Jedi X ROM for Galaxy Note 2! [AT&T/T-Mobile/Verizon/GT-N7105]

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For this week’s ROM of the week, check out the latest Jedi X ROM for your rooted Galaxy Note 2.

UPDATE: Please see update version 13 HERE INSTEAD OF THIS!!!

Available for AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and GT-N7105, the Jedi X ROM brings you stability of stock ROM plus many enhanced features. (Also you can use AT&T version for Korean Note 2 SHV-E250 series with SJKernel.)

Based on GT-N7105 base, Jedi X ROM brings you a ton of cool stuff like multi-window enabled for all apps, overclocking up to 1.9Ghz with SaberKernel, native wifi tethering (yes, works for all variants), and more.

For headphone users, Jedi X ROM offers enhanced sound options over stock ROMs with AwesomeBeats, Voodoo Sound, and Sony Walkman app (in replacement for Samsung music player app).

Also with the latest version you will find Jedi ROM Trick customization menu inside the Settings. There you will be able to customize your 23 quick-toggles, enable keyboard switcher, run apps in Phone/Tablet/Hybrid mode with Xposed App Settings (See full tutorial for Xposed App Settings here), LMT Pie Launcher (See full tutorial on LMT Pie Launcher here), and change icons using Icon Changer.

For Multi-window, you will find transparent multi-window bar (my favorite) along with all apps enabled. No need to mess with Multi-Window control app, when you install a new app, you will be able to easily add to your multi-window bar using its “Edit” button.

Overall, I think Jedi X ROM is the best ROM for the average user and highly recommended if you want stability of stock ROM while getting a ton more performance and battery life (don’t overclock if you want great battery life btw).

Sadly, Jedi X ROM isn’t available for GT-N7100 or Sprint Note 2 users, cross your fingers that Ptmr3 will bring it soon!

Don’t forget to follow the developer of this ROM Ptmr3 on Twitter and donate to him if you like this ROM, thanks!


Download Jedi X ROM for AT&T Galaxy Note 2

Download Jedi X ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2

Download Jedi Master ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 (If you want wifi-calling, get Jedi Master ROM instead of Jedi X, nearly identical but Jedi Master built on T-Mobile base with Wifi-Calling support)

Download Jedi X ROM for Verizon Galaxy Note 2

*Note – For GT-N7105, you can use AT&T or T-Mobile version, either will work as they are compatible. For Korean SHV-E250 series, you can use AT&T version and install SJKernel.

Credits – AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, T-Mobile JediMaster

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82 Responses

  1. Shrek says:

    This ROM is actually already update to Jedi X P 12. Change log below.

    Removed ROM Toolbox From Settings
    Clean Settings
    Added Voodoo Control App For Use With SaberKernel
    Jedi Rom Tricks App
    – Meet My Team
    – Keyboard Switcher
    – Custom Ink
    – Toggle Settings
    – Xposed Framework Installer
    – Per App DPI
    – LMT Pie
    – Icon Changer
    Negative Colors Widget
    Updated SuperSU
    -Voodoo Sound Support

    • stevbopray says:

      I recently had my note 2 stolen and the person who did it put this jedixp14 rom on it and my wife does not like it at all. Do you know how to remove it from the phone and reset it back to the original settings?????

  2. ronald says:

    nice rom. is this rom support chinese?

  3. Brandon A says:

    I get:
    “unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped.”

    btw my ATT phone will no longer make calls now….any help would be appreciated

    • nate says:

      mine is doing the same thing ! whats up with that ?

      • paul says:

        u nee to reset from the settting not from cw after u install the rom

        • Ralphdaddy says:

          HUH? could you be a little more detailed please? I installed and had the android.process.acore error also. I’ve since restored my last ROM.
          AT&T Note2

          • Min says:

            I’m getting the same error. I installed the ROM and cleared cache, but right after it books, it says: Unfortunately, Email has stopped. Then Unfortunately, the process android. process.acore has stopped and repeats ever few seconds. Any suggestions?

          • Alexei says:

            When I installed the rom i had the same problem. What i found was that you have to reset your phone before installing the rom otherwise this problem will continue to happen. So try reseting then installing the rom. That should help.

        • James says:

          Paul can you please explain

  4. menajem says:

    Nice features added but i lost the possibility to edit the apn

  5. rawr says:

    I downloaded it and its great! BUT the amount of icons per page changed from 4×4 to 5×7. How do I change it back to 4×4 per page?

