Omni ROM with Android 4.4.2 for Galaxy Note 2! [AT&T/T-Mobile/Sprint/Verizon/GT-N7100/GT-N7105/Canadian]

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Also for this week’s ROM of the week, check out Omni ROM with latest Android 4.4.2.

UPDATE: Please see latest version of Omni ROM here instead by clicking HERE!!!

Very similar to CM11 but slightly different, Omni ROM brings you some interesting combination of customization including notification count, network speed indicator, screen recording (still work in progress but may work on some Note 2 models), Active Display, and some more.  It’s not a TON different from CM11 but we are still seeing early stages of custom ROM development for Android 4.4.2 so this is probably better than nothing.

For those of you with an international non-LTE model GT-N7100 Note 2, you are in luck as the developer has put a “beta” version of multi-window (which is major part of Omni ROM).  And it actually works fine both horizontally and vertically.  For other Note 2 owners, you will have to wait a bit longer (just wait).

So, definitely give the Omni ROM a try this week(end) (or CM11) and do let me know which you think is better.


Download Omni ROM for Galaxy Note 2 AT&T SGH-i317/T-Mobile SGH-T889/GT-N7105/Canadian SGH-i317M or SGH-T889V

Download Omni ROM for Galaxy Note 2 Sprint SPH-L900

Download Omni ROM for Galaxy Note 2 Verizon SCH-i605

Download Omni ROM for Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100

Download Android 4.4 Gapps (DO NOT USE OLDER 4.3 Gapps you will FC!!!)

BEFORE INSTALLING, UPGRADE your CWM Recovery to v6.0.4.1 or higher using ROM Manager App from the Play Store.  Also if using TWRP, use Goo Manager app to update to v2.6.3.3 or higher.  Otherwise you will FAIL during install!  You can also install CWM Recovery manually here.

To install, reboot into recovery, make backup ROM, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, and reboot.   (If for some reason you end up in a bootloop, reboot into recovery, go to Advanced Wipe for TWRP or Mounts & Storage for CWM, format/wipe /system, then re-install ROM.)

Note: CM11 does not have root enabled by default but you can easily enable it for adb & apps in Developer options.  If you do not know how to do this, see this video.

Credits – N7105, N7100 <— Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!

If you don’t know what’s “new” with Android 4.4 KitKat, definitely check out our Top 10 Android 4.4 KitKat Features video right here:


Download Flash Player APK (if you want flash player use with Dolphin browser)

DownloadAndroid 4.3 PhotoSphere (uninstall existing Gallery app using Titanium Backup app then install this!)

If you want to run your apps in tablet/hybrid/custom DPI mode, see our Xposed App Settings guide.

If you want PIE Controls, see our LMT Pie Control guide.

If you want some awesome audio, check out Viper4Audio FX MOD, which you can install on this ROM to enhance your music 100%.

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153 Responses

  1. azziz says:

    Any news on touchwiz 4.3 rom?

  2. David says:

    Does the gps work?

  3. Suresh K Madhavan says:

    Does this rom detect External Memory card? Wifi, video etc working or not?

  4. fernando says:

    Goo Manager only installs version Any idea on how to install the latest version?

  5. Rick says:

    Was unable to get Root. Did developer option trick and no where under was the root menus there like CM11. Restored CM11

    • Gato Travieso "aka" Miami Heat says:

      OK people…to install this rom i will recomend CWM ok…as soon the rome is installed just use odin to root it again..everythingt work ecept wifi tether..other then that no problem till now.just in case the rom dose not detect SD card format SD card 32fat in your computer..

  6. nick g says:

    Mobile Network State: Disconnected sprint galaxy note 2 help

    • Julio Harris says:

      I’m having the same problem!

      • Julio Harris says:

        I have data but no phone service. Doesn’t make sense to me

        • Steve says:

          Have you changed the imei number when I installed beanstalk ROM it deleted my efs and my imei didn’t match Google it and there is places you can reinstall an imei that works

          • rj says:

            Hey steve….i also came across the network problems… to restore the imei no….??pls advice. .. Thanks……

          • Sean says:

            I have no mobile service as well…
            Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100, Checked settings and it’s not even recognizing there is a sim card installed.
            any idea?

