PACMan ROM for Galaxy Note 2! [All Variants!][Android 4.2.2]

CM10.1, ParanoidAndroid, and AOKP ROMs are all great ROMs developed by some of the best Android developers and I would highly recommend each of them for anyone who wants to experience the best on Note 2 custom ROMs. Well, what if you wanted all the features in one ROM?

There’s a ROM for that, the PACMan ROM for Galaxy Note 2 brings CM10.1, ParanoidAndroid, and AOKP ROMs into one single ROM, bringing you literally every feature pound-for-pound, except you get it in a nice, little package, in one ROM.

This is one of my favorite ROMs of all time nowadays. Although some of the previous versions were very buggy at times, I can testify that the latest Android 4.2.2-based PACMan ROM version 20 is stable enough to recommend as a daily driver for everyone looking to get on the bandwagon.

Inside you will find literally everything you can in the latest CM10.1, AOKP, and ParanoidAndroid ROMs. Battery life? Not so bad at all, in fact it’s pretty good.

Tethering? Works just fine for hours, I’ve been using it myself to wifi tether from my Bangkok hotel room for the last couple days.

Stability? It’s pretty darn stable I think now, otherwise I wouldn’t be posting it. You might still have problems but certainly I can say it’s one of the best releases I’ve tried and you should give it a try this weekend and let me know what you think.


Download PACMan ROM for AT&T/T-Mobile/GT-N7105 Galaxy Note 2

Download PACMan ROM for Sprint Galaxy Note 2

Download PACMan ROM for Verizon Galaxy Note 2

Download PACMan ROM for GT-N7100 Galaxy Note 2

Download Gapps

To install, reboot into recovery, wipe data/factory reset (unless coming from another AOSP ROM), install ROM, and reboot.

Once successfully booted into ROM, if you don’t see Play Store for some reason, reboot into recovery, install Gapps, and reboot. But Gapps should be included for most variants.

Credits – AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, GT-N7100 <--- Don't forget to donate to the developers if you like this ROM, thanks!

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189 Responses

  1. isaiah crowell says:

    clockwork mod and twerp will not flash this do to no md5 files found please help using sprint gn2

    • Mohammed says:

      Me too, cwm won’t flash it. says installation aborted. wind t889v

      • Eric says:

        Me too it won’t flash (Bell Mobility)

        • frehrikk says:

          Me too. -sgh t889

        • Eric says:

          I also got it to work but only after installing TWRP. Thank’s Isaiah for the info!

          • terry says:

            Which version do you have? I have I317, im using CWM and I get that error while installing this ROM. If i want to use TWRP, do I have to somehow uninstall CWM? Or can I have them both on my phone at the same time?

          • Eric says:

            I did a Google search on how to install TWRP from the play store and it worked after that on the reboot for flashing it. I forgot the name of the program but it will install the TWRP got you and from within the program you just need to tell it to reboot in the flash mood. I an no computer genius so i too needs to follow easy instructions. Hope this will help.

          • terry says:

            I hope your talking about GooManager. Thanks

          • terry says:

            So I downloaded and installed the international version of this ROM (N7100, my phone is the i317 version). It worked just fine with CWM, the only problem is now I have no cell service because the N7100 cant work on ATTs network. I still have wifi though. This ROM is really cool, I hope we get an update soon that will allow CMW to install this on the i317. Guess I’ll restore back to Jedi for now. Maybe ill try a different version of the ROM, does anyone know what versions of the ROM will work on ATTs network?

          • terry says:

            OK! So I went to and updated my CWM to the to the latest version, ( for i317). After that the ROM installed perfectly! Hope this helps.

          • Isaiah Crowell says:

            No prob bro twerp was my savior too lol

      • greg says:

        Aborted. 🙁
        What a pity………

    • andreas says:

      how can you turn off det touch-screen buttons on the rom

    • John says:

      This PacMan Rom will not install on my Verizon Galaxy Note 2 either. I used TWRP and it failed due to no md5 files being found.
      It’s a disappointment to say the least.

    • Reed says:

      Was there ever any response on what’s going on with the download for the SPH-L900 (Sprint Version)?

  2. AJ_marshaLL says:

    hello max
    Are there any way make multi windows work in this rom ???
    i like this feature in 4.1.2 Rom
    thank you again
    plz feedback

    • Max Lee says:

      Multi-window only works for TouchWiz-based ROMs, sorry!

