Jedi Master ROM for Rooted T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2! [Version 2][Best ROM]

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Slightly de-bloated (while keeping most of stock Sammy apps), the Jedi Master ROM for your rooted T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 brings a few tweaks including Awesome BEATS and Sony Bravia Engine to improve upon your stock ROM. For those of you who want to keep most of your stock apps while giving your newly-wedded phone a boost in performance and battery life, give the Jedi Master ROM a try, also developed by an Android master developer ptmr3 (you can follow him on Twitter here)

UPDATE: See updated version 8 HERE!


Version 2 – (11/5/2012) I think this is the best ROM you can run right now on your T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2. (also works for Canadian T889V)

  • Higher Volume Mod
  • Perseus Kernel with OC/UV support
  • Framework modifications
  • 4.2 Keyboard added
  • 4.2 Gmail
  • Added back Samsung Apps
  • Removed Tmo TV
  • Changed Default Wallpaper to Match Screenshots

There should be many cool updates coming but in the meanwhile, give this guy a try and let me know what you think!


Download Jedi Master ROM
Credits – XDA

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