ParanoidAndroid ROM v3.99 for Galaxy Note 2! [Android 4.3]

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For this week’s Note 2 ROM of the week, check out latest version 3.99 of ParanoidAndroid ROM.

Based on latest Android 4.3, ParanoidAndroid ROM v3.99 is one of the most stable Android 4.3 custom ROMs I have yet to try. The good news is that it is also available for all the Note 2 variants including GT-N7100, GT-N7105, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, Canadian, and even Korean Note 2 (if you use SJKernel).

Out of the box, ParanoidAndroid ROM v3.99 fixes a lot of earlier Android 4.3 beta bugs such as flashing in stock browser and low sound. With this version, I did not see any of that and everything working smooth/fast as Android 4.3 should.

Also, ParanoidAndroid ROM now comes with even better HALO floating notifications and more cool stuff like App Privacy so you can control what each app can access on your phone.

Overall, you cannot go wrong with ParanoidAndroid ROM since it offers a multitude of hybrid/tablet mode options for both UI and apps, which works out perfectly for larger-screened phones like the Note 2. If you don’t know about ParanoidAndroid Hybrid Settings, see our brief ParanoidAndroid Hybrid Settings tutorial first.

If you are looking for the most stable Android 4.3 custom ROM for your Note 2, give the ParanoidAndroid ROM v3.99 a try this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download ParanoidAndroid ROM v3.99 for Galaxy Note AT&T SGH-i317/T-Mobile SGH-T889/GT-N7105/Canadian SGH-i317M/Korean

Download ParanoidAndroid ROM v3.99 for Galaxy Note Sprint SPH-L900

Download ParanoidAndroid ROM v3.99 for Galaxy Note Verizon SCH-i605

Download ParanoidAndroid ROM v3.99 for Galaxy Note GT-N7100

Download PA Gapps (Do not use other Gapps, use this one ONLY!)

Download Flash Player APK (if you want flash player)

DownloadAndroid 4.3 PhotoSphere (if you want photosphere, but may force close so make a backup of your Gallery app using Titanium Backup app before installing!  )

To install, reboot into recovery, make backup ROM, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, and reboot.   (If for some reason you end up in a bootloop, reboot into recovery, goto Mounts & Storage, format /system, then re-install ROM.)

Credits – GT-N7105, Sprint, Verizon, GT-N7100 <— Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!

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104 Responses

  1. lonnie says:

    Does this have rom have hotspot tether? & how is it?

  2. Jay says:

    will it work with a 64 gb sd card?

  3. naaz says:

    Any chance this ROM has wifi calling?

  4. ed says:

    I’m using this rom. how can i use my 64gb sd card? not displaying on the settings>storage.

  5. ohsirus says:

    Could somebody post or no where I can get the apk for that DSP Manager. I am running an older version and want update it (1:29 in video)

  6. jayant joshi says:

    Im looking for a rom which is fast and does have a great battery performance like in bob cat rom, is this rom good in battery performance too as its earlier posted rom paranoid android version 4.3 wasnt good in terms of battery performance…

  7. Luis says:

    Can somebody let me know if 4G LTE works with this ROM on sprint before I flash it, thank you

  8. jonathan says:

    this has group text already??? like s4???? this rom?

  9. Jason says:

    Anyone having problems with hte notification area? I cannot access mine.

  10. james says:

    Don’t have Google play store. Help

  11. DMack says:

    Hey Maxx,
    Can you suggest a kernel to overclock for this rom?

  12. Rod Jones says:

    I have noticed that there are comments about not having a strong signal, what I would like to know is what carriers are those who are having these problems on? I have the TMobile version of the Note 2 and am interesting in flashing this but do not want to experience the same deal. I’m currently on Jedi X 17 but am looking for a decent 4.3 ROM.

  13. jovanny huerta says:

    Hey there i have a sgh i317m from telcel…. Why can’t i see the notifications bar???
    I had the blue dot but it dissapeared by mi sister … Do i need to install the ROM again to get the hello halo button again?

