Jedi X14 ROM for Galaxy Note 2! [AT&T/T-Mobile/GT-N7105]

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Jedi X14 is here folks. For those of you with AT&T, T-Mobile, or GT-N7105, you can now take advantage of the latest Jedi X14 ROM, which now ships with a bunch of great themes.

UPDATE: Jedi X16 is available NOW!!!

With the latest X14, you will also find easy-to-customize AROMA graphical installer allowing you to choose launcher, option for Android 4.2 Photosphere camera, and choice of the following themes:

  • Jedi Blue
  • Jedi Orange
  • Jedi Purple
  • Jedi Red
  • Jedi S4 Style
  • Deviant Jedi
  • Hydro Green

For CPU/GPU overclocking, you can use the included TricksterMOD app and also a bunch of MODs using the Jedi ROM Tricks app (customize 23 quick toggles, set custom ink effect, Xposed App Settings, LMT Pie Control, and more).

Certainly, Jedi X ROMs are one of the most stable ROMs with lots of cool features so if you haven’t tried the latest version or on previous version, try it out and do let me know what you think!


Download Jedi X ROM for AT&T SGH-i317
Download Jedi X ROM for T-Mobile SGH-T889 (Link fixed, sorry!)

For GT-N7105 or Canadian SGH-i317M users, use the AT&T version without choosing modem in AROMA installer.

Credits – AT&T, T-Mobile <— Please donate to the developer Ptmr3 or hit “Thanks” button on XDA if you like this ROM, thx!

For running your apps in Phone or Tablet mode, see our Xposed App Settings tutorial.
For running PIE Control, see our LMT Launcher tutorial.

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147 Responses

  1. Shrek says:

    Best ROM ever don’t forget to donate to the devs to Thank them for the hard work.

  2. Alice says:

    Dammit! Its still not there for N7100 🙁

  3. Manny says:

    Hey max the tmobile note 2 is the SGH-T889 not the SGH-T999 jzt wanted to let u kno but thank for yur websites i wouldnt b able to do this without you 😉

  4. Matt says:

    Does this ROM support 64g SD cards yet? I tried X13 and it couldn’t ever see it 🙁

  5. Lawrence says:

    Can you just flash this over jedi X 13 ?

    • LfnsR says:

      You can, but if you run into any issues then do a clean install and see if that fixes them. I tend to dirty flash once or twice and then do a fresh intall just to make sure no issues. I have it down to about 20-30 tops for me to do a full clean install to fully set up. 🙂

  6. matt says:

    it wont let me install

    • Robert says:

      I have installed it to a Note 2 SGH-I317M and it’s a Canadian Carrier edition and I used the AT&T version on it, and it went through and let me choose and then it installed and copied etc, then it told me it was done and for me to respond with an ok, to let it continue and reboot. Well it rebooted, but it’s stuck on the “Samsung Galaxy Note II”, screen and I let it stay on it for over 20 minutes. So could anyone help me? Or maybe shed some light on this?


      • Laurie says:

        When that happened to me I reflashed the stock rom, then reflashed Jedi. I thought I messed up my phone really bad but it worked. Never had that problem again. One of the videos on this site addresses that problem, that’s where I learned from.

        • Robert says:

          I understand that. I have done the re-flashing of the stock rom, and when and installed it again and it did the same thing. I have tried it on 2 different note 2’s. Both for Canadian carriers. one is Rogers and the other Bell and they both do that.It installs and then reboots and then it just stays at the “Samsung Galaxy Note II” screen. So now I am trying to do a dirty flash from a Jedi XP 13 install and instll Jedi XP 14 over it and go from there. Will let you know how it went.

        • Robert says:

          Ok, I have tried it with the install of the Jedi XP13 installed, and same senero happen just stuck on the “Samsung Galaxy Note 2”, screen. So I guess I will be going back to the Jedi XP13 till this is fixed, it isn’t working on the SGH-I317M at all with the ATT&T versions. 🙁

          • Robert H says:

            I also have the Bell Version of the SGH-I317M and had no issues with the install. It did freeze on me one time when I flashed to change the theme, the reboot button did not respond. So I manually shut it down and restarted and it worked fine. However, I used it a few days and had a few issues with some of the apps not responding. The 4.2 camera works fine but as soon as you use the flash it hangs.
            Im currently using the Alliance USA Novella UCAMA4 rom and so far so good. Clean Rom 480 works well but very stock like. Jedi XP13 would not work on my phone, it installs without issues but never boots.

