LiquidSmooth ROM for Galaxy Note 2! [Android 4.4.4]


For this week’s Note 2 ROM of the Week, check out latest LiquidSmooth ROM.

Based on latest Android 4.4.4, LiquidSmooth ROM brings you the best and greatest Android 4.4.4 along with customization features you will drool over.

First up, you will get a nicely-optimized Android 4.4.4 that is bug-free out of the box (should be better than CM11).  You will find amazing performance/battery life with LiquidSmooth ROM.

Customization is offered through many different features you can choose from including Active Display, HALO, HOVER, PIE Control, App Circle Sidebar, Gesture Anywhere, Shake Events, and much much more.

For camera, you can get two cameras working, AOSP and Google Camera.  Make sure you flash the camera fix zip file as otherwise video recording will be laggy.  With the camera fix though, both camera/camcorder works flawless out of the box including PhotoSphere, Panorama, and taking photos during video.

Overall, LiquidSmooth ROM is one of the best Android 4.4.4 custom ROMs “right now” so make a backup ROM and give this bad boy a try this week(end)!


Download LiquidSmooth ROM for Galaxy Note 2 (for AT&T SGH-i317, T-Mobile SGH-T889, Canadian SGH-i317M, and GT-N7105)

Download LiquidSmooth ROM for Galaxy Note 2 Sprint SPH-L900

Download LiquidSmooth ROM for Galaxy Note 2 Verizon SCH-i605

Download LiquidSmooth ROM for Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100

Download Android 4.4.4 Gapps (DO NOT USE OLDER GAPPS!!!)

Download Camera Fix – Credits

BEFORE INSTALLING, UPGRADE your CWM Recovery to v6.0.4.3 or higher using ROM Manager App from the Play Store.  Also if using TWRP, use Goo Manager app to update to v2.6.3.3 or higher.  Otherwise you will FAIL during install!  You can also install CWM Recovery manually here.

Sorry, this ROM is NOT COMPATIBLE with Safestrap users!

To install, reboot into recovery, make backup ROM, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, install Camera Fix, and reboot.   (If for some reason you end up in a bootloop, reboot into recovery, go to Advanced Wipe for TWRP or Mounts & Storage for CWM, format/wipe /system, then re-install ROM.)

First time installing a custom ROM?  See our Custom ROM Install Guide first!

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!


Want latest Android L Preview Keyboard?  See How to Install Android L Preview Keyboard on rooted Android!

Want Flash Player?  See How to Install Flash Player on Android 4.4.2/4.4.3 KitKat!

If you want some awesome audio, check out Viper4Audio FX MOD, which you can install on this ROM to enhance your music 100%.

If you want to run your apps in tablet/hybrid/custom DPI mode, see our Xposed App Settings guide.

If you want PIE Controls, see our LMT Pie Control guide.

Need to run apps that check for root?  Check out How to Run Apps that’s don’t run on rooted Android!


Q: My 3G/4G LTE data is not working!!!
A: See How to Fix 3G/4G LTE data by Manually Setting APN on Android!

Q: I don’t have Play Store nor any of the Google apps!
A: You forgot to install Gapps, reboot into recovery and install it! (See above for download.)

Q: The ROM is not booting!
A: Try formatting /system and re-install ROM, sometimes the system partition gets corrupt and you may have to try 2 or 3 times before the ROM boots.

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267 Responses

  1. jasoncook26 says:

    First :). I tried this once before, but it seems I have WiFi problems. Finds WiFi and just saves it, won’t connect. Is that a 4.4.4 problem?

    • Vyze says:

      Were you using 4.4.4 with the previous version of Liquid Smooth? If not then not a 4.4.4 issue. What phone carrier do you have? Did you do a clean install?

  2. tony says:

    How do I get the rom to recognize my sd card. Other than that… so far so good

    • Jeff says:

      if you have a 64gig card it has to be formatted to fat. if you have an extra card try it first. I copied my cards data to the computer then formatted the card to fat32 then it was ok.

      • John says:

        FYI: ext4 format works very well for a 64gb extsdcard. I used TWRP V2.7.2.1 to format the external sd card and to install the Liquidmooth ROM /gapps / flash files.

        Currently using the July 8 t0lte Liquidsmooth build with the AGNi Kernel v2.8.3 and the Liquidsmooth gapps July 3rd build for Android 4.4.4.
        Amazing performance and stability…
        This is running on a Canadian Note II.

  3. Myke says:

    Great ROM! However i cant seem to get my SIM card to be recognized so im not getting any signal what so ever. Also when i try to type in my provider’s APN, It never gets saved, just disappears.

  4. John says:

    Will this ROM work with Samsung gear 2 neo ?

  5. Jay says:

    s-pen control is functional?

  6. David H Smith says:

    Any kernel support for over clocking?

  7. MANNY R says:

    Hello max, just a quick question. Every 4.4 (whatever) the gps never works, it fails to locate. Any help would be ggreatly appreciated. … thanks in advance

  8. tony says:

    Battery life is horrible. Killed my phone in less then 7 hours.

    Yes I did a clean install and wipe.

    In 6 hours and 20 minutes (Down to 8%):
    Screen 34% (Wasnt even on the phone b/c I was too busy at work)
    Android OS 24%
    Android System 15%
    Apollo 7%
    Mediaserver 6%
    Cell Standby 4%
    Phone 3% 3%

    • Jeff says:

      I have had that on a few roms, my phone got hot too. usually I power off the phone and pull the battery for at least 10 minutes . I also use batter cal from the market.

    • Joseph Bejm says:

      Same problem here. Even when charging is slow.
      I had like that on other ROMs but after few times reboot it work fine. Will see if this will do the same.

    • Max Lee says:

      How long did you test it for? Don’t base battery life right after installing ROM, give it at least a day, it should be much better after that.

  9. Jon D says:

    Got to say Max, I am rapidly losing faith. This rom seems just as as as the CM11. On both mobile data services would not activate. FYI, I am on sprints. This Sucks!!!

    • Max Lee says:

      You do not have to activate, just hit the skip button when the ROM tries to activate.

      • Dan says:

        Sorry if this is a repeat. I cannot get the data to work at all. I hit the skip button when the rom tried to activate. Now no data connectivity… Everything else works great. Pulling what is left of my hair out. Please help.