      • lee shar clark says:


  3. Tristan says:

    How do you disable NavBar on this ROM?

  4. Robert says:

    Is it normal that the sphere camera is missing?

    • Max Lee says:

      Yup, no Android 4.2.1/4.2.2 ROM has Photo Sphere yet, there are some people claiming they got it working though with certain Photosphere zips, but it can soft brick your phone so be aware before you try.

      • Robert says:

        Thanks for the info Max, then I’ll have to wait. I’ve been using this rom since yesterday and it’s super battery saving 😀 I’ve been using my phone all day long and it still got 70% battery. I got my CPU settings set on ondemand, but what setting do you recommend in I0 scheduler? Yours sincerely

    • B.E. says:

      I dunno, I’ve been running the 4.2 camera simply by flashing the zip file from twrp…..I run it along side my other camera app so I don’t lose the functionality and features of the sammy cam. I’m running macks 5.0……..the only thing is I have to change my phone and model in the build.prop for it to work as the camera was only available on the new nexus.

  5. isaiah crowell says:

    got it working but no 4g lte connectivity? only 3g is this because the sophware is that of a nexus?other than that the rom is solid and love it its basicaly now a nexus with a bigger screen and better processor lol

  6. ianpeters2 says:

    Im glad you saw it feom my earluer post max. Its nice to know im ahead of the curve

    • ianpeters2 says:

      I heard there was a leak of touch wiz 4.2.1 so why cant we have a rom like this with s pen features. There is programs to build of of now so why cant we habe cake and eat it too. If you find a rom like this let me know

      • Tyler says:

        I second this I love this ui’s set up and style but I really like having the spen functionality and other applications that take advantage of the note’s power I’ve searched for a while now but to no avail if any one knows of one can you please post a link I would be very greatful

  7. ianpeters2 says:

    But bad at spelling ^

  8. Isaiah Crowell says:

    ROM will not allow sending pics in the stock message app

  9. unable to flash twrp

    verizon note 2

  10. Merrill says:

    I have flashed the rom and now it shows the pacman character and the three ghosts and it just sits there. Is this normal? Is it installing still? I’m really new at this, so forgive my questions. Thanks for the help.

    • Max Lee says:

      Which Note 2 do you have? Did you do factory reset?

      • marc says:

        Mine sat there for 10 minutes I pulled the battery and tried the re install again it say I re did the factory wipe and catch wipe and it went through but again im on tmobile and it was only 3g then 3g went away giving me no service at all unsure whats going on

  11. Rhon says:

    Download the file in my pc then put it in my internal memory and LOOKOUT software detected the file as MALWARE

  12. Jeet says:

    I have flashed it but as with all the other aosp roms, i have a problem with this…when i run the camera….it says mount external sd card or mount usb stoorage first…can u please help me out…

    i love the rom but its not working for me



  13. Beddamade says:

    Max will I be able to move apps to the SD card or will I have to trick the phone into thinking the SD Card is the internal storage?

  14. kalvin says:

    Flash package man zip file .

    I also wipe system and cache and dilvk . Nothing helps .


    • Robert says:

      I guess you didnt put the right zip file in tour download folder in your mobilephone. Do you already know how install roms in bootloader yet? Of not watch a how to install rom on note2

  15. hugo says:

    I have a sprint note 2 and can not figure out how to set it up so that i can use my mobile hot spot. I also tried wifi tether mod and did not work. This is a great ROM as long as i can figure out how to use this. Go pac man.

  16. Brandon Ambrose says:

    When I download it and do everything it aborts the installation. I am coming from Jedi X rom.. Why won’t it install on my phone.. Please HELP!! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!

  17. kalvin says:

    Where’s Max when you need him ?

  18. Herrard says:

    Is it possible to install Samsung’s stock keyboard in Touchwiz to a rom like this? I’m interested in keeping the keyboard for its handwriting recognition capability. I don’t want to lose this functionality of the s pen. If it is possible, are these files readily available to download and install somewhere? Thanks for the info.

  19. ben says:

    Why the fuck is your downlods site getting worser and worser! You cant fucking download!!!!! Not with the phone not even a dawm computer!!!!!! And i really want this rom!!!

