How to Convert Note 2 into S5/Note 3 Hybrid Phone!

Probably the coolest thing you can do on a Note 2 is root and install custom ROMs.  Well, a lot of people just “don’t get it” and stay on stock firmware, which actually is super laggy and you are limited to features Samsung gives you.

There’s a better way to use your Note 2 by installing custom ROMs that give you Galaxy S5 and Note 3 features.  Of course, that is if you want to take advantage over everything that your Note 2 has to offer and root it.

For AT&T, T-Mobile, GT-N7105, Canadian, and GT-N7100, you can grab the Ditto Note 3 ROM, which is based on latest Android 4.4.2 TouchWiz with S5/Note 3 features.

For Verizon Note 2, you can grab R3Ds ROM, which also gives you Android 4.4.2 TouchWiz with S5/Note 3 features.

For GT-N7100, you can also grab Dr. Ketan ROM, which is very similar to Ditto Note 3 ROM along with TouchWiz S5/Note 3 features.

For Sprint Note 2, there is a ported version of Ditto Note 3 ROM but WiFi is broke and a lot of things are beta, please wait 1-2 weeks until the ROM is more stable.

For Sprint Note 2, you can install the Verizon R3Ds ROM on and simply add Sprint 4G LTE APN.

UPDATE: Please do not try installing Verizon R3DS ROM on Sprint Note 2, it seems like the APN method only works for other Galaxy phones like S3, S4, S5, and Note 3 but not on Note 2.


All of these custom ROMs support Galaxy S5’s new “Ultra Power Saving Mode”, which can give you gobs of battery life.  On full 100% battery life, you can get 14 days/2 weeks of battery life!  That’s probably unheard of in other smartphones out there but it is possible with the Note 2 now, thanks to custom ROMs.


In my testing with one of my Note 2, I logged about 2 days and 18 hours with 86% battery life left!  So, this Ultra Power Saving Mode is just plain too awesome, perhaps the best Android feature of the year 2014.

But really, Ultra Power Saving Mode is pretty simple concept.  A smartphone uses most of its battery to power its display.  By making the display to only show black and white colors, you are effectively saving 90% of your battery life.  Also, the AMOLED screen on Samsung Galaxy phones like the Note 2 uses “zero” energy when black pixels are displayed, unlike LCD displays on HTC phones, which actually still use energy on black background.  Couple this amazing AMOLED technology with black/white display, you got longer battery on a smartphone than a dumb phone.

Best of all?  Ultra Power Saving mode doesn’t make your phone dumb, you can still use handful apps like the browser to surf the web just fine.  This can be very handy in those situations where Murphy’s Law applies and you are left with no way to re-charge your battery in the middle of the desert with an important call coming from the President.

Next, the Ditto Note 3 ROM and Dr. Ketan’s ROM both offer quad multi-window with multi-instance support for the stock browser.  This means you can be tweeting to your friend, checking your Facebook, paying your bills at your online bank, and even watch your security camera at home all at the same time!  Perhaps one of the biggest innovation is the quad multi-window, which open source developers have developed on top of Samsung’s existing feature.


Want a fast TouchWiz UI?  You got it.  All of these custom ROMs come with a super-speedy modded S5 launcher along with support over 20+ themes (make sure to flash TouchWiz Theme zip file!).  The modded S5 launcher is so fast, you won’t believe its TouchWiz, one of main reasons why you shouldn’t use stock Note 2 launcher.


That’s just tip of the iceberg, you will find at least a dozen more S5 features like S5 lockscreen, S5 apps, and a ton more.  Each of these custom ROMs come with their own UI customization/tweaks so you can have more features even if Note 2 is already 2 years old.


And yes, don’t forget about Note 3 features like Air Command and floating Pen Windows.  This isn’t supported by Samsung’s stock firwmare but you will get it by installing a custom ROM.



Overall, it’s about the experience on your Note 2 that counts. All of these ROMs are super-stable (as they are based on Samsung’s firmware but made to perform better/quicker) along with S5/Note 3 features that revamp your phone into something better, perhaps even better than the new Galaxy S5.  So, if you have a Note 2, definitely give these custom ROMs a test drive over the week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Ditto Note 3 ROM for AT&T SGH-i317, T-Mobile SGH-T889, Canadian SGH-i317M, GT-N7105

Download Ditto Note 3 ROM for GT-N7100

Download Dr. Ketan ROM for GT-N7100

Download R3Ds ROM for Verizon SCH-i605

For Sprint, you can actually install the Verizon R3DS ROM and simply update APN! (just found out) See How to Install Verizon ROM on Sprint.

UPDATE: Please do not try installing Verizon R3DS ROM on Sprint Note 2, it seems like the APN method only works for other Galaxy phones like S3, S4, S5, and Note 3 but not on Note 2.

Download TouchWiz Themes

BEFORE INSTALLING, UPGRADE your CWM Recovery to v6.0.4.3 or higher using ROM Manager App from the Play Store.  Also if using TWRP, use Goo Manager app to update to v2.6.3.3 or higher.  Otherwise you will FAIL during install!  You can also install CWM Recovery manually here.

To install, reboot into recovery, make backup ROM, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install TouchWiz Themes, and reboot.  (If for some reason you end up in a bootloop or get force-closed keyboard error on boot, reboot into CWM recovery, go to Mounts & Storage->format /system.  For TWRP, go to Wipe->Advanced Wipe->Wipe /system.  Then re-install ROM!)

First time installing a custom ROM?  See our Custom ROM Install Guide first!

Credits – DN3 ROM for AT&T, DN3 ROM for GT-7100, R3Ds ROM, Dr. Ketan <— Please donate to the developers of these ROMs (see donate link top left of XDA) or hit the Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!



Q: My WiFi is not working/not turning on!
A: Having Wifi problems?  Flash Dr. Ketan’s wifi fix using ODIN for fix:

Dr. Ketan Wifi Fix for GT-N7100

Dr. Ketan Wifi Fix for T-Mobile SGH-T889

Dr. Ketan Wifi Fix for Videotron SGH-T889V

Q: My 3G/4G LTE data is not working!!!
A: See How to Fix 3G/4G LTE data by Manually Setting APN on Android!

Q: I don’t have Play Store nor any of the Google apps!
A: You forgot to install Gapps, reboot into recovery and install it! (See above for download.)

Q: The ROM is not booting!
A: Try formatting /system and re-install ROM, sometimes the system partition gets corrupt and you may have to try 2 or 3 times before the ROM boots.

Q: How can I thank you for your review?
A: I don’t take donations but if you could PLEASE subscribe to my Zedomax YouTube channel, that would help me greatly and thank you!


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383 Responses

  1. James says:

    Hi max any support for S4 ? (i9505)

    • Max Lee says:

      Wrong site but yes, I am going to have a bunch soon.

      • jcwhosoever says:

        Hey Max, ROM is crazy awesome but my 4G doesn’t have too good signal, I’d tried fixing apn settings but doesn’t fix the problem. Any ideas?

        • Daniel says:

          having the same issue on att note 2. not just 4g, the radio cuts in and out allot.
          it just shows the no symbol then after a few min 4 bars.
          any thing i can do?

          • Pe says:

            With this ROM I cannot use any data which has made my phone pretty much useless. In addition I keep dropping my wireless connection. That being said I either need to find a fix today or uninstall.

  2. david says:

    flashed the rom for at and t note 2. I have no working wifi now. The above article states the Sprint version had broken wifi not the version i downloaded. Anybody have a fix for this?

    • Max Lee says:

      Have you ever upgraded your Note 2 to Android 4.3 bootloader? That could be why. I can upload T-Mo 4.3 bootloader if you need it.

      • BJ says:

        Same here please upload the bootloader. thanks

      • Jesse says:

        can you upload a bootloader for the gt-n7105? also having wifi issue

      • david says:

        original wifi not working poster here..yes I had liquid smooth on the phone before so I assume I have the latest bootloader. I read a bunch of stuff in the XDA threads and it said to do this Dr. Kettan’s wifi fix. What a pain in the a##. I have to get into windows on my macbook, download the correct odin, download the wifi patch file. Which I spent hours trying to do. The wifi patch is a .rar file and the only acceptable odin flashable files are .tar My windows 7 doesn’t open .rar and the win-rar program will not execute on my windows system in order to attempt to extract or open the original .rar file. What a god damned mess

        • Mark Ryan says:

          There is a new app out called Mobile Odin (by the same developer). You may have to pay for it but it’s the price of a coffee.. Use this instead of the laptop version (which appears to be discontinued.. anyone can correct me on that).

          • Mark Ryan says:

            Also, in windows to open compressed files, download 7Zip. This is an opensource very old and very well known piece of software that was ported from linux (or maybe unix). I believe it handles RAR files.

    • hammerchucker says:

      In case anyone else needs help with fixing your wifi not coming on:

      I’ve flashed the 4.3 bootloader / wifi fix on my Sprint SPH-L900 with success.

      Here is the XDA thread for the file:

      In the thread, the link below “Here is patch, Flash with PDA tab of Odin.” is for the Sprint SPH-L900. Look below that for links to other devices.

      I would check the name of the file once you download it to be sure it says your particular phone model is in the file name. I’m not positive but I’m guess flashing the wrong one will go badly.

      You can get a copy of odin by checking the how to root guide on this website. It appears to be an older version (and says Epic 4G) but it’s always worked for me. The excerpt below from an XDA post suggests that mobile odin will not work.

      The instructions below are taken from an XDA thread (written by tx_dbs_tx) on another rom but apply to how to install the patch:

      Download the rar file and then extract it. Your goal is to have a .tar file to flash NOT a rar… so I believe you must extract it first. Check and see before you attempt to flash the downloaded file in the link. Then you MUST flash the wifi fix using Odin on your PC. It will not work using mobile Odin. Once you flash the fix you can then reboot into recovery and flash any 4.3 and above ROM and wifi will work. …

    • jan says:

      Hey Max, I have the same issue. Came from a rooted 4.1.2 build and tried to go to this built for Verizon i605 Note II, and now I cannot even turn WiFi ON. When I do, it goes right back to the OFF position. I tried upgrading to ND7 Rooted Stock as well and had the same issue. Do you have a Vzn unlocked bootloader that would fix this or another fix? Thanks!