        • Greg says:

          Go to settings. Under wireless and network choose the more option.. Choose mobile networks option. choose preferred network type, make sure it’s set to LTE and finally choose network operator, select your carrier… just an idea that’s the first thing I’d check if my mobile network was down.. Good luck


  7. nick g says:

    Mobile Network State: Disconnected galaxy note 2 sprint help

  8. spence says:

    Runs very well. Camera and wifi work (not wifi hotspot) and no root options. If you try following the instructions given for cwm 10.2 the binary doesn’t install

  9. Randy McNary says:

    GooManager is only updating TWRP to How do I pick up

  10. The camera is definitely having problem. Tried more than 5 camera apps, all crashed.


  11. Koen says:

    Thnx this ROM is great but i miss my root acces is there a wat tot turn it on?

  12. Greg says:

    To regain root all you need to do is flash the updated 1.65 after you install the ROM. Use the same manor you used to install omni in the first place. After that restart the phone go to the play store install superuser from chainfire run the app and follow the prompt to update your su binary.. Done… rooted

  13. Greg says:

    @randy try philz touch cwm advanced…. That’s the recovery I’m using with at&t note 2 with success

    Regards Greg

    • Randy McNary says:

      Thanks much! I’ll give that a try

    • josh says:

      Philz touch wiz works. I just rooted my T-Mobile note 2 and switched to omni ROM and I had the same problem no data no sim card so I downloaded philz to my phone went into recovery(volup, home,pwr) and installed the zip file and after 2 restarts maybe everything works perfect

  14. faysal says:

    i have installed this rom. now i want to go back to my older version. i have backed up by previous one. how to do that. when i press volume down+power button+home……it says downloading but not showing blue lines…… how to back to my older one?????

    • Steve says:

      If you use twrp it’s volume Up power and home then release power and keep hold of home and volume up then twrp will open select restore and the chosen backup

  15. Steve says:

    I installed this last night on my GT n-7100 I can confirm that gps wifi video and memory card all work actually everything works right out the box apart from it been rooted I can find the option for switching root back on. But definately a worthwhile ROM to download

  16. faysal says:

    its working….but i want to go to my original rom that is 4.2…. i have backed up. so when i press these 3 buttons ( i use cwm ) it says downloading……i read that to restore, i have to root it…. how to root it how to restore that…… please help…..

    • Greg says:

      Read my directions above to enable root again then go to settings: about phone. Tap on the build number to access developer options in the settings.. Within developer options select advanced reboot. Reboot the phone choose reboot into recovery… That’s one way… There are others

  17. Sanjay says:

    Note2 (GT-N7100) I’ve tried this since today morning. All OK. Got rooted by updating Supuersu 1.65v. Have a lot of free ram i must say. AnTuTu Benchmark results were BAD but after after getting root access tried to tweak CPU for performance and Benchmark results shot up to 21130 which is more than Note 2 results. Love multi-tasking part. Booting time is Awesome. Camera cannot take fast pictures untill you learn the tricks and even after that Camera app most of the times crashes. Only option left after that is to reboot which is snappier. Dialer will stop responding if you block calls with Truecaller or any other app, but manageable. Overall i would only say “So far so good”

  18. gregory says:

    ROM is good, i tried it as i did with all roms for AT&t. After 2 days i wanted to get back to my 4.3 I restored it in Recovery, but enede up in boot looping. When i was trying to roboot into recovery again, i was not able to. Looks like i am hard bricked. ????? When in Downloading mode, i got “knox warranty void:1”
    WHAT DO I DO???

    • Shawn says:

      Why do you waste your time installing this ROM before reading the comments. This ROM sucks ass. GPS does not work, you get constant data connection drops, and camera and video playback is choppy. Gregory I guess you might have to restore using ODIN.