  6. cyaaat says:

    Great ROM! Unfortunately SaberKernel doesn’t support 64gb sd cards!
    Any other Kernel work on this ROM to get 64 gb sd working?

    • Joey says:

      Thanks for mentioning this, I guess I’ll have to wait until they have 64GB support

    • Swishy88 says:

      I flashed the Perseus kernel over it and it recognizes my 64gb card. But then I went back to Skynote 8 rom.

    • Bryan says:

      I successfully got the Jedi x rom going but found out it won’t read my 64 gig card. Is there anything I can do to correct this?
      -Verizon Galaxy Note 2

  7. G7Baker says:

    Hey Max i got a question…I got an unlocked At&t Note 2 i317 on T-Mobile can i flash T-mobile Roms so i can get wifi calling etc??? Or am i restricted to only downloading At&t roms????

    • paul says:

      great question i would like to know that too

      • G7Baker says:

        Hey Bro im not 100% but after reading on this website it says that At&t, T-Mobile and GT-N7105 are all compatible. I havent tried it yet. I also did some research on XDA and read that people have tried it with no problem. I think the only difference is the modems but most Roms dont come with specific modems. So I guess we can give it a shot. But if Your like me, Ima wait till Max says its okay…lol

        • Max Lee says:

          Yes, it’s true, most ROMs don’t come with modems, as long as you don’t flash modem they are all compatible.

          • G7Baker says:

            Thanx Max. I havent tried it yet. I was waiting on you to confirm. I dont like playing guinea pig with my phones….lol

          • G7Baker says:

            I got one more question…Since my phone is originally At&t, when LTE comes to Jacksonville FL for T-mobile will i automatically be able to pick it up since its a LTE device? Or if i traveled to California where LTE is available in some cities will I get it?

  8. SGHI317 says:

    Hi Maxx,

    I tried posting this earlier as well but no luck. So here I go again.

    Thank you very for the fantastic work that you do.
    I recently bought a Galaxy Note 2 SGH-I317 from AT&T while I was in the US last month. I unlocked it using your tutorial (remove spaces please) (www. youtube. com/watch?v=jYzYNjakkhE) & now it works great with Vodafone SIMCARD in India.

    I want to explore more, but have a couple of questions before I start;
    1. If I root it using the tutorials by you, will the phone get network locked again & if it does, will I be able to get it working again using the same process above.
    2. Will I be able to upgrade it to Android 4.1.2 or higher by installing a Custom ROM, If yes which ROM shall I use as a newbie.
    3. Anything else I should know before I do all this.

    Can’t thank you enough for your superb hard work & knowledge sharing.


    • G7Baker says:

      Hey download the note 2 root toolkit . You can find this on XDA it will litterally root your phone for you and walk you through all the steps. It will Root, Install Busybox, and Recovery(CWM,TWRP) i prefer TWRP its alot my Easier to the eye.

      • SGHI317 says:

        Could you share the link please. That will be a great help.

        Thank you

        • G7Baker says:

          Ok. this is the link on XDA and then download thetoolkit and it absolutely is the best. I have rooted 3 Note 2s without a problem when you download toolkit make sure you uninstall Kies just in case. Than Find your phone model. Next it will ask if you want to install correct drivers. DO IT… after that i believe option 2 is Root. Than turn off USB DeBugging is enabled in setting than start. I recommend you use option 3 which will install insecure boot, busybox, Root and Recovery. Than i also recomend you use TWRP for recovery because it is easy to use for Noobs or even experienced Flash basically therest of the toolkit will walk you through Odin and within 10 Min you will be all set…If you need any help Email me at and i’ll give you my number…Hope this Helps

  9. Brandon says:

    Where is the video that shows u how to set up the side control lmt launcher. I need a lot of help setting it up. Plz help.

  10. paul says:

    how can it make the pie to work and how can i set the setcpu I use att note 2

  11. Micky Hunt says:

    I think my blue tooth is not that great of quality as before – low volume and cuts out.
    Anyone else have an issue?

    Came from Jelly Beans V11 and bluetooth worked great there.