  3. cross80 says:

    do you need to install gapps on this rom, we never had to with touchwiz but i just want to be safe

  4. Von69 says:

    I absolutely love you max Lee.. YOU FUCKIN ROCK!!!!!

  5. Redeye Dog says:


    How would you rate Dr. Ketan ROM to the Phanthom ROM for N7100? I’ve been running Phanthom for a while now and love but have never tried Dr. Ketan. Which have more versatility to try more stuff? Great review. Really lovin my Note 2 and see no reason to upgrade mainly because of the great resources you provide on this website.. Can’t thank you enough!!

  6. Dominic says:

    Hey Max.. You really are awesome!! I’ve used your site countless times for Rom reviews and tutorials with my N7000. I’ve now bought a used SGH-T889 (Out of Warranty) from my friend. I’ve unlocked the device and am using AT&T service. I’ve also deleted the Knox apps and Rooted the device through the Kingo root method. All is well with no Knox Flags. I’d like to know if I can flash a recovery and custom Roms on the device. I’d really like to do the Ditto Rom 3. Can I do this, and where can I go for a tutorial?

    • Dominic says:

      There is so much mixed information out on the Internet about whether or not you can do it with a knox updated phone. I don’t care if I trip knox or not.. I just want to be able to flash custom Roms like I do on my N7000

  7. Ryan says:

    Hey Max I’m getting operation aborted while trying to flash. please help. Tmobile.

  8. Rene says:

    Hi Max, do you know if the wifi tether-TrevE Mod works with the Ditto note3 rom for t889 note2. I am running jedi master 18 now which is great, but I would like to use the note3 rom features and to try something new but I dont want to change roms if I will lose the ability to use this feature as I need it for work.

  9. Kim says:

    I’ve tried to download the multiple times but it always came out to a different MD5 then what you have posted. I thought it’s due to my internet connection, but after doing it multiple times, I ended up with the same MD5 but different than yours. May you recheck to see if the one you uploaded is correct.

  10. begar says:

    As always, a great article..

    Where can i find gapps for downloading?

  11. Zedrick says:

    Where is the sprint version? Reading through comments is the Wi-Fi fix working at all or spotty

  12. Robert says:

    Hi Max
    Great article. Thanks for sharing. I really want to try this rom. I am on AICP ROM currently with bootloader version T889UVUCMK7. I have a rooted tmobile note 2. I have twrp 2.7.x.x. I downloaded the file you posted

    When I flashed this, I got error saying the file can’t be open. I redownloaded it and did the clean wipe before reflashing. But still the same error.

    So I went ahead and try this newer version.

    This one flashed fine but it didn’t detect my sim card and also no S pen features are working. S pen is not working at all.

    I read about bootloader version needs to be mj5 or above? I have mk7 which is newer than mj5…I thought I should be okay?

  13. Robert says:

    Here are the detailed the messages:

    Updating partition details…
    Full SeLinux support is present.
    Running boot script…

    Finished running boot script.
    Formatting Cashe using make_ext4fs function.
    Wiping data without wiping /data/media…
    Updating partition details…
    E: Unable to open zip file.
    Error flashing zip ‘/external_sdcard/download/DN3/’
    Updating partition details…

    Failed (in red fonts)

    • drane says:

      i too got an error message like that tried redownloading the rom but no luck its a bad zip file , hope max re uploads and give us a new link now am running stock again after luckily escaping from a bootloop thank god

  14. cross80 says:

    I keep getting process aborted please help, I updated cwm and wipe factory reset and still process aborts

    • ssjtomcat says:

      Got this error also and though I reset my phone for nothing but read in the xda forums below,

      Try rebooting to recovery again and reflash.

      Its a known problem for the new update by the way.

      Sure enough it worked after rebooting for me.

  15. Darron says:

    I switched from jedi X last night and it won’t recognize my sim card. I have switched OS before and never had this issue.
    Any help would be great.

  16. Darron says:

    Same problem as Robert I had no trouble flashing it though just the sim issue

  17. gambo_n7100 says:

    My n7100 works great, only 2 things:

    -Power saving mode doesn’t work. Only super power saving works.

    -I keep getting hick ups reproducing music.
    It’seems not much but noticeable.

    I tried perseus but it ruined my rom.

    • Redeye Dog says:

      I had that happen to me but with a different ROM. I went to the power saving menu in settings and had to turn on one of the power saving features through that menu, then power saving mode worked fine for me. Perhaps that will fix your problem in this ROM.

  18. rich says:

    Does the camera app have the feature of picture in picture so the front camera turns on so you can record yourself while video taping someone?

  19. fred says:

    I lose SU after doing a clean flash max. Verizon note 2. Any ideas.

  20. Bunter says:

    Well after such a great article Max I decided to try a custom rom again after trying others and spending so much time discovering work arounds for different issues.

    Once again Runtastic Pedometer failed to register steps taken … I have had this issue before with another rom some work and some don’t! You know it is the rom as Accupedo is installed to check the sensors are okay.

    The rom I choose was Dr Ketan and it is great adaptions by his group – the installation requires a lot of choices but all went well. After not being able get around the issue of the pedometer issue the rom has been discarded rather than try to get the developer to apply a fix it is just too frustrating.

    I know you advocate using custom roms yes they do have some great tweaks but there are too many issues where functions are not working in every rom I have tried so in my opinion ..Root your phone but stick to the stock rom as everything works and not only that the stock rom in my case has been over 26000 on Antutu Jul where I have not had a custom rom run over the low 24000 mark.

    I love the work these developers do but there are too many functions that don’t work. Not sure how to determine when to go back.

    Silly Bunter

  21. jaggy d says:

    Hey Max,
    I used this ROM before few months. WiFi Direct not working. Dr. Ketan’s v12 is out now. Try this one instead DN3. Dr. Ketan’s v12 has a lot customizations like non-Touchwiz roms and this rom is more stable than DN3’s v5.2.

  22. Sagar says:

    Thanks Max I did this and I am absoultely enjoying my Note II.
    One change I would like you to alter you instructions the SuperSU zip is old so it gives problems. It is better to install superSU from playstore after recovery flash

  23. Sam says:

    Hi Max, great article. I download 3 times the rom for T-Mo note2. All 3 roms have the same MD5 numbers but different then the MD5 number from the download site/link. Can anyone verify please? I think that is why Robert from the previous posts have problem with the flashed.

    This is my downloaded rom’s 11146558F1540C8686BF25F7F2CAFA7E.

    Thanks in advanced.

  24. frank c. says:


    Thank for this one my note 2 tmobile has never
    Been sweeter this rom work perfect so far
    The again my friend I have never been this

  25. Eric says:

    Hi Max!i’m Eric,i just follow all your step successfully flash but stuck at samsung boot logo…..any idea to fix this?i do try several of time full wipe etc,but still no luck….btw i was from xiaomi 4.8.8 rom trying to change it to Dr.Ketan Rom….

  26. JBCool (N7105) says:

    Install this ROM after rebooting twice.
    First time after clearing all data and system reset the zip file would not open.
    It work after second reboot.
    But during Install I had selection Wipe Data and the phone would be stuck in that Wiping Data mode. Had to reboot again and start Installation Again but This time Deselected Wipe Data and Installation was good.

    But like others I have no WI-FI or Tethering.

    Any one found the solution for it?

  27. Edwin Cruz says:

    will it work with gt-n7105 on my note 2 with 4.4.4 cm11 at&t. with bandband i317

  28. Amaretto79 says:

    Is there something wrong with the rom? ,Just tried installing twice followed instructions step by step phone says can’t open file aborted o0

  29. Jlee says:

    Just waiting on the Sprint variant port for this, looks awesome.

    • Max Lee says:

      You can actually install the Verizon version on Sprint Note 2 then do this:

      Works on any Galaxy device, Verizon ROMs are fully-compatible with Sprint ROMs, just have to add Sprint APN to get 3G/4G LTE data working.

      • Jlee says:

        Whaaaaat, I’m grabbing it now. . .tell yall how it goes

      • chris says:

        Hey Max,
        tried installing the verizon Rom (R3Ds ROM for Verizon SCH-i605)
        on to my sprint device(note2), phone is now stuck in the verizon screen(bootloop)
        any suggestions on how to fix this, have tried several times to wipe all data and users, wiped partitions, wiped cache, nothing still stuck on Verizon screen. and also phone looses root

        • mark ryan says:

          If you can’t get to recovery.. probably have to use odin to root again and install recovery. If you restore your backed up rom but things are not working with sprint get a copy of Sprint rom install and in settings look for an option to restore phone.

  30. Vinh says:

    I got this rom and I absolutely love it. One thing though, how come all the cool stuff from the S5 and the Note 3 came over to my Note 2 except the camera. I know the megapixels won’t go up but I was at least hoping the layout would be something similar to the note 3 or the s5. Is there anyway to get layout into the note 2? Other than that, I think this rom is perfect. Thanks

  31. christopher says:

    Not sure what it is but i tried both clockwork mod and twrp and still cant flash this rom :/ it gets aborted in both

    • Max Lee says:

      Maybe a bad file, check MD5 after downloading and make sure the zip file is good.

      • sam says:

        Hi Max, I downloaded 3 times the rom for T-Mo note2 and all 3 roms have the same MD5 numbers but different from the MD5 number from the download site/link. Can anyone download&verify please? I think that is why Robert from the previous posts have problem with the flashed.

        This is my downloaded MD5 11146558F1540C8686BF25F7F2CAFA7E.

