Jedi Master ROM for Rooted T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2! [Version 2][Best ROM]

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Slightly de-bloated (while keeping most of stock Sammy apps), the Jedi Master ROM for your rooted T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 brings a few tweaks including Awesome BEATS and Sony Bravia Engine to improve upon your stock ROM. For those of you who want to keep most of your stock apps while giving your newly-wedded phone a boost in performance and battery life, give the Jedi Master ROM a try, also developed by an Android master developer ptmr3 (you can follow him on Twitter here)

UPDATE: See updated version 8 HERE!


Version 2 – (11/5/2012) I think this is the best ROM you can run right now on your T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2. (also works for Canadian T889V)

  • Higher Volume Mod
  • Perseus Kernel with OC/UV support
  • Framework modifications
  • 4.2 Keyboard added
  • 4.2 Gmail
  • Added back Samsung Apps
  • Removed Tmo TV
  • Changed Default Wallpaper to Match Screenshots

There should be many cool updates coming but in the meanwhile, give this guy a try and let me know what you think!


Download Jedi Master ROM
Credits – XDA

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30 Responses

  1. Humberto Cristobal says:

    If I have an unlocked Tmobile Note 2 im using with att do I root it using the tmobile roms or can I use the att roms and methods?

    • Max Lee says:

      Use Tmo methods since you have a Tmo Note 2.

      • sam says:

        hi i need help i have t-mobile galaxy note 2 i did root the phone i never done this before how to multi window and what to do with root phone can you help me please i will pay if you need thank you

  2. Humberto Cristobal says:

    Thanks so much now would you recommend a stable touchwiz rom I can use without all the tmobile bloatware thank you once again.

  3. steve h says:

    is there a Way to get the boot up music to stop it is way to loud.

  4. Andy says:

    Will ROMs for t889 work on t889v?

  5. Steve H says:

    Using this rom right now im on the sgh T889v

  6. Luis Pacheco says:

    how do u update the version 2? is there a download link? or how do u do it?

  7. Keven says:

    Auto Rotation dont work…I did factory wipe n cache but the auto rotation dont work. Or it just me? Just wsnt to let you know.

  8. khalid says:

    I have bought a T mobile Note 2 and using in Hong Kong . Since tethering is blocked by T mobile so I can’t use it even on other operators like Three (3) operator in HK. I root my note 2 and uninstall tethering manager by Titanium back up but still tethering can’t ON. I just wonder if I install custom ROM then can I use tethering ?

    • Nick says:

      Did you find answer?
      I have the same problem,
      Let me know if you found something,
      because Max seems tired that is why does not answer.

    • ethan says:

      IF you download the jedi rom it comes stock if you already have root then just download app on market free to use

  9. John says:

    Can I get the FM tuner to operate using this or any ROM? I have a SGH-T889V. The hardware is in place but my provider doesn’t allow FM.

  10. Evan says:

    Hey are there any other ROMs that exists but you haven’t reviewed yet? I would love to get back the old scrolling wallpaper on the Note 2 since I was coming from a S2.

  11. Alvin says:


    how come there are two jedi master files for download? one is 1.1 and another is 2.

  12. wasekcj says:

    is there any roms for the tmobile note 2 in which the sd card is the primary storage instead of internal.

  13. Shawn Gormley says:

    Street installing jedi master rom and bullet kernel, I can not text anyone. When I go to Messenger it crashes. Any ideas?

  14. Steve H (Verifiedsub) says:

    What version are you running bro.. jedi master 7 was just released a few hours ago..

  15. alex says:

    Hey, Max your web page is the best. It helps me a lot w my galaxy note. I recently bought a galaxy note 2 of craglist and was working awsome for about two months. But now I cant use my phone.. it has on screen “not registered on network” called my tmobile and they couldnt help. they said phone was stolen and they zapped it … your the best give me advice how i can use my phone again.

  16. Jared says:

    ya right T-Mobile can’t zap a stolen phone.. your phone is broke.. you obviously lost your imei and data when flashing a Rom.. check your imei.. see if it’s still in your phone..

    Hey SteveH.. Hey a fuvking life

  17. Jared says:

    Alex mobile tech videos is a company that for 30 dollars will fix your phone for sure.. after they are done your phone will register on the network..
    did you unlock your phone with that xda unlock method for free .. that’s fucks your phone up?

    Hey SteveH is a bitch !

  18. Jared says:

    SteveH likes to get fucked in the ass

  19. Fulanito de tal Rd says:

    Ilove this rom, way is no more update for this rom? Make more chance plis

  1. December 13, 2012

    […] Signature Verification failed So I'm trying to install Jedi Master ROM. When I reboot into recovery mood I get an error saying "E: signature verification […]

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