  12. mitz says:

    hi i just downloaded jedi x and did titanium and did the restore, but the screen widgets, google bar, and everything else looks small. its note reading my 64gb sc card, it keeps telling me to “safe to remove sd card” it doesnt recognise it at all. please help. p.s. it doesnt run my stock email app for google. i like that one compared to the google email app. please help!

  13. Landy says:

    I have the older Jedi Rom, do i treat this as a new rom? Wipe/flash?

  14. sumit bahadur says:

    can i flash this rom on my GT- N7100 NOTE 2.. INTERNATIONAL VERSION..

  15. Dominic Aspel says:

    For those of you having trouble with your 64GB sd-card being recognized, download MiniTool Partition Wizard Home edition. Use it to format your sd-card with FAT32. Mine works just fine. The only thing you’ll loose for now is the ability to have single files larger than 4GB on the sdcard.

    MiniTool dowload:

  16. stanley says:

    this is pretty weird, after i installed this ROM i only have 1 whole page of built-in softwares -_-‘ i dont even have setcpu…. is it supposed to be like this? am i missing something? i lost the majority of the original software, i dont even have the navigation now -_- please advice…

    • Justin says:

      the pages are now 5×6 instead of the default 4×5 layout so a lot more apps fit on one page but it did remove a couple system apps and added a few also

  17. Justin says:

    i installed it on my verizon note II and it now says that i am roaming when on my network booster and i cannot use my sd card at all. i have a 16gb phone and like to download a lot of movies so i had reset my phone back to the default rom, but i really did enjoy a lot of the features this rom had. If the sd card problem is fixed i think i could install this again.

  18. Paul says:

    64 gb Sd problem could fix by format it to fat 32 from ur computer

  19. Minh says:

    As Swishy88 mentioned above, installing the Perseus kernel over this rom will provide exFAT support, allowing access to your exFAT formatted SD cards again.

    I’ve only noticed 2 issues with this ROM:
    1) Sending a picture (MMS) to multiple people doesn’t work with stock messaging app
    2) Taking screen capture with s pen & performing crop operation does not copy the crop to the clipboard. So you can’t paste the crop into an MMS.

  20. Samuel U. says:

    I love the look, stability, and battery life of this rom but only thing wtong with is that file sharing doesnt work.
    In settings, under wireless and settings, the more tab, then in nearby device I cant press file sharing (its grayed).Please help! I use this alot

  21. MELVIN says:

    Hey max Will this romm work for the SGH I317M (CANADIAN VERSION TELUS)?
    pls help thanks

  22. Aran says:

    LMT Pie didn’t come in with the ROM, had to download it separately. ROM is pretty sweet though

    • Aran says:

      Didn’t come with overclock or Voodoo either………Weird. Can’t imagine what I would have done incorrectly

  23. Aj says:

    I am using a Verizon galaxy note 2. I flashed this rom through twrp. Everything went well. Some notes. Pie control is found under jedi tricks. The rom doesn’t seemto support 64gb cards in some formatting. I flashed Perseus as someone suggested rebooted and the card worked fine. GPS will not lock. No matter how long or signal strength. I flashed my previous jellybean room and GPS was back. Until I cab get this figured out I won’t be able to use this rom as I have to have GPS. Does anyone know a fix?

    • AJ says:

      I got the fix for the gps lock from the xda forums. You need to flash a stable rom with GPS working. Turn on GPS get a lock, switch mode to LTE/CDMA. Wipe case, reset, and flash Jedi X. Make sure LTE/CDMA is still selected. It should work fine after that. Still trying to find the link to the xda forum.

  24. Arty says:

    Hey Guys,

    Im using this ROM right now and its great! … my one problem with it is im having trouble with the NFC, it simply wont stay on, just turns off as soon as i turn it on!

    any ways to fix this?


  25. Tim says:

    IMO, this ROM is the best so far. I am running the i317M on Rogers in Canada and is as close as you can get to stock feeling with all the extras. The winning feature on this ROM is per application DPI settings! No more hunting down a new mail app or dialer, etc. I used GoLauncher on all my previous ROM’s and don’t think I will with the 6×5 home screen.

    • anotheretc says:

      hey are we supposed to use the ATT version for canadian phones? i think rogers and bell are the same thing right?

      Thanks for the help

  26. pc999 says:

    Rom was nearly perfect, ive got the international N7105. 2 problems. No data and no gps. Removed rom as both needed daily. Any advice as this is very nearly the perfect rom. Thanks

    • Rikplay says:

      This is also my exact opinion and problem. i have no data at all, tried what i could with settings, reboot etc. it did work at 1st then stopped and sometimes comes and goes, would love to resolve the issue, Any ideas?