        • drane says:

          i too have the same problem pal tried downloading it twice but no luck iam also equally heartbroken like you let me know if theirs a solution maxxxxx u r our last hope

          • drane says:

            when i did a repair with my win rar on my pc on the downloaded file it says ! “”D:\mob\ The archive is corrupt “”

            • Max Lee says:

              Yeah that’s a bad file, just redownload.

              • drane says:

                max i redownloaded it infact thrice its still showing corrupt can u please reupload it and give us a different link for the t-mobile version (sgh-t889) or i know ur super busy but would be very kind of u if u could do so thank you maxxx stay blessed

                • ZAKsPop says:

                  I’ve down loaded it twice also and used 2 different MicroSD cards.
                  Installation aborted.

                  MD5 11146558f1540c8686bf25f7f2cafa7e
                  like Sam. Anyone else know where to get this ROM. Surely mediafire isn’t the only place to get it.

                  • ZAKsPop says:

                    Found it on and it still has the same MD5
                    but the site says it should be

                  • drane says:

                    team electron (the dev’s)hasnt given any offical support for tmobilers thats why its not a clean install for us and all of those who somehow managed to flash this are having wifi problems inspite of the wifi fix , i dont think so that max could do anything about this he has been ignoring this for weeks the only hopes are the devs of dn3

                    • Max Lee says:

                      I am not ignoring, the DN3 devs don’t want mirror links so that is why you have to download from their site. Ask them to reenable mirroring, then I can reenable mirrors.

    • Carlo says:

      Same problem, tried CWM and TWRP different versions and get the same “FAIL” error.

  32. adilson santana says:

    how can i fix the wifi? I try using devil’s kernel but it doesn’t work, I had to reinstall everything again any suggestion?

  33. sawdoctor says:

    Can I just say if you want support for the rom or are having issues if you go to our thread on xda you will get support from the people who actually developed it.
    [ROM][4.4.2]DN5v2(Ditto Note 3) ROM for SGH-i317, SGH-i317M, N7105 from Electron Team.

    I have no issue with the rom being posted here but would prefer the download link to be the original one on the eteam website rather than any mirrors

  34. marcus says:

    @christopher reboot recovery from twrp and flash again..

  35. james says:

    will this work on 4.4.4 i want to make sure before i flash it

  36. oipsst says:

    currently im on 4.3 firmware. do i have to upgrade my firmware to 4.4.2 to install the DN3 v5.5? thanks!

  37. GTP20 says:

    Hi Max,

    Can you explain how to update the bootloader and put the needed files up? I can’t get wifi to work. I tried installing AGNi pureSTOCK N7105 Kernel but it still won’t come on.

    • Ryan says:

      Make sure your using version 4.2.5. I had to flash the kernel twice to get it to actual work even though it said it installation successful.

    • GTP20 says:

      I was concerned about flashing any of the WIFI fix files as I’m using a T889 and none of the posts seem to mention that version specifically (in the file or the users experience)

      I ended up flashing Stock 4.1.1 file (from this site) using Odin. I then updated the phone (took a while OTA updates) right up to I think it was 4.4.2 (I know there was an update after the 4.3 one).

      Once the stock phone was up to date a flashed the Root file again using Odin and then installed the ROM…WIFI working perfectly.

      It took a few tires to install the Rom, I had to format the /system folder twice. I think it was the 4th or 5th try it finally booted. Max had mentioned this somewhere in the post so I just kept trying and it did finally load.

      I took a long time, but I think it needed to be done for future Roms as well. I remember trying a Rom several weeks ago that the WIFI wasn’t working for me and I moved on to another instead of figuring out the problem.

      As for the ROM itself; It looks good and so far works perfectly. I like the looks of it, but after a day I quickly remember why I started rooting and installing AOSP Roms. I personally use very little of Samsung’s added features and Apps. That being my personal preference, anyone looking for a nice stable Rom with everything working and I guess Next Gen design this is a perfect Rom for you.

  38. Bryan says:

    Hey Max,
    I downloaded and installed Dr. Ketan ROM for GT-N7100 successfully.
    Previously i had 4.4.4 CyanogenMod 11.
    Wi-Fi is not working. Whats the solution?

  39. sawdoctor says:

    Thanks for updating the links, just watched the video review. Think one handed mode for all screens and toolbox might be worth a mention as well, pretty nice features. We’re looking at which note 4 features to add at the moment, already got a few working. The note4 s health is really nice

    • sam says:

      Hi sawdoctor, how come when I clicked on the link: “Download Ditto Note 3 ROM for AT&T SGH-i317, T-Mobile SGH-T889, Canadian SGH-i317M, GT-N7105”, it takes me to “DN3 v5+ FOR NOTE 2 N7105, ATT I317, I317M”
      I don’t see it for T-Mobile SGH-T889? I guess it is not for T-Mobile SGH-T889. Thanks in advance.

  40. Faisal Khan says:

    Hi Max,

    I have n7100 unrooted smartphone. please let me know what are the steps to make my smartphone as a hybrid phone.

    Custom recovery
    Custom rom

    Faisal Khan

  41. pepedss says:

    What about for SHV-E250LSK devices?

    • Max Lee says:

      You can use SJKernel but the developer’s site has been down for months.

      • Eric says:

        Hi Max,
        I understand that using custom rom on Note2 Korean LTE (SHV-E250*) need to have SJKernel installed but any recommendation rom that work best for this device?
        Ditto Rom or Dr.Ketan?

        Thanks and Regards

  42. JBCool (N7105) says:

    After This Update My phone is overheating. and it does battery drain a lot.
    Going back to LiquidSmooth ROM

  43. Redeye Dog says:

    After hearing all this, I think I’ll stick with Phanthom ROM..

  44. Danish says:

    I am getting error message.
    E: can’t open /storage/sdcard1/ (bad)

    • Amaretto79 says:

      Me too Still can’t figure out how to get my phone to install the rom ,I have the right CWM tried flashing through my sd card and the Phone’s internal memory and still nada

    • Max Lee says:

      Probably a bad file, just redownload and check MD5.

      • Danish says:

        I start the process through Rom Manager and it install the ROM but when reboot it stuck on Samsung logo. So I looked up the comments and you ask to format and reinstall. So I boot it up into recovery mode and when I try to install same file it gave the same message as above.

  45. sawdoctor says:

    Hi Sam, the rom is a multi carrier release and works on all the carriers mentioned. There is no modem included so you won’t lose baseband. The xda thread conrains buildprop for all devices if you want the correct buildprop for your device

  46. sawdoctor says:

    Danish I’ve already posted to head over to the xda thread for support. The “bad” error is a known issue with aroma. If you reboot straight into recovery it will flash on the second attempt

  47. Jay says:

    Max, still no love for the verizon notes on 4.4.2.? If im reading it correctly that is. My phone was not originally rooted many moons ago.

  48. anthony says:

    I have Samsung t889 rom works well but no wife connection can send a link to fix this for tmobile

    • Max Lee says:

      Does wifi turn on at all? What is the last official Samsung TouchWiz firmware you installed? 4.1.2? You may need 4.3 bootloader.

      Also try using Build Prop Editor app on Play Store and change: TO

      Let me know if the build prop method works.

      • anthony says:

        Okay cool imma try build prop edit max thanks… n no it doesn’t turn on

        • anthony says:

          Nope nothing related to secured storage lemme know…. can u shoot the link to update the bootloader??? Please thanks max

          • sawdoctor says:

            Have you flashed the latest agni kernel? I know a lot of you might not be members of xda but that really is the best place to go if you need help and advice with custom roms, it’s where the developers are

    • Ryan says:

      You need to use Agni Kernal 4.2.5. Search xda

  49. Ryan says:

    Max, this is my favorite rom. I cannot for the life of me get the wifi to work. I heard about Dr. Ketans wifi fix using odin but i have tmobile version. Please help with the fix. I know a lot of others are having trouble with this as well.

  50. Victor says:

    My WiFi isnt working. Im Using the Canadian SGH T988V. I tried to flash the Dr Ketan Wifi Fix. But Odin Fails Me. What are somethings I can do to get my WiFi Working

    I adore the ROM been waiting! ! !

  51. james mancuso says:

    I wanted to comment on what you say about flashing Verizon note 2 roms on the Sprint note 2.

    What you are telling everyone is false. It can not be done as you say. The users will have a non working phone afterwards.The kernels and roms will not work for sprint and will cause major issues. I dont know who did the research but they are wrong. The sprint version has a special partition call carrier which is located at mccblk0p16. Does that partition look familar to yall? It is the data partition on all other note 2 versions. Sprint uses mccblk0p17 for data. So if any custom rom or kernel is installed it will look at the wrong partition and try to use it. First off the kernel will not boot second it and the rom will corrupt the carrier partition leaving the user with a non working device. This can be fixed but it is not something a normal user will be able to do. I have been able to port over the S5-FEAT rom from Verizon but it requires way more work than just changing the APNS and mount points. Sprint users need access to the carrier partition on touchwiz roms to be able to get any data 1x/3g/4g. The framework jars also need to be modified to give users a fully working rom.

    So please do some more research before you post more damaging information.

    • hammerchucker says:

      Thanks for commenting. I tried installing the Verizon ROM on my SPH-L900 to no avail. Afterward my TW ROMs got a singal but no data or phone service (phone number was mostly zero’s). I did find that I had working data (including LTE) on LiquidSmooth and Gummy ROMs (AOSP I believe) but no phone service (again, mostly zeros). I was able to restore services through billard412’s unroot ROM (and I’m guessing the garwynn/evilkoncepts carrier restore alone would work though didn’t try this by itself).

      Max, please advise if you’ve found otherwise as I thought you had a video showing the verizon rom working on a sprint phone – the one where you enter the APN info manually.

    • Max Lee says:

      Yeah I didn’t test it on Sprint Note 2 as my Sprint service is disconnected currently. I figured it would work fine since it worked on my S3, S4, S5, and even on my Note 3 but Sprint Note 2 may be the only one that has that partition problem. That sucks.