        • Dan says:

          *Sprint Note 2…. I did try the link and messing with apn settings.

        • Dan says:

          Figured it out. For Sprint Note 2, the rom needs to be installed through CWM or Philz. Otherwise, data will not work… When it tries to activate then you can hit skip. Presto! Wonderful.

  10. patrick says:

    This ROM is great everything works accept when I try to down load Facebook I keep getting an error message and it fails to download… I am trying to download from the play store.

  11. Pete says:

    Been running this Off of XDA for almost 2 week. It’s CRAZY fast and super stable. I used PhilZ CWM to flash it flawlessly. I have not had a single issue and can’t not stop being impressed by the overall speed of the rom. I knew it was only a matter of time before ax did this one too.

  12. danny says:

    hey max i just installed this rom and im having a problem with getting my note 2 to get service, i have att galaxy note 2 i believe its a gt n7105 and its unlocked. im using tmobile, as my service provider. please help i really like this rom too at last its very stable for me

  13. justin says:

    been trying it for a day on sprint gn2… so far I like most of it. some things I have to get used to, but 2 things so far I cannot figure out… 1 how do you unmount the SD card? its not an option in settings> storage. 2 was the ability to take a screenshot using home+power removed? is there another shortcut?

    • justin says:

      okay… just found the screenshot is volume down and power while screen record is volume up and power. now to find the unmounted sd

      • Vyze says:

        Thanks for the screen record short cut.

        If you hit Settings > Storage and scroll to the bottom do you find it?

        • justin says:

          nope… only option on mine is to erase SD card. also I was
          trying to move some pictures from an SD card to another
          card… in doing so moved to the phone fine, when I moved to
          the 2nd card I had forgot to pit the card in and it still let me
          move to extsdcard. but since one wasn’t there it deleted all
          473 pictures… bummer!

  14. Gato Travieso says:

    Data is not working no service at all…look nice boot animation 🙂 what is the point to download it if there is no Data service …please if someone know how to fix that let me know 🙂 Note 2 SPH L900

  15. Rob says:

    Where can I get themes from please

  16. jaggy d says:

    Hey Max,
    Thanx a lot….
    Using this ROM flawlessly. 4.4.4 sound really crazy along with awesome speed and response time.
    Installed Android L keyboard……looking and working amazing.
    Max only one thing missing is Note 2 Stock Camera, because ASOP or Google Camera are needs many improvements yet.
    Is their any way to install Stock Touchwiz Camera on Liquid Smooth 4.4.4 ROM ?

  17. JohnD says:

    I tried flashing this ROM and Gapps – I followed the instruction to the letter…

    The result was FC’s of Google keyboard ….

    I tried fresh downloads of the ROM and GAPPS with the same result. I then tried a more extensive format of the cache, preload, System and Data partitions before I flashed the ROM finishing off by wiping Davlik and cache before booting – the same result…

    Any advice greatly appreciated!

    • Vyze says:

      What if you flash the system but no gaps?

      • JohnD says:


        I flashed LiquidSMooth ROM followed by Agni kernel and the Camera fix, rebooted and it worked… I have since tried * various * PA Gapps with the same result – FC’s of Google keyboard!

        PA Gapps is the source of the problem but, without a working GAPPS, things are gloomy for my exploration of this ROM…

        • King says:

          Not sure if it is appropriate but I wasn’t able to load the 4.4.4 gapps, so I just loaded the gapps that are on the cm11 4.4.3 page that Max provided, and just let the apps load. The system will prompt you to update google play app service. Facebook is working also… for an earlier post.
          Verizon note 2, straight talk.

        • Bryce says:

          I have the same problem on my Sprint Galaxy Note 2. I did notice you can disable the keyboard and it stops fc notifying all the time so I will try to see if manually installing a different keyboard is a good workaround. Have you tried this or tried that different gapp version the guy mentioned? I’ll keep you posted if anything works.

        • Bryce says:

          So I found some time to sit down and try stuff. I got the gapps from cm11 (4.4.3) and keyboard force close is gone. Now a road trip. Messed with some stuff. So far the only problem i have is the music player keeps playing but the sound stops coming through headphones if you open an app or lock phone. Also typing is really laggy when music is playing in background

    • Liang says:

      FC’s of Google keyboard went away after I installed a different input method. Not like google keyboard anyway…

  18. Tony says:

    I flash this today and cant get data to work and I go to look at APN and cant click on it I have the l900 form sprint what can i do

    • Max Lee says:

      Sprint doesn’t need APN settings, it should work out of the box.

    • Dave says:

      I had the same problem time and time again could not load any 4.4 or 4.3 roms until I I changed from TWRP to CWM recovery…. now new Liquid Smooth 4.4.4 works flawlessly!

  19. John R. says:

    Sprint note 2 same problem with no service and cant select APN settings. Love the rom but useless without phone or data services.

  20. Brian D says:

    anyone having issues with music stopping when the screen is turned off?

    • TomK says:

      Same here, haven’t found a fix yet.

    • JBCool says:

      I have the same problem. Most of the time I use Bluetooth but I run out of juice so I switched to Headphones. It drive me crazy. First I was thinking that my Headphones port was bad but start working when I get out from player and went to home screen then when I switched to player no sound. Screen of no sound. I redo the Rom. Clean all my settings same problem.

  21. zulfay says:

    I have issue with camera. Evrytime I take the picture gallery will show blank image

  22. Raj says:

    Flashed the ROM, Rebooted. All I was able to see on the screen was “Liquid Smooth” animation, didn’t go further and did nothing.

    • Michael says:

      Hey Raj, did you ever get your phone to boot? I’ve been having the same problem and I have done factory data resets, formatted, wiped the system and I’m getting stuck in some kind of bootloop on the liquidsmooth animation screen as well. I’m on a Sprint Note 2 bty.

  23. JohnD says:


    Your phone is probably in a boot-loop…

    If you re-read Max’s instructions;

    “If for some reason you end up in a bootloop, reboot into recovery, go to Advanced Wipe for TWRP or Mounts & Storage for CWM, format/wipe /system, then re-install ROM”

    Good luck!

  24. MANNY R says:

    Gps issues anyone?

  25. Rob says:

    I only have one camera how cone u have two

  26. Mike Winans says:

    Is 4.4.4 available for the Note 2 T-Mobile. T889? Which one should I download.