      • gregory says:

        I was using ODIN, and after restore, phone won’t boot anymore…..The only thing i can do is get to download mode……and this is like dead end. 🙁

        • Greg says:

          In download mode hold home volume up and power this will wipe data and factory reset then try installing the original firmware that came with your phone

          • Greg says:

            Btw this ROM is soild everything works data, connection, camera (using the 4.3 photosphere) even better opendelta is built right into the firmware allowing ota updates of the nightflies… I recommend this as a daily driver.. Multi window is a wip coming soon


          • gregory says:

            I did that too. In ODIN, restore of stock rom went just fine to the very end, and it was passed. But then phone tried to reboot, and it cannot. After battery removal, i can only boot back to download mode. And I CANNOT boot into recovery……. 🙁

  19. steven says:

    i have found a small glitch in that the in call volume and ringer volume seem eally quiet any ideas anyone or is there a way to contact the creators

  20. Does the Omni RAom have the Air Commands from the Note 3?

  21. solomon316 says:

    Max, I rooted my sgh-i317 that was on 4.3……. I factory reset it and it hung up on boot loop…. I was able to get into recovery once, now nothing…. the phone will not boot past the “Samsung Galaxy Note 2” screen. I cannot get into recovery at all…. The only thing I can do is get into download mode…. So, I get into download mode and use odin and stock rom…. still nothing….. no boot past samsung screen and no recovery mode…… Any ideas? Thanks

  22. Suresh K Madhavan says:

    I have been using 2 `Voice over’ IP (VOIP) softwares “Mosip” & “ZemPlus” for the past few months. But when started using this Omni rom both the softwares stopped working. Any solution for this?

  23. Austin says:

    Is anyone else having problems when charging their phone? whenever i charge my phone (doesnt matter what charger) driving mode keeps opening and closing really quick. kinda of annoying while charging my phone. makes everything lag. but other than that. i love the ROM. and how it updates almost every night makes it so much better.

  24. Larry says:

    HI ,

    After installed it says ” No Registered Network ”

    Kindly advise solution pls..thanks

    • Greg says:

      Larry I was sugestted a couple of solutions above.. If they don’t work for you I’d have to say its the recovery your using (I couldn’t get mobile network to work with twrp) or the a incorrect ROM for your setup


  25. chris says:

    Where are the GAPPS?? I need my google apps=

  26. Jaime says:

    The camera crashes and the camera recording doesn’t work. I’m going back to 4.2.
    I haven’t tried tethering yet but someone said it doesn’t work neither.

  27. Gato Travis "aka" Miami Heat in the House. . says:

    ZEDOMax….Merry Christmas to your family and friends. . ★★★★★★

  28. Suresh K Madhavan says:

    Everything working alright except `Voice over’ IP (VOIP) softwares. For example “Mosip” & “ZemPlus” etc. Without these softwares I couldn’t retain this rom. It was working alright with Tigra Rom.
    Any solution for this?

  29. JohnD says:

    I have using Omni ROM over last couple of day – including nightlys.

    This is what I have found:

    1. Unstable Bluetooth pairing – sometimes my headset will work other times I have to re-pair.
    2. Long-standing issue of no WiFi hotspot tethering – known but really a major challenge!
    3. Omni ROM is not rooted – You have to use Super User in the build process which not mentioned in Max’s original instructions.
    4. Unstable telephone operation – ‘Out of area’ errors
    5. Unstable notifications – sometimes the notification menu is there – the vast majority of times, it is not.

    This ROM is very firmly Alpha – it’s not ready as a daily driver.

    • Sanjay says:

      Very True.

      This definitely takes me back to my stock rom 4.3 as messed already for lot of calls, bluetooth pairings and wifi tethering. Will wait for stable Rom.

    • Greg says:

      I’ve been using this ROM for a month (nightlies) and I can confirm that all those issues your having are not prevelant on my device or area that you are using it from… Everything works!!! I suggest that maybe your device is the culprit.. There are many device… to expect everything to work over all different variants is expecting a lot.. Maybe check xda for ppl with your exact model.. But don’t trash someone’s hard work cause your experience.. That’s not what everyone should expect for there’s


      • JohnD says:

        Well Greg,

        Seasons Greeting to you and our readers!