  52. ajay says:

    Flashed on t-mobile note 2. Everything works flawlessly, except the WiFi. What could I do to fix this? I miss my WiFi 🙁

  53. david says:

    screw this rom. Wifi doesn’t work. The patch doesn’t work. I spent like 6 hours and soft bricked my phone to get this piece of crap to work. And this is on at and t not sprint. Going back to liquid smooth. I reflashed root via odin on my pc to get rid of the softbrick

    • sawdoctor says:

      If you flash the wrong patch for your device you will probably brick your phone. Each wifi patch contains parama.bin and sboot.bin folders for the specific device. You can’t flash one that is for the wrong device. The best and safest thing to do is either flash stock 4.3/4.4 with odin first or just use agni/devil kernel to get wifi. I have the 4.4 bootloader but still usr agni anyway as it performs better than stock kernel

      • Amaretto79 says:

        Hey Doc ,I know You are one of the guys mantaining the thread on XDA which Odin version Should I use to apply the WifiFix or update for Boot loader ?

      • Max Lee says:

        Actually you won’t brick it since it will not flash with ODIN, it will just FAIL if you use the wrong one.

    • Ryan says:

      You need to use Agni Kernal 4.2.5

  54. james mancuso says:

    Wifi fix used via odin is only for users who did not update via ota or odin to 4.3 or 4.4.2. The issue most of yall have is poor directions from the guide. You need to files from your devices tw roms. kern_sec_info and lkm_sec_info also I suggest chganging the boot.img also.

    These issues are common mistakes made by people who really dont know what they are doing when they post guides. Also do not flash gsm romns on a cdma device or vise versa.

  55. George says:

    I tried to install this on the Sprint note 2 using the Verizon rom as instructed however i got stuck on the Verizon boot logo and never got past it. I reset the phone 3 times and kept trying but finally had to give up. I really would like the ability to use this rom any idea how to make it past the bootscreen?

  56. Mason says:

    Hi Max,

    I don;t know if anyonme asked already but it is too long a comment thread to wade through them all. Is there a link for a US Cellular version of this phone? I am pretty sure it’s similar to Verizon/Sprint as they are all cdma. Let me know. Thanks!

  57. Amaretto79 says:

    Its’ weird I tried that method of flashing the Rom like anybody would do, I’m using The newest CMW WIPED DATA tried flashing and it wouldn’t do so I rebooted in recovery to flash a second time to see if it would take it ,And It Automatically rebooted to the Rom I had already Wiped o0

  58. Hien says:

    Hey Max, just rooted my T-mobile note 2 and my firmware is currently back to 4.1.1. Can I install the Ditto note 3 ROM without up version my device to 4.3? Please help, thanks!

  59. Zai says:

    Hi sir ! I need kitkat bootloader only for note 2 n7105..

  60. Amaretto79 says:

    Stupid question but I thought I ask anyways ,What Odin Version are You all using to either update the Bootloader or apply the wifi patch .,?
    I’m using v3.07

  61. drane says:

    max their something wrong with the this file (Download Ditto Note 3 ROM for AT&T SGH-i317, T-Mobile SGH-T889, Canadian SGH-i317M, GT-N7105) i downloaded it twice cant flash it its says installtion aborted because bad file or something whats wrong with it please help

    • Amaretto79 says:

      It looks like is more than 1 person having this issue ,Some of us already tried several times ,I tried 2 different cables 2 diff computers Using the newest ClockWorkMod Version and still no cigar ,I wonder if it makes a difference what Odin version We’ve been using in my case I used v3.07 and the older version before that one and still nada :/

    • Max Lee says:

      Try opening the zip file using ES File Explorer or on your computer, does it open without error?

      • Amaretto79 says:

        Let me give it a try Max ,I’ll let You know in a few minutes

        • sawdoctor says:

          I’m the “dev”(I’m not a developer though ) I’ve posted here how to get the rom working and also posted the link to the xda thread. If you ask for help there you will get support from me and the rest of the eteam

      • Amaretto79 says:

        It did let me open it on my computer Shows all them folders

      • Danish says:

        I am still having the same issue when try to install in Recovery Mode. I can install it only if start the process through ROM Manager app but after reboot it suck on Samsung. I am able to install Illusion ROM. Currently I am using Jedi 9.

        • Max Lee says:

          Try formatting /system and reinstall ROM, do not use ROM Manager as that’s automated method. It took me 3 times to install DN3 ROM, I had to format /system 3 times, I almost gave up but it booted right up the 3rd time so keep trying.

    • Don says:

      I am having the same issue, I have tried it with CWM, Philz and TWRP. All say that it is a bad zip

  62. james mancuso says:

    Not trying to bash but man yall got to stop flashing non sprint roms on sprint. Also dont flash sprint roms on a non sprint phone. This wont work. I do sprint roms and am telling you sprint is different. I have ported verizon rom to sprint and aosp miui from n7100 to sprint and verizon. It can be done but what is stayed here is wrong. Max wont tell you this but his instructions are wrong for sprint. Also just flashing wifi fix wont work for most devices either.

    I am calling you out MAX. Please dont waste these peoples time with bad directions. If you want/need help giving correct info I am willing to help. Just dont keep making people mess up their device with bad directions.

    • Max Lee says:

      Yeah I have updated the instructions, wifi fix will work on t889, t889v. I just did a test with sprint note 2, it’s the only galaxy device that does not work with APN change method but every other Sprint phone does.

    • Max Lee says:

      I did not try to give bad directions, it just happened that Sprint Note 2 is the only device that didn’t work on so. Lesson well learned, try it first beforehand. But it works for all Qualcomm galaxy devices like S5, S4, S3, Note 3, so it’s pretty easy to guess that it will work on Note 2. It happened that that’s the ONLY device the APN method doesn’t work on. It’s a bummer but Sprint Note 2 has a different file structure, but people will not brick devices by trying that, it’s pretty safe to do, you will just end up in a bootloop, just install another ROM and prob solved.

      • james mancuso says:

        Thank you for fixing the directions. Also it will take more than just flashing a new rom after trying. You have to repair the carrier partition that was messed up. I never said they would brick their device but it will mess them up. Until they odin back to stock or flash the carrier partition they will have not service.

  63. james mancuso says:

    Wifi was only broken on the beta 2.5 version of s5-feat and the is a flash fix for that one. Community never had a wifi problem. The wifi problem was my fault because I forgot to swap out kern_sec_info and lkm_sec_info.

    • Max Lee says:

      Oh good then i m trying it tomorrow and will update to include the rom for sprint since dn3 is no go.

      • james mancuso says:

        One day I will get around to getting dn3 but it take a bunch of framework edits. Only issue on community is spen clipping. I believe spen clipping works on the s5-feat.

  64. Amaretto79 says:

    Alright fellas Finally my phone took the Flash and here’s how I got it to work
    Coming from Liquid Smooth Rom 1 Wiped Data in recovery mode CWM newest version. 2 located Rom and proceeded to flash and got the error Can’t Open File operation aborted So I waited for CWM’s response I went ahead and clicked on reboot system now. 3 phone reboots and gets stuck at the Galaxy Note 2 Logo .4 I Removed battery Got the phone in recovery mode and Flashed the Rom again WITHOUT WIPING ANYTHING! And it took it this time now I have to try and flash the WiFi Fix to see if it works Hope this info works for all those who couldn’t get the phone to take the flash

  65. amilcar Salazar says:

    Wifi tether is working for thi
    s rom??

  66. Don says:

    IF YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLES INSTALLING the rom because your recovery keeps giving you an error saying it can’t open it, all you have to do is constantly restart directly into recovery and try and install it again. Keep repeating this until eventually it will open the zip. This is a huge headache, I hope this helps someone.

    • Srikanth says:

      Did u got it working ?
      I did as u said like 20 times now, but cant get the file to work.
      Is there anything else I am missing ?

      • Amaretto79 says:

        If it fails and says error can’t open Such and such file which in this case is the Rom. just wait for TWRP OR CWM to go back to the Menu and Select reboot Now , if the phone gets stuck at the GALAXY NOTE II S black screen just remove the battery and boot back in recovery mode “DO NOT WIPE DATA” and repeat The steps Chose Install zip ,locate the Rom and flash it for some PPL it takes more than 1 attempt for me it took the flash the second time now I have to figure out how to get Wifi Working since Odin fails every time I try to flash the Patch :/

      • Don says:

        Yeah I finally got it working after 3 or so restarts. I’m sorry it didn’t work for you but that’s what solved it for me. If you’re using Philz recovery I made sure to wipe for a clean install and then restarted multiple times until it let me install the zip. Good luck to you.

  67. Srikanth says:

    I have a Canadian note 2 SGH-I317m. I have twrp v2.8
    I tried using the rom said above but I am getting the unable to open zip file error. I tried rebooting multiple times but I cannot get it working. Any solutions ??

  68. Jose says:

    Hi, I have installed the provided rom for the note 2(T-MO) and it installs good. As I go to boot up the phone, it keeps displaying samsung. How long before I can start using the phone? Is there a specified wait time before I can get to the home screen? I have followed your installation steps. Please help.

    • Don says:

      If it’s in a Samsung logo loop then you’ve soft bricked your phone. Just go through recovery, wipe your caches and so on like you normally would to install a fresh rom and reinstall it.

  69. duncanwilkinson says:

    Love the look of these roms – awesome work Max! After several attempts the rom seemed to install ok although my note just gets stuck on the second glowing Samsung logo. Tried resetting and wiping the cache etc but sill get the same result. Anyone had this?

  70. cisco408ca says:

    Come on no love form my Sprint note 2 ? i’m gonna update to a note 4 next year but for mean while i want the best custom touchwiz for my phone . Seem’s there’s always update’s for everything else =(

  71. silverspear67 says:

    I can’t seem to get any camera app working. Is anyone else having this issue?

  72. amilcar perez says:

    Its wifi tether work for this rom ,some one say something?

