Dirty Unicorns ROM for Galaxy Note 2! [Android 5.1.1]


Looking for a good, solid custom ROM with Android 5.1.1 with everything working out of the box including Netflix? Check out the latest Dirty Unicorns ROM.

Based on latest Android 5.1.1, the Dirty Unicorns ROM comes rooted out of the box with SuperSU and lots of customization over CM12.1 ROM.

What I really like about Dirty Unicorns ROM is near flawless experience. Many other CM12.1 ROMs have bugs and Netflix replay not working but I found the Dirty Unicorns ROM the most stable with pretty much everything working out of the box.

As far as performance and battery life, you can also expect the best performance out of your Note 2 along with excellent battery life. Overall, this is a great ROM to get started if you want the best performance out of your Note 2 on Android 5.1.1 so definitely give it a try this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Dirty Unicorns ROM for Galaxy Note 2 (for AT&T SGH-i317, Canadian SGH-i317M, T-Mobile SGH-T889, and GT-N7105)

Download Dirty Unicorns ROM for Galaxy Note 2 for Verizon SCH-i605

Download Android 5.1 Gapps (DO NOT USE older Gapp as you will FC!!!)


To install, reboot into recovery, make backup ROM, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install kernel, install Gapps,  and reboot.  (If for some reason you end up in a bootloop or get force-closed keyboard error on boot, reboot into CWM recovery, go to Mounts & Storage->format /system.  For TWRP, go to Wipe->Advanced Wipe->Wipe /system.)

First time installing a custom ROM?  See our Custom ROM Install Guide first for CWM Recovery!  Using TWRP?  See How to Install Custom ROM with TWRP!

Credits – XDA, Verizon <— Please donate to the developer or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!

Extra MODs:

Want Flash Player?  See How to Install Flash Player on Android Lollipop!

Want latest Android L Preview Keyboard?  See How to Install Android L Preview Keyboard on rooted Android!

If you want some awesome audio, check out Viper4Audio FX MOD, which you can install on this ROM to enhance your music 100%.

If you want to run your apps in tablet/hybrid/custom DPI mode, see our Xposed App Settings guide.

Need to run apps that check for root?  Check out How to Run Apps that’s don’t run on rooted Android!

If you want PIE Controls, see our LMT Pie Control guide.


Q: My 3G/4G LTE data is not working!!!
A: See How to Fix 3G/4G LTE data by Manually Setting APN on Android!

Q:My wifi is not connecting!
A: Download and Install BuildProp Editor app from Play Store then change the line “ro.securestorage.support” value from “true” to “false” then reboot.   That will fix the wifi issues.

Q: I have no Play Store!
A: Make sure you install Gapps zip file in TWRP Recovery!!!  Download link in this post above.

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58 Responses

  1. Ruben Santiago says:

    just wish allshare was compatible with this custom ROM most of these custom ROMs won’t work with mirror casting or allshare casting one thing I love doing is downloading movies to my note T Mobile 2 and casting it to my samsung smart tv and I can’t do that with this custom ROM

  2. Pablo M. says:

    Does this work for N7100?

  3. Pablo M. says:

    I have another Question. Normally when i install a custom rom it perform really great until the 2nd or 3rd week. Then the phone starts to work kinda wierd. sometimes it stays blocked and i cannot do anything but reseting it. Also it gets slower even when no apps are working on the background. Help?

  4. Keith says:

    You stated in your instructions to install kernel. There is no link

  5. humbert says:

    I just installed Dirty Unicorns on my Note II. This thing is rock solid. Probably the best ROM I’ve ever flashed. It even fixed an ongoing problem I was having with my GPS. My hat’s off to the developers.


    Hey quick question: How do I set my screenshot buttons back to the default (power + home key)? I’m running DU Unofficial V9.3 Android 5.1 on my Verizon Note 2

  7. John says:

    This ROM was terrible on my Verizon Note 2. Frequent reboots, no LTE, and spotty 3g. I had to go back to Liquid Smooth KitKat. I still haven’t found a solid Lollipop ROM.