  7. Bryan says:

    I’ve tried to flash the jedi X 14 full zip, 3 times and I keep getting bad zip. Install wont proceed. I’ve downloaded it using the note 2 as well as my home pc. Using the T-mobile version.

    • matt says:

      the same thing happened to me

      • Bryan says:

        I think there’s a problem with the zip. It looks fine on my PC when I open it, but Rom Manager CMW doesn’t like it. I was thinking of using Mobile Odin to flash it, but it’s already screwed up my phone once. lol I hope the Dev’s respond quickly. I really like Jedi X. I can’t wait to see the 4.2.2 based Jedi X for the Note 2. That’s gonna be awesome.

  8. Raaj75 says:

    And samething happened to me cant install on T Mobile Galaxy Note 2.

    • Francys says:

      I like the jedi x roms but I have always had one problem the hot reboot always just freezes my phone to the point that I have to literally take out the battery it has never worked does anyone know why this may b?

  9. matt says:

    bad zip idk what to do

  10. marc says:

    Bad bad bad bad bad zip lol max max max whats going on I hate when I do a wipe and this happens! Cmon max whats going on? Btw vids are always good tho

    • Max Lee says:

      What’s the file size? I am checking this right now, we were having server trouble yesterday so you might have been cut off during download. If your file size isn’t 1.1GB just re-download.

  11. dan says:

    To those of you needing to use your 64 gig cards format ntfs and download paragon ntfs mount from the play store and your able to download or upload file sizes above 4 gigs to your sd card

  12. tony says:

    Max has been putting alot of bad links up for roms beginning to think he’s doing it intentionally I don’t trust his links at all

  13. tony says:

    the most important part of a phone is the internet connection and the cell connection and neither one of them are working on this jedi x rom they won’t stay connected they go in and out in and out and Max i have come to the conclusion that you are full of crap with everything you say in your videos you lie about how stable and wonderful these roms are

    • Max Lee says:

      So you’ve tried Jedi X ROM? On which model? This is a great ROM, I think you are the only person having trouble with internet connection. If you are going to say something bad about this ROM, please have proof, that’s not fair to the developer of this ROM who I know personally and spends a LOT of time on it. Most of the time, it’s user error that causes those things such as installing apps that cause it or doing something stupid like restoring system apps using Titanium Backup app.

    • christian says:

      Tony you are probably too stupid to flash a rom, jedi x works perfect, why are you so fucking rude? Why blame others because you cant do shit? Man up apologize or buy an iphone for no brainers and get the fuck out

  14. Dave D says:

    The installer says you are about to install tmobile ……. when I downloaded the ATT link. I know I downloaded the right one because I did it three times to be sure, does anyone else install say tmobile before you begin even though you are using ATT

    • Max Lee says:

      Yes, you downloaded the correct one I think, the dev just forgot to TMO to ATT. Actually both ATT and TMO roms are compatible so you can actually install either.

  15. Cesar Luna says:

    Not working zip bad.

  16. Jellybeanman says:

    Hey max! I really love jedi X rom 12 and 13! But I was really disappointed to find out that this room is had a bad zip file for downloading…. I checked to see if I downloaded all 1.14 gb but it still doesn’t work. PLEASE fix this issue ASAP! Thx!

  17. Cesar Luna says:

    Ill try att on tmo note2 to see if it. Works

  18. blukrystlz says:

    I am also getting bad file as well.
    tried it a cpl times and the same on them…

    ty max for your help

  19. neoone1 says:

    Thanks Max, took a while to get it to download but after the 4th attempt it downloaded and, it’s working great. I will mess with it for a day or so and see if it’s something I want to keep or not. thanks again for all the videos and cool stuff you bring us.