    • ccococcco says:

      Pinch to zoom out in the homescreen to show the statusbar again.

    • Ismael says:

      Hola, que operador debo escoger si tengo un 317m de telcel, no aparece en la lista del instalador Aroma, lo hice un verizone y no reconoce mi chip. Gracias

      Hey, that operator should I choose if I have a telcel 317m, not listed Aroma installer, it did a Verizone and not recognize my chip. thanks

  14. david says:

    yeah, that lack of notification bar and pull down notifications is really bugging me. I can’t find a setting for it

  15. Jeff says:

    Nice layout but I’m losing signal constantly.

  16. Aaron says:

    I have no voicemail with this rom? (using sprint) Of course I can call in to the voicemail service but I have no voicemail app. Anyone else have this issue?

    • AmazingFukrPants says:

      Go to XDA and get the visual voicemail APK. Or use XenonHD ROM. Everything works, including MMS and GPS also 4G working as well.

  17. Fonza says:

    Screen still flickering in browser…

  18. Cabbyomo says:

    Just flash PA on my GT-N7105. apparently android 4.3 of any version i tested cannot pair my HM-1300 samsung Bluetooth headset.

    Please advise.


  19. Zack says:

    The only issue I’ve had with this ROM is typing. It’s so slow now. Is there a way to fix that? I was using PA 3.6 before upgrading to 3.99 and had no issues. Other than that, I love this ROM.

  20. Daniel says:

    does anybody know if S PEN will work with this rom???

  21. Glen says:

    Hey max. I am subscribed to your channels and love the tutorials and previews. Got a question. I noticed gwallet installed on this rom on your phone. Is it preinstalled on the rom or did you install it. If you installed it can you link a working tutorial for verizon i605 on this rom? Thanks.

  22. ALEX DIODE says:

    Any idea how to get HDMI out to work?

  23. Mark Conroy says:

    Looked nice when successfully installed on the second attempt. The first installation was extremely flakey. Managed to get 64GB card working by reformatting to FAT 32. However had to return to Omega after repeated problems with the screen in several apps, Astro, Titanium Backup, XE currency just to mention a few,. Also appeared to be using battery power about 3 times as rapidly as Omega 18.

    It also had problems with the camera, requiring reboots to connect to it after adjusting settings.

  24. alex ortega says:

    Love the ROM. Just not receiving voicemail notification. Not sure where that issue lies.

  25. P says:

    hi. I flashed this rom, but now, for the first time, i have big problems.. i didnt like the rom and was planning to flash hawkish or omega again. but the phone cant read my sd card or reckon. also i flashed omega, but now i have no data and wifi.. big problem, anybody, please help..

  26. Anthony says:

    I downloaded and installed the rom but now its just stuck on boot screen. how long does it typically take to start up on the first start up.

    • Owie says:

      if it does not boot up try to remove battery and replace it back.

      still if you’re unable to leave boot screen, go into recovery mode and format, wipe and clear data and cache. be sure that you have made a back up of your data before you flashed this rom and make a back up of your efs.


  27. Raul says:

    Very nice very fast ROM but netflicks is not working. So I have to stay with touchwiz .

  28. Jason says:

    Using the ROM on my i605. Need help with GPS can’t get a signal. Also need help with Bluetooth. It connects and works intermittently. Any advice? Love everything else about it, especially halo.

  29. treeshh says:

    I am attempting to restore apps with titanium backup (not the paid version). I keep getting a parse error. This same thing happened on the last 4.3 ROM I loaded. This one is no different. I do not know how to work around this. Could you kindly offer advice on how to fix this issue?

  30. justin says:

    mine failed for sprint any suggestions?

  31. Didi says:

    Thank you for your Howto.
    Would you please describe the installation a little bit more pricisely please!