        Before going any further, I think it’s appropriate to declare my affiliations: I am a Senior IT Programme Manager with nothing to do with OmniRom or Android. You could call me a ‘gifted armature’ – or worse! But, I am used of general & complex IT matters and Alpha/Beta software development life cycles.

        To answer your points;

        1. I have been using Tigra ROM v4 for the last 3 months and apart from a couple of teething with versions 2 to 3, it’s been 100% stable. Phone with another ROM version: proven.

        2. I am lucky enough the own two Note 2’s (work & play) and, like you I thought the device was possibly at fault and I tried the ROM on the second phone – same problems. I think we can say the evidence suggests that my phone(s) hardware platform is 100% proven.

        3. I use the phone(s) in the UK (3 Network & Vodafone) and Northern Europe (Roaming) – I have tried the Rom on one business trip, never again! The GSM standards are applied to a good standard in Europe so, I would rule out any network problems – particularly as I have tried the ROM across more than one network & country.

        I have been surprised by the rave reviews for OmniRom – for my part, I have tried to overcome problems I have encountered, where possible identify ’cause & effect’ and ultimately, report problems – with a much info as possible. In this instance with OmniRom my report are vague. Perhaps we should reflect on that fact that the developers label the OmniRom for the N7100 as being ALPHA – which I whole heartedly agree with!!

        To my fellow Note 2 owners wanting to try out this ROM, yes, go ahead! But, be fully prepared to experience ‘potential’ problems and have a full back up restore.

        Happy New Year to All.


        • Greg says:

          Your device and omni is the issue.. Not tigra.. Maybe your using the n7100.. That would of helped

          Happy holidays

          • Greg says:

            As with any ROM potential problems are always a risk that we take.. That’s the deal we get.. Find what works right for your device.. Be prepared… regardless it works great for me on my sghi317m… That is all

  30. JohnD says:


    Put this to bed now:

    * Tigra Rom – I mentioned this only in support that I have successfully used a non stock ROM &, that had been 100% successful on my hardware platform. Both my Note 2 are in excellent condition both cosmetically and hardware condition!
    * A point of clarification: I was talking about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 International version – GTN7100.

    Your raise an interesting general point about custom ROMs: they never will have the detailed development cycle that a factory OEM ROM. If you want to play it safe, I would recommended you stay away from custom ROMS.

    To sum up: you are happy with the OmniRom on your device and if it works for you, that great! You told the reader of this forum about Your experiences and you provided helpful advice. So, I think we can conclude your a happy camper at this stage!

    I reported My findings that the ROM does not work for me and, possibly others – that in my books is equally great!

    I fully support the Omni team! But, I find the ROM is definitely ALPHA at this stage in it’s development!!!

    So, I plan to return to my holiday festivities now!!!!

  31. Greg says:

    I agree with everything you said 100% very well written. but you can take your arrogance and shove it up your you know where.

  32. JohnD says:


    Your tone in undignified.

    My apparent ‘arrogance’ well, that for the reader of this forum to judge.

    But, it’s taught me one thing; I will never comment or support Max’s forum again.
    You would say good riddance …… For my part, I can say never I have I had to justify the results of testing in such an undignified, adversarial way – like an old world ‘Star Chamber’. I recommend you look back at your original comments; where you not saying it worked for me so you people must have got it wrong? And then you call me arrogant?

    These are open forums for a reason – to allow people to contribute to wider good &, understanding – and the general Android community.


  33. Greg says:

    One thing I’ve noticed with omni and my sghi317m is random reboots.. Maybe once every couple days.. Haven’t seen anyone with similar issues tho.. Might be something I’ve done dunno

  34. hendra says:

    No network connection on gt-n7100 anyone can help me to fix this?

