the size

  68. brs says:

    Installed illusion rom on my SCH-i605 (verizon note2) a few days ago. Still getting used to the interface but so far I like it very much.
    GPS: Unfortunately the GPS no longer works. Is there a fix for this? Anyone with the same problem?

  69. TechGeek says:

    I Installed it on my Note 2 N7100 the only problem I Have is when someone calls me, my phone does not ring the call goes straight to voicemail.

  70. Lucas says:

    Hey guys. I really nedd you help with this. I have a T-Mobile Note 2 and the stock ROM that came with it does not have the Portuguese language ( I am from Brazil). Does all the ROMS availables for the SGH-T889 in the website come with Portuguese? And wich ROM would be the closest one to the original one 4.1.2 (but with portuguese, please) Thanks


    Dsp manager works for me just have to restart music or re plug headphones or Bluetooth works fine. I’m coming from jelly bam and they had just fixed the volume issue but volume is very low how can we increase overall volume?

  72. Pone says:

    4g LTE rogers note 2 – anyone have a work around or a fix?

    Also is there anything other than what comes with the ROM to increase incall speaker phone volume?


  73. Philip says:

    Sir pls make a tutorial in installing this ROm , i want to change from Hawkish ROM to this one, pls pls pls thanks a lot

  74. Sterling says:

    Does anyone have App2sdNote2 script working, or is there another way to save apps to the SD card? Or swap the internal SD with the external SD with this ROM

  75. Luis G says:

    Does anybody have problems with brightness settings using this ROM? Brightness goes down on apps and browser and will only go up when keyboard is brought up. Im using A Brighter Note apk but it wont work either in apps or browser. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

  76. DawnYun says:

    Switched my N7105 jedi x14 to this rom , everything works fine. Was afraid to try this rom as many negative comments shows up few problems,
    1: Can’t receive phone calls
    2: volume audio too soft
    3: No LTE
    But everything works for me . Thanks for the great rom .

  77. GREG says:

    Tried. After few hours got “…android stopped working….” popup error message. Rebooted few times, no change, it appears every 2 to 3 seconds……got back to stock. Pity, I almost fell in luv with this ROM………Anyone else? TY.

  78. Alan says:

    I need to flash gapps,but i cannot access recovery mode at all. Please help.

  79. Ashpokemon says:

    not able to recieve calls please help me out

  80. Jay says:


    I had the same problem too with my N7100 on T-Mobile. Then I found this FIX on XDA. After flashing this in recovery, I can now make the phone hang up calls properly, the function to receive calls has yet to be tested cuz it’s 6 in the morning right now, and I don’t have anybody to call me 😉 But I believe this is the exact fix that we are looking for. I’m very exciting with this result because this ILLUSION ROM is my favorite rom so far, and with the problems being fixed I can now use this as a daily driver!

    Alright, now let’s get into this. 😉

    The original post on XDA stated that we need to flash this “RIL FIX” ( it’s kindda like a driver that allows the rom to communicates with the radio hardware, just like a computer operation system to the internet modem.)

    I recommend downloading the file with the stock downloader, because for some reason I kept getting a 87 KB file when downloading with other 3rd party downloaders. The actual working file should be 523.83 KB big.

    You can download it here:
    this is the exact download link on the original post on XDA

    I’m also attaching the link to the original post on XDA forum:

    Alright, this makes my FIRST post on this site, hope this could be helpful to you guys. Peace out 😉

  81. John Tortorella says:

    Guys the 2nd build is out at the developers website.

    Try it out! Maybe it fixed your problems.

    • Jay says:

      great, can’t wait to try the updated version on my N7100, but I don’t see any newer version right now. thanks for the information though 😉

  82. Yam says:

    Anyone know how fix for no 4g??

  83. Gehan says:

    hey man i need help i currently have this rom installed on my i317 and its working fine aside from the fact that though it says mobile data is on i cannot connect to the internet, i know you’re busy but please help, should i reflash it??

  84. d3nz says:

    Hi. I just installed this rom and it works perfect. I just want to ask how to rearange the icons in my phone. The one in the drawer not in the homescreen. Thanks..

  85. Redeye Dog says:

    Switched back to this from Bobcat ROM. The phone fix works!! Everything works great on my N7100. Does anyone know how to move the persistent google search bar on my home screen? It works but I don’t like it on the top and I cannot find any settings to move it! Now I am working on annoyances..

    • Redeye Dog says:

      Disregard. I found it. Now if this would allow me to add a clock widget I want instead of forcing me to use the one which comes with it..