  8. josh says:

    Nav bar crashes ui rendering phone useless if you resize it or add theme to it. Not sure if there is a fix for it but i use my nav bar all the time. kind of a bummer. Still havent found a stable lolipop rom. Cyanidel rom was completely horrid, crashed if you added any blacked out app. Installed youtube from playstore and it completely crashed my phone. note 2 t889 (T-Mobile). Will report any further bugs.

  9. Ashraf says:

    does it work for note 2 N7100 ???

  10. Lunchbox says:

    I flashed this rom and for a while play store just hung. It didn’t download any of the apps for me. When I rebooted, the rom was fine completely from my SD card along with the gapps. I downloaded it again and it disappeared again.

  11. Ryan R says:

    Functionality wise, this ROM is solid. User friendly, it sucks. The recents menu won’t close unless you close everything or open another app, the pull down quick notifications don’t have a long press option to change settings from there (Location, Wi-Fi), if you disable the Google bar at the top, there is a weird white line at the top that doesn’t go away unless you re-enable the Google bar, the battery life wasn’t great & battery saver didn’t work, and I noticed a lot of fluctuation between 3G, H, H+, and LTE while using the ROM.

    This ROM was by no means slow, but all the listed above features are what bothered me enough to drop this ROM and move back to CM12.1 Team UB. I’ll give it props for getting Netflix and GPS (There’s a fix I use for CM12.1). The Cons outweigh the Pros in this case, or I’d keep it. Solid besides those listed above problems.

  12. Josh says:

    Went from liquidsmooth kitkat to this. HDR for camera still doesn’t work. Anybody know of any fixes?

  13. chuck b says:

    Damn. I found the deal killer. Bluetooth does not work on my Galaxy Note 2 (AT&T version). Didn’t work with my speaker or headphones. Or with NFC. Simply says “Could not connect “. Actually the devices do not show up on the Bluetooth list, but NFC sees them, just won’t connect. Everything else seems to work great. But this sucks.

  14. chuck b says:

    Anyone know how to make Bluetooth work on AT&T Galaxy Note 2? Or can suggest a near flawless Lollipop ROM for same (SGH-I317 / GT-N7105)?

  15. clifford says:

    my phone cannot receive calls or text, i can call and text outgoing but cant receive. i have no clue why this is happening, it was working fine at first but i woke up one morning and it just stopped, i put my sim card in another phone and i got the calls but my note 2 cant receive anymore. the only time i can get calls and texts on my note 2 is when i am on the phone but when i hang up it starts going straight to voicemail. please help i really like my phone and i dont want to rush out and get another one.

  16. I want to install the dirty unicorn rom on att note 2, what kernel do I need?

  17. dmax says:

    When I make a call and try to hang up it just says hanging up and keeps the call going until the other end hangs up its done this with every version of 5.1 I’ve had on my i605

  18. Aaron says:

    Just about everything works on this ROM my only real niggel is the Bluetooth. I’m on the Canadian Bell variant and I will be listening to music when the phone will just randomly reboot. Very frustrating. Does anyone know of a fix?

  19. Bruno says:

    Hi there,

    great rom, very fast and low on memory.
    Only one problem, the USSD Codes are in Chinese… how can I change it to my language(Portuguese)?

  20. Stef says:

    are you monitoring this thread?
    I see no answers from you.

    I installed this ROM (no additional kernel needed) on my GT-N7105.
    It all works well, except Digital Data.
    I do not have an option to turn it on or off.
    Also when tapping APN, I get this error: “access point name settings are not available for this user”.
    Does anyone have a fix for this problem?


    • Spiv says:

      Found a fix:
      1- Custom Recovery
      2- Wipe cache Partition
      3- Factory reset (not the ‘I will install new ROM’)
      4- Reboot.
      5- In Settings =>’Data Usage’ enable ‘Cellular Data’
      6- In ‘More Settings’ => ‘Cellular Networks’ => Access Points Names’ add an APN with the correct settings for your service provider

    • John says:

      Hi Stef,

      I installed this on my GT N 7105 and my phone’s bricked. Could you tell me what recovery tool and version you used?


  21. Rowan says:

    Video stops but sound plays when scrolling forward.

    Sometimes there’s no sound when music is playing back.

    Anyone else have these problems?