  35. Jess says:

    I’m not sure if anyone else is having this problem but I am unable to find the quick settings options. It is not in the bars menu as it is in the video, if anyone could help me out it would be fantastic.
    Also, if it helps I’ve got GT-7106

  36. Jess says:

    GT-7105* but I’m sure you already knew that lol

  37. Anthony says:

    Same with me.. No network connection on sprint note 2. Switching back to cm11

  38. Steve says:

    Wow few days away and this escalated quickly but I am with Greg I have been using this now over a week as a daily and have had no significant problems and it is by far the best kitkat ROM I have used to date it’s not perfect but when is any custom room perfect

  39. Suresh K Madhavan says:

    Dear JohnD
    Please do not stop your valuable comments.

    • Greg says:

      I agree that his comments are valuable.. I’d like to clarify that I never meant for him or anyone to think that it worked for me and yous must being doing something wrong.. Never said that never intended it.. BTW sorry I couldn’t help with your VoIP issue I was stumped lol


  40. Greg says:

    Guys I can explain my experience.. I also faced no network connection when i first used this ROM. what I ended up finding was that twrp was not flashing the ROM correctly.. After using philz touch 6 which is based off of cwm everything worked perfectly.. But through experience I’ve also found that changing the apn settings within settings, wireless network, more as I’ve outlined above has worked successfully for myself and others

    Good luck

  41. Anthony says:

    Update from yesterday. Flashed using cwm and everything is working fine

  42. Jesse Thomas says:

    Just installed on Sprint sph-l900

    install went beautiful but NO Data

    It tried to dial some dome number to activate data but it said the number was invalid or something like that..

    About phone show sprint and all but no data……

    I had same issue with cm11….. everything worked accept data……

    PLEASE HELP i really want this to work

  43. Suresh K Madhavan says:

    My Internal memory card free space decreased to 250mb on GT-7100. Which folders can be safely deleted before installing a custom rom again?

  44. mauricio says:

    This ROM sucks. Even for basic trial as to what to expect. Completely counter-intuitively, i can’t find for f…ks sake ho to remove widgets from the screen or even remove unwanted screens.
    Major balls is what this ROM sucks.

    • JWnFL says:

      if you put 1 finger on the screen and leave it there.. until the widget / apps / page screen comes up.. you will be able to easily do all from just touching the screen and leaving your finger there for a few seconds.

      it is easier than the old way.. just different.

      Good Luck I hoped this helped.

    • Greg says:

      This can be accomplished within the google launcher by simply long pressing your widget and sliding it to the (x remove) at the top of the screen. When a page becomes empty it automatically removes the page. Adding a screen is accomplished by long pressing your app or widget and sliding to the far right or left on your home screen a new page will be automatically added

      Like he’s said.. Easier just different 😉


  45. JWnFL says:

    in my humble (NEWB! / NOOB!!) opinion.. the Omni Rom is FAR! Superior to the CM.. I ran the CM for almost a week.. and this Omni Rom has a LOT more features.. and has been super smooth.. even though I installed the wrong gapps the first time.

    Thank You Max!! YOU ROCK!!!

    Love the Site! I went from knowing nothing.. to watching a few (almost all) of your videos, (multiple times each.. I am a youtube stalker fan boy of yours it would seem if anyone viewed my history of viewing on youtube)

    All I can say is Thank You!! and I have supported the developers you mention..

    If anyone wants to take the time to watch and re-watch your videos.. and follow them step by step.. then they too can root their phone and have a FANTASTIC!! User Interface that is customized to their personal likes..

    The ONLY!! thing I am missing is a S Pen App that will allow me to draw on photos.. like a screen capture? but I just want to be able to take a photo.. draw and write on the photo and send it to an engineer.. for modifications.. if that makes any sense.. and a photo that I am able to draw on is priceless.. instead of taking the photo.. opening it in Adobe Pro and marking up a PDF and then emailing it.. you can see how much easier it is to take a photo on the go or on site.. and then be able to mark it up in real time and send it from the phone.. as opposed to take a bunch of photos, take a bunch of notes and then later that night try to figure out what I meant or what I wanted to say for each photo.. so, if you know of or have something in mind that fits my problem let me know.. happy to support whomever is doing good things!