    • Your life is a Thought! says:

      I had the same problem at first. In orger to dowload you have to enter the characters in the caption box above, then click the download button. This should work. Let me know if it worked for you

      • jay says:

        Didnt work. Same problem . It downloaded this html file . If i use a computer. It doenst even doenload anything

  20. Muhammad Elgohary says:

    Evening Samsung fans 🙂 i’ve been searching for note 2 international version GT-N7100 for more than a week in bulgaria .. I can only find GT-N7100 but its written under the battery “made in Vietnam by sumsung” .. actually i’m afraid to buy it and then cant make any updates on it . I tried s2 a week ago made also in vietnam and its GT – I9100 but it doesnot work . i also made the same change on GT-I9100 “made by samsung” written under the battery and it worked .. Plz i need an advice ..Can i update the Note 2 GT-N7100 made in vietnam by samsung to 4.2.2 ?? answer asap plzzzz !! thanks in advance 🙂

    • nick pan says:

      Hi…really don’t know. I’m from Malaysia and i have the international GT N 7100. With this, i have never had any problems flashing any type of ROM . As you can see with others..u will have problems because the boot loader is o ways lock. Mine is open. I have flash this ROM and it is working awesomely..mine note2 is coming direct from korea ..try testing it first..

  21. Muhammad Elgohary says:

    Evening Samsung fans i’ve been searching for note 2 international version GT-N7100 for more than a week in bulgaria .. I can only find GT-N7100 but its written under the battery “made in Vietnam by sumsung” .. actually i’m afraid to buy it and then cant make any updates on it . I tried s2 a week ago made also in vietnam and its GT – I9100 but it doesnot work . i also made the same change on GT-I9100 “made by samsung” written under the battery and it worked .. Plz i need an advice ..Can i update the Note 2 GT-N7100 made in vietnam by samsung baseband version N7100XXALIH to 4.2.2 ?? answer asap plzzzz !! thanks in advance

  22. isaiah crowell says:

    its funny how you can over clock the prossesor on this rom but run a lower quadrant score then a stock gn2 wtf? someone explain

  23. chris says:

    i understand what all you put in it but not to sound dumb but what makes this one diffrent then say like jedi 11?? and hows download and up load speeds> right now i max out at 20.12 i think it was useing jedi xx1 with android tweakker .. i wanna try a new rom a better rom but i also want the speed for everything. i do a lot of photo shop pic taking hardcore gaming and so on. o and how is it over in Bangkok.

  24. adam says:

    Hi Max

    My Google voice is keep crashing in sprint note 2
    So what to do? I need you help thx

  25. chris says:

    are you working on anything for lte??

    • isaiah crowell says:

      this rom works on any netword no matter the variant you are using just go into ur mobile network settings and change your prefference

      • marc says:

        Im pretty knowledgeable about flashing and roms and also with the mobile networks with mine unfortunately does not get even 3g now ive never had 4g and in settings on mobile networks I tried it all im on tmobile network I thing its just the fact tmobile operates off hspa gsm crap and everybody wlse is lte

  26. Dro says:

    I love the ROM. Best I’ve ever seen. Flashed thru Sprint. No idea where the “GAPPS” are. Thats all I’m missing to make this perfect. PLEASE HELP.

  27. Brian says:

    Is there a way to have NFC run even when phone is asleep. I have a NFC tag in my car but if i have to unlock phone and then swipe it does no good. I just want to swipe when i get in and get out. Otherwise I can just choose the profile by hand.

  28. Brian says:

    Also is there a way to move the google search bar. I like it only to exist on one page not every single window when sliding.

  29. M J says:

    Does this rom have wifi calling on tmobile?

  30. isaiah crowell says:

    beware of over clocking to 2000htz on the sprint variant phone goes into a boot loop and a very pain in the ass to get it out of it…would it interfere with the rom if i flashed another kernnel and put stweaks?

  31. Hamed says:

    There is a very strange problem with this ROM. When you’re phone goes into locked / sleep mode, some times it freezes and it won’t unfreeze unless you do a hard reset.

  32. kalvin says:

    Still can’t get it to flash in twrp .
    Reading all the comments about this rom . All the issues.

    Guess I’m gonna stick with Jelly Bean Build 7 .
    Although I’m getting kinda bored with it.

  33. kalvin says:

    How about a jelly bean build 8. ?

  34. kalvin says:

    Wait wait aaaaa min ….. there’s a jelly bean 10 for Verizon note 2 .