    • Joseph Bejm says:

      The first one on the list. It shows T-Mobile.
      Mine was a Note 2 T-Mobile. T889 but Now it shows up as Note 2 T-Mobile GT-N7105 which is better because it gives me LTE network. But this number game from some other rom I just don’t remember.

  27. Kevin F says:

    I am having issues with the audio playback. The audio plays when I am on the home screen, but the moment I try to open an app, the audio goes mute but is still playing. How can I fix this issue?

    • King says:

      could be that the “ok google” feature is messing with the audio playback. It happened with a couple of users on CM11 4.4.3. Try disabling the feature by going into google settings, under “search & now”, then under voice, and turn “Speech Output” off, and turn off “Ok Google” detection. Hopefully this fixes your problem.

  28. joonkeen says:

    i found a problem of this rom. i cant set chrome as the default web browser.can someone tell me how to fix it?1 more question is, can i install the Perseus kernel in this rom?thank you.

    • zulfay says:

      I already try Perseus kernal on this ROM you will stuck on bootloop

      • joonkeen says:

        then how can we set the chrome as default web browser?every time it is keep asking me about use chrome or opera mini always or once. thanks.

  29. King says:

    The names of the data services are in the wrong order. I got data for my straight talk on Verizon but had to cycle through the preferred network type until I was on gsm/wcdma. Now data is working and everything is peachie

  30. Abe says:

    My first installation was flawless and worked perfectly.
    I had to reinstall and now WiFi problem.
    It only saves, not able to connect to WiFi.
    Need help.

  31. rxbob says:

    Good rom but Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is flakey
    . Phantom 5 is better.

  32. justin says:

    nope… only option on mine is to erase SD card. also I was trying to move some pictures from an SD card to another card… in doing so moved to the phone fine, when I moved to the 2nd card I had forgot to pit the card in and it still let me move to extsdcard. but since one wasn’t there it deleted all 473 pictures… bummer!

  33. King says:

    fixed the gps on this rom, but idk if this works for everyone but I assume it can. I have a Verizon note 2 and I just modified the gps files from my working rom with this rom and bam! gps lock. This ROM has a decent lock without wifi, but this hack helped it out somemore.

    • Jeremiah says:

      How did you fix it? I have been having GPS issues forever. NO lock with out wifi.
      I am currently running OMNI and have tried CW11 on my SPH-L900 Sprint Note 2.

    • Jeff says:

      I have the i605 too (Verizon Note 2) and have no GPS. I’m not sure where you got the original GPS files from to overwright the new ones with… some step by step help with that? TIA

  34. Rasscal says:

    Not sure what’s wrong with my settings but the battery drains like anything. CPU is almost always at 1600 mhz and on all four Cores. The number sucker of battery? Media..When it click on it.. it says include packages ‘Downloads, Media Storage, Download Manager’. Can anyone advice or is facing this issue?

  35. Joseph Bejm says:

    This ROM is nice very smooth running. The only problem is Battery drain fast. But I had the same problem with others roms and it got fixed after few reboots so maybe this one will work the same way.

  36. Jack says:

    Hey max..thanks for your all updates..but can we get any latest custom rom with few features of stock rom like
    Mobile network setting.. Need to set in wcdm or gsm network setting..not geting in any of your latest shows 2g or 3g when i set it on 3g it always run 2g :/

  37. Spiv says:

    Hi Max,

    you recommend to use CWM Recovery to v6.0.4.3 or higher.
    However, I can only find v6.0.4.1 for my N7105.

    Will that work?

  38. humb says:

    I’ve never left a message here, but this time I must. The latest LiquidSmooth ROM is truly the next best thing to good sex 🙂 – EVERYTHING works perfectly, it’s fast as a bullet, it’s very stingy on the battery – in short, perfect! Hat’s off to the developers. Keep up the good work.

  39. Suresh K Madhavan says:

    There is no internet activity on EDGE. On 3G & H its working alright. APN settings as recommended did not help. any solutions?

  40. jack says:

    Well i am using Idea cellular Service. The 3g runs fine in wanamlite rom when i set it on wcdm.but it never works good when i try any other latest custom roms.i tried all latest roms here but i have to turn back again to wanamlite rom :/

  41. Jeremiah says:

    ANY known issues with MHL using it for HDMI out to the tv?
    the Two big problems i have with ANY rom is GPS which will never even try to lock without wifi and me HDMI using the mhl adapter.

  42. Ankur Meghani says:

    Anyone else having a problem with playing html5 and webm videos?
    They are only playable using the software decoding option on mx player. Playing them using any other player like the video player or photos only plays the audio and shows a black screen.
    Playing html5 and webm videos on the video player causes the phone to reboot.
    Is anyone else having this issue?
    Any way to solve this?

  43. Ankur Meghani says:

    I really love this ROM. Would highly recommended it. Have a few questions though. How would one go about changing the gravity and location of the app circle sidebar? And also how would one go about blacklisting certain apps from halo, specifically cell broadcast messages?

  44. jack says:

    Max please do the needful!!

  45. jack says:

    Needful means.. Just need one custom rom with few features of stock rom like mobile network setting. In wanamlite rom you cant customize many things. Which we can in all other roms. Thanks in advance.

  46. TomK says:

    Any solutions for music turning off when screen is turned off with headphone plugged in?

    • TomK says:

      Works now. Uninstalled with titanium and reinstalled. Don’t know if that was the solution or faulty car stereo cassette player.

  47. hans says:

    Help,, i cannot see messaging app, which means i cant sent sms. How to solve it…

  48. Jim says:

    Thanks, Max, I finally found a ROM a like as good as Jedi, I’ve tried several. Small question. I have a TMO T889 and after the ROM install it states my model as GT-N7105. Doesn’t seem to affect anything, but thought I;d ask.

    Love you work. You made this sooooo easy. 😀

  49. Celarent says:

    Hello! I just have a doubt about this rom (and many of the Note 2 ones, actually)
    Does the S-pen keeps its pressure recognition? For example, using Sketchbook pro, and varying the width of the stroke by the force you apply on the pen? Also Sketchbook recognizes you are using a pen, and reacts only to that, and not your finger strokes.

    Thanks for the great site! I’m in the process of educating myself a bit before attempting to root my Note 2, and these have been handy!

  50. Spiv says:

    Hi Max,
    thank you for replying.