  73. Mauro says:

    Max, I reallyyyyyyyyyyyyy need your help! :/
    I have a T-Mobile Note 2 and am having trouble flashing this rom. I’ve downloaded the rom 3 different times already and no luck when installing. I do a wipe data/factory reset and then install the new rom. Upon doing so, I get a message saying “installation aborted.”

    • Amaretto79 says:

      Try this when it says aborted wait for CWM or TWRP to go back to the menu and You are gonna hit Reboot system now ,If it does reboot and gets stuck at the Black Galaxy II Screen just remove the battery and boot back in recovery mode ,if it does reboot “DO NOT WIPE DATA” just go ahead and Hit install Zip like You did first time locate the rom and it should let You flash it this time if not keep on trying until You see the Aroma Installer and from there just follow the steps required to install the extra add ons .

      • Mauro says:

        Thanks for your reply. I did as you instructed, but my phone goes past the Black Galaxy note 2 screen onto Cyanogenmod (the prior rom I was using). Then, it goes to the home screen, so I removed the battery and tried to flash the rom again without doing any wipes and no luck. I did this 7 times and still no luck. Any further suggestions? :/

  74. Tesla77 says:

    I am totally messed up on this whole bootloader business. I have been swapping roms for a long time now and have never gotten this messed up before, I am on I317UCALK7. Will this work or do I need to up grade to this mj5 I’ve been hearing about. If I do I will need a tutorial for sure because I don’t understand at all. Any help would be much appreciated. My model of phone is the sghi-317 from att. It’s rooted of course and am running latest version of AICP.

    • Amaretto79 says:

      Where are You getting errors at when trying to flash the rom? , I have the same exact phone You have unlocked and rooted too I was finally able to install it this morning .

  75. silverspear67 says:

    Any ideas on why I can’t get any camera app to work?

  76. Amaretto79 says:

    Did anybody get the SOME CHANGES FAILED! at the end when trying to Install Agni Kernel 4.2.5 ????

  77. Mauro says:

    Problem solved for anyone having issues with the “installation aborted” message when trying to install this ROM. I tried tons of things and spent a couple hours doing research. Sometimes when downloading the file from your computer and transferring it to your mobile device, the file can become corrupted. Rather than downloading the ROM via your PC, download it directly from your phone. After so many attempts at different things, this worked for me! Let me know if this post helped any of you with this similar issue (:

  78. amilcar perez says:

    Some one know if wifi tether is hack to work ?????????????

  79. silverspear67 says:

    Hey guys I’m on the Galaxy Note 2 SGH-I317 and I don’t have any camera resources. Is anyone experiencing this? No matter what camera app I’m using it always fails and crashes. Any ideas? I’ve scoured the net but can’t find anything.

    • silverspear67 says:

      WOW!! Nothing, huh? Guess its back to SlimKat for me. Jeez!!

    • Max Lee says:

      Did you do a clean install?

      • silverspear67 says:

        Yes I did. But I finally figured it out. I reinstalled the Rom, activated the camera first and then flashed the Agni kernel and now the camera works. However, it seems that whenever I use the Ultra power saving mode it resets my homescreen and certain apps. Not too impressed by that mode anyway; sure it gives you more standby time but as soon as you use your phone to talk or surf the net it seems to drain the battery normally.

  80. Hien says:

    I flashed my T-mobile note 2 yesterday to 4.3 version (rooted) I will try to install the ROM using ROM manager. Hopefully I won’t get bricked like yesterday when using 4.1.1 (rooted)

    Hey Max, you should put out there the prerequisites for the Ditto Note 3 ROM installation. Otherwise people are just installing on devices that are not ready for the ROM.

    big thanks for sharing all your knowledge!

  81. Rohana says:

    Flashed DN3 v5.5 rom to my N7100 which had official 4.4.2. But could not get rid of “android.process.acore has stopped”. I always install new roms after formatting, clearing cache everything. Tried reinstalling multiple times. Had no success. Other than that it is a very stable, great looking rom.

    So I flashed DN3 v5.2 rom which does not have any sort of issues. Running for a week now. Very satisfied. DN3 5.5 got much features and improvements. But cannot use it with above error.

    • Max Lee says:

      You can try formatting /system (different from regular factory reset) and re-install ROM next time you get that error.

      • Rohana says:

        Hi max, I already have tried formatting via cwm, factory reset in the settings with formating internal memory, clearing cache in the contacts & contacts storage at applications and even editing others.xml at /system/csc etc. Still no luck. I badly want to fix this and use the new version.

      • Rohana says:

        Finally found the solution.
        Renaming “/system/csc” to “/system/CSC” using Root Browser did the trick.

  82. Amaretto79 says:

    You know Max my dumbass flashed the TAR FILE WIFI PATCH FOR THE T-MOBILE VERSION SGH-T889 by mistake and soft bricked my phone but managed to bring it back to life real easy through Odin with the stock firmware, I have an AT&T SGH-I317 but mine is unlocked and I’m on T-mobile that’s where I got confused ,The weird part is That this tar file for the T* mobile Version of the NOTE 2 SGH-T889 went all the way through when I flashed it with Odin but when it booted back up I got the Recovery Screen ,On the Wifi Patch for the AT&T Version I keep Getting A FAIL every time I try to flash it with Odin.
    Any suggestions .?
    Tried Agni Kernel 4.2.5 flashed it about 3 times and keep getting Some permissions Failed at the end of installation :/

  83. jlee says:

    Sucks that the Sprint variant got no support from the E-team. But the ROM looks great. Ah well, would have loved that Ultra Power Save mode feature. . .guess I’ll try to get all I can out of tasker and greenify on Omnirom

  84. Hien says:

    I installed the ROM successfully on my T-Mobile device by flashing it with factory firmware, rooted it and used ROM Manager to install the DN3 ROM. The process went smoothly. Only issue I have is the S Find feature from the AIR Command menu opens the S Pen management instead of the S FIND command.

  85. Amaretto79 says:

    damn still no go on the Wifi issue :/

    • Ryan says:

      You said u installed agni right? Go to phone info does it say it there if not it didn’t work

      • Amaretto79 says:

        I Don’t think it went through I’ve looked and I don’t see it anywhere at the very end of the Agni Kernel installation it goes all the way thru but at the end says some cjanges failed.

  86. Hien says:

    blackmart “fail to download” message when tried to download app.

  87. fred says:

    Hi max. Great work on your site. Thanks for keeping this great platform alive. This rom is great except the google maps wont get a gps lock now. I tried an few apps that require root to try to recalibrate the gps settings and no luck. Thats a deal breaker for me. This sucks that so many great roms have major glitches. Back to alliance rom for me.

  88. Justin Holland says:

    I have been contemplating flashing this to my t889. Before I do, I want to know, does this come with the stock Samsung keyboard for the note phones? I love the ability to write with my s-pen and the last couple roms I tried didn’t have it, nor could I get it to work.

  89. KUNA says:

    what do you people know about this release for the n7100:

    its phantom v11…

    • Redeye Dog says:

      I’ve been running it since I learned about it on here on Max’s website. I haven’t tried v11 yet but I have v10 running well on my n7100. I had trouble with BT for a while but it seems it was a bad d/l. D/l from Mega worked on first try. Everything works really well for me now. No problems.

      • KUNA says:

        i just installed it, its difficult to decide between phantom v11 and dn3 5.5. they are almost identical, but it seems to me dn3 has more features, like themes.

  90. KUNA says:

    btw there is an update available for dn3 v5.5

    it adds an app to update the rom and many other functions.

    so far this is the best rom for the n7100.


  91. liviuflorin says:

    I Note 2 (N7105), converted OnePlus One, and tried to convert in S5, and if I select “wipe data / factory reset” get the message “intallation aborted” installation.
    I looked for solutions, and found that you should NOT SELECT “wipe data / factory reset”, and installed software must be installed over OnePlus One. So I managed to convert the S5. Works great on my N7105, but a problem with PlanificatorS widget that is not stable …..
    Excuse my English writing!

  92. Kuna says:

    There is an update for dn3 v5.5 n7100
    It adds the Update me application to keep your dn3 up to date. So far so good.

    Download here:

  93. KUNA says:

    here is a link again to phantom v11 for n7100.!lpU1VbAQ!yXasY7rcQ2qSNbIVBeWHo6H88brClBHvvE-TlaaWY1U

    It has a great installtion process, you can choose the boot animation, apps, and a lot more, it doesnt have a theme manager like dn3. works like a charm.

  94. Amaretto79 says:

    Anybody tried another solution to get wifi working ???
    Tried updating Bootloader through Odin Failed,Wifi Partch from Dr.Ketan same thing, Agni Kernel 4.2.5 Installs
    about 4 times still a no go , Devil kernel maybe has anyone tried this .?

  95. Amaretto79 says:

    Finally ! it took 6 flashes me to get Agni Installed Wifi Works !!

  96. Ryan says:

    There are a couple of bugs I have found out using Tmobile version. First of all when my phone is in stand by it will lose signal completely until woken up. This happens about half the time. Very frustrating. Another thing I have noticed was that my phone sometimes freezes. I don’t know if this is due to the Agni kernel or not. These bugs are so frustrating.

  97. ZAKsPop says:

    MAX Help up. There are several of us trying to flast the T-Mobile and it says (bad). I’ve downloaded it twice from mediafire and once from and all 3 have the same MD5 of 11146558f1540c8686bf25f7f2cafa7e but the MD5 should be 615a4e051508d4161d3710965f727730 according to There is no MD5 on the site which the download link is to mediafire. Can you post the one you downloaded somewhere? You seem to have had success installing it.

    • Max Lee says:

      Goto to galaxynote2 directory its all there.