  35. kalvin says:

    Wait wait aaaaa min ….. there’s a jelly bean base 10 for Verizon note 2 .

  36. Brian says:

    Also can’t find how to setup per person txt notifications on this rom. Anybody have any luck with this?

  37. Moody says:

    This rom is good but without multi task and no spen feature so its note, who ever develops any rom for note spen should work by defualt …


  38. Guys, I have a Sprint version and installed this rom and saw that there are no multi window, no google voice, no google voice search, I’ve tried it and it kept closing. I didn’t go any further with looking around with what else it was missing. Maybe I did something wrong but none of that worked for me. I’ll wait for the next rom.

    • charles says:

      This rom does not feature multi windows that is a feature on touch wiz. This rom is pure jelly bean. Download gaaps I have the sprint version also and had no issues. Play with the rom you’ll be amazed only rom I found that has real tethering

  39. Hamed says:

    Camera is broken. Unfortunately the gallery has stopped once you take a picture.

  40. charles says:

    Hey Max
    Im no noobie to this but im running to some issues I’ve never encountered before. I have a 64 gb sd for my l900 and I have all my roms and backups on my external. When I flash a new rom my phone says sd card is damaged and I have to format it and loose everything. So now I save everything to my internal and it takes to much space. What is happening when when I save everything to external that I have to format it. Max and PACman so far are my favorite keep up the great work man definitely appreciate what you do.

  41. charles says:

    Amd by the way everything on PACman works. Its a really busy rom and I love it wifi tethering works fine no issue with nothing except the external after flashing.

  42. terry says:

    When i open the camera i get a message that says ‘insert an SD card before using camera’. Anyone know how to get around this?

    • terry says:

      So i went to the play store and downloaded the first camera app i saw (pudding cam or something) and it works just fine, flash and all, no sd card errors. Kinda annoyed that the stock camera app doesn’t work. Oh well.

  43. Raul Moreno says:

    Great ROM runs great and the camera works fine. Downloaded gapps 20121212 and they work fine too. Flash the ROM in twrp recovery and then gapps then do factory reset and then reboot then you are set. Thanks attained zedo max.

  44. Myk says:

    I’m having trouble overclocking with this ROM? It’s stuck on 1600max and 200min? I can’t slide either the max or min along the bar to raise or lower cpu… Anyone know how to fix this, cause my friends overclocks just fine.

  45. Bob says:

    Seems to me like these latest ROMs aren’t what they’re cracked up to be…

  46. simon says:

    I flashed this rom into me tmobile note 2: it doesn’ matter what i try I alway get the error message the ” setup wizard error. and the google.gapps. process…. ” those two are keep popup after I reboot the galaxy…. anyone experienced the same thing???? and how to fix it???

  47. dmo says:

    Mhl connections don’t work with this Rom…. causes phone to hang and have to pull battery

  48. Quintin Bradford says:

    Is there a working awesome beats???

  49. dmo says:

    if you use ARLiberator for Pioneer AppRadio2, don’t use this rom… cause phone to hang.

  50. FBG says:

    sprint galaxy note 2 why when i try to change notification background n when grant System UI appears and wont come off phone even when i press ok it pops back up again…

  51. Justin Gu says:

    Is there any way to keep 4.1.2 keyboard (one with number pad on top) to 4.2.2 roms?

  52. PC says:

    I had this ROM running fine for days,but all of the sudden my fone started freezing and crashing every few minutes. I had to back to Jedi X. Has anyone else had this issue?

    • Terry - i317 says:

      Ive been running it for 4 days now, so far i had one issue like the one you described. The phone was locked (blank screen) and i couldnt wake it back up. Pressed all the buttons, still just a blank screen, like it turned itself off. I had to reseat the battery to get it to power back on. Other than that, its been fine

      • PC says:

        Can you chk back in a few days and let me know how its going? If u have non more issues, I’ll retry it. I really loved this rom

        • isaiah crowell says:

          one issue i am haing is the fact i can not send or recieve pics or videos usuing the stock messenger app its very anoying other then that the rom is great but if anyone has experienced the same issue please let me know how you corrected it

  53. shadrick simms says:

    how to install this rom im stuck on the bootup

  54. Quintin Bradford says:

    Does anyone have the DSP Manager working. Mine does nothing!!!!

