Jedi Master ROM 14 for T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 SGH-T889!

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For this week’s T-Mobile Note 2 ROM of the week, check out the all-new Jedi Master ROM version 14!

Based on the latest T-Mobile MD1 LTE official firmware, the Jedi Master ROM is very similar to the Jedi X ROM but with T-Mobile base for more stability, wifi-calling/LTE support.

The latest Jedi Master ROM comes with its own Saber kernel with support for overclocking up to 1.92Ghz, coupled with its own CPU overclocking Trickster MOD app.

For themes, you can choose between Jedi Blue, Jedi Orange, Jedi Purple, Jedi Red, and Jedi S4 Style. My favorite is the Jedi Red and Jedi S4 Style.

Multi-window is enabled for all apps as usual and you will find an elegant, transparent multi-window flashbar you will appreciate.

You can tweak the sound easily using the on-board Awesome Beats, Voodoo Sound, and Walkman app, great for headphone users.

Jedi Master ROM now ships with two cameras including Note 2 and Android 4.2 PhotoSphere. Taking photos or videos using the PhotoSphere camera is easy while multi-tasking with multi-window.

Overall, if you want lots of features while getting great battery life and performance on the T-Mobile Note 2, you can’t go wrong with Jedi Master ROM.

So, check it out this week(end) and do let me know how awesome it is!


Download Jedi Master ROM 14 for T-Mobile Note 2 SGH-T889

Credits – Ptmr3 <--- Please donate to the developer or hit Thanks on XDA if you like it, thx!

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102 Responses

  1. mooooo says:

    Does this rom work for SGH-i317 ????

  2. darrell says:

    Always helpful thanks Max…. this rom is perfect.

  3. Donte says:

    how do i get handwriting mode for keyboard?

    • Joshua says:

      hold down on the microphone icon on the keyboard. after that four icons should pop up. Select the T with the pencil

      • Kamal says:

        Hi, how to change keyboard’s color ? it white and looks so ugly…any ideas?
        u also know how to change setting background? everything is white and looks wierd

  4. Abel says:

    does it support 64gb sd cards

    • Ant says:

      Yes, download and flash perseus kernel and your 64gb card will work. I just bought a 64g Micro SD from Amazon a week ago and can confirm working.

  5. ant says:

    Does this ROM support USB and or WIFI tethering?

    • RichyRich619 says:

      Check out the features and support in the link here.

      My first attempt to install did not went well. Retried the second time and its awesome.
      Max how about when it comes to installing the modem, do we intend to keep what we have on the phone or does it matter which one we should install. My Note2 is Tmobiles UVALL4 but I went ahead and kept the current modem.
      Cant thank you enough for all of your videos.

  6. Jaime says:

    Very glad I stumbled into this rom…. best rom out there for the note 2…. thanks to the developer…

  7. jose says:

    Max, I am having problems with my Sandisk 64Gb micro SD, ever since I flashed JEDI X14 rom, it has turned on copy/ write protection on my micro SD. Iโ€™m not quite sure if the rom had anything to do with it, but I noticed i could not delete anything from my micro sd after flashing this rom. I have already tried:

    -A different rom
    -format sd via phone
    -format sd via PC
    -format sd via mac
    -use different card readers

    I donโ€™t understand how this got turned on, because there is no physical switch on the micro sd card, only on the larger adapter. I have tried the switch both ways and nothing works. I am trying to delete all my files so I can have a fresh card but it is not working. PLEASE HELP!

    • progressive says:

      Hey man. I had the same problem. Try holding power and home button until you get menu to do the flashing. Thats how I solved it. Before that I also formated the card, but try this first.

    • Ant says:

      Hey Jose, have you tried to do a memory swap of the internal and external me memory card? Im still trying to get it to work with this rom

  8. say says:

    you can barely see the notification bar

    • RonDellawear says:

      Download xposed tweakbox. When you enable it in xposed installer you will be able to change the notification bar color.

  9. Kyle says:

    Just curious, but can you change the keyboard after flashing this rom??? I personally like the regular color of the keyboard before root. Thanks.

    • Dante says:

      any luck? I hate this color way!

      • Angel says:

        (have to make my comment longer) Same here!!

      • Kyle says:

        No… ; ( I was using the red theme. I tried out the blue theme and the keyboard is really nice. Black with slight blue highlight. ๐Ÿ™‚ way better than the red one.