    I have a GT-N7105 and got the latest CWM.

    – I did a backup
    – wiped all data etc,
    – installed the ROM and GAPS ok.
    – Purchased Titanium Pro to try and restore my apps more easily, but could not get data back (especially charts in my Navigation programs).

    Recovery got stuck in ‘Downloading’ so now I am trying to restore the old stock rom.

    I would like to retry this ROM, but I am not sure if I did something wrong or if I should use a different approach.
    Any help appreciated

    Keep smiling

  51. Ryan says:

    Hi max, rom is great. However, there is one bug that is driving me crazy wanting to switch to another rom. Every time whether I make a call or awnser the screen goes black until the other person hangs up or I pull the battery. Very frustrating. Heard of a fix for this? Thx

    • Ryan says:

      Btw I’m Tmobile

    • Frank says:

      Same thing happened to me, i tryed with tasker to have the screen on, whenever im getting/making a call or my phone is unhooked, it works though, but the battery to me isnt doing it; so im changing ROM, as i type this 🙂

    • George Boutselis says:

      I like the ROM but the Blanking out everytime I get a call is annoying, wanted to know if you were able to get this resolved.
      I think is has somthing to do with if there is a picture associated with a contact because the ones that have picture it comes up fine but if someone else call me it is just black and somtimes locks up trying to recover.
      Just a theroy

      Max anything your seen

      also I am on AT&T

  52. hans says:

    Max, i did everything according to your descriptions, i can see the phone but i cannot see the messaging application, help me how to get the messaging application installed on this rom,,, honestly the rom is fantastic,,, awesome max, thanks

  53. jack says:

    Max please reply.

  54. Karl says:

    Thanks for the ROM, it works great!

    I only want to know how to make folders and put apps into folders on the app screen.
    All the apps are arranged Alphabetically, can I custom arrange them?

  55. Tucker says:

    HELP! I’ve followed all the steps and I cannot get the LS ROM to boot! I tried MULTIPLE times to format/system and re install the ROM, without any luck. Additionally, when I try to recover my previous setup, I still get stuck at the “Samsung Galaxy Note II” screen!?!? Tried all combos: wiping cache/dalvic, install without GAPPs etc

    Any suggestions? I am very worried, this doesn’t look good…..

  56. jeff says:

    if you can get into download mode you can find an odin flasable rom here then once your back you can start again

  57. James says:

    I dunno wtf you guys are talking about with the battery life, I’ve been off the charger since 11 am yesterday, heavy usage and i still havent hit below 45%….. you obviously have crappy phones.

  58. josh says:

    Awesome ROM! Just one hangup though, every time i restart my phone all of my widgets are just black. I’ve tried with adw launcher, next launcher and go launcher. it only happens with this ROM, any advise would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again for the solid reviews Max!!

    • josh says:

      Got it sorted! Guys, if you’re having trouble with widgets or battery life, just flash agni kernel in recovery. Fixed both problems for me, then you can adjust kernel settings with agni control and you’re all set!

  59. Rohan says:

    Could anyone pls help me in configuring LEAP for this ROM. Coz I’m unable to connect through WiFi. Please help me out with this at the earliest. Is there a way??

  60. humb says:

    In the LiquidSmooth ROM when you go to the status bar at the top and swipe it down, on the extreme right side there is a box you touch to bring the notification tiles down. Just to the left of that there’s another box whose top half toggles white and black when touched. Can anyone tell me what that box is for and/or what those toggles mean?

    • Max Lee says:

      I believe that’s the location GPS? It’s showing half or full depending on how accurate you want GPS. A new feature in 4.4.4.

      • nfg says:

        No. It’s not for GPS…. The “box whose top half toggles white and black when touched” toggles the new “hover” feature.
        Hover is a short-lived visual overlay that temporarily replaces the notification bar with a richer and more useful info window, including expandable alerts and floating windows.

        • Max Lee says:

          Oh I thought you were referring to Quick toggles, yes, that’s the HOVER notifications for your notifications, your notifications will “hover” over any apps you are running currently.

          • Lizzy says:

            Hi Max..

            How to get the WIFI address with LEAP, even I’m the same problem as the above stated by ‘Rohan’. Please help me out. Is there a way?

        • humb says:

          Thanks for replying on that “hover” feature. Please tell me: when is the feature on or off? For example, when the top box is not white, does that mean the feature is activated or not?

  61. m says:

    does this rom have note 3 features’ ( s pen ,stability,Battery consumption everything else)

  62. Ripon says:

    How to use volume boost mod on gt-n7100 android 4.4.4 ?
    I’ve used the volume mod on my note 2 by modifying the “Default_gain.conf” file on android 4.4.3, and now I cant find the “Default_gain.conf” on android 4.4.4 LiquidSmooth rom. please help.

  63. Bazza1036 says:

    I Am loving this rom except every time i restart my phone (n7100) it defaults all ringtones,notification and e-mail tones a minor but annoying problem

  64. flybynight says:

    My VZW Galaxy Note 2 now works better than when it was new. I can’t believe how fast and smooth this rom is. No delay whatsoever. Now I am going to have a harder time justifying buying a Note 4 though!

    My only complaint has nothing to do with the rom. Apparently Android has changed the pinch to zoom code. Boat Browser used to have the option to reflow the text to the page margin after pinching to zoom, but that doesn’t work now. I contacted the developer, and he said that had to do with the Android code being changed.

    I also can’t pinch to zoom and reflow the text in Gmail anymore either.

  65. Chris says:

    Has anyone had trouble saving contacts to the phone locally without syncing to a corporate email account? I don’t use the native email, but every time I try to save a new contact, I get prompted to create an account to sync with.

    Otherwise, this is a great smooth ROM.

  66. Chris says:

    I have another issue. I can’t get any music player to work. A lot of them either FC or just flash and disappear. Anyone have any success with playing music?

  67. Quinn L. says:

    Does anyone know how to install Voice Dialer 2.2 on this ROM? I tried to pull it off of my Hellkat ROM for my GS2 but I can find it in the zip file. Also, isn’t there an update from the 6/28 version? I can’t seem to find it. My phone won’t allow me to find an update in settings. It says “the update check failed, check your internet connection and try again later.” Finally, may I suggest flashing the AGNI Kernel with this ROM? It works wonderfully!