    I have two questions about the installation guide (citation: “To install, reboot into recovery, make backup ROM, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, and reboot.”):
    1st: “Install ROM” -> do you mean the backuped ROM or the new/downloaded one (v. 3.99)? If you mean the new/downloaded one -> where (on the android phone) do I have to save the new/downloaded boot ROM and which name(s) must the folder(s) and/or (files) have?

    2nd: Same as above for “Gapps”.

    Appreciates and kindly regards,
    Didi, 8th of Sept. 2013

    • Didi says:

      I tried it out on my GT-N7100 (bought from Amazon-Germany), it works!
      Here my steps:

      1. Backup apps, personal Data and ROM by TitaniumBackup!
      2. Copy directory/folder “clockworkmod” (contains Backups) to your PC (by USB), so you have a backup of backup on Note2!
      3. Download the “3.99 ROM” and “Gapps”, but do not unzip/decompress them!
      4. Copy “3.99 ROM” and “Gapps” zip-files (as they are) to Note2 internal memory (for example: “Downloads”)
      5. Shutdown your Note2!
      6. Turn on your Note2 by holding + + until you see the Samsung-Note2-Boot-Logo!
      7. Select “choose zip from sdcard” and click on crriage return symbol (short: CRS)!
      8. Navigate to your “3.99 ROM” zip-file, select it, and click on CRS!
      9. After a while installation is done. Now select “reboot system” and click on CRS!
      10. Shutdown Note2!
      11. Turn Note2 on as described in 6!
      12. Do as described in 7!
      13. Navigate to your “Gapps” zip-file and click on CRS!
      14. Do as described in 9!
      15. Done! All you now need is to open preferences, feel data for your profile and so on!

      Hope this helps!

  32. Rocky D says:

    Hi Max, I have the International Note 2 GT-N7100, i love this rom! Its awesome! Only issue = I need a kernel that i can use with this ROM on my Note 2 so i can Undervolt my CPU/GPU. Can you recommend one? There are a few on XDA that say they support CM10.1 and 4.3, but i don’t want to flash one and than the screen after reboots is all black and i have to than reformat and start again! Thanks!

  33. Daniel Gauthier says:

    I have the Canadian Note 2 SGH I317M

    I noticed when I flashed to ParanoidAndroid my wifi connection and cellular connection was pretty weak and was always fluctuating. Anybody have a fix or tips and tricks to help?

  34. chris says:

    this rom runs great on my i 317 included 4g,fast fast fast.

    But when I install Samsung App apk it told me it cannot be installed.

    What can I do?

  35. mickyhunt says:

    I am getting to like this rom more and more! Couple of things – can anyone confirm that is using corporate Exchange Server (we use 2010) is having issues seeing the high or low importance flag using the native active sync client. Also any recommendations on a different keyboard that shows the number row as in the Note 2 native keyboard?


  36. R.MAGUDESH says:

    Which call recorder will support this rom for N7100

  37. Kailash Bisht says:

    I just installed Paranoid ROM 4.3 two days ago. The first problem which I noticed that the touch is no so smooth in Note 2 as it used to be. The touch insensivity feels more when I play fast game like temple run 2. Now today I am getting “no internet connection” message though mobile data setting is set to true. The overall device looks slower than my earlier which was “Hawkish Extreme”. I am going back to my earlier ROM as overall I am not satisfied with this ROM.

  38. apollooqm says:

    Well, I like this rom.

  39. Trai says:

    Anyone else having a battery issue? Seems like it drains pretty quick.

  40. Paul says:

    Installed it on my international GN2 (N7100) but is very buggy. Keyboard is quite unresponsive, it can’t find my SD card (only 32GB) and there are weird graphical glitches in the browser (saw a fix for that above however).

  41. Nick says:

    This is my Favorite rom by far!!! HOWEVER It’s very unreliable.
    Battery Drains SOOOO FAST
    Erased and Cannot Read my 64G Micro SD card

    It’s such a shame, I love how this rom looks and operates
    but without those two things, I cannot use it

  42. fain says:

    I love the Rom but after a few days everything stopped working.