  20. Psychotik says:

    All u folks complaining and saying max is uploading bad files on purpose are ridiculously moronic. I don’t know about a lot of people out there but I am extremely thankful for all that this guy does. He’s been helping me for over two years with all of my rooting/ROM/general android needs and has NEVER led me to brick a phone or to a bad ROM. I’ve had nothing but great info on how to root any device from his tutorials, unbricked 3 friends phones thanks to him, and always get updated on new rooms and info. And he hasn’t charged me one cent by the way. All these issues are user related cause I’ve flashed all these roms and never had an issue that WASN’T already described from the get go. So lighten up kiddos he’s helped countless thousands of folks and has no reason to waste his time intentionally uploading harmful or bad files. As every one with half a brain knows, sometimes things get messed up through the internet, no ones fault, just have a bit of patience and I’m sure he will take time out of his day to help u and the situation (for free again of course).

    • johnnie says:

      I lost my bandversion after flashing a different rom after installing jedi master 14 for tmobile, i remember when flashing jedi it ssk me do i want to back up efs i said yes. Can i use this rom in anyway to get tmobiles band version back

  21. blukrystlz says:

    has anyone had problem with it being stuck on the flash screen? i have flashed the ROM twice now and i get stuck there, it doesn’t go anywhere…im gonna try another time, thank you in advance for your help 🙂


  22. Paul Beckett says:

    In support of Max, as a total noob, I successfully rooted, backed up, flashed jedix13, activated pie snd restored my apps and data after watching his tutorials. The man is a legend! I’m on a GT n1705 on an Australian network and its working just fine.

    • reece m says:

      hey paul im on an Australian network aswell and I tried to flash jellybam rom. it didn’t work so I went back to jedix13 and now my model number has changed from gtn7105 to the Canadian note model have you ever have this happen to you

  23. freddy says:

    anyone have any ideals why a update software is not included in this rom? somewhere in the settings one would think that jediX software update would be most useful. other wise i think X13 is great rom. just wondering why this would not be a included?

  24. Jason Ford says:

    I keep having problems saying that Jedi Home is not working, plus I cannot get my accuweather widget to work. Came from Jedi 13. Please help[….

  25. Robert says:

    Hello there everyone. Just to let you know I think that the Jedi Roms are very good. I have used the 12 and 13 and not a problem. Now I am stumped on this one. I have tried to install this on my SGH-I317M and no luck at all. I have tried the AT&T version and even the T-Mobile edition and they both lock up on the “Samsung Galaxy Note II”, screen. I would really love to get this on this note 2… and use it. So please if anyone have any ideas would be great. But I just can’t get past the first boot up screen after loading this rom. So please if there is a fix great, would like to use it on here… just incase that this may help here’s the baseband version of the phone in question… (I317MVLBMA3).

  26. zaya says:

    Is there any reason why I can’t download this rom? The download stagnates and these nothing but fails. Help please? Btw I’ve tried it on my computer and my phone. Same thing happens on both.

  27. Jellybeanman says:

    Hey guys! I was able to download jedi X 14! But not from this link! All I did was type jedi 14 in Google and then went to the xda link which had a download link listed for jedi X 14.(it’s before the comments) (I also downloaded it on tmobile note 2.)

  28. Benjamin Casey says:

    The new link fixed the issue. I flashed it right over X 13 with no wipe and no problems. Thank you Max, you are my connection to these things keep it up.

    • Robert says:

      Where is this link? I have downloaded from here, and from the XDA forums and still the same response no go on the boot up. It goes through the installer and completes it and tells me it’s done and needs to be rebooted. So I reboot it and it just sticks on the “Samsung Galaxy Note II”, screen and I let it set there for almost 45 minutes then decided to put Jedi 13 back on it. So please if there is a way to fix this would be great. I have yet to see it in action on my Note 2 (SGH-I317M) and the previous Jedi 13 works great. 🙂

      • Benjamin Casey says:

        The new T-Mobile link was fixed. If you download it now it should work. If you’re using CWM, try formatting your system first but make a backup first. To format your system, go to mounts and look for the option that says system. See if that helps.