    Once again! Thanks Max!! You have made this fun and easy, I will be a loyal fan boy for as long as you want to keep sharing!

    My Best to You and Yours Max, JW

  46. JWnFL says:

    the one thing I miss in the Omni Rom that the CM Rom has is the battery connect disconnect sounds.

    • Greg says:

      Agreed.. I’ve been messing with skynote 4.3 just so I can play around with the note3 features.. Going back to omni soon I just miss the cutting edge feel lol

  47. James says:

    Installed this on VZN i605 using CWM six times and it doesn’t read the sim because no phone #, IMEI, and SIM apps show the SIM state as UNKNOWN (and NOT IN READY STATE). Have gone back to other rom in between OMNI installs with no issue. Tried installing without SIM, reboot and install SIM post OMNI install. Everything works fine except I cannot use the phone on this rom. Any ideas?

    • James says:

      Installed Philz and same result. Will not read the SIM. When restoring to a different rom, sim reads fine. Leaving sim installed and back of the phone attached, went through 4 roms and this is the only one that doesn’t read the sim. :/ I really, REALLY want to like this rom but not being able to read the sim is kind of a deal breaker for me.

  48. jah says:

    Great ROM only problem I have with it is that I can’t download the video’s and I can’t play them on my TV anymore. Add those and this would be my favorite ROM ever. Thanks.

  49. husain says:

    does the hostspot works or not in the latest version ?

  50. Blair says:

    When I flashed this rom the phone does not connect to cell network and in about phone all the information is “unkown”

    I use the sch-i605
    Any help?

    • Greg says:

      Go to settings more under mobile networks, network operators choose your carrier.. Make sure your in a spot where you know there’s a good mobile signal.. That’s all I got for now.. Gonna investigate this issue more..

  51. Saif-007 says:

    Thanx …. Max ..!! I have Tried This Rom Everythink Works Out of the box .. !! Acpt The Google Now .. !! I Cant Find The Option To Turn On The Google Now … In Launche’s Settings ..! !!! If u Have Any Solution Do Let Me Know .. !! Thanx Any Way .. !!

  52. Jeff L says:

    Can someone tell me how to get my verizon network active? Flashed with the latest CWM. All I have is WiFi working. I also had an issues on initial startup with android keyboard stopping. I fixes that in settings and switching the Google keyboard.

  53. Austin says:

    Everything now works great for my Sprint galaxy note 2! but where i live there is always a lot of roaming due to the “tower upgrades to 4G” which made me find out this ROM isnt good for roaming.. it takes forever to start roaming if it even decides to roam at all. Where i can flash other ROMS and it instantly starts roaming. No idea why it does this. if you guys have any ideas how to fix the problem. im open to all suggestions.

  54. Daniel says:

    Is anyone still having trouble with 4.4 kitkat try installing rom installer is way better n everything works out of the box not like the rom

  55. Jdstcy says:

    DOES NOT WORK WITH VERIZON I605, After reading all of these post about no network, there seem to be no solution, also there is NO way to select “carrier” in Mobile network settings for the i605.

  56. daniel says:

    How can i use s pen?

    • Kevin McKean says:

      You can’t..

      Well not like you did before.. you can use the stylus but you need to download a 3rd party note app

      If S-Note is essential or anything else like stay awake (while reading) you have to go with a rom like cleanrom but its only to 4.2 I believe

  57. Julio Harris says:

    Now my USB mass storage won’t pop up. On my sprint note 2 (sph-l900)

  58. abbe says:

    Hi Max I installed this rom and so far its running smoothly. I need to know if we can change the size of the dock icons? eventhough i change the lcd density the dock icons on the default launcher does not change for me

  59. Henry says:

    I have installed on my Note 2 -7100 on 28 dec 2013 and it works great! Just to add on, your OTA / open delta works too, I flas with nightly on 7 Jan 2014! Brilliant way of updating! Very innovative!

    Q – Once update can I delete the open delta zip file or just leave it? Thanks!

    I will change my wife’s (S3) CM11 to this. Her’s got some networking 3G/2G seeking issue.
    Not sure is the phone or firmware issue. Hope the later one.