    • BoyGenius says:

      Before you flash rom go into CWM recovery or latest Cwm recovery perform the wipe data/factory reset then wipe cache ..go into advanced and reboot into recovery.. DO NOT FIX ROOT OR ROOT DEVICE simply choose No and device will reboot back into recovery now flash the DN3 V5 rom ..If you see screen goes blurry your right on track and aroma installer should start.. If you wanna keep your apps continue w/out wipe.. enjoy

  98. Pablo M. says:

    Hi Max! I’ve had 2 problems with my n7100 so far. First one is that i cannot link one of my mails to the phone. Dont know why, its pretty weird since i can do it with another one with no problem.

    Second one is that it seems to me that Ditto consumes my battery pretty fast.

    I’d love to hear if someone has a fix for the mail problem. Thanks!

  99. chris says:

    FLashed Ditto Note 3 ROM for my AT&T SGH-i317 and worked after the second time, however my Mobile Data is no longer working. It is not connecting to a network and i am not able to do anything unless i am connected to WiFi (is working).


    • George says:

      Check your apn setting and make sure that ATT is actually listed. If it isn’t you will need to find the apn settings and manually input them and that should get your mobile data working again.

      • chris says:

        Thanks George, I did look at the setting had have tried to select ATT as the preferred, as well had it automatically connect. Either way ATT is listed and also shows up as my service provider (even receiving calls and texts) however can connect to the internet or download SMS’.

  100. Pablo M. says:

    Im having a real problem now. I cannot turn my phone off. It turns on right back again and i cannot charge the batery! Help!!!

  101. hanamichi says:

    Hi max, I installed the rom on my AT&T note 2 , but it won’t connect to wifi, how can I solve this problem?… Thanks in advance for your help

    • Amaretto79 says:

      Try flashing Agni Kernel 4.2.5 in recovery mode , That worked for me for my at&t note 2 ,or Flash Dr.Ketan’s wifi patch through Odin if You don’t want to flash the 4.3 Bootloader

  102. ABD69 says:

    I’m getting operation aborted while trying to flash. SGH t889 T-Mobile anyone have any advice for me please ……

  103. tim says:

    Is there anything for sprint note 2 hybrid s5 and note3? Thanks Max

  104. Srikanth says:

    Finally I could get over the “corrupted zip error”.
    I was uisng TWRP v2.8, but it just doesn’t read it. I installed philz recovery (PhilZ Touch 6.07.9) and it did gave me same error at first but then on next reboot, it read the file and installed the hybrid rom for me.
    My wifi issue was fixed by Agni Kernel 4.2.5

  105. Rich says:

    I tried installing this rom on my Galaxy note 2 t889 … why don’t someone just do a t889 video with links of files needed to be installed… make everything so difficult for tmobile users

  106. Rich says:

    If i knew how to root this rom on Galaxy note 2 tmobile t889 i would post it to show users how to installed it and what files are needed… make things easier ….

  107. Gary Simpson says:

    I have an AT&T Note 2 I1317. I am able to install the ROM but after it restarts it will not connect to the AT&T network and it tells me no SIM card is installed so I’m not even able to attempt manual entry of the APN info…..

  108. Mike says:

    I see everyone talking sprint and t-mobile wifi fixes. I have not seen any solutions for i605? What kernal are you running…3.0.31?

  109. Mark says:

    I have T-Mobile sght889 and just installed this rom this morning I came from liquid smooth and is working fine without any problems wifi working and everything else is fine the only thing is that the widgets in menu drawer where you open to see all apps is just about half it’s regular size I already changed themes and they all do the same but going back to the INSTALLATION PROCESS I downloaded the file on this post which is 1.93gb or something like that I just saved it to my internal memory then I had the newest cwm already installed and I tried to install the rom but it would give me the abort error reset it and wipe and still gave me the abort error so I downloaded the cwm provided on here and installed it using the same cwm, reboot phone and tried to install again and it started the aroma installer after I finished with the Installer selected the reboot option phone rebooted and got stuck on the Samsung logo or that’s what I thought so left it like that for about 5 min reset phone in cwm and wiped data and reboot and it took about another 5 min or so and it started working fine hope this helps someone I also deleted davlic cache under advanced settings right before installing CWM provided in the link here

  110. ABD69 says:

    Installed the DN3 ROM from as Max suggested and now I have no network serves and a NULL/NULL IMEI. I`m new to rooting and flashing ROMs but I know I did it correctly. Can anyone please help me repair my IMEI dilemma . I have a T-mobile SGH-t889. I could really use some step by step help. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE MAX !!!!!!!!

  111. Notescreen says:

    Max, When I flashed the Ditto Note3 for T889 I always get stuck on boot I waited for 30 minutes and still on boot? I tried to format/system then install the ROM but still I get stuck on boot please help !!

  112. grant says:

    Ok, this is how I got this to work on my t889 (t-mobile)……
    I’m coming from 4.4.2 Jedi MasterX2 ROM, With TWRP 2.8 recovery
    1. back up the current rom,
    2. download directly to the internal storage of the phone. Not the external sd card (for me the zip file it just never loaded from the external sd card)
    3. when download is done boot into recovery. and set yourself up for a dirty flash….wipe dalvik, cache, and system not data. Again I’m coming from another 4.4.2 ROM
    4. install the rom… this took me from 3 to 4 attempts ( when you get the error message Don’t hit reboot on that screen, hit home then reboot recovery and try to install the ROM ) as I said it took 3 or four tries.
    5. Then boom it should install.

  113. jose says:

    I really love the Rom (Verizon i605 version) and find it immensely useful. However, for some reason the GPS with Google Maps is out of sync. When I use it to navigate it stays stationary and doesn’t follow the route, as it does normally. I tried changing the network from Global to CDMA and Location. I tried reinstalling it (with and without the OTA update and with or without the Clockwork update fix) and also using GPS fix app, but nothing seems to work. I would love to be able to use this rom as my permanent rom, but not being able to use the GPS is a deal breaker. Has anyone encountered this problem or have any ideas on how to fix it? I would be most grateful.

    • fred says:

      Im having the same gps issue on my verizon i605. I would love to use this rom as a daily driver but the gps issue is a deal breaker. No one is addressing the gps issue here or on the main fourm. Too bad these great roms come out all glitched up. Theres some real winners here just need some tweaking is all.

  114. GodLike says:

    Hey Max,

    I have an SGH-T889, if I flash ‘Ditto Note 3 ROM for GT-N7100’ on it, is it gonna work?

  115. Stan says:

    Hi guys, after a marathon testing session, I managed to install the DN rom into my N7105. Here are the steps.

    1. install CWM (There is no and above for N7105, and forget about using TWRP too)
    2. download the ROM and save it into the SD card (ADB sideload did not work for me; ADB says the file is corrupted)
    3. There are some checkboxes you need to click before the ROM installs (Took about 2 mins for me)
    4. After installing, the ROM will reboot. (I got stuck at the Samsung logo) To fix this, i shutdown, removed the battery and started up again.
    5. At this stage, you will see “Android is upgrading” I have 124 apps to be upgraded, all from DN3. Takes about 2 mins.
    6. Then you will see the familiar Samsung Galaxy welcome page. Tada!

    I’ve ran it for the last 30mins and the battery life is not good. Dropped 10% in 26 mins! Horror!

  116. T-mobile user says:

    Samsung Galaxy Note® II (T-Mobile) T889
    So i came and check to see if anyone has any idea of links to download this room step by step to note 2 phone …

  117. Stan says:

    Anyone knows how I can disable Pullup? I’ve got it deleted so every time i trigger Pullup, it will say “Application not installed”.

  118. byron says:

    Im trying to flash my ATT note 2 .When flashing rom using Philz it says update binary .. but the flash still goes through . Works almost perfect but the phone won’t read sim card . It’s not the APN problem yup listed above .. my phone isn’t even reading the sim card. Please help !!

  119. jordo_89 says:

    Hi Guys
    Just got the rom to work for N7105, that was running 4.1.2 JB as I lost my firmware from previous attempts to flash DN3 V5 (wiped a little to much before installing)
    1. Tried CWM, TWRP didn’t work for me kept getting bad file, error, aborted etc
    2. flashed philz_touch_6.48.4-t0lte with odin 3.09.
    3. wipe factory reset —> clean to install a new ROM
    4. install zip —> found DN3 V5 zip on internal directory
    5. flash failed unable to open blah blah
    6. so went to power options –> reboot recovery
    7. and repeated 4. and 6. until aroma finaly booted, selected the options I wanted, mostly note 3 stuff.
    8. aroma installed, rebooted phone, It did hang a bit on start up for like 1 min.

    used phone so far for 5 mins, everything has signed in ok, wifi and 4G working, still need to test installing apps, maps, gps, just everything in general.

    Thanks MAX LEE

  120. kuna says:

    After testing more than 10 different rims. I am back to dn3 v5.5. + update.

    Hands down the best, more stable rim full of note feature out there. I had many hick ups with other note 2 rims.

    I have a n7100

    Phantom v11. Was OK but it gave me an error when trying to restore it as a backup.

    Dr Ketan. Had some hick ups.

    Cm11. Just isn’t good enough for the note 2.

    Slim Kat. It’s a great rom but also with few features.

    Now a very interesting one it’s smartisan v.9.9.7
    It’s worth checking out.

    Diamond v1.2 had some issues too.

    I will stay with dn3 for a long time. If Samsung releases an update to the stock firmware I might go back and unroot.

  121. Johan says:


    just installed the ROM and its working perfectly. Just one question: i’ve downloaded the theme zip file and installed it, byt how do i change themes? I can’t find where i change themes.

  122. Shane says:

    For AT&T SGH-I317 —-
    First off— Thanks Max for keeping up on the Galaxy Note 2 Root scene. This phone is still badass to this day!
    Ok, I didnt read all 200 comments but to the people that were having trouble with the failed installation, I did a standard format system/data/cache and got the FAIL when installing the DN3 zip.

    After the fail, I selected reboot (and yes at the prompt).. while rebooting I pulled the battery and booted back into CWM and the DN3 zip worked.

    After the install my WIFI was not working.. I tried Dr Ketans wifi fix in ODIN and was getting failures…… turns out I was on the i317ucama4 bootloader which is the oldest.