        • RichyRich619 says:

          You can change to the standard keyboard even though you have installed the themed keyboard. Go to your settings> language and input>Keyboards and input methods>default>Android keyboard or a custom keyboard installed from Play store.

  10. Michael Rodriguez says:

    I get the android.process.acore stopped working I have tmobile galaxy note 2. Is there any fix

    • Joshua says:

      Try reflashing the rom, this time, wipe everything before you install. erase all user data (wipe data/factory reset), delete dalvik cache, etc. After that you shouldn’t have any problems.

  11. Juanska says:

    No live wallpaper ๐Ÿ™

    • Joshua says:

      You have to add the live wallpaper via the aroma installer

      • RichyRich619 says:

        I did choose the wall paper chooser and live wall paper item, but still no live wall paper item available when trying to set the live wallpaper after the ROM is fully installed.
        Max what is the problem here is it because its a non Touch wiz base rom or is it?
        Please help.

  12. Quenten says:

    hey max I was wondering if you could help me I recently installed this ROM and overclock the processor like seen in the video and the phone got real hot luckily I pulled the battery before cooking a processordo you have any idea why that occurred ..?

    • Max Lee says:

      Not sure, sometimes your phone may get hot the first hour or so when you install it (it may be due to the fact that your phone is syncing everything) but should go away. How long did you use the ROM?

  13. Quenten says:

    thanks for getting back to Max about a half hour .how I noticed is that I received a phone call that’s how I knew it was over heating the previous version I had no problems with..I’m probably just going to go back to that one.for now .I’ve never had no problems on no other roms and it’s been over a hour and it still getting hot

    • richyrich619 says:

      I have the same issue though I thought but realized that there were too many things going on. if your phone is not in use make sure some apps arent running. I had my gps and wifi eunning while I was at home having the phone idle. I was like unsure of why. then I decided to kill all apps turn off gps and wifi. in about twn minutea or so I checked up on it and ir was cool again. so just a thought. dont turn on what you are not using. saves battery and system processing. This rom is great. waiting to see some random issues and will report it.

  14. john says:

    Has the Jedi 14 rom been released for Verizon Galaxy Note 2??? I currentlt hav Jedi 13…

    • Thomsuey says:

      Can’t seem to find a clear answer for this. XDA has an X14 link for Verizon, but the installer states “You are about to install JediX for T-Mobile Galaxy Note II SGH-T889.” Don’t know if it is safe to proceed, so will stick to X13 until I can find out for sure.

      • Brian says:

        jedi 14 for T Mobile is very stable believe me because I am using it right now and it has not given me any problems I even have LTE in certain places but one thing I can say it is just like having you stock but with the capabilities of adding rooted apps this ROM is for me flawless

  15. Quenten says:

    hey max and everybody else figured out what the problem was I install the ROM then did a restore on titanium backup from apps which there is a conflict there I just factory reset and wipe data in recovery re install the ROM let it boot it all the way up then went back to recovery after booting up when its was done i did a factory reset and data wipe and did fresh installs for all my applications then signed into all of my accounts then I let the phone sit and sys all data up for a hour great now I have no issues very fast speed.. as the as the S4 the heat issue is fixed love this ROM thanks for all the help you guys and thanks max keep up the great work!!

  16. Jeff Sweet says:

    Hi All,

    With this rom and version 13, I keep getting Awesome Beats has stopped working. Last time I just uninstalled it. Maybe my Titanium Backup restored an incompatible version over the top? Each time I upgrade to a new version of Jedi Master, I just let Titanium Backup do a restore of all apps and data.

    Should I just be choosing the missing apps and data option?

    Thanks for your help.


    • Ant says:

      I use neutron music player. Ive been using it for about two years now. It has more features than a y music player apk on the market. I have Bose QC15 headphones and with awesome beats, editing bass boosts usually deteriorates the quality of music outputted through my headpbones even on the lowest setting. Try it out and let me know. There’s a free version in the play store.

  17. RonDellawear says:

    Can you run the apps2sd script to swap the internal and external memory on this ROM? Or is the Saber Kernel not compatible with the apps2sd script. If so, is there a stock kernel download available so i can have the ability to run the apps2sd script.

  18. Jaime says:

    I cant see the notification bar when im on settings and on some apps…please help… other than that it’s an awsome rom..

    • Jeff Sweet says:

      The same thing happens for me, the notification bar is White and I can’t see things like text messages coming in.

      • RonDellawear says:

        Download xposed tweakbox. When you enable it in xposed installer you will be able to change the notification bar color.