  55. nick pan says:

    Hi Max
    I have flash this ROM. And its working awesomely on my International GT N 7100. There is no far. The setting are all working..only thing is cant over clock it more than 1600..its set to that. But its OK. As long i have all the others working fine on my note..I’m happy.
    Nick from Malaysia

  56. Rob says:

    Is there a link to that wallpaper?

  57. Joseph says:

    This rom is awesome coming from jedi x but I have had extremely bad battery issues with this rom. Does anyone know why or have any ideas on how to make it better/fix it?

  58. GameraGT says:

    Can I use CM10.1 or 9 theme on this ROM?

  59. Travis says:

    Tried to flash using TWRP and it failed. I can flash the Jelly Beans ROM, but I can not flash and ROMS with CM10. I have done factory reset, wipe cache, and wipe dalvik. Please advise on this

  60. Travis says:

    It states this
    E: Error in /external_sdcard/download/i605_PAC_JB
    (Status 7)
    Error flashing zip ‘/external_sdcard/download/i6

    Then at the bottom it says


  61. Travis says:

    I am fairly new at this, but have flashed the Jedi ROM, and it was very unstable. Also have flashed the first version of Jelly Beans ROM and the latest version

  62. isaiah crowell says:

    over clocking with this rom is terrible i can adjust up down and all around and still no diff is made or noticed …and i know there is a difference that can be made because i was previously using stweaks that worked great..well one change is if you set to 2000hrtz the phone will go into a boot loop!

  63. Travis says:

    I am using the Verizon SCH-I605

  64. Travis says:

    Downloaded CWM and it seems to be working now. At least it let me flash the PAC ROM. What is the difference between Team Win recovery and Clockwork Mod? It seems to me that one of them will let you install something and then the other one will not.

    • isaiah crowell says:

      they are both custom recoverys but both use different layouts you have the cm witch is direct and to the point but not as delightfull to the eye and then you have twerp witch is a very user friendly interface this full touch screen ui but but its not realy needed .its basically coms down to prefference of one or the other but in certain cases one will work better then the other

  65. Travis says:

    I am now using the pacman ROM on my note. I do really think that the TWRP recovery does not work for AOKP ROMs. However, i thank you very Mich for your answers. One more thing. My wife has an s3 and i rooted it last night and was wondering if there is a ROM available for the s3 that has the multi window function

  66. Travis says:

    I know i have alot to say, but i have slot of questions. With this new PACman ROM, i notice there is no “long press”on the home button for a RAM manager/task killer

  67. Quintin Bradford says:

    Anyway to get more volume??? Jedi has the increased volume. I need that back!

  68. jim says:

    Anyone having issues connecting to 5ghz 802.11n networks? I have 2 different airport extremes with WPA and WPA2 running, and I can’t connect to either of their 11n networks (I have to connect to the 802.11b network instead). Very frustrating!

  69. travis says:

    What would happen if you installed a ROM for, let’s say a sprint note 2 on a Verizon note 2

  70. Quintin Bradford says:

    Camera on TMobile version freezes and force closes then I have to restart phone. It even shut the phone completely off not good!!!

  71. Kalvin Boodoo says:

    The volume on this Rom sucks .
    Cant hear shit .

  72. Travis says:

    can you install a rom on the verizon note 2 that is for the international version?

  73. isaiah crowell says:

    for the sprint variant witch download is the latest one because there is 5 choices i chose tthe one with the latest date is that correct

  74. isaiah crowell says:

    where the heck is the voice mail app on this rom

  75. jim says:

    In my humble opinion, this ROM is not ready for prime time. The camera app freezes and crashes frequently, requiring reboots to get it back up, and GPS is borderline unusable in circumstances where it worked flawlessly under the stock rom. I’m running the Sprint version of v20.0.0, so your mileage may vary. Obviously I can go find another camera app, as much as that sucks to have to do that, but if the GPS issues persist, that’s a flat-out deal-breaker.

    A few other issues I’m not sure I’d lump on PACman, since I’m not sure if it’s that or Jelly Bean’s fault, but…
    1) The camera app has no quick way to get to the gallery to view the shot you just took (am I missing something?).
    2) Hot – not sure what to make of this, but it runs WAY hotter on 4.2.2 than any previous version. Perhaps that’s the cost of butter, and if that’s the case, I’m down with that. Just thought I’d mention it.
    3) Any time you show a calendar someone else shared with you in the calendar app, those events start appearing in Google Now as if they’re yours. Kinda annoying.