  60. rj says:

    Dude……after installing the omni rom 4.4.2 on my note 2…..the mobile network is unaccessible… something…..the developer … It detects the sim card bt it says that network not registered………any suggestions anyone….pls email me if any

  61. Housepax says:

    I have note 2 7105 or whatever the international version is. Anyway, I find the nightly for 19decemver is perfect as other updates seem to disable the network and I can not make calls.

    Anyway my problem is that I’m trying to find two things. Number one is how to get multi window to work as there is no mention of it.
    Second problem is it doesn’t recognise spen so I downloaded some things so it recognises when I take it out or out it in and when I take it out I can pull down notification bar and choose one of three programmed apps. However I really want ant to pull it out when screen is off and locked and it opens up the stock snote I high I don’t have on the device any longer, and then write down what I need and then it saves and closes as I enter the pen back in its slot. Even a similar app would do.

    Can someone help me with these two issues?

    Also, I jumped straight from 4.2 to 4.4 and then went to 4.2.2 because I like seeing the network speed in notification strip.

    Meaning I missed out on 4.3. Is it worth it to go to a more stable and complete version of 4.3 and I’ll have everything I want? My personal taste is using Nova launcher and glass icons. Any suggestion on a great room in the 4.3 era as I’m finding 4.4 really not with anything new at all. I also really want the 3d photosphere camera but it is proving impossible to install on kit kat.

    BTw, I have found handscent messaging to be really amazing. I also hate the contact app for kit kat so have used rocket contacts and rocket dialer and they are great.
    Oh, I also hate that you can’t hold down a phone number and just add it to the android reject list. It seems that android kit kat doesn’t have this as standard any more. That was by far the best experi nice for call blocking and registering SMS as spam that I’ve ever seen without having to use a special application.

    If someone would kindly have a go at going through my message and making suggestions and pointing me in the right place I’d be really happy. So please give it a shot. Thank you.

    Also if anyone is familiar with app MOBILEBIZ and knows how to customise invoices and then flash a new room and when you restore your MOBILEBIZ data I’d love to know if there is a way that you can also import all your customisations you made to your invoice templates as I can’t figure this out and it is such a hassle.

    Thanks guy.

    • Greg says:

      Multi window isn’t integrated yet.. Wip I’m thinking it Will be done soon. As for spen I don’t use it much nor have I looked into it but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that your options would be to check xda forums (just Google) for a third party application and or way to integrate spen into you rom .. It’s must likely been done. Uum call blocking I thought there was a way to do it? I use Zoner antivirus and that includes a call screening option tho I haven’t used it yet. Not sure about mobilebiz but all the app data should be retained if your using the nightlies and opendelta


  62. Tim says:

    What is the deal with Google wallet for the Verizon variant. It appears to install and configure correctly but I am curious is there any manual configuration needed to get it to work properly

  63. Leon says:

    I don’t have option for root access? Can’t find it on devleper options can you help me please

  64. leon says:

    Cant find file for 1.65 can you please post a link for me. still having problems getting root access.

  65. Greg says:

    After you flash it install superuser from the play store.. Open it within it there is a option to add su ad a system app do that.. Restart then again in the su setting there is a option to install a script to retain su after updating your nightly.. Do that.. Congrats you have root and it won’t go away 😉


  66. Atilio Pereira says:

    this rom is the best. thanks Max!

  67. Henry says:

    Gallery stop working occasionally, music stutter too.

  68. scott says:

    My only problem is that you lose svoice, and snote. can you add these back on some how?

  69. PJO says:

    I’m loving Omnirom, best rom I’ve like. One thing though on my sprint note 2 I can’t install nightlys… any advice?

  70. terry says:

    “Unfortunately, Setup Wizard has stopped”

    Did I miss something here?

    • terry says:

      I got it, installed ROM by itself and it worked like a champ. Now I’m thinking my gapps might be out of date. Anyone know where to get the latest?