        • Robert says:

          Hello there, “Benjamin Casey”; I greatly appreciate that. I had all the trouble installing either one of these JediXP14 and not a single bit of luck. I tried both of them after formatting the system and they worked. I would like to give you thanks… and greatly appreciated. I wish at times I had that kind of knowledge of theses.. but all mine is in the Computer. 🙂 (Those Damn Computers! = As Bones on “Original Star Trek”, would say. 🙂 And once again thanks, for all the help from everyone on here.. 🙂

          • Robert says:

            Hey there guys, it’s me again. I have a question for you but it does obtain to this particular rom, and it’s from the Girlfriend here, she’s wanting to know if there’s a Samsung Galaxy S3 version of this rom. She really loves this rom but don’t like the “Huge”, screen on it. 🙁 I tried to convert her but no luck. 🙂

  29. phaze0085 says:

    How is the battery life on AOKP compared to the latest installation of Jedi X rom?

  30. silverspear67 says:

    Is anyone getting the “the gallery has stopped working” error? I only get it when I use the flash on the photosphere camera. I look at my apps and I have two galleries.

    • michael "WULF" says:

      Yes my camera keeps say it has crashed stop working. i found the camera ics in play store and it works gr8. thats the best i found so far til they fix this one

  31. troy says:

    I installed the s4 theme and the Jedi home screen keeps stopping. How do i fix this?

  32. silverspear67 says:

    Is anyone having issues with the 4.2 camera when you’re using the flash?

  33. Sal Castillo says:

    he’s right max is not guilty if people don’t take the time to do the right research. max has always had positive feedback on everything he does. i had problems at 1st with the downloads, but then I weren’t to the developers xda site and download it from there without any problems. just do your research and stop blaming someone that doesn’t deserve the negative remarks…

  34. Miclo says:

    I haven’t found any issues with this ROM… remember to follow the installation steps…

    -Download ROM, Your Carrier Files, Your Desired Modem & AddOns
    -Backup your apps with preferred method(app2zip is great)
    -Wipe data ( factory data reset)
    -Wipe system (Format system (in mounts/storage) if on CWM)
    -Flash ROM
    -Wipe cache/Dalvik
    -Boot system and DO NOT TOUCH FOR 10 MIN
    -After the 10 min, reboot phone

    • Robert says:

      Yes, you are right, but with all the other posts none of them said that, I I have always used Mobile Odin to load these till I installed a boot recovery image to allow me the option to do the system wipe. But thanks for everyone for all the help.

  35. Genaro says:

    I would like to know since there has been so much talk about CIQ if I were to root my note 2 for tmobile would that take care of CIQ issue?

  36. shadowravyn says:

    i too have re downloaded this multiple times and each time i get a “bad signature error” and the rom fails to install. i have yet to see anyone mention the bad signature issue with the bad rom issues. might anyone offer a suggestion? i did re download from the website over night last night with the link fixed noted… file size appears correct. thanks in advance

    • ShadowRavyn says:

      I re downloaded via the XDA site and reloaded TWRP… after factory reset and wipe, the install went without a hitch.

  37. shadowravyn says:

    Btw, in defense of Maxx, whom i believe needs no assistance here…
    Maxx been a personal role model for so many, and until this signature issue arose, i have NEVER had an issue that was not resolved within and acceptible time frame! THANK YOU MAXX for ALL of your EFFORTS.

  38. Fahad says:


    thanks in advance

    what is the best modem for t mobile

    because the intrnet speed not stable switch to 3g and back for 4g and my area doesnt have 3g ?

    thank u

    sorry for my bad english

  39. ivdel brahms says:

    How do you install the x14 rom? (What are the steps, because I couldn’t find a guide). I’m not familiar with the aroma installer and the last thing I want is to mess up my phone all because I was to much of a wuss to ask.

  40. Wyliebuck says:

    I seriously LOVE all of the Jedi Rom’s. They have increased my battery life and made my Note 2 more flexible. Will there be a Jedi 14 anytime soon for the Verizon version? Thank you for all of the hard work that you are doing to develop awesome tools and videos to make our lives better. Thanks, Robert

  41. Tony_305 says:

    hey maxx love all the info you provide ,its excellent , great job …question i have the jedi master rom for my tmobile galaxy note 2, ( wifi calling enabled) is there a way to just update to this rom or even the jedi 13, my only complaint about the jedi master rom i currently have is that i cant overclock .or set the cpu like in the jedi 13 rom, also since my note 2 got the update to enable the LTE raido for LTE connectivaty when available in jeresy of course, will i still be able to catch the LTE even though i rooted and have a custom rom. thx, expect to hear from you soon.