    • jim says:

      One other issue I’m not sure is specific to Pacman or JellyBean – 802.11n networks. I’ve got 2 different airport extremes (both doing simultaneous dual band 802.11b/g and 802.11a/n), one using WPA Personal, and one using WPA2 Personal, I can see all the networks in the list, but cannot connect to the a/n networks on either of them, forcing me to use the slower/less stable/secure b/g networks instead. Frustrating!

  76. Quintin Bradford says:

    I thought i was going crazy but T-Mobile version doesn’t show 4G only 3G sometimes it shows nothing. What’s up with this?

  77. Kalvin Boodoo says:

    OK. Finally figured this thing out .
    Download ROM manger flash current clockworkmod thru ROM manger .
    Then reboot into recovery. Wipe data factory reset > then wipe cache > then flashed PAC man zip then flash gapps then reboot .




  78. andreas says:

    how to remove touch-screen buttons on the pac man rom

    • Dan berndt says:

      Go to hybrid properties. Launch. Set navigation bar to 0%. Does not work on tablet modes

      • Isaiah Crowell says:

        Pleaaase help !anyone else having an issue sending and receiving pictures with 4.2 ROMs ?no matter witch 4.2 ROM i use i cannot get a picture sent !using sprint variant

      • Nick says:

        Just downloaded this rom and I’m trying to follow your steps on removing the Nav Bar but it isn’t making sense. Once i go to Launch i dont see an option to set the Nav bar to 0%. Help! Thanks

  79. zayaveli says:

    All of these custom roms are just “OK” compared to the features of the Stock rom.. Still miss the S Pen features and the Bluetooth screen that comes on when you turn on bluetooth..

  80. Ethan says:

    The download is corrupted please check the zip file

  81. guiformat <<<<<< if you having problems with 64g sd format FAT32

  82. tyler says:

    The reason why you can’t flash the rom is because your twrp or cwm is out of date. Just download it from the goomanager or the actualy website and flash it

  83. Rhon says:

    wifi tethering not working for me.. it says no internet connection when i connected

  84. andrew says:

    dosent have google play cant get any new apps on this rom. am i doing something wrong??

  85. Peter says:

    Does this rom have all the apps for multi tasking?

  86. Cory says:

    I was wondering if their is a gapp for the note 2 for the samsung apps. I like the Pacman rom but i miss the samsung features. If a such ting exists please let me know thanks

  87. Zeddy says:

    This ROM is the most awesomest one I have used so far, but one problem. I have video files that are in .wmv format that I used to access and play through stock ROM but I can’t even access them on this ROM. Any fixes or way to access?

  88. Pedro Estima says:

    Hi guys,

    I’m using it on my International Galaxy Note 2 N7100 for like a week or something and the only bad thing about it is that from time to time my camera crashes and I have to reboot the phone.

    It’s something that happens, not all the time, but it does.

    I’m more likely to use a Samsung Stock Rom but this ROM works pretty fine too.

    Looking forward to get a SIV and check it all out on

    Will we have it Max?



  89. Eder Gonzalez says:

    I recently flashed this rom and i gotta say i love it… The only problem i got is with the camera app, it’s says I’m running only 5M pixels instead of 8, i have the international galaxy note 2 7100, way different from what the video portrayed, is that normal on this rom?

  90. José Diniz says:

    Hey Max!
    I’m very interested in downloading this rom. Can I install it on my international galaxy note by following the same steps but with the proper files?
    Thanks a lot 😉

  91. shadrick simms says:

    I like the rom but….. its not compatible with alshare and a few other apps on my phone so back to deodexed ma7

  92. William says:

    Hello Max
    I tried to flash the latest rom from xda but I keep getting a status 7 error.
    Any idea what that means?


  93. Kendra says:

    Is there ANY way to get some of the default Samsung/Note 2 apps back? I would love the note-taking application, and whatever allows for the handwriting recognition. The ability to have the note app pop open when I remove the pen was nice as well.


  94. Sam says:

    Hello. If I were to install this ROM, how would the S Pen functionality suffer?

  95. Kendra says:

    Sam – the S Pen still works as a stylus, but it’s unique features and apps are no longer useable/installed that I can find. I didn’t use the button much, but I liked the phone turning on/off when I detached or reattached my S Pen, and I love S Note. It’s an excellent rom, but I wish it allowed for more control on what was being removed! Or that I could find these apps and re-install them.