  71. terry says:

    Ive got everything installed and running including root SU, working beautifully btw. Now im just looking for the best memory swap option for this ROM. any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

  72. Sean says:

    I have no mobile service as well…
    Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100, Checked settings and it’s not even recognizing there is a sim card installed.
    any idea?

  73. leon says:

    Can I expect another rom to come out? This is already well you know.

  74. Gary Goh says:

    Hi All,

    I’m new to custom ROM and have been using omni for almost a month, it has been great!

    How can i customize the ringtone for this ROM, i can’t seem to find an option to add sounds to this ringtone.

    i’m using GT7105 int ver t0lte. installed nightly 7th Feb 2014 on M1 Singapore.

    Apologies for the lack of knowledge and would be grateful if someone could guide me.

  75. George says:

    I can’t seem to get goo manager to update twrp past version, so I can only get as far as the Omni boot screen. Anyone else have trouble with this?

  76. Gary says:

    Hi All,

    I’m new to custom ROM and have been using omni for almost a month, it has been great!

    How can i customize the ringtone for this ROM, i can’t seem to find an option to add sounds to this ringtone.

    i’m using GT7105 int ver t0lte. installed nightly 7th Feb 2014 on M1 Singapore.

    Apologies for the lack of knowledge and would be grateful if someone could guide me.

  77. Kris says:

    The metro pcs guy flashed my galaxy note 2 to metro pcs from sprint. After i installed the rom, I was browsing in the about phone section and it changed the network name back to sprint. Did I do something wrong? Any information on that would certainly help.

  78. 4th Step says:

    why does my baseband disappear when I restore this ROM????????

  79. Terry says:

    So I am TW tweaker for sure on my Note 2, but I do love the pure Google of my Nexus 7. So, I figured I would give AOSP a shot. Epic fail with no cell service. I am a very experienced flasher and nothing I did could get my cellular signal or mobile data going. I tried this ROM and the Omni Rom and both failed to give me signal or data.

  80. There is definately a lot to find out about this issue. I like
    all the points you have made.

  81. Samwell says:

    Guys can u please help me so am new to these ROM things and i downloaded Omni 4.4.2 on my N7100 it worked perfectly until i messed about in the develops app and the whole thing crashed so i removed the battery and put it back it booted normally but got stuck in the omni logo where the android blinks twice am the whole phone stops,
    i tried to go to recovery options (vol up + home + power) but it kept showing the same samgsung icon all over and over again i was only able to go to the download section ( vol down + home + power) but i could not get it to start up

  82. ChuckTesta says:

    Will this site be updated again?

  83. manjunath says:

    You’re awesome bro

  84. djetaine says:

    Just figured id post here with some of the problems I had using this rom. I initially rooted and flashed TWRP for my tmobile note 2. Rom installed fine but I lost my imei which means I had no network. I ended up having to use skipsoft android toolkit to flash clockwork mod recovery.

    After that, omni wouldnt install at all (status 7 meaning that “this rom isnt meant for this phone) even though i know it works on this version.
    My phone was showing up in the logs as toltespr which isnt in the asserts in the rom package itself.
    I unzipped the rom and edited the file at \omni-4.4.2-20140306-t0lte-NIGHTLY\META-INF\com\google\android\updater-script with a nice text editor. I added the following just below the rest of the asserts:
    getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “t0ltespr” || getprop(“”) == “SGH-T889” ||

    I then zipped the file back up using 7zip and was able to get in to install with CWM without issue. If anyone else is running into this problem, try this method.

  85. preston says:

    Tmo GN2. Stuck on Omni bootloader. Any suggestions?

  86. preston says:

    I installed this ROM on my Tmo GN2, but now I do not have Samsung Hub which I need in order to download gear manager app for my galaxy gear smart watch. I’ve tried installing Samsung Hub as a system app using /system/app mover application from Google Play, but no success. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

  87. preston says:

    I installed this ROM on my Tmo GN2, but now I do not have Samsung Hub which I need in order to download gear manager app for my galaxy gear smart watch. I’ve tried installing Samsung Hub as a system app using /system/app mover application from Google Play, but no success. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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