Macks ROM “AllStar” for Sprint Galaxy Note 2 SPH-L900!

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The best ROM for Sprint Galaxy Note 2 SPH-L900? Without a doubt, one of the best is the Macks ROM (as some of you have pointed out).

UPDATE: Please see Version 5 INSTEAD!!!

The latest version dubbed “AllStar” is better than ever with cool stuff like transparent pop-up menus, 23 quick customizable toggles, WiFi Tether, multi-window enabled for all apps, custom S-Pen sound effects, Sony Bravia Engine 2 (makes photos/videos better), Google Wallet, long-press volume track skip, and more endless number of features.

Better than ever, if you have a Sprint Galaxy Note 2, check out the latest version this week(end) and do let me know what you think!

Also see Macks ROM “Plain Jane” without theme.


Download Macks ROM AllStar 3.2
Download Macks ROM AllStar 3.3

To install, reboot into recovery, wipe data/factory reset (unless coming from another Sprint TouchWiz-based ROM), install ROM 3.2, install ROM 3.3, then reboot!

Also, see LMT PIE Launcher tutorial here.

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developer of this ROM if you like it, thanks!

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59 Responses

  1. Isaiah Crowell says:

    Contacts still do not work just like in the original macks

    • Max Lee says:

      Did you do a factory reset when installing? That might be required when upgrading from previous versions. Sorry, I didn’t see that coming but contacts working fine here.

      • Isaiah Crowell says:

        Yes I do a factory reset each time I instal a rom

        • ricrude215 says:

          Try doing a factory reset then wipe cache thn wipe davlik..install rom thn before rebooting click on wipecache/dalvik thn reboot..should work fine….I flash using twrp

      • digdast says:

        My contacts also crash . I did factory reset then wipe cache thn wipe davlik..install rom thn before rebooting click on wipecache/dalvik thn reboot. Build number is showing my last rom Venum ICE – Reborn v1.5 MA7 …Its not remembering setting like giving me tips ” swipe phone to unlock ” i turn it off and it keeps coming back..I installed 3.3 did not upgrade from 3.2

  2. Adam says:

    Yes same problem with me contacts in not working and the phone keep crashing .help plz

  3. ricrude215 says:

    This is a great Rom…is there a overclock mod I can use or even exists?

  4. Detric says:

    This ROM is Awesome. My battery drains a little faster, but from 18hrs stock to 12-13hrs with this ROM, I can handle that. Waiting patiently on 3.4


  5. edwin says:

    i got my sprint note 2 flashed to criKet, installing the macks rom will it affect the flash?

  6. Francisco says:

    Potentially bricked my phone… Need some help…
    How long does the install take?

    • Francisco says:

      Nevermind… It just took a while… whew… what a relief… done this lots of times but this one freaked me out…

  7. Michael W says:

    Great ROM Max, thanks for recommending it. Only a couple issues. 360 rotation doesn’t work and although I flashed both files (3.2 and 3.3) About Device still shows 3.2. Any advice?

  8. KAM says:

    AllShare work with this ROM? or any ROM?

  9. Michael W says:

    I downloaded and installed the persues kernel with STweaks. Great mod. Overclocked to 1800 and ran quadrant standard. Avg score was 7123 (1800), 6510 (1600). Don’t really know what those numbers mean but I’m assuming that higher is better and faster. Anyway, thanks ricrude215. Still trying to figure out how to get 360 rotation on all screens. Had it on MacksRom 4.0 and it was great. Can’t wait to have it again.

  10. Tim Chevis says:

    I tried to install the new macks rom and the 3.2 file is not showing up in twrp does any one know how to fix this

  11. Michael W says:

    Use ES File Explorer, click on Favorites, then “/”. Next click search and enter MacksROM, make sure that you select “All” as the category and include sub directories, then OK. Wait until search is complete and the file will be in the results. Long press the file and go to properties to see where you downloaded it. If necessary, move it to your “phone” download folder and install it with twrp. I don’t know why, but I can’t switch from phone storage and external storage in twrp so put it in the phone folder.

