ParanoidAndroid ROM v3.60 for Galaxy Note 2! [Updated HALO]

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ParanoidAndroid Team has been making some awesome progress on their new HALO floating notification feature.  Now, it’s back with cool ways to use your gestures to make notifications more effective than ever before.

With the latest ParanoidAndroid ROM version 3.60 (or 3.57), you will be able to easily swipe up to get rid of specific notification and swipe down to completely hide the HALO floating widget.

Also, when you receive multiple notifications, you can drag to the right and select the notification you want to respond to.

And you can use the HALO))) app to add any of your favorite apps to multi-task as an overlay on top of any app.

Currently, version 3.60 is available for AT&T, T-Mobile, GT-N7105, and GT-N7100 Note 2 variants and also you can get version 3.57 on Sprint.

There is also Verizon port but I don’t recommend it at the moment as HALO feature wasn’t working correctly when I tested it.

I really love the new implementation of HALO and ParanoidAndroid Team has done a terrific job of bringing it to another whole new level.

If you need to get the latest Android 4.2.2 AOSP ROM with HALO floating notifications, definitely your best bet is ParanoidAndroid ROM right now.

So, if this is something you want to try out, give it a go this week(end) and do let me know how it goes!

You can read up on full ParanoidAndroid settings here or watch video tutorial below:

P.S. Oh, I was in a hurry and also there are many new features added to the camera, you will need to flash the ParanoidAndroid gapps though!


Download ParanoidAndroid ROM for Galaxy Note 2 AT&T/T-Mobile/GT-N7105/Canadian (same file for all)

Download ParanoidAndroid ROM for Galaxy Note 2 Sprint SPH-L900

Download ParanoidAndroid ROM for Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100

Download ParanoidAndroid Gapps

To install, reboot into recovery, wipe data/factory reset (unless coming from ParanoidAndroid ROM), install ROM, install Gapps, and reboot.

Credits – AT&T, Sprint, GT-N7100 <— Please donate to the developers of these ROMs or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!

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92 Responses

  1. arty says:

    For this ROM can you set the settings so that you get the normal settings? not the split version

  2. Daniel says:

    Can you make a video how to back up and restore apn settings? Im having problems with my 3g when I use this rom

    • Max Lee says:

      APN settings should pick up automatically, you can use an app like APN Manager PRO but it’s not necessary.

  3. Christian says:

    When I download for t mobile after wiping cache and stuff I try to install and I get a fail what am I doing wrong

  4. Bilal says:

    Why cant i download ?????? its going again and again to same page

  5. hin says:

    Does it work for N7105 international? and suitable for daily use??

  6. Michael Merten says:

    tilaksidduram, a seniour member from XDA just told me that this rom is ONLY for N7100, have you really tested it on N7105? I do not want to lose 4g connectivity after flashing this rom. Does it really work on N7105? Hoping for an answer. Thanks.

  7. Mark Conroy says:

    Does this ROM support use of a 64GB micro SD card. Many ROMs do not, and with the poor 3G service in my area I need the space to download things for viewing to avoid interminable stutter and pauses while viewing.

    • James Kephart says:

      I would also like to know the answer to this question. I’ve heard the deciding factor is the kernel that determines it’s reading ability…

      • Michael Merten says:

        Only the Touch Wiz kernel will support 64gig, you’ll just have to format or get a 32 gig card.

    • loki says:

      No clue what these others are talking about,
      My 64GB card works flawlessly on this ROM.

  8. KJ says:

    Max will you make a video showing the color feature of this rom? I am curious about that.

  9. Steve says:

    Hey Max,

    I’m having problems with my phone app, every time I call someone it gives me message ” Unfortunately, the process has stopped.” is there any way to fix this?

    • Max Lee says:

      which Note 2 do you have?

      • Steve says:

        The sprint version.

      • jonny says:

        Same here for sprint. Calling and receiving a call. Still able to talk as long you don’t dismiss the message. But rather annoying if you want to multitask while talking on the phone.

        • Steve says:

          yeah this is what happening to mine. there was a temporary fix for this but it stopped working for me. something to do with when you flash it, it made the call signal to global instead of lte/cdma. try to go to a TW rom and changed it back and reflash PA rom. maybe it might work for you.

  10. the camera doesn’t work on the sprint version . how do you get it to function?

  11. Kian says:

    i wanna know if this rom have bugs??????

  12. Mauro says:

    Camera error: ” Can’t connect to the camera…Max anyway to fix this? Do I have to change the kernel to fix this problem? Please advise.

  13. tamás says:

    I miss new note 2 keyboard .

  14. john says:

    i cant seem to find the option for usb debugging settings…please help thank you

  15. does anybody have google apps for sprint note 2 on 4.1.2?

  16. hin says:

    Max………Does it work for N7105 international?I don wan flash the wrong one;;;

  17. John says:

    This ROM has to many bugs for the sprint galaxy note 2 of all the roms ive used this year this one is the best one I’ve seen going back to my old ROM will reflash it when this ROM is fix

    • Payton Manning says:

      This rom single handed ruined my phone, somehow it erased the radio file from my phone and wont connect to nothng but wifi. Does anyone know how to fix this

  18. F***ed my phone up too -_-

  19. veasna says:

    hi max,

    i have original att note 2, how to install this rom on my phone?
    note: i can only root the phone.
    all the best to you

  20. Leo says:


    I flashed the tmobile one and i keep losing 3g and getting no connection tmobile. ? any solutions? thanks

  21. Michael Merten says:

    I took the risk on this and installed it on my N7105, it worked super smooth and everything worked. BUT, I only had about 14 hours battery life which is not good. So I’m back on my favorite rom. Clean Rom ACE, available for all carriers. The best touch wiz rom for N7105. The only rom not listed here. Here’s the link
    [ROM][5/7] CleanROM ACE 4.9I ★| When You Expect the Finest! | DMC3 Base |★

  22. Dario says:

    how can I use only the soft touch?