  43. Jake says:

    Is there any way to get the functions of the s-pen back? I would really like to have that back, and third party apks, or roms I can install? I absolutely love the rom, but it removes my file manager, and my music player, and my s pen only works as just a stylus. Any help would be appreciated!

  44. boxer says:

    HELP ??? installed rom now back key won’t light up one is on other is off .

  45. Raul says:

    Sprint l900. I flashed this rom to try it out. When I tried to get back to my back to my old rom it would not let me it would bootloop. I tried everything like flashing another rom and wiping all the memory with twrp but it would still only let me flash this rom. So I went to my computer and I unrooted my phone and still bootloop. I though I burned out my phone. I tried one more thing before calling in my insurance. I rebooted my phone to stock recovery and there I wiped dalvic cache and memory and long behold it worked fine. This rom took me for a long ride to recovery and I ain’t going back.

  46. Linda Ebunny says:

    I bought my phone from China found out after my purchase its not a Samsung galaxy note 2 but a knock off.. I have successfully unlocked it. Do you know where i can get usb driver’s that aren’t in Chinese and can you help me upgrade my rom to a 4.3

    upgrade my rom to a 4.3 thanks

  47. mickyhunt says:

    Seems that i have a strange issue with the Bluetooth in my Nissan Altima. I lost the ability to send and receive text messages. Phone calls, Phone book are fine but the options for text do not appear as accessible with this ROM.

  48. Zain says:

    N7100 user here. This Rom is running fine for me so far. I tried to install Perseus Kernel, but it just didn’t boot. Then had to restore backup. Any good kernel recommendation for this Rom, it could do with better battery management.

  49. JohnD says:

    Don’t try Multi option in setting – I did and had to recover my phone ,…..


  50. lui soto says:

    hello i tried messing with the sounds and for some reason i cant get the sounds to be loud. i went to the advance settings but same thing also did the dsp manager and same low sound. please help thanks.

  51. Ian Chua says:

    I don’t think YouTube audio is working with PA 3.99

  52. micky hunt says:

    SCH-i605 Bluetooth woes – I connect to some devices, others connect with partial functionality or are not recognized at all. Probably 4.3 related. Are there any Bluetooth updates?


  53. Marcus says:

    Hello, I have the T-Mobile (SGH-T7889) Note 2, and I flashed this ROM a few weeks back. While I love the features, I am having a few issues with it.

    1. It’ll randomly reboot the phone.
    2. A lot of times, the System UI will force close, along with a few other apps.
    3. Someone else mentioned the slow typing, I am also experiencing this problem. It just cannot simply keep up.
    4. The sound is VERY LOW. On any and everything, and at the maximum volume setting despite it being low, there is a lot of distortion in the speaker.
    5. It’ll tell me that y SD card is damaged one day, but then it’s not the next and I still have all my files.

    Other than these 5 issues, I love this ROM. I don’t know if I flashed it the wrong way but, it’s getting aggravating and making me wish that I never left the TouchWIZ ROM I previously had.

    Hopefully someone can assist me in getting this resolved. Thanks in advance.

  54. Philip says:

    max gud day..
    i need a help… how should i install this rom ? cause now im running hawkish extrem rom…
    should i install this rom from a stock rom?

    when i install this rom from hawkish to paranoid my sim card wont detect, my sd card too..
    pls help i wana try this rom thanks

  55. Marshall says:

    Anyone know of an update to improve signal strength? I have found radios for other devices like the S2, but never for the Note 2.

    I am on the ATT N1705, and the signal is very weak. I want to figure out how to return it to its former glory.

  56. Daniel says:

    Does anyone know why the Netflix app doesn’t work on this rom? I’ve tried several times and it won’t allow me to stream the movie. I get all the way to selecting one and it stays stuck on the loading screen. Any help or suggestions very much appreciated.