  96. Vertigo says:

    Please could you take the n7100 download off please as you have not asked my permission to post it here

  97. ricahrd says:

    does this rom support 64gig sd card

  98. ricahrd says:

    does this rom support 64 sd card

  99. Fernando says:

    I installed pacman rom successfully on my GT7100 however I was not able to import my Google Contacts to the contact list :- (

    • Fernando says:

      never mind. After installing Gapps as suggested in the tutorial it worked fine. Btw the ROM is really cool.

  100. mobashsher says:

    All AOSP ROMs that you’ve posted don’t support my external 64GB SanDisk Ultra SD card. Any idea why?
    I like AOSP ROMs more than touch wiz ones, they tend to be lighter and faster with lesser battery consumption and more free RAM.

  101. Avinash says:

    *****MY GT N7100 DIED!!!!*********


    I installed this ROM on Thursday and everything worked solid and fine until on Friday I connected my headphones in and BAM! my phone shut down, after that it just failed to respond!!!

    I’m unsure if it’s the ROM that caused this… but I just couldn’t turn the phone on…even to unroot it and send it in for a warranty claim.

    I have however given my phone at the service center… The service center personal mentioned the motherboard has gone faulty and the entire motherboard needs to be replaced.

    I’m unsure how that works and I dont know if the PAC MAN ROM would once again show up after the mother board has been replaced…

    I’d just like to know if once the motherboard is replaced, would it go back to stock ROM or would it again boot into PACMAN

    if it goes into stock I’m safe!!! if it goes into PACMAN I cannot claim warranty :'(

    somebody please help me with this question.

  102. Dan The Man says:

    New update was posted 10 seconds ago every 3 days I check and I refreshed page new update appeared. I will tell you how it goes.

  103. Anson says:

    I’m from monxdified rom. Tried to flash to the latest PACman rom v22.1.1 with gasp4.2.2. After the flashing n installation. It only sticks on pacman start up screen with half Samsung lighted up. Any idea where gone wrong?

    • zana says:

      I hadde the same isue. Try again bit first wipe få tory redet and cach than only install roms do gapps installastion later in recvery mode later

  104. Raul says:

    Try flashing without gapps.

  105. Parabola949 says:

    Can anyone dropbox the files? download links are broken 🙁

  106. Raul says:

    Hey guys if you love this ROM like I do check out the update they have on xda. The ROM was renamed to PAC OF ICE. its a mix of great developers with lots of goodies all in black or odex. Check it out you won’t be disappointed…..

  107. Markis Augustus says:

    Camera crashes constantly
    Gallery crashes
    Cant get mms messages, mega bad.
    No spen features
    Weaken battery life
    Runs extremely hot, even when governor set low.
    who on earth needs nav buttons? If on a GNote2 why wouldnt anyone want the tablet mode to have nav buttons, and waste the status bar real estate? Get 3 notifications and you’ll know what I mean. Ugh.

    i really wish I could stay on this rom, simply because it is that blue bad ass ICS theme,

    Sadly, going back to Jedi X 13
    (which I loathe because of its horrid colour scheme)
    /me wanders off crying 🙁

  108. ahmed says:

    Hey MAX,
    I have downloaded this ROM and before installation I did wiped data and tried to install but, unfortunately it required update?! what should I do?!

  109. Arjun says:

    I love this ROM……but the camera app….i think its not good.Its too slow and the video recording is soooooooo bad.No auto focus in video mode.I have tried the photo sphere…..still need practice…with no anti shake…..i liked my note 2’s original camera app.Is there any way i could get the original note 2 camera app????

  110. Todd says:

    Having issues with the Jedi X13 rom.. I am not receiving certain phone calls and the phone will freeze up during this time displaying “Unfortunately, the process has stopped”. Please help and keep up the great work you already do.

    Thank you

  111. Terrell says:

    It doesnt work…the download file is not found at all

  112. Scott Foltz says:

    Hey is anyone else getting an error when they click the sprint version??
    i would love for this to work

  113. Troy says:

    I flashed an updated rom of this on my Sprint Galaxy Note 2 and now I can’t send MMS but I can receive them. Can you help me out and tell what I need to do to fix it I read it has something to do with my APN.

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