Macks ROM AllStar V5.0 for Sprint Note 2 SPH-L900!

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If you asked me if there’s one ROM you can install on your Sprint Note 2, my answer would definitely be the Macks ROM AllStar edition. I know many of you actually swear by this ROM so I can’t be wrong about this.

Macks ROM AllStar version 5.0 is the latest version out and for those of you still on previous versions the latest version adds Xposed Tweakbox to enable call recording, customize your statusbar, battery, and other cool features you can do.

And for those of you who’ve never tried Macks ROM yet, Macks ROM features a ton of great stuff like hacked native hotspot along with TrevE Wifi Tether app (that’s two methods of free wifi tether), lots of add-on mods (find it here), Sony Bravia Engine 3 (for better images), customizable quick toggles, LMT Launcher, Volume Rocker Skip, transparent multi-window enabled for all apps, call blocking, and much much more.

Definitely, if you haven’t tried this ROM yet, give it a go this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Macks ROM AllStar V5.0

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like this ROM, thx!

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40 Responses

  1. Lawmanfj says:

    This is a good ROM. Smooth and light. I was using goodness but it had some bugs that I couldn’t deal with. May check it out later if its updated. Thanks for the ROM lookout Max.

  2. Rogelio says:

    Help my menu button became unresponsive. How can I fix this bug?

  3. Lawmanfj says:

    Try a battery pull. If that dosent work do a factoey reset. If tjat doesn’t work then re install the rom.

  4. RC says:

    Ive tried past versions of Macks but it kept freezing up when when exiting apps or locking or unlocking the screen while screen rotation was involved which reqiured pulling the battery. With that being a regular event I couldnt consider it a daily driver for myself.

    Is this normal that every one else puts up with, some sort of fix I missed?

  5. Matthew Duarte says:

    i installed this rom yesterday but for some reason i cant get my pie navigation to work and it keeps telling me there is a system update and when i try to instal it ti takes me to twrp. i am new at rooting my phone i just acheived this feat yesterday morning so any info would really help speed up the learning curve.

    • Alan says:

      You don’t do the update install when you’re rooted and using a special ROM. There’s a way to get rid of the annoying update notification. Google it, and search results will lead you to some XDA forum for solutions.

    • Alan says:

      Re: LMT. Uninstall LMT, reboot and re-install LMT (latest version 1.99). Go here for the apk.

      • Damo says:

        For your pie controls…go into your settings are try turning it on. To rid of the update… Download ROM Toolbox lite/ after download go into root browser/ select etc/ then select security/ then hold folder rite under cacerts. When options come up select delete. Then reboot. When the update comes on again, press install and it should go away not to return

      • Gino says:

        Great info, it worked for me.

  6. Alan says:

    Like Matthew, I can’t get the pie navigation to work either. Help!

  7. lalinzki says:

    Hey I just install this rom it’s great only problem is that it keeps rebooting. I don’t understand why but I forgot why I changed it to H20. The rebooting is just annoying as hell but hopefully there’s a solution.

  8. Jon says:

    Few quick minor questions that I can live with if no one has an answer.

    1. the clear button has disappeared in the drop down notifications area so I cannot clear everything all at once.
    2. when I try to change the lock screen picture and chose either of the gallery programs for a custom picture the gallery opens but it is just blank, it does not freeze but just seems to stop loading.
    3. If I reboot the phone it gets stuck at the flashing Android and I have to pull the battery, but on a cold reboot it does just fine.
    I upgraded from a from a previous version of Mack Rom, the clear button disappearing only happened in this newest version and the other two have happened in the version and the previous. I did run the newer version as an upgrade and not a clean install so I did not have to reload any data.

    • Damo says:

      There no more clear button just swipe to the left on each notification and they ll clear.

      • Josh says:

        There is a clear button, it’s the small icon at the top right that looks like three lines. This is the same as a stock android os. You don’t need to swipe each one.

  9. Boss E says:

    Best rom for sprint atleast, Tried almost every rom, this will give you great battery life- better 4g signal – i saw a huge impact when listening to music its so much louder and better quality, This update is great. Theres proably not as much customization as some of the other buged out roms but this is by far superior and best daily rom use

  10. Gino says:

    Has anyone had an issue with getting the LMT to work? Other than that I love the rom.

    • CrankandCam says:

      Yeah I’ve had the issue too. Not sure yet but I’m going to reinstall the apk to the newest one and see what happens.

  11. Gino says:

    No need to reply to my question, I should have read all the post the answer was already hear.

  12. Henry says:

    Nice rom but no 4g on sprint note 2

  13. alfredo says:

    this rom is great!!!! just one question does anyone know how to remove the battery % number from top bar. I like the battery meter but like to take off the number % next to it.

  14. carlos says:

    what kernal can i install with this rom

  15. William says:

    No GPS in this rom?

  16. David says:

    Do you have to do clean install or can I flash over Mack’s Allstar v3.2?

  17. Kent Pyper says:

    I can’t get this ROM to install. When I flash, I get all the stars and it says it is installing, then when I reboot, I just get stuck at the Samsung load screen. I downloaded it several times and tried then to no avail. Each time, I factory reset, then i clear both caches just in case, then install… what in the world am I doing wrong???

  18. CrankandCam says:

    Anyone having issues with the 5 and 6 bar signals? They show full bars properly, but otherwise grey out and look like hollow grey triangles. Also have trouble with the led manager, seems to work only for the charging lights. Anybody with any insight?

    Otherwise though, outstanding ROM! I’m loving every second of it. I highly suggest the perseus kernal to go with it, overclocking to 1704 mhz while undervolting all the way up to the 1200 mhz step actually improved my battery life overall.

  19. alex says:

    Great rom love it I problem I am haveing cant see incoming calls all it shows is answer and ignore

  20. Ron Couts says:

    Im not receiving phone calls on my sprint galaxy note 2 SPH-L900 using macksrom allstar v5.0. I can make calls but not receive them. Please help.

  21. scorpnet says:

    This is a great ROM however I have 1 issue with it. In the previous MACS rom and the Stock rom, there was an option somewhere that was labled something like “Network Optimizer” or something like that, this option always selected the best network type, weather it was WiFi, or 4G or 3G…. I cannot find it anywhere now. The problem I am having is my WiFi teather mod that came with it keeps shutting off, then ill see sometimes the phone ask me to connect to a WiFi network… I cant find a solution anywhere

    • xavier says:

      I had the same problem. .you can eliminate this setting by two ways. 1st is when installing this rom wait before completely installing and there will be an agreement form pop up asking you to agree or click more options. By clicking more options you will scroll to the top of the agreement box and uncheck this option then press back. 2nd way is go into your settings and click more settings. In that panel click mobile networks and click connection optimizer and uncheck it that way..hope this solves alot of users problems as this can be very frustrating! Enjoy!

  22. Joel Francis says:

    Please tell me there is a 4.3 version of Mack’s All Star coming out! I’m begging for it! In using a beautiful aosp based but misses my note 2 features.

  23. justin says:

    is there any way to update to 4.3 if so please show me how too other than that I Love the Rom

  24. J says:

    I installed this rom and in my area I only get 3G, but here it constantly says 4G. Is there a way to fix this?

  25. Mike Main says:

    I installed this rom and love it but for some reasone it will not sync with app store or google backup. Any help would be appreciated

    • xavier says:

      No worries! This will refresh your network and regesiter your mobile data. Simply go to your dialer and dial ##72786## be careful not to dial any other nubers as it will result in a full data wipe. Let me know if this helps

  26. ewhite says:

    this ROM has been abandoned by it’s creator

  27. Oskar says:

    is there any way to update to 4.3 if so please show me how too other than that I Love the Rom

  28. Gerard Pagotan says:

    Can anyone help me when I plug my phone to any computer it wont recognized my phone tried 3 different cables still dont work this just happen this week it use to work pls help Max.Other than that this is an awesome rom

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