  86. ishmael says:

    Hello I’m running this ROM on my T-Mobile galaxy note 2 but sadly I’m not getting any LTE does this ROM support LTE? if so how do I fix also its not reading my 64gb SD card 🙁

  87. Rod says:

    Good ROM, but my phone does not recognize my external SD Card after install. Any help would be appreciated.

  88. anthony says:

    Does this ROM support LTE?

  89. Hans says:


    for me it doesn’t work, the phone startes but hangs at the start screen. Wait for 2 Minutes but nothing happens.

  90. gautham says:

    illusion installed on n7100…. 64 GB memory card is not shown .. on recovery it shows. but not in the rom..

  91. Steve says:

    Hi Max

    I love the illusion Rom but i need to have the microsoft exchange email function, can i download it separately from anywhere?


  92. Steve says:

    Hi Max

    I love the illusion Rom but i need to have the microsoft exchange email function, can i download it separately from anywhere?

    thanks S

  93. Ashpokemon says:

    why dont we have fix for “recieving call” issue as it is the only important function of a phone

    • Redeye Dog says:

      Did you try the RIL fix discussed beginning on the July 27th? It worked on my N7100. Calls now work both ways. No issues for me.

  94. George Granados says:

    Liked this ROM; just that the sound is awful, or, not too good figuring out how to tweak DSP Manager. wondering if “Voodoo” will install and work correctly in this ROM. Need insight, anybody, asap, thanks.

  95. Gildor says:

    I love this ROM. Very smooth and changing the DPI settings make my note2 look more like a tablet.
    What I would like to ask is if there is any kernel that supports overclocking to at least 1.8GHz that would work with this ROM. Thanks.

  96. Alex Samuels says:

    Having a problem with the sound out of the speaker. Seems really low/quiet. Played with the sound manager but didn’t seen to help. Any thoughts?

  97. Chris Erickson says:

    I have no Google play connection. Any fixes? Sprint Note 2

  98. Keith C. says:

    Great ROM, stable, no problem. I can hear people through my headset when I’m making calls. Unlike, CM Nightlies which I spend a lot figuring out what’s wrong. Smooth transitions, for this N00b I’m satisfied. However, I listen to a TuneIn Radio and it crashes when the screen sleeps.

  99. jonathan rodroguez says:

    i only have two problems with this rom 1- LTE connection not supported 2- the sound too soft. i did changed my apn to lte but nuthing minumun 4g connectivity thats all. any help will be appreciate

  100. nathan says:

    The halo notification won’t go away its there all the time

  101. Jasam Bhamra says:

    having problems on gtn7100
    when a call comes the accept/declime interface dosenot come.
    but got the solution
    Download the fix from HERE
    good luck guys

  102. salah says:

    just 140MB???!!!!!!!!!

    • Yajur says:

      Yes..this is the only reason its better than stock because it doesnt contain any bloatware..its free from all that crap which makes stock roms enjoy using this rom

  103. Renz says:

    Max I have scrolling issues with this rom. Sometimes when i scroll slowly for example in facebook or in some other apps, some parts of my screen chips out square pieces of the page im scrolling in. It really iritates me. Please help. And whenever i uninstall apps, settings always crash.

  104. Bobby says:

    I installed the rom its working fine except now my phone doesn’t recognize the charger is plugged in, any suggestions because i really like this rom

  105. Tim says:

    Love this rom.
    Running now a week and added in the plasma kernel run it at 1.992 and gpu at 800mhz…stable fast and amazing battery life. This for me replaced my last touch wiz rom. This thing flies. No problems installing at all.

  106. krissy says:

    When I flashed this rom my gmail looks funny all of a sudden. Like a line is running through the middle of the sentence. Any fixes?

  107. Poetta says:

    why cant i sync my 7100 with kies???

  108. jose says:

    how i can sync my contacts?

  109. jose says:

    how i can sync my contatcts

  110. Kristina Wallace says:

    How can the sound issue be fixed I cant hear on a phone call.

  111. Nathan says:

    Has anyone figured out a fix for the low audio on phone calls and such???

  112. dksh1892 says:

    Hie guys! Have been using Illusion without any complains so far but may i just ask how does one convert back to Touchwiz for the N7105? Thank you very beary much!! 🙂

  113. Chi says:

    For everyone who has problems with sound go to system settings click Device and you will see audio in the top right of the screen click then adjust the sound but don’t go past 95%

  114. Chi says:

    Oh yea is there a way to move apps2sd

  115. Marcus Loo says:

    After flash new ROOM previous apps,picture,phone contact still exists?