    After flashing the I317ucubmj4 bootloader (DO NOT FLASH THE NEWEST BOOTLOADER) my WIFI worked..

    For people having Signal problems or no signal, You can flash a new modem as well.. these are safe to flash right from CWM.

    Head over to Bajanman’s thread @ XDA:
    for the latest goodies

    Im running this rom with [MODEM] I317UCAMH3 (Latest) Uploaded byGuitarboarder28

    [KERNEL][AGNi][STOCK 4.3] 06-03-2014 AGNi pureSTOCK N7105 MK9+ (ULTRA SMOOTH) By-psndna88

    That kernel gives easy overclocking options for CPU and GPU (Currently OC’d @ 1.8)

    These files can be flashed at any time and do not need to be flashed in any order. I have been testing this ROM current configuration for 2 days now and I can see an easy 30% longer battery life over LiquidSmooth v3.1. The ROM also seems more stable..

  123. GodLike says:

    Is ‘Ditto Note 3 ROM’ link gonna work on SGH-T889?! It says ‘for AT&T SGH-i317, T-Mobile SGH-T889, Canadian SGH-i317M, GT-N7105’ but it doesn’t say SGH-T889 on the Electron team website.

  124. GodLike says:

    I’m getting Installation Abort errors when I wipe everything and then flash. If I don’t wipe, it’s installing but keep getting stuck on the booting screen. Help? -SGH-T889

  125. carl says:

    hi again im running on 4.4.2 stock kitkat its a gt-n7100 is the method as described above the best way for me to flash i have just rooted it i spoke to you on a different thread.

    many thanks

    • carl says:

      on a side note i dont know if i miss read something on a different post but is it possible to give a n7100 lte speed data because for me to get 4g on a note 2 i would need a different modal the n7105lte

  126. GodLike says:

    For those who are getting ‘Installation Abort’ errors:

    Flash the ROM without wiping anything, then flash the TouchWizThemes ZIP. Reboot into Recovery again, WIPE(Factory/Reset), and then Reboot again, wait 2-3 mins, and it should start up!

    Hope this helped!

  127. Pathino says:

    Hi, I’m using this rom and it works great on my 7105.
    The only thing is, it uses a lot of ram (1,5gb) is this normal or is it possible that I installed I wrong? I did not change anything during the installation.
    I used the cm11 rom and that used only 600~800 mb ram.

  128. Zeeshan says:

    Hi Max your video is so help full
    My phone is Note 2 Korean .

    I root my phone from mobile shop he use the TWIN (team win project recovery)
    My phone not show the S Pen fetuses
    And themes help me

  129. daichi says:

    Hello. My first post is here.
    My phone is ATT note 2. I installed this ROM and worked perfectly except It didn’t detect my Sim card.
    So I had to get back to Stock ROM…
    I think I have to tweak Modem,, not sure though… but could anyone help me what exactly I should do??
    Thank you.

  130. nvrmndryo says:

    hi MAX, ive installed DN3 version for my N7100 ,but it freezes often .what could be the reason ?I am using same apps as ive been using before nothing new .

  131. PurpleToniE says:

    I have a GT-N7105

    tried the DN3 for my phone and it was ok except it will not let me use a sim on my phone… says IMEI null

    removed DN3 and got LiquidSmooth instead… stuck in bootloop… tried the workaround suggested… still stuck in bootloop

    tried to go back to the DN3 and now stuck in bootloop

    Can anyone please help?

    • PurpleToniE says:

      wiped everything and tried DN3 again but kept failing

      tried jordo_89’s step 2 and successfully installed DN3 but stuck at glowing SAMSUNG logo

      tried Stan’s step 4 but still stuck at glowing SAMSUNG logo

      waited patiently to see if it is maybe just taking a while like jordo_89 said but my nails have finished painting my nails on my feet and i still have the glowing SAMSUNG logo…

      what am i doing wrong?

      • HeavenX says:

        I have a SGH-889V. I had the same problem as yours. It got suck in the boot logo and can’t detect my SIM.

        I’m not sure when you meant “wiped everything” include wipe “/system” as well, but you can try this: “Reboot into CWM recovery, go to Mounts & Storage->format /system. For TWRP, go to Wipe->Advanced Wipe->Wipe /system. Then re-install ROM.”

        If you get error saying the ROM file is bad and installation is aborted, you can rename the ROM zip into something shorter, like “DN3_v55”. Works for me.

        If you can get past the boot logo, you can use Odin3 to flash modem to solve your SIM card problem. You need to do some digging on the internet to find a modem for your carrier. For me, I’m with Wind Mobile in Canada and I got my rom from here:

        Now my phone works well, with all the S5/Note3 features 🙂 Hope this helps.

  132. BUNTER says:

    Go and use Odin get the latest stock from Sammobile and flash that .. Keep a rooted phone on stock much less trouble.. Then you can use your phone and all the features,I had to do mine twice today… It’s no fun.. Agree.!

  133. peter11742 says:

    Hi All.
    I play with my AT&T I317 Note 2 and DN3.
    First only DN3 V5.5 works correctly with the phone and I have now the first update.
    The phone had ATTI317BMK6 firmware.
    No mater what I tried I get the message Baseband Version Unknown.
    The Phone works perfect and I love the software I use it to make free WiFi calls and messages.
    I have my Note 3 T Mobil that is perfect for my every day use.
    Model on the phone GT-N7100 not I317.
    Any one has this problem please let me know.

  134. peter11742 says:

    I have a small update my pen is not working so there are 2 problems with this ROM.
    Any one has solved both issues.
    If not is any other ROM similar that works good and has Galaxy s5 software.
    Help is always appreciated.

  135. Eqgeek says:

    For those of you with trouble, did you flash MJ5 Bootloader?

    • peter11742 says:

      NO. I flashed with the next ROM MK6.
      This ROM has Version 4.3 and on its own and works much better than DN3.
      All the functions work and is a fast ROM.
      I run my phone for now on the MK6 until all issues are resolved.
      I spend more time than it is worth for the DN3.
      When the pen and the provider will be solved I will come back and see if works.
      Thanks to all for the support.

  136. peter11742 says:

    Whoever lost the functionality of the note sgh-i317 there is a fix.
    Download: i317-odin-ucucne5-stock–no-recovery.
    This will give you a perfect phone from AT&T firmware at version 4.4.2
    All functions work fast and no glitches.
    After this you can try the DN3 mod which has better graphics and appearance.
    I hope some people know how to proceed with the way I describe it.

  137. Juan Lara says:

    I tried it but signal was poor, then I tried uninstalling and re flashing but then I got soft brick
    Now I have snapshot, but it doesn’t allow me to install dn3 anymore. Anyone knows why?.
    I already tried doing factory reset, reformating SD etc.but nothing works.

  138. kuna says:

    Emergency question!!!

    I cannot effectively install any ROM, it always gets stuck on the bootanination, I trued several ROMs they all do the same.

    The only think that works is restoring a backup.

    I’m doing everything as always, wipe data, cache, dalvyc.

    What could be happening?

  139. xsessive182 says:

    im still stuck on samsung logo after trying all sorts of combinations of wipe and reinstall and cannot get the device to work

  140. peter11742 says:

    Hi to all.
    I have been having your issues but I have only one way to come out of it.
    Download: note2-CWM- and install it on the external sim card.
    Make the phone to go to download mode.
    Open odin3 and flash the above file.
    Your phone now will start with CWM software. Give time for this first step.
    On CWM go to wipe,advance and wipe all except the external sim card.
    when is done go to “install” on the CWM go to external sim find your software and install it.
    In your external sim card load the software you like to operate.
    For dnr3 use only version 5.5 this is the only one working with the sgh-i317. You will have no pen and sim.
    I am using now the i317-odin-ucucne5-stock-no-recovery all functions are working.
    Good luck.

  141. Eddy says:

    I loose some of my settings after using ultra power saving mode like email accounts…

  142. Dnice1 says:

    Hi Max I have T Mobile Note 2 and everytime I try to flash this rom i’m getting a (BAD) Installation aborted error. What should I do?

  143. Adam says:

    So, I was able to install the R3Ds ROM, OTA update it to 3.5, install the AGNI Kernal 2.5 and then into 2.9 to fix my wifi, and everything is working fine (except the bundled xposed framework, it won’t let me install or update it, but that’s no big deal) EXCEPT, I’m remaining in 3g data everywhere I go. Before, when I was running Jelly Beans for 1.5 years, I never had an issue picking up 4G LTE data, but now, the only data I can pick up on my phone is 3g. My question is: “is there a flashable radio that will be compatible with everything I have on my phone right now that will enhance the sensitivity to picking up 4G LTE?” Thanks.

    • Adam says:

      Nevermind. I thought I fixed this earlier. My Network mode remained stuck on Global instead of LTE/CDMA. I’m sorry for wasting any time.

  144. Anant says:

    Hey Max,

    I flashed Dr Ketan ROM on my rooted note 2. The phone is not booting. Its stuck on the samsung logo page.

    PLEASE HELP asap if you can.

    Thanks Max.

  145. Oleg says:

    Can anyone please add instructions for t-mobile installation?

    I know it’s not officially supported by E-Team, but some people had success.

    I have TWRP, and CWM

  146. Danish says:

    Is this rom support 64gb sd card?

  147. allayen says:

    i have note 2 at&t rom crashes when i reboot my phone and stopped in Samsung :'(

  148. Andy says:

    Bro. the music effects and equalizer of the the DN3 Rom not working…. pls help!!

  149. Cooling says:

    Hi Max,
    I have N7100, the “open Popup Note” when the pen is detached is not working after installing Dr. ketan rom
    Please comment.

    Thank you

  150. Lawrence Co says:

    I have this rom very good. But only have one prolbem wont let shut down phone. Phone resets then boots up again. Anyone else have same prolbem

  151. Dr.Gunjan says:

    I have a network unlocked T mobile with me in India..i want to install DN V5+ rom on my phone..Will my phone get network locked after installing this rom??After installing this rom will i able to use my phone with my Idea Cellular Sim Card?? Please relpy..

