Jedi X16 ROM for Galaxy Note 2! [AT&T/T-Mobile/Canadian/GT-N7105]

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For this week’s AT&T/T-Mobile/Canadian/GT-N7105 Note 2 ROM of the week, check out latest Jedi X16 ROM!

Based on Android 4.1.2 TouchWiz firmware, latest Jedi X16 ships with an update Saber kernel, which has been compiled with Linux 3.0.87 and should give you much better performance and battery life over previous versions.

Also, couple additional themes have been added, here’s a list of all the great themes to choose from:

  • Stock Jedi
  • Jedi Black/White
  • Jedi Blue
  • Jedi Orange
  • Jedi Purple
  • Jedi Red
  • Jedi S4 Style
  • Deviant Jedi
  • Hydro Green

With the latest X16, you will also find just one file for all the different Note 2 variants and modem has been removed for compatibility. Other than that, you will find an an option for stock, 5×5, or 5×6 TouchWiz launcher option (my favorite is 5×6), Android 4.2 PhotoSphere camera (upgrade to 4.3 here), App2SD (swap internal with external sd), and option to choose your carrier (for GT-N7105, just use AT&T).

With Saber kernel, you can overclock this ROM up to 1.92 Ghz (I recommend around 1.7 to 1.8Ghz) and also overclock GPU (I recommend 733Mhz) using the Trickster MOD.

And for those of you who’ve never tried this ROM, you will find a ton of customization through Jedi ROM Tricks app (customize 23 quick toggles, set custom ink effect, Xposed App Settings, LMT Pie Control, and more).

Overall, you should find the latest version faster than ever with better battery life as the kernel has been upgraded. Try it out this week(end) and do let me know what you think of the latest version!


Download Jedi X16 ROM for Galaxy Note 2 (for AT&T/T-Mobile/Canadian/GT-N7105)

For Korean Note 2, use AT&T version and flash AOSP SJKernel.

Credits – AT&TT-Mobile <— Please donate to the developer Ptmr3 or hit “Thanks” button on XDA if you like this ROM, thx!

For running your apps in Phone or Tablet mode, see our Xposed App Settings tutorial.
For running PIE Control, see our LMT Launcher tutorial.

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98 Responses

  1. terry says:

    Hey man, I just installed JediX14, can I install 16 right on top or should I wipe?

    • Jonathan Hyde says:

      Always do a clean wipe to be safe. I’ve flashed new jedi over old jedi before and ended up bootlooping and fc’s. Its only one extra step to back up info..

  2. Zioon says:

    hello, can i know what app to use for backing up application? tired of reinstalling all the app after wiping and install new jedi rom.

  3. Manesh says:

    Hi there,

    I just installed X16 and for reason after the boot animation the screen just goes off. The phone still works as I can feel the haptic feedback and the vibration when turning it off.

    Is there any way fix this?

    • Mikey says:

      My guess is that you didn’t select a carrier in the Aroma installer. You have to select a carrier (just select T-Mobile) otherwise the install won’t go thru (the build.prop is not copied over, amongst other things). You can just flash your carrier’s proper CSC after the ROM completes booting up.

    • Johnny says:

      What’s up errrbody!? Love this site! Is there a way to get Jedi X 16 working on the Verizon Note II? I have 14 now and love it but the battery life could be better. Thanks for the help!

  4. triber says:

    hi does it now read 64gb ext sd cards? thx

  5. zee says:

    Is there any way i can get Wifi Calling on here? And The best way to get the LTE icon?

    • Oleg says:

      Search “Jedi Master 16” on XDA

      It’s the same ROM as Jedi X, but with T-Mobile specifically in mind (WiFi Calling)

      I can’t post links on this page.

  6. Steve says:

    I have the same problem, screen goes black after the boot animation

  7. Tichaona says:

    I did an over install on a T-Mobile carrier I installed 16 from Jadi Master ROM and nothing is working afterwards. I get continues pop-ups that say this app or that app has stopped working. Also I do not see option for WifI-Calling that I had before.
    The ROM looks neat hope this will be addressed shortly.

    • Oleg says:

      Jedi X is for all carriers.

      Search “Jedi Master 16″ on XDA

      It’s the same ROM as Jedi X, but with T-Mobile specifically in mind (WiFi Calling)

  8. Tichaona says:

    So I did the clean install that wipes Deval/Cache and then it worked but I lost all applications, so I would have to re-install. However it does not have the T-Mobile Wifi-Calling support which is key for me to upgrade from Jadi-Master 14 ROM. Fortunately I had a backup and am going back. It would be nice if this new ROM specifically said it does not support Wif-Calling. On the issues page it says “None” so I guess we can add this one to it so the great guys working on this good ROM can address it someday.

  9. john says:

    Have a 64 g card any way to do an exteral swap with this rom?

  10. Corey says:

    I love this ROM but the messaging app that is packaged with it gets flagged by my virus scan as a high security risk.

  11. leonardo says:

    okay, let me do little feedback of this rom on AT&T I317, i reflash many times to test everything, here what i found:

    1) the orginal camera original camera doesnt work well, all photos it take became shatter!!!
    2) sd memroy script ( do not install!! it will cause apps crash sometime and also photo you take will not load sometime if you store in sd card.

    so, if you want a stable rom, you batter stay away from this rom.

    • Max Lee says:

      What class sd card are u using? Make sure ti use at least class 6 u will have problems with anything lower.

  12. berbar says:

    Is there a simple way of changing themes: red, orange, green etc?

  13. dirkthedaring83 says:

    doh! I didn’t know that the Saber kernel DOES NOT support exFAT! Do not install if you use that format!!!

  14. Hendra Hanafi says:

    Hi im currently using note 2 gt N7105. I really interested in this rom but previous jedi rom doesn’t support this model but now it does but after boot logo in turns black. Issit compatible or not for this model???!

    • Mikey says:

      For international N7105, just select T-Mobile, let the install complete. Then reboot recovery and flash your carrier’s CSC (unlike Jedi X 15, there is no “Retain Modem” option if your carrier is not in the list).

      • mike (Australia) says:

        I’ve installed this in my N7105 international version and choose t-mobile.
        Is it normal that after the installation my phone model have changed and it’s no longer saying N7105.
        Please let me know if I did something wrong.

        • Mikey says:

          Yeah, it’s normal. If you chose T-Mobile, the model will become SGH-T889. If you want to change it back to GT-N7105, download the app “BuildProp Editor” from the Play Store, then change the following fields:



  15. yakubu says:

    Hi im currently using note 2 from Bell, after i flashed Jedi 16, everything worked fine until i found out that i could not connect to data network, i reflashed it couple times but nothing seem to work. can someone help me please.

  16. hendra hanafi says:

    Ok thanks mikey. It works fine now

  17. Max Salicetti says:

    I have a similar issue as user: yakubu.
    i flashed from Jedi x 14 to Jedi X 16..but not data tmobile. 😕

  18. john says:

    Mine won’t change the external swap downed for the bell/att rom using a samsung 64 g class 10 card. When I do the swap both the external and internal are showing 10 g

  19. Ferni says:

    I flashed JediX16 and have no data connection, any idea on how to correct this problem?

  20. Danish Hassan says:

    It dose not have LTE option for tmobile

  21. tichaona says:

    I think the release information for this ROM was a bit misleading, there is a difference between the T-Mobile version of the ROM and other in terms of expected functionality. T-Mobile supports Wifi-Calling and in order to have that please get the one from It is Jedi Master 16 and you can over install from a previous without loss of functionality. That is what I did I have no problems.

  22. