NoWizAOSPMod ROM for Sprint Galaxy Note 2 SPH-L900!

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For this week’s Sprint Note 2 SPH-L900 ROM, check out NoWizAOSPMod ROM.

As the name of the ROM implies, NoWizAOSP ROM comes with no TouchWiz launcher. But it is not truly an AOSP(What is AOSP) ROM as it’s based off TouchWiz firmware.

So what’s good about it if it’s not true AOSP?

Well, that’s the beauty of this ROM, it takes all the Samsung bloatware and replaces them with AOSP apps such as AOSP calendar, AOSP E-mail, AOSP calculator, AOSP keyboard, AOSP MMS, AOSP live wallpapers, AOSP sounds, and everything AOSP as much as possible.

For camera, you get TWO cameras, PhotoSphere Android 4.2 camera plus Note 2 camera so you get the best of both worlds.

For multi-window, it comes with *totally* transparent multi-view bar (which I really like) and also enabled for all apps.

For audio, there’s Ac!d audio mod, Dolby Mobile, and DSP Manager.

I’ve been running this almost a week now and I really like it now because I can keep 100% S-Pen functionality, keep my multi-window, and run bunch of AOSP apps at the same time. And yes because most of Samsung bloatware has been removed, it runs pretty darn fast and battery life seems to be pretty good.

I think there should be more ROMs like this, sorta of hybrid between TouchWiz and AOSP. If you have a Sprint Note 2, definitely give it a test drive this week(end) and do let me know what you think!

Click here to See Tutorial for using Xposed App Settings to run your apps in Tablet mode or watch video below:


Download NoWizAOSP ROM

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developer of this ROM if you like it, thanks!

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21 Responses

  1. How did you remove the navigation bar at the bottom and I don’t ever need the google search at the top either. How do we remove those without having the Hybird Settings? Or how do we remove it period? Thanks!

    • danny says:

      **To remove the NavBar**
      A.Download a Build.prop editor
      B.Go to the end of the file and look for qemu.hw.mainkeys=1
      C. Change the 1 to 0
      D. Save and reboot

  2. Nicholas Whitehead says:

    Download link is broken

    • Cory says:

      My Kaspersky Anti-Virus won’t let me download it says it has detected Trojan and it will not allow me to download it Please help

  3. Nicholas Whitehead says:

    Also does this contain theme chooser? ?

  4. ron says:

    Have a galaxy note2 downloaded file, tried to open it says I cannot open file. What am I doing wrong? Sprint network.
    Thanks, Ron

  5. mike says:

    Is it just me or is there no phone installed. What about that navigation bar, are you able to get rid of it?

  6. justin says:

    I have sprint note 2 n im running Macks Rom All-Star n I cant flash dis rom o any rom period since I started using dis rom. Keeps saying failed on Twerp when I try to install it. Can any 1 help me out?

  7. Bambamx says:

    is there any way to move the navbar? it would look way more clean if the navbar wasn’t there i tried what danny said but the 1 is allready on 0 not on 1 is there someone that know how to take it off and type a detailed way on how to do it thanks!

    **To remove the NavBar**
    A.Download a Build.prop editor
    B.Go to the end of the file and look for qemu.hw.mainkeys=1
    C. Change the 1 to 0
    D. Save and reboot

  8. Jon says:

    Hey Max,

    Ran the NoWiz for about a day and a half. Saw some issues with no MMS support on wifi, and slow wifi connections at times. Personal taste has me accustomed to the TouchWiz UI. Glad I backed up Macks All-Star ROM. Thanks for bringing this ROM to light, but personally not my preference.

  9. Jason says:

    The Rom runs good except for one hiccup when the phone is set down and left in landscape mode it locks up and will not do anything. I have to pull the battery to quick boot.

  10. big gucci says:

    nowizaosp so I added svoice from a twpr backup I extracted sytem file to expose the svoice_amdroid_phone _nli.apk injected it into nowiz rom works wonderful only question is how can I remove the battery power level text from within the icon

  11. SUPERCAIN says:

    Does this support app to sd card?

  12. Tim says:

    Is there any way to port this to AT&T i317. I really love the look ASOP stock look and feel, but I want to have all multi-window touchwiz features available. Are there any other ROMs that fulfill that?
    p.s. I’ve looked but you seem to know your stuff. keep up the good work!

  13. FaNote says:

    Is there a gt-n7100 version of this ROM?

  14. Darkequinoxx says:

    I’m also asking for a port to the I317 AT&T model please !!

  15. Fred says:

    When i flash it and it everything is installed. on the reboot it shows the samsung greeting then the screen goes blank. what should be done?

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