  68. Clifton Townsend says:

    For some reason I can upload pictures to Instagram but I cannot upload video, is there a fix for that?

  69. Mr. Get'Em says:

    Please tell me I wasn’t the only person that experienced a problem charging my note 2 while the device is powered down. I have no indicator showing that the note 2 is charging while plugged in. Can you help me solve this issue. Other than that everything is running great I’ve been running it all day since I flashed it this late morning. It kept a good charge while turned on and plugged in but while I would think it would charge faster while the device is shutdown, all I get is a stalled battery symbol with no moving lights or indicator. Please help.

    • Tony says:

      I’m having the same problem. Charging is slow while on and off. I’m trying to look for the answer as well. The battery was draining fast the first couple of days so i switched to the Google now launcher and it is holding is charge a lot longer.

  70. arun says:

    Hello Max n others,
    The music player automatically going to pause mode when I open the app drawer or wen I open notification and when the phone is is playing only in the home screen.
    Is there any setting for background music playing.
    Please help me.


  71. elsolo00 says:

    Nice Clean rom!
    Issues I encountered and their fixes.
    This rom is best installed with cwm recovery on sprint l900. Twrp made my mobile network act up (no service) If u have SD card issues, I found an app called “aparted” in the play store. Back up sd cards contents, Format card to fat 32, replace files. (64gb sandisk)
    I hope this was helpful.

  72. elsolo00 says:

    Nice Clean rom!
    Issues I encountered and their fixes.
    This rom is best installed with cwm recovery on sprint l900. Twrp made my mobile network act up (no service) If u have SD card issues, I found an app called “aparted” in the play store. Back up sd cards contents, Format card to fat 32, replace files. (64gb sandisk)
    I hope this was helpful

  73. Graham says:

    Hi max i had installed this rom but then the audio output of my note 2 dropped like crazyy and it wasnt clear at all dsp manager kept crashing but even after that was fixes the audio was pathetic.. Like the other roms for eg;x note csnt we get audio enhancements to this one please reply

  74. Pieter says:

    Great Rom Works perfectly! Only thing is where is the FM Radio App?


  75. Blair says:

    I love this Rom on my VZ sch-i605 but I can’t get connected to LTE under mobile network settings “CDMA+LTE/EVDO”. If I put it on just LTE it works fine????
    I feel like I am missing something. I have tried all of the i605 4.4.4 roms to see if this was a isolated issue and it isn’t. I am using Rom Manager and I wiped data and cache a bunch between each rom.

    I don’t want to go back to 4.3 but no LTE is definitely a deal breaker for me.

    • Max Lee says:

      Put it in CDMA+LTE+EDVO, then immediately reboot your phone and let it sit for about 10 minutes, it should pick up 4GLTE.

  76. Sahil Sethi says:

    I recently flashed this rom it is great, but I’m a facing a problem with it. During calls the recipients sometimes complaint of noise and sometimes say that it’s fine. This problem was solved when i flashed my stock 4.4.2 TouchWiz rom.
    How to rectify this problem in this rom? Please help!!

  77. RC2 says:

    Running Sprint L900 and am loving this ROM. Smooth, clean, pure. No hicups. Running LTE no prob. Camera/video works great with the patch. Impressed how smooth it runs for being 4.4.4. Liquid Smooth must have gotten substantial team members on board for this clean of such a new version. Kudos Liquid Smooth.

  78. TOM says:

    I can’t download Gapps! It always stop at 96.3%!!! I had try this 3 times!! fix it ! plz…

  79. Daniel says:

    I dont see play store. what happened??

  80. Celarent says:

    Hello! This room has been amazing so far. But I have a problem with the Halo. I have looked forever and I cant find any way to whitelist an app when Im on the whitelist mode. I did find a blacklist checkbox on the app settings, but it always gets rechecked no matter what I do. Is this a bug?

    Thanks again!

  81. Quinn L. says:

    My phone takes blurry pictures. Is this ROM related or the phone itself? I flashed the camera fix, used the google camera, asop camera, and MX camera. All blurry shots.

  82. Alex says:

    Anyone having problems with their email (non-gmail)? I have my corporate email set up via the Corporate email program, but it keeps stopping. I’m constantly getting the “Unfortunatley, Email has stopped” mini-window pop up. I need to use my phone for this email. Are there any known fixes for this issue?

    • Alex says:

      Also getting “Exchange Services has stopped.”

      • Alex says:

        In case it helps someone else: I reinstalled the ROM and other apps several more times, clearing the cache and Davlik cache each time. It seemed to have worked. But I decided to factory reset, reload and clearing the caches just in case, one last time. Since then, it seems very stable.

  83. yee says:

    My speaker phone sounds lower compared to stock rom and both chomp and handset SMS apps don’t produce sound notifications when I receive a text. I cant log in hangouts either. Anyone have these problems?

    • Quinn L. says:

      I would flash the Agni kernel for adjusting the speaker level. Check your settings for notification sounds. I’m not sure about hangouts.

      • Alex says:

        Where do you find the “Agni” kernel? Although my volume is good on my speaker, my head phone volume is lacking.

        And I had no problems with Hangouts. If I experience problems. I usually reflash the ROM and take out battery before/after. It was one of the suggestions when flashing ROMS on a previous phone I had.

  84. BruceMc says:

    I installed this twice (Sprint Galaxy Note2), once with TWRP and once with CWM, and the TWRP installation was problematic (no cell service). Once I used CWM to install, it went perfectly as far as I can tell.

    I did the same with CM11, and found the TWRP installation to be equally buggy (no cell service, couldn’t save APN settings when I tried to enter). The CWM installation was better, still a few small issues, which is why I switched to LS. So far everything’s stable with the CWM installation of this.

    Nice job on LS, it’s been a struggle to get a 4.4 ROM on sph-l900.

  85. Russell Torres says:

    Can’t send any messages.. Please help.

  86. iem says:

    i already install this rom in my GT-N7100, so far it run smoothly, just one question , how to disable rotate screen?


  87. Bryan J says:

    I’ve been using this ROM over a month and I have the following problems:

    At least once a day the phone spontaneously reboots. First it freezes, then it resets. I’ve had it happens 3 times in one day. Also, I get a message that my SD card has been removed. This is also random and has happened several times in a day. My wireless (3g, lte) disconnects constantly. All APN settings are correct. Lastly, Wi-Fi reception is horrible. Using JediMaster ROM 19 (android 4.1.2) I’d get 150mbs, but using Liquid Smooth I get anywhere between 54 and 80 in the same area. I’ve never gotten above 80. Anyone else experiencing these issues?