  19. fehmina says:

    hi max …….
    first of all thanx for always being a great guide when it comes to rooting or selecting a new rom for my androids .
    i just tried this room everything is awesome except wallpaper cause i am only getting static wallpapers …live wallpapers option is not even there …… plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help dont want to change this rom ……need ur help ….
    thanx alot

  20. David says:

    How do I switch themes on this rom

  21. Tony santos says:

    Will changing from the stock rom to jedi 14 take away my ability to catch LTE on my note 2???plz answer thank u

    • Joshua says:

      No it won’t. You will have LTE

      • Tony_305 says:

        actually it did, i wasnt able to catch lte, i also have a SG4 and it caught lte thats how i knew that it has to do with the rom, i keeped original modem… im going to try jedi master 14 which states that it is lte compatible . so lets see.

  22. marc says:

    I don’t know how to get lte which modem grants this access that we need to pick for lte?

    Good Vid always max I stopped going other places just cause you do so well

  23. Alex says:

    So I installed the ROM but my 62gb sd card is not mounted somehow please help

  24. Dante says:

    Is there any way to get rid of this horrible grey keyboard? I’d like to keep the layout, just want it reversed. Black background instead. Thanks in advance.

  25. Jamie says:

    Hi will this rom work on the SGH-T889V ?

  26. blukrystlz says:

    Hi Max, first thank you for sharing this ROM.

    My problem im having is I flashed this twice & selected live wallpapers, and I am unable to get it. If anyone has a suggestion on how to make it work, plzzzz let me know.

    Thank you all in advance,

  27. Dominic says:

    OK so i used the link to root and restore my phone to factory. when i root my phone and try to go into recovery mode (holding up, home and power) the screen splits and the galaxy jumps around and then crashes.

    I can not get this rom to work. and the rooting does not work. Please HELP

    • RichyRich619 says:

      Try rerooting again with Odin maybe it did not push all the files as it should the first time and also make sure when installing the rom to wipe out all cache, factory reset and dalvik cache. Follow the instructions as Max shown in the video. If you feel that you miss a step then it will not work.
      Good Luck

  28. Erica says:

    Having issue with the battery not charging to 100% anymore. I have also charged the phone in airplane mode and still not getting my 100% charge. It seem to almost slow the process for charging it. Love the Rom but not what its doing to my battery. Sucks ๐Ÿ™‚ Help plz Thanks.

    • Kyle says:

      Odd. My battery seems to charge fairly quicky and it lasts alot longer than it did before. And I use it alot

      • RichyRich619 says:

        My battery is fine as well on my Note 2 for Tmo. Maybe you have a defective battery, try another battery. Good Luck.

  29. Carlos says:

    I’m not a noob at this but I’ve never tried the Jedi ROM’s and I don’t want to brick my phone. Could someone point me towards the instructions on how to install this ROM. Much appreciated, thanks!

    • Ant says:

      Look for the rom on xda. You can also find instructions on how to flash roms on Max’s site. He has video explanations too.

  30. alinn9396 says:

    Cant change the image on lockscreen..along with that how do you change the themes from jedi red to s4 ect. Cant seem to find a solution.

    • RichyRich619 says:

      The theme selection is during the Aroma installation process, you can only select one theme during install. Jedi Blue seems to be the best, IMO. I have tried the others but don’t seem to like it much but that’s anyone’s preference. Use other launchers to change your theme afterwards.

      I installed NOVA launcher and Widget Locker to change my lock screen. Some you much just have to pay for the apps to do so.

  31. Tony_305 says:

    why doesnt NFC OR S BEAM WORK , im trying to use this awesome feature and it doesnt work, i have 2 SG4 unrooted and 1 note 2 rooted and this note 2 doesnt work with nfc or sbeam, that really sucks. why

  32. Preston says:

    Love this ROM. I have Tmobile T889 Galaxy Note 2 and only probably I have is when im on the phone, people hear themselves in an echo. I turned off my noise reduction and still no dice. Any suggestions?

    • RichyRich619 says:

      I don’t have this issue at all. I have Tmobile Note 2 also. My only issue is with Jedi Blue rom is one of the cameras does not function correctly meaning that it doesn’t save the pics but only works for the 4.2 camera, it works great tho.

  33. Tony ag4u2c says:

    U R a genus…… I have wallpaper issues but I’m sure that’s my fault. Will figure it out or do without. Can’t donate but can afford to pay a complimentary quote. Thanks…

  34. Majid says:

    i have just installed the rom but lost my network data. do you have any advise for me how to fix this problem please?