  42. ShadowRavyn says:

    Might try to just change the name back in build prop unless that would need it up?

  43. Jonathan says:

    i downloaded the at&t jedix 14 but it says when i install is the jedi x 14 for tmobile? why is that??

  44. Robert says:

    Asi es pero no importa fue que se equivoco pero es el correcto

  45. Francys says:

    I like the jedi x roms but I have always had one problem the hot reboot always just freezes my phone to the point that I have to literally take out the battery it has never worked does anyone know why this may b?

  46. bog says:

    I installed on korean version, shv-e250s and i flash SJkernel and works perfect
    who does not believe can see the screenshot here

  47. jerry says:

    Any way to test the themes without reflashing ROM every time? Or anyway to flash all the themes at once and change between them while OS is running?

  48. crolikman says:

    For those who had problems with X14 on SGH-317M from Rogers:
    I flashed stock JB 4.1.2 through Odin 3.07; you will loose the root, but that’s no bog deal – re-root the phone again; afterwards, full wipe and system format, flash X14, wipe Dalvik and fix permissions, reboot and wait for 10 minutes (as been told in XDA installation manual), than reboot again and DONE.

    I have almost bricked my phone while trying to flash X14 on top of X13, even with a full wipe it didn’t work. However, after I flashed X14 on top of stock it worked like a charm.

  49. crolikman says:

    By the way cwm recovery must be of version 6, as the earlier versions will produce error with a signature, remember this when you root your phone.

  50. james says:

    whats up with download link taking 1hr wtf

  51. Daman says:

    Please reupload link or fix for at&t note 2.

  52. Jaime says:

    Try downloading the t mobile version from here and zip file is not working. .. but I Google “xda jedi x14” and was able to download and install with no problems at all… thanks for this great rom. ..

  53. BustaGonad says:

    Fisrt of all, thank you Max for all your help. Bailed me out a few times.
    I tried downloading the Jedi X14 three times and although it went further into the download each time the furthest I got was 700K. Thought I was alone until I read James and Daman post.

  54. proframer92 says:

    Great app worked perfectly for me on my AT&T note 2 i came from the previous jedi….im such a noob at all this and this site has help me so much


  55. crolikman says:

    Did you wife all the data from internal_sd prior to upgrading from X13 to X14? For some reason when I did so my phone froze up on bootloop and until I reflashed the stock rom, I couldn’t make the phone to respond.

  56. jose says:

    Max, I am having problems with my Sandisk 64Gb micro SD, ever since I flashed this rom, it has turned on copy/ write protection on my micro SD. I’m not quite sure if the rom had anything to do with it, but I noticed i could not delete anything from my micro sd after flashing this rom. I have already tried:

    -A different rom
    -format sd via phone
    -format sd via PC
    -format sd via mac
    -use different card readers

    I don’t understand how this got turned on, because there is no physical switch on the micro sd card, only on the larger adapter. I have tried the switch both ways and nothing works. I am trying to delete all my files so I can have a fresh card but it is not working. PLEASE HELP!

  57. Joe Joe says:

    Does anyone know how to install the actual Swype program? Not the swipe that the Samsung keyboard uses.

  58. crolikman says:

    Here is the website. You install the app and supplements directly from there.

  59. Dustin D says:

    Hey has anyone had the issue with text messages not coming through sometimes till you restart the phone? Its happened to me many many times shortly after I installed the ROM. Would it have something to do with the modem I selected? But other than that I LOVE everything about this rom. Its FAST AS HELL! :))

  60. Bryan J. says:

    I’ve Been using Jedi Master 14 with the Saber kernel. I have noticed one issue so far. The 4.2 photo sphere camera often freezes or force closes just after i take a photo. Anyone else experiencing this problem?

  61. David .J says:

    Hey Max,
    Keep up the great work!! Just wanted to ask you if you can help me out as far as Jedi X 14 and Perseus Kernel 36.
    Can they be installed together without losing anything? Replacing Saber with Perseus but still having Jedi X Master 14 as your rom? Can you provide me with some help how to keep both? The other thing I wanted to know is that I have a Bell Galaxy Note 2 and when I flashed the rom the Model number comes up as SGH-T889 instead of SGH-I317M? Everything seems to run good just wondering if that is right?
    Thanks in advance!!