  88. Arman says:

    I always have a bluetooth issue when I use customized ROMS. My problem is that even I can connect my bluetooth headset to the phone (Note 2-T889) but I cannot hear or speak. When I run a music player (like Apollo OR youtube) I have no problem but when I play a clip inside chrome or using any Voip app (like viber, dial now) I cannot hear anything as the other person cannot hear anything too.

    Do you guys have such a problem? It does seem to be a configuration of setting on bluetooth connection…

  89. Rampant says:

    I asked this on another ROM that I’d like to try (the AICP rom, I believe). Is there an issue with in-call volumes being too quiet on all AOSP roms or just a couple. I had to go back to a TouchWiz based rom to avoid this issue since I need a loud phone but I’ve always liked working with AOSP roms. I have the Sprint L900 and use CWM (TWRP always gave me voice/data connectivity issues).
    Any help is greatly appreciated!!

    • Rampant says:

      So I can confirm everything seems to work so nicely (as of a couple days with this rom).
      My only thing is it always asks me to press one to accept a call. How do I get rid of this?

  90. Santhosh says:

    I am using this rom from 10 days. It is working awesome, but still am facing some minor issues like
    1. Wallpaper is automatically changed to default wallpaper after some time.
    2. Sometimes phone hangs when locked. It won’t respond for 1 or 2 minutes.
    3. Battery discharged very soon 🙁
    4. There is no option to delete the existing widgets on the screen.
    5. Pie control trigger options is set to right screen border automatically.

    Other than these problems, this ROM works pretty well. Can anyone know the fix to any of the problems mentioned above, please reply me.

    • Josh says:

      I’m having the same issues regarding the wallpaper reseting to stock (liquid smooth) and the phone hanging when locked (randomly) which is very annoying when trying to take a quick note or someone’s phone number. Anyone have a fix for this that can chime in? Any help is appreciated!

  91. Galaxy Note 2 N7100 says:

    What Happen to my signal..
    I cannot call massage n use internet data..
    Somebody help me pliss :-‘(
    I love this ROM..
    How to fix this problem..

  92. Phill says:

    Does anyone have any idea how to remove the virtual home buttons. I rebooted 3 times to get rid of them and after about 10 minutes they appear again.

  93. Zedrick glisper says:

    Is there a GPS fix please..reply note 2 sprint..I know I’m not the only one…can’t get a fix when I leave my wifi

  94. sukhi says:

    skype does not work on liquid smooth. it get installed but u cannot make audio or video calls. only text msg works

  95. f0ok says:

    Battery life sucks compare to other roms. Drain too much battery on use. I’m not talking about gaming, I mean general use like phone call, text web and etc.. Other than that great ROM very smooth and fast.

  96. sam ten says:

    installed this LS 444, nearly perfect out of the box on my i317m (7105)

    thank you so much for this, its very fast and clean. so nice to have a flash too.

    Max for Mobile Domination!!! All Hail

  97. RC says:

    Is this ROM using ART or Dalvik? Considering trying out NlpUnbounce.

  98. Mick says:

    Seems good so far, thanks.all working as expected, just that I cannot find Supersu in apps/settings though it is working as i can allow new apps superuser permissions. Should I reinstall and if so , what method?

  99. Haider says:

    I am currently using Phantom rom 4.4.2. can i flash this rom.

  100. Haider says:

    Hi the rom installed succesfully.. however i wanted to import all my contacts which are stored on the samsung account. please suggest me how to do it..

  101. RC says:

    Is there V3.2 of this rom for SPH-L900/t0lte ?

  102. joseph says:

    i had issues after the most recent update (4.4.2 i believe) and my bluetooth would not work unless the device was less than 1-2 inches away. after getting this ROM installed (after rooting instructions per your page) its like my phone has a new lease on life. its faster than it was when i bought it new. the battery life is excellent. bloatware is gone. bluetooth is not only fixed, but the distance now is greater than before. i tried another ROM before this…awful…nothing worked. this one…perfect. i have the N7100 FYOI. thanks again.

  103. chris says:

    I installed this tonight, went from SOKP kitkat and I like this one more. I havent found any issues thus far, my only question is this: my model number went from SGH-t889 (Tmo) to GT-n7105 which I believe is the intl version model number. Does that make a difference that my phone as far as the OS is concerned is the GT model? that might have been residual from my previous ROM but considering its the t-mobile version Im wondering if the model number needs to reflect that. thanks!

  104. princeLim says:

    Hi there i just recently rooted my samsung galaxy note 2 GT N7100 and i really like this rom but im all new to this and i really dont know how to install it or what flashing the camera thing is. What is flashing and how do u do these. What do i need to do first to have this installed pls help me im begging you. Reply here or via email pls

  105. hafded7 says:

    I’m having the same problem with the call screen turning black and not being able to do anything about it but wait till they hang up or I pull the battery. I saw someone posted it earlier but it was never addressed. Please help! Everything else is working flawlessly except for the call screen. Oh and I’m on sprint. Thanks!

  106. ZED says:

    why does my phone lose it signal and wifi like every 30 minutes when im playing a game.. Like the entire radio dies.. and restarts

    • r0tt3n says:

      I’m having the exact same problem as ZED, have been searching all over for answers, no luck. Wifi just straight up drops like the adapter died… every 30mins or so… Funny I can’t post this message because that problem IS happened right now!

  107. Dejan says:

    work great!!! first think battery saver.. just i have question how can i install S Note this is really good app from Samsung and second question support for pen

    • jeff says:

      There is a ROM for the pen called cm spen addon

      • Quinn L. says:

        Is that app safe? I installed it on my phone and noticed that the anti virus software totally overlooked it, instead of scanning it. That made me nervous.

        • Terri says:

          I installed s pen toolbox and it works no problem. however, I can’t find any similar app like S Note. I ended up installing Papyrus (free version). If you can find an app that is similar like S Note, please let me know.