  116. Etienne W. says:

    I have a sghi317m note 2 that i rooted using odin and toolkit. i backed up all my files using titanium backup then put on the illusion rom into my phone. Now that i have the new rom on none of my files are accesible, i have them all in the list when i click on all files but i can’t access any music or contact or anything (everything is just blank because theres no info) how do i put the files onto the proper section on my phone? as well as the apps that i had downloaded and backedup before i flashed on the new rom.

  117. Redeye Dog says:

    Why is it that I can only see comments back to 15 Sep 13 when newer comments have been posted about this ROM?

  118. Bill Ortis says:

    This is one brilliant ROM! I am massively impressed. Just a few things to polish up and I think its going to be a super star.

  119. Bill Ortis says:

    Well, I finally had to throw in the towel. I found the phone wasn’t working with volume on the ATT version. I need the phone. I actually thought about using it without the phone. That’s how much I really liked this Illusion ROM. Awesome awesome ROM. Futuristic animations, layouts. It was ahead of its time. It made my phone like a new phone. Reasons for erasure;
    * Volume in phone mode like 5% max in regular volume, speaker, and headphones. Phone also would go black screen when you tried to work the keypad, bad for paying bills.
    * Hidden folders. The system said it had this and that, but when I used browser, I couldn’t find the folders. I tried to install an N1700 phone fix, but CWR couldn’t locate the Download nor Music folders. It was really odd there.
    What a cool ROM this was. If only the team had held it together and finished it. I think it would have been the best this year. Makes me want to learn ROM programming.

    • Redeye Dog says:

      I have to echo the same. But that seems to be the problem with all ROMs and this rooted world. Lack of support. This ROM was amazing!! But when even small things do not work without any chance of correction (or knowledge of ROM programming), we are forced to abandon and start from scratch with another one.

      I thought that Bobcat was equally as cool as Illusion but it ate up too much battery power.

      I’m using Carbon now and it seems OK. Everything seems to work so I might stick with it. I hated to leave the Illusion ROM behind..

  120. Bill Ortis says:


    I just loaded up Carbon this evening and I have to say its very close to Illusion. This is the one for me. Glad I had seen Max’s report on it. I had actually learned about Carbon a week or more ago and wanted it then, but they didn’t have an ATT version at the time. Now they do.

    And…. it uses Gapps 4.3 instead of 4.2. And…. the phone works nicely. Just tried it. Volume is perfect.

    Rest in peace, Illusion. You were a nice ROM in the rough…

  121. Muhammad Abdul-hakeem says:

    May phone SAMSUNG-SGH-I317 Note 2 is Rooted but when i installed it everything went ok and works very good. Bet when I installed all may root acess apps says the phone is not rooted how do I fix it.

  122. Zac says:

    The USB debugging stopped working?

  123. Jon says:

    I need some help. I am running Mack’s ROM 5.0 MA7 Allstars on Sprint SPH-L900. I cannot get the over the air system update message. to go away. I have tried everything including FotaKill and it just keeps popping up. The small notification was easy to turn off, and if I turn off the framework the gapps starts crashing. any help would be greatly appreciated. I have tried everything on XDA wit no luck!

  124. ashlee says:

    love this, thank you very much

  125. ashlee says:

    pretty unhappy with this… rom install worked…but the gapps didnt; still force closes all google apps and will not connect to google play store.

  126. James says:

    Rogers i317m here. As soon as my device booted into this ROM I loved how absolutely smooth everything was, really enjoyed it. Its actually my favorite, however I didnt realize till today that somehow my 64 SD card is not accessible. I wasnt super upset as I have an 8GB SD card and knew that some ROMS dont support 64GB. So I put the 64GB in my computer to transfer a backup over to my 8GB and my computer says my 64GB SD Card is inaccessible. I just lost 62GB worth of stuff? Music, Pictures, Apps but most importantly my Nandroid Backups… I know Im responsible for this, but I dont understand what happend. 🙁 Sad day.

    Love your website though.

  127. boon says:

    this rom is great , but when i sleep the device and wake again , it has a very obvious lag time comapring to the other rom. Any fix to this?

  128. Caroline says:

    It’s remarkable to visit this site and reading the views of all friends regarding
    this article, while I am also zealous of getting familiarity.

  129. I just feel like the Illusion ROM slow comparing it with other roms

  130. tuspi says:

    it.s k for android 4.4.2?

  1. March 6, 2014

    […] there’s nothing better than AOKP. (My current favorite AOSP ROMs on the Note 2 are AOKP and Illusion.) The latest version also should have better performance and battery life over previous Milestone […]

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