  12. YamXavier says:

    Hey Max I install Pacman rom and dont have the google playstore app, i try to install Gapp and nothing and now im trying to install Mac rom and I cant cause when instaling says E: signature faile verification ( and dont have twrp :(…) what can I do??

  13. Hai Nguyen says:

    Is this ROM support only for Sprint or all Note 2 7100?

  14. J says:

    I flashed both roms as instructed, but when i go to settings, about device, and then look under build number. It says MacksROM AllStar! 3.2 MA7. the 3.3 version does not show up.

    Any advice?

  15. buggyman says:

    i jus flashed dis rom to my phone bout 3 hours ago n it wuz working fine but now i cant text,call out, o if u call my phone it doesnt ring. any advice????

  16. Justin Martin says:

    What Version of android is this running. 4.1.2 or 4.2 and up?

  17. Alex Rock z says:

    Love this rom although I keep running into the problem that if my phone locks while in landscape the phone freezes on that screen and won’t do anything unless I battery pull

  18. Alan says:

    I don’t care for the “whomp whomp” graphics in the lock screen. Is there a way to mod/change it? Otherwise, great ROM.

  19. Chris says:

    I just rooted and flashed the JEDI ROM! Great ROM. I do have a couple of questions?
    1. How can I get Google Wallet working on this ROM?
    2. The Notification color changer app didn’t install with the ROM, how do I get it?

    Thanks again for the ROM, GREAT JOB.

  20. Alex Rock z says:

    Same thing goes for locking while the camera app is open and even sometimes just on the lock screen.

  21. Matthew says:

    So, I installed it and it worked great until my weekly Titanium Backup ran last night.

    First of all, I noticed that I had to reset SwiftKey as my primary entry method. Then, I noticed my messaging app no longer has a notification bubble on it. Also, my animation for pressing the lock screen button used to look like a television turning off, now it just goes blank.

    Mackentosh mentioned lots of customization and theme settings, where the hell are these? This is actually my first rom; I just did my first root last week, so it’s probably something I’m over looking that’s either simple or obvious. I haven’t been able to find any instructions or anything on XDA. A user manual would be wonderful, but for now I would just really appreciate someone’s help.

  22. ralph says:

    i have Macks Rom 4.0 not sure if i flashed 3.2 or 3.3 when i installed 4.0 but can i just install Macks allstar over 4.0?

  23. Jon says:

    Heads up everyone!! MacksROM AllStar 3.5 MA7 was released 4/6. Use Max’s link to the developer (on XDA) for more info!

  24. rob says:

    Do you have a link for all star 3.5 I try downloading from xda but it will not download

    • Jon says:

      It might take a few tries to get a good link through a mirror but it will work. I just tried it and was linked to the “mirror: AZ (Main Server)” and the download went well. It is close to a 1GB file also just be aware that Mack notates that this version must be fresh installed. Good Luck.

  25. James Georgeson says:

    I did the all star and then added a Perseus-Alpha35-1900 Kernel , which allowed me to overclock to 1800, and Damn it boy. You had better have a tight grip on your cell. I have never felt a cell run this fast!

  26. Daniel G says:

    How can i install this on my phone im new to installing custom roms i just learned how to flash my sprint note 2 to metro pcs and does installing a custom rom remove the flash? any help would be greatly appreciated

  27. KooLBreeze says:

    which version should i install. and how with TWRP

  28. KooLBreeze says:


  29. KooLBreeze says:

    what should i do now i don’t have much internal memory
    after rooting and installing macks rom

  30. Coletrain says:

    ROM worked great! Battery fell from two days to a day and a half. Loved the light saber pen. This is a good ones.

  31. Thetransporter says:

    Mine to locks up while using the camera. Doesn’t happen all the time about every few hours or so. Love the rom though.. The pie feature is awesome

  32. iz says:

    im having trouble installing 5.0…i downloaded it, but its not downloading as a zip file. someone please help! im new to roms and all this rooting stuff. thanks.

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