  23. ian says:

    Amazing rom but the new PACMAN ROM just added HALO))) do a review of that one

  24. xxBrun0xx says:

    Tons of customization, smooth, stable, and halo is cool.

    BUT battery life blows. 2.5 hours screen = don’t leave your house with this on your phone.

  25. Anderson J Wang says:

    I installed it. But has been hitting with message “Unfortunately Jedi Home has stopped”.

  26. Joe says:

    i cant seem 2 get it to work i tryed 2 download it 10 times as well gapps just says its been aborted please help

  27. Anderson J Wang says:

    My Pinger does not work. Any idea?

  28. itchy fingaz says:

    hey max, just a quick question. I have an att note 2, currently running jedi x 13, switching to 14. but i’m interested in a 4.2.2 rom. I’ve tried slimbean and liquid smooth, loved both but had some signal strength problems (dropped calls, dropping from 4g to 3g, and all around signal issues). just wondering what u think is the absolute best 4.2.2 rom for att note 2 ?

  29. Hardus says:

    I have an South African N7100, this rom is not working nicely on it, I downloaded the, for example when it starts up “eClock” crashes and if I connect it to my pc to copy files to it, the transfer gets stuck at 16k and times out. I see theres talk of a v3.57? maybe it will work better, I cant find the download link.

  30. Radom says:

    SHIT!!!! The Smart Dock is not WORKING with this ROM!!!FAIL!!!!

  31. Aris Almario says:

    Thank you for many of your meaningful videos. I enjoy alot in experimenting with my Note 2. But for this ROM, at some point, my battery wouldn’t charge. I don’t know if its because of the ROM or something that I installed like a battery saver app. The only battery app i remember was the Go Battery App. Then from there it wouldn’t charge as it would normally do. If you have any answer for this I hope you could reply to this comment. Thanks again.

  32. Parsa Gachkar says:

    is it stable enough for daily usage!‌ i’m using the alliance Rom it’s really stable but i realy want halo notifications and a 4.2.2 android

    • Payton Manning says:

      Hell no it stucks. This is literally the wrist ROM for note 2
      I use this ROM on the gnex. Which works flawlessly. Is Not the same

  33. Bhavit says:

    I hate to say this, but battery life really sucks in this rom, and my note 2 doesn’t even properly charges, after plugging it for charging for 2 hours, it just gets charged barely 5%, please max? Can you tell me how to fix this?

    • Cthm says:

      I had the same problem. Bought another charger from flea market, and it is charging quickly now. For some reason the one from AT&T is not good at all.

  34. is there still bugs in the sprint version?

  35. Angel V. says:

    So the rom works really well so far only issue Im seeing is the signal only wants to work on WCDMA; when i put it for lte/gsm/wcdma or lte/wcdma it doesnt caught any signal. Any suggestions?

  36. SanderLiukk says:


    This ROM is not recognizing my Earphones nor anything else when plugged into headphone jack. Everything else works flawlessly. Do I need to flash some drivers or something? Pls help me out on this one! Much appreciated 🙂

    In other words there is no icon anywhere of the system recognizing plugged in audio-out cables nor any sound comes through when playin. music for eexample 🙁

    • Max Lee says:

      Hmm that’s weird, is anyone else having this issue? Mine works fine…

      • SanderLiukk says:

        Really weird. Maybe. I should backup this ROM and do a clean install, wiping all data with cache? Totally not the most pleasant thing to do.

        Or is there any possibility to install any nightlies on this one. (Updating through ROM Manager or something like that.

        This issue is really getting on my otherwise very healthy relationship with this ROM ;(
        Hope there is easy way out of this problem. Nobody even yet answered me on Xda about this problem.

        Waiting calmly 🙂

      • SanderLiukk says:


        Oh man I suddenly got it working somehow now. Don’t know how tho’.
        System still not showing that it’s recognizing that something is plugged in, but audio
        comes through. Music quality is nice.

        Thanks for you being here and I hope I won’t be wasting your precious time anymore 😉
        See you around!

  37. Pone says:

    Is feathering working for this ROM?


  38. Jasam says:

    how can i get rid of the soft touch buttons at the bottom
    please reply soon

  39. khaled says:

    Max hey man didnt get any answer yet
    Cant get network om my n7105 in Kuwait
    plz Need Urgent Help

  40. Richard says:

    Hey Max how to do you use only soft touch on this rom?

  41. nathan says:

    Won’t start up stuck at paranoid Android logo

  42. naveen says:

    Hi tried both paranoid and cm one
    its not working for my note 2….

    gets an error – e: signature failed

  43. Peter Bahr says:

    I would like to hide the Navigation Menu, how do I? The Samsung Note2 already has the navigation!

  44. the whitedevil says:

    does this ROM support all the s pen features of note because almost all 4.2 ROMs i downloaded it didnt recognise the S pen though the touch was working but other features like s pen gestures weren’t working please reply as i like the HALO feature of this ROM and wish to download it

  45. junior ed says:

    I’ve downloaded the rom and the gapps as well..and its successful installed on mu samsung galaxy note 2..but did I miss something? because theres a few major mistakes after the phone cannot search the internet and my external sdcard cannot be found..please help would be grateful to me if there any solution I can do..thank u so much

  46. Pratik Roy says:

    Is it safe to install paranoid android rom 3.6 with halo on my 4.3 note 2 ?

  47. rohan says:

    will i loose S NOTE app and its feature if i install this ROM?

  48. Garth Parks says:

    Does this have built in feather? And my main question can you post videos to vine and instagram I can’t find any ROMs that will let me on my t mobile note 2

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