  22. Slajter says:

    Hey, what about n7100? Which file should I download? I really want to try this rom, please help 😉

    • Spiv says:

      It should be the first download, Canadian, AT&T etc.
      I worked really well on my n7105, it changed the device name to SGH i317, but it all works well.

  23. Miranda says:

    Recent apps is not working when long pressing the home button, anyone solve this? I’m using T-Mobile.

    • Stefano Piviali says:

      Long press works for me, not sure if I did something to enable it (cannot remember) but it does work.

  24. Stefano Piviali says:

    Has anyone found a fix for the Chinese USSD reply?

    • Wenn says:

      Facing ussd code replied in Chinese on all the lollipop rom that I flashed on my N7105

      Here is how I solved my issue.
      1. Nandroid backup current rom into ext SD card.
      2. Go to sammobile to download the latest firmware, make sure you re choosing the correct region.
      3. Flash thru Odin. Remarks: if boot loop, restart into recovery and do a factory reset.
      Important : Your phone will go back to unroot after the stock rom. Make sure your nandroid backup is saved in ext. SD card, cause stock rom will full format your device including the photos.
      4. Try your usual ussd code sending, it should be working fine now. Note down the latest baseband version from the setting-About Phone.
      5. Root your phone.
      6. Restart into recovery mode (make sure you already have the CWM or TWRP) and restore your previous nandroid backup.
      7. Check into the setting again, you should have your latest baseband same as the Samsung stock rom.
      Hurray, now I can check my data balance thru ussd code sending and reply.
      *Pls do not perform if you are not sure of the above steps.

  25. BR says:

    Thank you so much for posting this ROM,

    my Verizon Note 2 works flawlessly, everything working out of the box, GPS, Skype, Netflix, Soundcloud ….

    Great ROM, thanks!

  26. wayne hammond says:

    I notice on DU rom and CM12 lollipop 5 roms that the audio on incoming calls is very soft and hard to hear even at full volume. I loved both these roms so is there a fix for the soft audio on incoming call? Thank guys.

    • Vishnu says:

      I am also having the same problem with audio for phone calls. Otherwise its the best ROM I have seen till now. Good battery performance also..

  27. Al says:

    Awesome ROM. Works great except for a few bugs. Did not see anyone mention the lines when displaying YouTube in chrome browser. Other wise all things are working on my att note 2.

  28. Adam Zahn says:

    I installed Dirty Unicorns and it’s awesome so far but the only thing I noticed is that DU-Updater won’t let me update. It says I have an unofficial build. Does anybody know how to fix this? Will I have to keep downloading the updates from the computer and flash them in recovery?


  29. Andrew says:

    Thanks for the ROM Reviews and videos on key features – I’m new to flashing phones and successfully updated my ATT Note 2 following your instructions – This Rom is Awesome. Only issue I encountered was speakerphone volume…. this appears to be a 5.1.1 common issue – downloaded Volume+ and increased the speakerphone volume and Loving it.

  30. Andrew says:

    Anyone having issues with not being able to mute phone calls? I see the Mute button is grayed out and can not be selected? – does anyone have a solution?

  31. Matt says:

    I can’t seem to hold the home button to get all the apps that are in memory so I can close them. Seem the home button is only for the home page.

  32. Rayzerr says:

    I have problem with the ussd code on my note ii n7105 after update the android to lollipop the ussd code are in chinese how can i change it to english

  33. Albert says:

    Rom works great EXCEPT you cannot hang up calls I have found that dialing a number without an area code (within your own area code) you can hang up the call no problem. But when you dial any number with an area code I find the phone stays stuck on dialing and will not allow you to hang up. Hope they find a fix soon love the rom but not the headaches!!!!!!!!

  34. Albert says:

    Going back to Alliance Rom Build 4.4.2 build 30 best rom I have found with no issues!

  35. Edgar says:

    totally crashed my phone, was not able even restore from backup.. had to reinstall firmware

  36. Taoqeer says:

    Hie, I have installed the DU ROM in my Note 2(SGH-T889). The problems I’m facing:
    1. The model number has changed to SGH-I317(Not really an issue).
    2. The USSD Code returns in Chinese Language. WTF!… Please HELP!! I want it in English.
    Thanks in Advanced!

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