Jedi Master ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 SGH-T889! [Version 8]

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For those of you looking for alternative to the Jedi X ROM by XDA user Ptmr3 (Follow him on Twitter here) but with T-Mobile Wifi-calling, try the Jedi Master ROM. Very similar to Jedi X ROM, the Jedi Master ROM comes with Sony Bravia Engine 2 for faster UI, Walkman music app and Awesome Beats app for headphone addicts, resizable pop-up browser, Saber kernel, and multi-window enabled for all apps.

I think this is a very good Touchwiz-based ROM you can expect much faster speeds over stock ROM with stability for daily driving.

If you want overclocking, you can also install Bullet Kernel after installing this ROM.

Note – Exfat 64GB sd card is not yet supported on this ROM, please format your 64GB sd into FAT32 format or use a different kernel.

My current favorite TouchWiz ROMs are Jedi X, MyROM, and this Jedi Master ROM, which one is your favorite?


Download Jedi Master ROM

Credits – XDA

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30 Responses

  1. sdkyron says:

    Sorry to ask, as i’m guessing the answer is obvious but, i just purshased an international Note 2, GT-N7100 not T-Mobile or anything, can i use the Jedi rom ?

  2. 416 says:

    hows the battery life for this?

  3. Dante says:

    Gonna go for it

  4. Dante says:

    App icons still off center…

  5. Josh says:

    Is anyone having trouble with their text messenger using this ROM?

    • Alik says:


      i don’t have problems with text messages in general but with both Jedi X and Jedi Master affected my MMS settings they no longer switch from WiFi to 4G automatically if i want to send a picture. And when it does sends the MMS, its very slow unlike it was before.

      Jedi X for some reason runs 3G and only switches to 4G when data is needed, probably to conserve battery.

    • Frank says:

      I had a problem with messenger. I opened it in apps and it worked so I trashed the one on home screen and replaced it from apps. Works fine on X3.3 SGH- I317

  6. Rob says:

    This one is working just fine for me. The light saber sound makes me laugh.

    I believe I forgot to backup a few of my original apps, from T-Mobile or Samsung, most likely. Will a factory reset recover that stuff? I can then root again, and reinstall Jedi Master.

  7. brianidoeverythingthehardway says:

    I seem to get a few freeze ups, and force closes on this rom. I tryed it with the bullet kernel and so I did a factory reset and ran it with the saber kernel. After about a day I got the frozen screen and force closes again. I just fixed permissions so lets see if that does the trick….

  8. Daniel says:

    I have rooted my phone and installed 3 ROMS and now my note 2 says its I317 model instead of T889. What’s the problem? How can I get it back to T889? Ive installed ROMS meant for T889 but wont let me install them maybe due to this model # change.

  9. rekamyenom says:

    Will this work on the T879?

  10. brianidoeverythingthehardway says:

    Try using your nandroid backup (hope u made one before all the flashing) that wil restore whatever rom u had at the time of backup. Stick with t889 for the t mobile galaxy note 2, stay away from others unless specificly mentioned to work on ur phone.

  11. james says:

    Is there anyway to get 4g on a unlocked at&t galaxy note 2 with T-Mobile?

  12. Alexis Valentín says:

    Can i use with my T-Mobile Note sgh-t879????

    • brianidoeverythingthehardway says:

      I wouldn’t try it, if whatever u flash doesn’t say that its for your model, then it could brick ur device (brick/crash)

  13. Quintin Bradford says:

    I get no sound difference with awesome beats. Do I need to download the beats installer??

  14. Tan says:

    that’s because awesome beats is hardware and not software. It is not something you can download and install, the icon is purely for show.

    • Quintin Bradford says:

      i have had it work before where I could change the sound settings. I don’t understand the settings are there but the sound doesn’t change.

  15. Will says:

    I am new to the roms. I have just put Jedi Master on my T-mobile Note 2. When you go to power off it has Reboot aka restart, Hot Boot, Download and Recovery. What is the reason for HOT BOOT and DOWNLOAD. I looked in the FAQ and could not find anything.

  16. joe bill moad says:

    I thought I understood the bullet kernal video as to downloading it and it would run my galaxy note2 without performing a root on it? It is downloaded to my 32 gig sd card and I dont know what to do for the next step?

    I want to try to root this new phone later…..I dont trust my root skills at this time. Can anyone help me install the bullet kernal I have downloaded? I am on t-mobile network.


  17. Ronnie Knight says:

    Has anyone tried the new version 11 of Jedi Master? I’m using version 8 and am wondering if it is worth upgrading to.

  18. marc says:

    Facebook freezing Internet freezing some other apps… anybody else getting this? Both jedi rooms have this issue with me anybody got a fix? Tried fix permissions no solution. May have to try different rom.

    • Ronnie Knight says:

      Mine working fine. I don’t use Facebook but I’m not having any lockups. Are you installing anything else?

  19. Ronnie Knight says:

    T mobile just released s new update to turn on the LTE. I’m trying to decide if I want to install it or keep my Jedi Master ROM. I’m wondering how long it will be before there is a new Jedi Master ROM with the new update. Any opinions?

  20. Patrick Wheeler says:

    For anyone who’s stuck with the SD card mount issue there is a neat tool ref’d here
    I’m now running my 64gb happily with fat32.

  21. markinsutton says:

    anyone else experiencing problems with Live wallpapers after installing this rom?

    • Todd says:

      Im having problems with my live wall papers as well after installing this rom. However to be fair I went back and reinstalled it, noticed that live wall papers is unselected by default.

      But after installing on top of the first installation it did not repair it. I dont want to wipe but I guess ill nandroid backup and do the test. All in all its a great rom. Seems HD voice does not work though I could be wrong. Anyone else with HD Voice and live wall paper issues?

  22. Tichaona says:

    I have Jadi Master ROM ver 14.0 installed and I tried to upgrade to the JediX 16 which is reported to work now for both ATT and T-Mobile. I am on T-Mobile, the upgrade did not work and does not seem to support Wifi-Calling. Just wanted to see if anyone encountered that. May be we can have ver 16 of the Jadi Master ROM still supporting Wifi-Calling

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