  108. prince gt-7100 says:

    Please help me why is it that all of the sudden my viber and other apps were uninstalled after i reboot my phone and now it wont even install viber and those other apps and everytime i try to install them again it says insufficient storage available even though i still have a lot of memory left on sd card and internal memory and it keeps on force stopping system.ui all the time pls help me im begging you

  109. James says:

    I updated to LS v3.1 but sound is not working… ringtone sound is working fine… but music and video sound not working.. its showing mute when i press volume button.. can`t able to slide volume bar to max.. plz help 🙁

  110. Sebastian says:

    First of all i love this Rom
    Just one Thing: since i flashed this Rom, my Speakervolume is much lower

    i installed ViperAudio but that didnt help either

    can someone help me?

  111. Shawn says:

    I am having the same issue as a couple people have mentioned previously, but still has not been any response. During a all my screen goes black as it should, however, once the call is done the phone is hung on the black screen. If the person on the other end never hangs up, I cannot regain control of my phone unless I pull the battery. Even if they do hang up the phone, it takes a long time before my phone will start responding again. Screen just stays black.

    Another small issue that I don’t mind so much is that when the phone completely dies and you plug in the charger it freezes on the charging logo. The phone is still charging during this time, but the phone will not power on and the logo is frozen (charging animation stops). I usually just remove the battery after a few minutes of charging and the phone will then boot fine, then I plug it back into the charger after it has already booted, otherwise it will freeze from power off state.

  112. Mick says:

    Having exactly the same problem with calls as Shawn – very embarrassing when you can’t end a call and the caller can hear you cursing as you fumble around to take the battery out. Is there a fix in the pipeline?

  113. aswin says:

    I can’t hear the music files when connected to a headphone. It can be heard only when you are on the home screen… Please help. Love the rom

  114. khaled says:

    Hi Max

    N7105 after the latest update my phone dose not get Charged

  115. Christian A Figueroa says:

    HiI have this problem i tried to install cm11 to my galaxy note 2 sgh-i317m and it fails im just wondering were can i get a rom for my galaxy but the problem is im not att i think mine is canada and i dont know what rom i can install help please.
    Another thing is my phone wont let me download anything because i dont have space ive even reset it and i have more than 6gb of memory and it still says theres no memory . I cant even erase anything of my sd card.

  116. hafded7 says:

    I saw someone mentioned the “hang” when trying to unlock the screen. I’m having that same issue but throughout the day, and actually ive had it with the few 4.4.4 roms ive tried.(gummy ROM, liquid smooth ROM, and I forget the other sorry) but the system hangs I.E. opening apps,unlocking phone, scrolling, selecting/clicking on stuff in apps and settings,installing apps from market or restoring using titanium, closing apps etc. I’ve done a clean install a few times and it works great for about a day then starts hanging and getting ” not responding ” errors or rebooting itself. Its about 30% of the time maybe more depending. When the ROM is working its fantastic and everything works flawlessly. But then it starts all that and its very frustrating because I like everything about this ROM but the hang ups is a really hard thing to get past. Does anyone know what causes this and or how to fix it? I’ve cleaned delvic , system cache, clean install, factory reset, all using philz recovery. Sprint note 2.

  117. bud barry says:

    anyone have an visual apk for voicemail

  118. Gaz says:

    Love the rom! Just one issue…. Has anyone got this working with a HDMI output cable? I’m trying to hook it up to a TV but not having much look. When I plug in the lead it seems to crash the phone at a battery display.

  119. Yomi says:

    What kernel can I use for OC

  120. Petr says:

    Everything works fine except of the calendar, it did not synchronized my data, it´s completely empty. Anyone has an idea what to do with that?

  121. Maru says:

    Hi, I badly need help. Updated my N7100 to LS-10-06 and now my menu, home and back buttons are not functioning. the only ones working are the custom keybinds i assigned using Nova Launcher. I cant even open Nova settings now. please help T_T

  122. bud barry says:

    so ive been using this rom and all of a sudden my phone went rebooted and wont boot. when i go into recovery it says cant mount and nothing will mount. wont boot up wont even allow me to access sd. and suggestions?

  123. Bilbo says:

    I love this ROM, but recently I have been facing lots of problems.
    1.) Date is repeated multiple times. [Can be because of conflicting settings from GravityBox Xposed module]. I had to flash again and disable settings in GravityBox to get some peace.
    2.) The second problem is Auto Lock. I set the device to auto sleep after 15seconds. This issue started after the above mentioned reflash. Currently I have to manual lock the screen. Else, it runs on. HELP!!!

  124. Mick says:

    Problem watching streamed video, BBC, BT sport…, video picture freezes after about 10 seconds while the audio continues fine. Any solutions, please? Thanks

  125. Terri says:

    The Rom works great, except when I go Youtube, some videos don’t show up, but only the voice. Also, is there anyway I can find/install additional language input?

  126. BullWhacker says:

    Interesting ROM. Flashed it and some things came up.
    Google keyboard kept crashing over and over.
    Fixed it by not just only wiping the Data, also wiped cache and delvec as well and re flashed works now and no keyboard crashing.
    The phone Data speed is weird.
    H+ only and I’m on Tmo 4g LTE?
    Yes I checked the APN and it says what it should. Radio/modem software??
    I re flashed my GF’s i717 from AT&T and she’s on Tmo at 4G and I used the Blaze modem/radio software; should I use this and see what happens?

  127. MitjoN says:

    I can’t use Skype videocall or viber video call. My camera switches off. I’ve tried almost every release of this ROM and always the same problem. Help and thanks.

  128. Chinguun says:

    Is there a version for SHV-E250s,k korean versions

  129. Deepaq says:

    To run the non-stop music.

    Open the music player
    play the song
    Got to home page and then lock the phone and you will have the non-stop music.

  130. James S says:

    I had to do a reboot after messing with the audio. It rebooted directly into a boot loop.

    I’ve wiped cache/dalvik… formatted system… pulled battery for over an hour and no change.
    I’d really like to NOT have to reinstall the rom cause i didnt titanium backup the apps since the install (two days ago) and I dont want to have to remember what i’ve installed since then. Please if there is a solution that i can do without losing everything let me know.

  131. Sam F says:


    Just did the install, asks me for a PIN, when I input my pin, it says incorrect. Then locks me out after 5 tries.. Is there a default pin.

    Thanks in advance.