  62. johnnie says:

    Plzzzzz can sumone help me get my bandversion back ive watch alot of videos and read tons of post but really none work for me. Srry for posting but can sumone help me with this problem imei is saying null as well

    • BustaGonad says:

      Hello Johnnie,
      This is not a fix but I can sympathise with you as I have exactly the same problem. Like you I have searched countless web sites and found that there are fixes out there but sadly they all seem to want money. Developers spend so much time and effort creating these great ROM’s and Kernels yet they fail to realise that if things do go belly up the end user has no way to recover and has basically a $400 beer coaster. It’s easy for people to say that backups are important, and I’m sure the end user doesn’t deny that, but who hasn’t opened a present and thrown the instructions out with the box? We’re not perfect and shite happens.
      I have also found that there are different types or backup and the one that contains the ‘efs’ is the one that is the most important. If you do have a backup of this directory you’re in with a chance. Concentrate your searches using the keyword: efs. Sadly, I didn’t pick the backup that held the efs information and it’s the Samsung Help desk I’m now speaking too. So come on you Dev’s create an IMEI/Baseband recovery programme. We know you can do it.
      Good luck Johnnie, if you do find anything, let me know and I will do like wise.

      • johnnie says:

        Ok Thanks BustaGonad I will inform u if I find away. Thanks for responding . I still haven’t recovered my baseband or signal I tried using my friends laptob but it wont let me install and run Samsung kies drivers and im not familiar with how to use efs pro tool properly, still having trouble with restoring saved efs file from es explorer. Plz sumone anybody ,

    • BustaGonad says:

      The only way I managed to get around this eventually was the take a visit to and select the appropriate Stock ROM (making sure I had the correct Region). I Factory wiped my Note 2, formatted it and installed the newer version ROM. My original version was 4.1.1 but I downloaded 4.1.2. Hey Presto! I got my Baseband and IMEI back. Then I quickly made a full/complete system, and all the trimmings, back-up.

      • joe says:

        this sounds like a great idea. I like the Jedi Rom, but my radio does”nt work not a result of this rom, but from three other roms i tried before this. I have everything else working but that.

  63. Micah says:

    anyone else have issues on att with data? I had it working fine before but I just got a different phone warrantied due to issues with the micro usb port. sometimes it just seems to drop in and out of the network for no reason. yes it was properly rooted and i even tried re-installing the rom

    • Micah says:

      also when i’m at home i’m in a dead zone and it won’t even connect to my microcell. I have to use wifi or I have no data

  64. Mac says:

    Any one download the AT&T link and it come up installing info comes up for the T_Mobile zip file

  65. crolikman says:

    For those with wifi connectivity dropping issue: the fix posted on this site does not work on Canadian sgh317M. However, you can install wifi keeper which totally resolves the issue, go to searche for the wifi keeper, and follow the instinct as the whole site is in Russian. Anyway, the fix they have posted on their site has totally resolved all the wifi connectivity issues I had on my sgh317M. Good luck!

  66. david says:

    This jedix 14 for my att note 2 sghi317 is awesome. Installed with persious kernal. Install starts out and says tmobile but then showed my i317 a few screens later. Best rom ive tried and im keeping this one. Super fast and adjust cores used , power and so much more. Very smooth. .

  67. Dandi says:

    Is there any possibility to add another language to these ROM?
    I’m a Japanese user

  68. Fernando says:

    My note 2 keeps turning off after phone calls and wont turn back on until I pull the battery what to do?

  69. Redeye Dog says:

    Really would love this on the N7100. I need wifi calling.. Already donated but if I knew developer was working on it, I’ll donate more!!

  70. Fernando says:

    is the jedi xv14 compatible with at&t or just verizon

  71. ROdger the noob says:

    hello i am a nob but im getting the hang of installing custom roms i love jedix the only flaw is my multiwindow will not let me add the apps i want to the tray. for instance i try to drag gmail into the multi window and it will add a different app like talkatone or just do nothing at alll can this be fixed and if so how?