    • Kevin says:

      I’m also having this exact problem. I’m gonna see if the version released on Sept 24th fixes it. I think the version on this site is from Sept 1st or 2nd.

      • Kevin says:

        I installed the latest PA 3.99 RC2 build that has the release date of 9/23/13 (aka “pa_t0lte-userdebug 4.3 JLS36G eng.manelscout4life.20130923.224434 test-keys”) and after a couple tries of Netflix, it’s working. It hang on the first and second attempts, but after a reboot or two, it started working and loading videos just fine. So far so good with this build. 🙂

        • Daniel says:

          Hey Kevin, thanks for the heads up. I updated to the latest version as well, but still can’t get Netflix to work. It opens up just fine and gets stuck on ‘Loading’ screen as usual.

          Really not sure what else can be done. 🙁

          • Kevin says:

            Backup all your apps, data, contacts, etc…

            Then do the following in order:
            1) Factory reset
            2) Wipe cache
            3) Wipe Dalvik cache
            4) Format /system
            5) Format /data
            6) Flash ROM
            7) Flash GApps
            8) Flash kernel (if you use one)
            9) Wipe cache/dalvik cache (once more to be safe)
            10) Fix permissions (if necessary)


            PS: Make sure you have the correct GApps version for the PA you’re installing.

            GL & let me know how it goes! 🙂

  57. Russell says:

    Hi all, I have been using this rom for 2 days now. Every time I reboot my phone it will not boot. I get stuck at the samsung note2 screen and it wont budge from there. So I wipe data/factory reset and reinstall rom and gapps and it works fine again until i reboot? I’ve been trying to troubleshoot this or find something on the internet about how to fix this issue but i cant seem to find anything? And it only happens when I reboot the phone, otherwise this rom is awesome and it runs great….

  58. Reed says:

    Does anyone know how to get Netflix to play on this Rom?

  59. Bill says:

    installed ROM on T mobile Note 2 and it will not connect to the network, trying everything.. HELP

  60. Kumar says:

    I have installed this ROM successfully on my GT N7100, but I can’t enable my mobile data!! Can anyone help me how to fix this??

    • Daniel says:

      You have to go to Settings – More.. – Mobile Networks – Access Point Names – Add – Enter name of service provider (in my case ‘Movistar’) – APN (in my case ‘’) – Save. That should do it. All you need to verify is the information from your provider.

  61. JohnD says:

    I found this great ROM overall but, I have now replaced it Cyanmod 10.2. Although a great ROM, there was a couple of fundamental problems which became show stoppers:
    *No out-of-the-box support for 64gb SD Cards
    *The download site (Goo) contained an erroneous file which cause no end of problems!
    *Problems encountered by the Auto update.

    It worth trying but, fundamentally, I prefer stable largely working ROM….

  62. Nuno says:

    Does it work on gt n-7105 LTE in Portugal ?
    Is it rooted ?

  63. Hi max i use korean note 2 shv-e250k I downloaded and installed the rom but now its just stuck on boot screen. how long does it typically take to start up on the first start up. Plz help me first i install sjkernal or first i flash rom than install kernal?

  64. spence says:

    I dont see this as a daily driver there is still a bit of work to do for a final stable product.

    I have had it installed for a week and have had a few auto reboots, and crashes while browsing.

    The lack of proximity sensor has caused problems when using the phone, as a phone. And bluetooth is not stable.

    That said it looks really good looking forward to kitkat ont the note2 ;->

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  66. Elton says:

    Howdy! I just would like to give a huge thumbs up for the great data you have got here
    on this post. I will be coming again to your blog for more soon.

  67. Pratik Roy says:

    does this rom allow underclocking or over clocking the note 2 ??

  68. raai says:

    Can somebody let me know if 4G LTE works with this ROM on sprint before I flash it, thank you

  1. March 6, 2014

    […] MR1 Milestone 2 (last stable AOKP release), ParanoidAndroid Hybrid Settings & HALO (from latest ParanoidAndroid v3.99), and CM10.2 […]

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