  27. john carter says:

    rom is great but tethering only works for tablet not laptop, it keeps saying i have to get the hotspot plane, someone please help??

  28. kgosi says:

    N7105, tried to flash the rom T-Mobile
    I get verificatoin failed…

  29. kPATm says:

    I flashed the Jedi Master Rom to my TMobile N7150 and now my model Number has changed to SGH-T889??

    • Reece M says:

      hey I have a Telstra gtn7105 and my model number has changed as
      well I don’t know why I have tried to get someone to help me fix it but know one has got back to me yet have they got back to you.

  30. john2414 says:

    Flashed on at&t, everything works well but missing overclock and lite app. Did I do something wrong?

  31. John says:

    Had to flash this rom twice because I didnt factory wipe reset flashed again and rom is great except the tether doesn’t stay on any suggestions? Love the multi window all apps perk. THE PIE launcher saves me a lot of screen space Thx.

  32. Alex says:

    Not sure why, but since I installed this ROM my Wifi has not been reliable. It shows I’m connected to a wifi network, but it will have no internet access. When I turn off Wifi and turn it back on the internet will work, but after so much time it will once again no longer connect to the internet even though its connected to the Wifi.

  33. clifford says:

    i installed the rom for my tmobile note 2 but after install and reboot it just reboots back into recovery?

  34. Ricardo says:

    I have this rom but for some reason when I talk to some boby over the phone the other person cant here me when i put them on speaker.. but I cant here them fine

  35. michael says:

    am having trouble with this rom i even donated to the cause. no mobile data, keep getting error that email failed and also getting close processes. help please im a noob!!!!!

    • John says:

      You have to make sure you backup your apps and contacts then factory wipe reset then re flash ROM should work. That’s what I did .

  36. noteytwo says:


    I’ m new to android and want to install the jedix12 rom, my note 2 is uk n7105, my current firmware is 4.1.1, my question is will this rom work on 4.1.1 or will i need to update to 4.1.2.

    Great site btw, your videos have been very helpful. keep up the great work.

  37. john says:

    Hey guy. I flashes the rom. Everything is great except the widgets. They are cut off. Is there anything I can do?

  38. Looks like it’s gonna take long to be available for N7100 🙁

  39. Tom says:

    Anyone seen a camera orientation issue? My camera is flipping 180

  40. Paul Jones says:

    At first I thought this was cool and I still do but I can’t see to make calls unless I’m in a wireless location. How do I uninstall Jedi X Rom and get to the back up data that was saved on my external SD card?


  41. Azilla says:

    hey max what is the best radio to use with this on T Mobile because ever since I flashed this ROM I’m getting trouble with my data speeds

  42. Bilal says:

    Can i have this on GT N7100

  43. Robert says:

    I had to get a warranty replacement phone. Now I am trying to flash Jedi goodness again. I grabbed the JediX v14 for Vzw over at XDA. I did a clean wipe and factory reset. However when I try to flash the .zip from TWRP it gives me an error thar it can not open .zip. becoming very frustrated and I feel as if I have reached a dead end. Any and all help would be appreciated. Thanks

  44. Xuan nguyen says:

    How can I install and uninstall the Jedi rom from my phone. How much I have to pay to down load Jedi rom for my phone Samsung note 2

    • kk21 says:

      To your second question, you don’t have to pay to get the ROM.
      To your first question, I think you should use ROM manager to uninstall any ROM from your device.

  45. kk21 says:

    Does this Jedi Master Rom allows wifi-tethering (hotspot) on T-Mobile Note 2? I was able to do it until T-mobile starts charging for it.

  46. skylar says:

    Hi I’m a newbie + nOOb, can I install jedix rom on my note 2 lte n7105 running on jb 4.3? I cant install persus kernel in jb 4.3 rite ? What kernel has multi window+oc that is suitable for me? Pls share a link thanks 🙂 pls help I already downloaded it, juz waiting for yr green light. Pls help. Thank again.

  47. Sean Robinson says:

    For some reason, after loading this on my T-mobile Note II (Master ROM), the Samsung splash screen appears but that’s it. The phone doesn’t actually boot. I tried flashing twice now.

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