  132. Sam F says:

    Sorry for the prior post. Once I did a wipe cache and factory reset and then reloaded the ROM everthing works smoothly

  133. A J says:

    Hey dude hi,
    Thank you for this rom but I need kernel or something like that to run Gear 2. Is it possible?

  134. Muhammed says:

    Can i flash Perseus kernel? Did anyone tried it?

  135. Gary says:

    Great Rom, everything works well so far. It corrected my lack of GPS that my Jedi ROM gave me.
    My only question is the wireless connectivity. It seems i can get wireless network (for calls) OR LTE, but not both together. I am running a Note 2 on VzW.
    If i look at the preferred network type is set to TD-SCDMA/LTE, but on the mobile network settings screen it is showing as CDMA only and the APN and mobile operators options are grayed out. It shows 1x on the status bar.
    I can pick a different preferred network type, and create the APN manually, but the VzW network never connects. It will show LTE on the status bar, but only get 0.5 Mbps download speed !
    I’ve tried all the other preferred network types, but no success.
    At the moment i am working from home, so on wifi for data, so not a problem, but it will be, when i travel.
    Any ideas?

    Also, notices that when saving an APN on VzW, it will not save if I change the MNC to 012. If i leave it as 002, it will save. I’ve seen some people comment on APN’s disappearing when saving, which was what was happening with MNC=012. Thought I’d pass it on.

  136. Samer-M says:

    This rom is very bad I had installed on note 2 gt-n7100 and for the first time it run smoothly but after reboot the mobile I had a problem : and there is a problem with WiFi Direct it’s not working and I tried to update to v3.2 and after the reboot I had the same problem

  137. abdiel says:

    im on gn2 t-mobile t-889 with liquidsmooth 4.4.4 wifi and bluethoot not working any fix on that

  138. issam hamidouch says:

    hello Max , please answer this question ASAP , why is HDMI not working using liquidSmooth rom on My Note 2 ???

  139. David says:

    DO NOT INSTALL. Like many people on this thread i installed this ROM and now my mobile data is messed up. It is so messed up even after trying different modems, roms and even going to stock samsung firmware it still only gets .05 mbps on LTE. There were a lot of other bugs in this rom as well… Still desperately looking for a fix, but think i will have to buy a new phone.

  140. Norbert says:

    I have been running the 4.4.3 version of this ROM for months, and it has been perfect.

  141. pomarancz says:

    What with MHL/HDMI bug?

  142. Ryan says:

    Flashed liquid smooth worked perfectly… Only one word to describe it….. AWESOME.. Thankyou highonandroid for all you do.

  143. Keith says:

    I installed the LiquidSmooth rom on my Samsung Note SGH-T889 and everything seems to be ok so far except one crucial thing. The dialer. I went to setup my voicemail and when it said to enter 1 for english, it kept telling me that was the wrong key. LiquidSmooth did do an update to LS-KK-Milestone-3.2 build date is Nov 4 18:50:10 EST 2014. I am not sure if something is wrong or what the problem is.

    • Keith says:

      Just an update. I finally got it to work but now every time I enter my voicemail password it tells me its wrong. I dont know what is going on may have to uninstall the rom

  144. rr says:

    anyone else having problems with slow file transfer raters between the phone and pc?

  145. Danny says:

    I tried to install the rom and it says bad file what am i gonna do

  146. Gábriel Priòre says:

    I followed all the instructions ‘perfectly’ and the LiquidSmooth ROM actually failed during the installation. I have an unlocked and rooted SCH-i605.

    • Dan says:

      Your question is too vague; exactly how and what did it “fail ?”
      Is the phone bricked? Hard or soft bricked?
      Does it still work at all?
      Did you install TWRP or CWM before doing this and backed up the phone before trying this?
      Are you using safe strap?
      I have a T889 and it was a PITA when I did the reflash; lost modem, didn’t see the SIM, etc..
      BUT I had done the previous and backed up the phone.
      I had to reflash it to an older ROM because T-MO had removed the 4th option in the screen selection to network unlock the phone; then I re flashed it to ICS 4.4
      Verizon has the habit of doing a boot lock on their phones and you mess with it you usually windup with a paper weight – reason I am not one of their customers.
      Another point is unless you can and do know what you are doing the rised is almost 100% you will have to buy another phone.
      Also re flashing to another “modded” ROM you WILL lose features you had before; me I lost the WiFi dialing; but got it back.
      Final point is THINK ” do I really need this re flash – modded ROM ?”
      Sometimes it works great, but many times it does go as you expected…

      P.S. when you re flashed you used Odin? Did you get the blue pass window indication before or what color was it?

      • Gábriel Priòre says:

        Four years ago I found a genuine expert who unlocked and rooted my Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 2 {SCH-i605} smartphone, and he even installed a custom ROM onto it {called CleanROM}, which has always worked perfectly. But I never saved that man’s contact info. And now I wanted to install the Lollipop 5.1.1 operating system onto it. I made sure to have the latest TWRP installed and updated. I have no clue what Safe Strap is. All my personal info is saved onto my computer, but I did not backup the operating system. Then I installed CyanogenMod 12.1 Nightly, as well as the GApps package {both specifically designed for the SCH-i605}. This operating system actually worked more beautifully on this phone than anything I’ve experienced, but every time it booted up, I had an endless stream of errors stating that every Google app stopped working. I wiped the Dalvik Cache, Data, System, and even did a Factory Reset afterwards, but it made absolutely no difference. So then I tried your LiquidSmooth ROM, following the exact same method. But it did NOT successfully install like the CyanogenMod 12.1 Nightly ROM; instead it failed. Then as a last resort, I decided to used the full original factory image directly from the Samsung-Updates website by using the Odin flashing software. It showed the yellow random COM message. There was no blue color; it was yellow. The entire process was successful; it showed a PASS message. But interestingly after that very first reboot, it would not get past the Samsung logo that displays the moment the phone is powered on! And now it just endlessly loops that Samsung logo! All I wanted to do was simply give this phone an update of the latest and finest Android operating system, because, I had been using the old CleanROM operating system for four years!! After verbally explaining this whole scenario to someone else, they told me they believe I may have bricked the phone, which would be disgustingly devastating, because, this phone is flawlessly gorgeous beyond belief!! There is NOTHING wrong with the hardware, and the cosmetics are PERFECT like day #1!! If this is just a damn software issue, then there should always be a way to do some type of proper clean install to revive this phone to working condition!!!

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