  35. Ivy says:

    I’m having the same problem 2 . I recently losses my Imei & band version, had hell trying to restore but did .I don’t want to go thru the same problem trying to install a live wall paper zip myself . PLEASE HELP

    • Ivy says:

      I chose live wallpaper on the aroma installer but no live wallpaper selection . how do I either install them or get them back on my Phn without flashing and messing something up?

  36. Dom says:

    Any update on how to get live wall papers to work?

  37. Jupiter Salas says:

    Hey max,
    I updated from jedi master 11 because the pie launcher stopped working. This rom is fantasticas was 11. Issues I’ve come across since install, I cannot open .pdf files in Polaris or download attachments from gmail app and no access to live wallpaper. Any help would be great, thanks in advance.

  38. Francisco Galarza says:

    Hey max, can you please stop avoiding the livewall paper problem and give us the solution for it. I see a lot of guys having the same problem and no answer from you. This rom would be perfect if it didn’t have this problem. Please, WHAT’S THE FREAKING ANSWER.!

  39. Jason says:

    Any updates yet for the Jedimaster on sgh-t889

  40. phaze0085 says:

    Does anyone know if you can use Jedi Master roms on at&t Note 2?

  41. Bryan says:

    Does anyone know if the seeder setting under Jedi rom tricks comes on the att version? It seemed much quicker (lag) when the seeder was activated

  42. Rodney says:

    Hey Max, thanks for sharing this with us! I’m a little behind the game, as I’ve been using a stock ROM the past two months, but I got bored and found this beauty. Only been running it for about an hour now, but I’m familiar with Jedi X and am absolutely loving Master. Props to Deviant Devs as well. However, I just hopped on XDA to look for boot animations and discovered that Master is up to 16 now. Have you tried that one yet? I really like what I have here, and am hoping for a comparitive review before moving up. Never know what things might suddenly be different or missing or broken 2 versions up XD

  43. zachary hadley says:

    Cant seem to use all share with this rom or any custom rom. Is there any solutions ? Any help would be great

  44. Jerry Fang says:

    Hey guys,

    I downloaded jedi master 14 and use mobile odin to do the flash and whem I go and flash the rom it stop and say install error ๐Ÿ™ and reboots. Did I do anything wrong?

  45. Hugo says:

    Can it be installed in a Att note 2? because iยดm with tmobile and i need wifi calling

    • fishdaddy says:

      Yes it can be installed because I too need the wifi calling I was getting LTE speed of 37mbps download and 16 mbps upload just fallow his instructions on how to enable tmobile AWS band. but my radio turned off.
      Max, I lost my imei and finally got it back by updating using Kies with my SGH-I317, had to unroot again, now I have a baseband of I317UCAMA4 will I still be able to install this rom on my phone. This is a great rom if you need to use the wifi calling that tmobile offers. MAX THANKS.

  46. lou says:

    I flashed jedi master 14 to t889 and now I cant get play store to work or get any gapps on im sure I forgot a step can anyone please help

  47. Damien says:

    Running sgh t889 with Jedi Master X coupled with Demon kernel (kernel fixed Wi-Fi issue) on 4.1.2 stock boot loader. Runs flawless so far… Fast as hell.

  48. Johnny Kim says:

    Installed newest Jedi Master on T889 Note 2, but don’t see the LTE symbol, even though I’m supposedly in a LTE area. Is there a fix to this or did I install the rom incorrectly?

    • jerry says:

      Which Jedi Master ROM you’re running? Im Running Jedi Master X2 and it show LTE on mine. Try creating a new access point name. Also go to the play store and install SELinux Mode Changer and change it to premissive and not enforce. I’m not sure if its just my Note 2 or what, but when I flash to Jedi Master X2, I’ve experienced a shit load of signal drop when on my home wifi. Download and install SELinux Mode Changer, change from Enforce to Premissive and it took care of the signal loss issue..

      • Johnny Kim says:

        Jedi 18 Master on T889 note 2. And went to the play store, but it says that SELinux Mode Changer is not compatible with my phone. Any other suggestions? Been looking around XDA, but haven’t found an answer yet. And I checked and LTE is definitely in my area.

        • john says:

          Fixed! Re-flashed rom but in the aurora installer made sure I updated the modem instead of retaining current modem. Problem fixed!

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