  72. iamcoldfire230 says:


    I have GT-N7105 with initial baseband of DXDMC1 (Philippines, GLOBE). I successfully rooted my device, installed Jedi X14 (GT-N7105) and I have this problem since then. I can call and send sms, but it would not allow me to get into the “mobile networks” menu, hence No Data Service.

    Weird thing is, I inserted this current SIM (LTE MicroSIM) to another phone and it worked, both GSM and DATA.
    I placed another SIM (3G SIM) into my Device, and it worked GSM and DATA too.

    I was unsure where the problem lies. I thought that after installing the custom ROM, since it changed the handset model from GT-N7105 to SGH-i317 and the baseband to something else, I might have to correct them.

    I then installed a GLB modem and CSC, but they did not resolve the problem.

    Please help. So desperate here. 🙁

    Thank you…

  73. Crolikman says:

    Max is absolutely correct you need to enter your APN manually. Check XDA website for detailed instructions.

  74. Mindstates says:

    Can someone please provide me with some direction on fixing my network issue. I have followed all directions and the ROM is working fine except it is not finding my T-mobile network. I have tried the APN settings and also tried resetting to default, NO luck. Please any suggestions or direction would be greatly appreciated. Phone works in wi-fi mode, but can’t seem to find my network.
    Thanks in advance!

  75. Tim says:

    Looks like Jedi X15 is here and, from what I’ve been reading, the Jedi XP is designed for the Canadian versions.

    Carrier Files
    UPDATED 1|7 ——4.1.2 LL4——-

  76. Mario Silva says:

    Thank for the hard work.

  77. John Barlaan says:

    Hi I’m having a slight issue. I have an AT&T Note 2 that I unlocked and placed a T-Mobile sim inside. I downloaded the AT&T zip file for x14. I tried installing using clockwork, but in the instructions for Jedi x14, it says it’s for T-Mobile. Is it okay for me to install? I clicked the AT&T link too.

  78. steven says:

    Is there a way to get tge home screen in landscape mode?

  79. steven says:

    Is there a way to get tge home screen in landscape mode? Btw im running jedi master 14 rom

  80. dawnyun says:

    I was on galaxy note 2 n7105 , i flashed the sgh-I317 version. And the baseband was n7105. It’s is safe to flash another n7105 rom or i have to flash sgh-I137 roms?

  81. silverspear67 says:

    I think I might’ve messed up!! I did a wipe data and factory reset in recovery before I installed the rom. I then installed the rom and it keeps rebooting back to recovery! What should I do?

  82. silverspear67 says:

    Thanks, Max!! Appreciate the assistance!!

  83. silverspear67 says:

    HELP!!! Max, I received a new phone and went through the same motions as the first one. But everytime I install the rom it keeps booting back to recovery. I made a backup in the clockwork recovery but it used TWRP to see if that would change the result… it didn’t. now I can’t find the backup that I made. I am stuck in recovery. It seems the this new phone is blocking the installation of custom roms. I’m at a loss!!

    • Max Lee says:

      Try formatting /system and reinstall ROM, try looking in 0 directory if you can’t find your backups and copy the TWRP or CWM folder back to root.

  84. silverspear67 says:

    Okay so I unbricked my phone and am now running the stock rom. But I still can’t figure out why it wouldn’t take the custom rom. I did the same thing with different recovery tools.

  85. silverspear67 says:

    Ok, I’m wondering if it has anything to do with the At&t OTA update. I updated the first time around and i couldn’t install a custom rom. When i flashed the stock rom, I went to see if that update was still there. It was, but I didn’t follow through with the update. However when I go to app manager, I can’t stop the process. Even after a factory reset, its still active. They must really want to push this update through. Has anyone experienced this?

  86. silverspear67 says:

    Is anyone else getting the glitchy screen when you try to reboot in recovery?

  87. silverspear67 says:

    Guys, I went over to XDA’s site and downloaded their TWRP 2.6 and installed that recovery script. It successfully installed the rom. Whew!!! Sorry for all the rants!!

  88. franky says:

    downloded the rom for Jedi X ROM for T-Mobile SGH-T889 everything was working except it was picking LTE sginal ? it was showing 4G and then sometimes 3G and H , any way I can get LTE working?

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