  152. Dr.Gunjan says:

    and what about the wi fi issue? If it will be there what will I do? do I have to use agni kernel or wi fi patch ?? please provide the links for that solution..

  153. gexsamir says:

    Hi max. Im gen. I have a problem on my gps not locking. Any solution on this? Im using N7105. Thanks

  154. ed says:

    hi Max…
    flashed and converted to one+1 . great rom but i encrypted Gt n 7100 ! now i cant update , flash a new rom or mount my storage!
    can you help me out??
    THANX ! greetz Ed

  155. ed says:

    There is no option to decrypt !!

  156. Martin lee says:

    I flashed the DN3 rom it works great but i notice wifi seem to load slower then usual. my bootloader end with NI4

  157. manish says:

    what about nfc … and stock app like snote etc with Dr ketan ROM

  158. Ben says:

    please upload the bootloader for i317 to fix wifi when you get a chance

    otherwise this rom is pretty good. have spent about 20 hours of quality time trying to get wifi to work (on mac, i know it is ridiculously bad for flashing phones)

    this might help others (could not get any flashing program to recognize my phone even though other programs work fine with phone):

  159. PJ says:

    Upon installation you are prompted to pick either Note3 or S5 options/configuration settings. Once installed is there a way to toggle between the two to see how they behave individually?

  160. Ramon says:

    How install in note 2 t889???

  161. gaurav says:

    its saying e signature verification failed
    when i try to instal
    i am instaling Dr. Ketan ROM for GT-N7100.
    sugest something

  162. IBTISAM says:


  163. rg says:

    Can I flash this rom if im on 4.1.1 stock rooted?

  164. frank b says:

    The link is not there . just saying not found

  165. Ruqaiyah says:

    I followed the procedure for root and also found super su app in my app library but when i used titanium verify it said *this app will not work your phone is not rooted blah blah… what to do ? HELP !!!!

  166. Islam Bishr says:

    Almost a perfect ROM, running on N7100 smoothly after overclocking to 1800 GHz. Only have a critical Bug in unlocking the phone using a pin code. I’ve wiped data/cache after customizing the whole phone and installing apps.

  167. kenneth says:

    Everything works but im getting no signal.

  168. kenneth says:

    Everything works but getting no signal

  169. cain says:


    this rom’s actually good no problems… it’s just that how do we get root back, cf auto root seems not to work witht his rom no more..

    thank you

  170. mian says:

    Waiting for dn4 for n7105 .

  171. Marc says:

    WiFi fixed for my SCH-605 Verizon note 2! fixed it by flashing to the MJ9 firmware via Odin. If you need help with that, check this thread.

  172. StellaNote says:

    Hi Max – would like to update my rooted tmo sgh-t889 N2 to DN3. Link in this article takes you to Electron-Team site where there is no specific option for T-MO DN3 ROM. Is that link correct? (I assume you tried previously and had success) – Thanks.

  173. Anthony Wheat says:

    Need to know which one to choose from to root my phone and do I need to erase data from my phone first. I have an AT&T galaxy note 2

  174. Adam says:

    I have a i317 and I flashed the DN3 rom yesterday. Everything works perfectly (wifi, calling, ect.) except my mobile data isn’t working. I tried to update my bootloader from NJ1 to MJ5 but it failed. Any insights from anyone? A link to correct bootloader or instructions to update would be greatly appreciated!

  175. says:

    Followed all instructions for to root galaxy note 2…….no success!! The SuperSu wont open is says there is no SU Binary installed and SuperSU can’t install!! Please help me and give me some suggestions to fix this issue. I have a SGH-i1317 note 2 running android 4.4.2. I’m desperate for answers! Thanks!

  176. mtarek says:

    there is no caller id appeared on screen when i start a call.
    and the phone reboots when i start a call.
    but the other phone i called rings

    this PROBLEM is from DN3 ROM ON GT-N7100

  177. anthony says:

    the ditto rom worked perfect but its saying not register on network i have the t-mobile version

  178. Albert says:

    FIRST time messing with “ROM’s” nailed it with the help of this site. Note 2 is now a S5/N3 hybrid.

    +1 !

  179. ben s says:

    been getting some strange stuff… on new years, some beautiful graphics came up and said happy chinese new year… today (1/10), it has beautiful graphics and says, happy birthday dad, then it now says happy valentines… what is this please ?

  180. juan p says:

    Can i flash agni kernel whit this rom? which version should i use?, this is the best rom, but i want more speed

  181. david says:

    pls admin…am using a t-mobile sgh-t889 phone here in Nigeria…its has been unlocked and rooted, hv also run SOME CUSTOM ROM in it..but the problem is that when ever l switch on my wcdma…it doesn’t show….it only show EDGE…and l cant browse well cos the edge is too slow…pls am in Nigeria…thank you…

  182. Brian says:

    awsome job, installed in 1 shot no f up, nice to see some action , screw the apple products, SAMSUNG all the way

  183. stephen says:

    this rom does not come with wifi calling and also
    getting error about usim when try to go into the
    network setting any fix? thanks oh yeah on my
    SGH-T889 4.3

  184. James says:

    Have all the issues been fixed for this ROM? Trying to install a new ROM so I can hold out for the Note 5. My phone is running very sluggish and need a revamp. Currently running FTW and need to change to another ROM quick.

  185. chatrles says:

    flashed rom for t889 and got usim error message

  186. Hilmi says:

    Hi Max,

    Check with u
    Im flash my Rom using DN3 v5.5 and when i try to check my kernel its show kernal.ota.prop missing.
    Any idea??

  187. Jaz says:

    I am trying to download the ditto rom from their site and it never gives me the link for the download. Anyone having similar issue?

    • Brian says:

      its all there, just scroll down just till you see note 2 note 4 and select your phone, then go to the bottom of the post and you will see “Download link of DN3 v5+ FOR N7105, I317 & I317M: Mediafire” or whatever phone you have and click on Mediafire or whatever link they include, easy as that,

  188. annasun says:

    hi, i tried flashing Ditto Note 3 ROM for my GT N7105. everything worked well except for the sim. it doesnt recognize my sim. what should i do?

    • Brian says:

      Look in the rom description you will see the Q&A sectiin your answer is there,

    • Jaz says:

      Yes, the same thing happened to me. It has to do with flashing a korean rom or something similar. I recommend reverting back to your previous rom or backup and seeing if you get it back. If you do, you should do an efs back up just in case for future issues. I did the same thing and i could never get it to work. Ended up getting liquid smooth 5.0.2 rom which is great.

  189. Brian says:

    Just wondering if anyone ever tried a OTG cable on this rom, can’t seem to make it work, don’t know of its the rom or the cable, any input would be nice,
    thanks in advance, Brian

  190. Ryan R. says:

    Is there a good kernel for over clocking for this rom? If so, I’d love to know what it is.

  191. Yellow says:

    I flashed this ROM yesterday. I’m using Note 2 AT&T I317. Most of everything works well. The issues about WIFI -problem has been solved. The remain problem is that, when I checked my credit, It pops up some asian letters like japaness or chinese (I’m not sure which one). are there anyone that have the same problem? any solution? Thanks

    You do a very good MAX. I check this site more than I check my facebook account. lol

  192. BoyGenius says:

    Make sure you have CWM recovery or later do the wipe date/ factory reset ritual go into advanced and reboot into recovery ..when promted DO NOT FIX/ROOT DEVICE select NO and continue w/ rooting or fixing root… when rebooted then flash DN3 v5 rom and if screen becomes blurry aroma installer should start meaning your on the right track.. If you get a bad download error message simply go back to recovery and repeat everything you did exempt you go to Mount’s And Storage after Wiping Cache & format the system Only.. then go to advanced and same from their.. have fun with this rom

  193. BoyGenius says:

    Sorry do a wipe data/ factory reset and wipe cache ritual

  194. douglas says:

    No WiFi on a Verizon version. Everything else work awesome. But DR does not list Verizon.

  195. Ramsey says:

    i checked this rom out for tmobile note 2 but it seems like they dont have a download link for that on their official website.. can you post me a download link admin ?

  196. SIB says:

    Coming from Bootloader unlocked and rooted Build NumberJZo54K.I605VRAMC3, Baseband Version I605VRAMC3 with Android 4.1.2 on my SCH-I605, I flashed the; R3Ds ROM for Verizon SCH-i605 and TouchWiz Themes using TWRP to convert Note 2 into S5/Note 3 Hybrid.

    I must confess that the ROM is lovely and full of stuff for the Note 2 but I have two major issues;
    1. My WIFI will not swich on; I searched everywhere and was able to find a fix; Flashing PSN_AGNi_pureSTOCK-v4.2.5_I605_4.4.2_AROMA-signed in TWRP recovery, and

    2. When I load credit or run balance check on my phone, I receive network response in chineese language. For this I am unable to find a fix.

    Any kind of assistance will be appreciated.

  197. Shahrukh Salman says:

    Love the keyboard on the DN3 rom for note 2. I’ve now got a note 3 with Dr. Ketan’s L24 rom on it but want the same keyboard as the DN3 for note 2. Any ideas how I can get that keyboard? (Silver keyboard with symbols on all keys makes it so easy)

  198. basit khan says:

    hi max lee I already update my note 2 on dn4 but my back camera not opening
    pls help me
    have a good day

  199. Joe Nath says:

    Please help. I flashed dn3 rom on my at&t galaxy note2 and its showing service reply in Chinese

  200. mohammadyaser says:

    after i install the DN3 v 5.2 my NFC in my galaxy note 2 N7100 is not turning on please help me

  201. shaun says:

    hey max! I just entered 2018 today and it seems that dn3 for n7100 is not available on the electron team website. I really want this rom and I would delighted if you can provide a download link..
    Thank You!

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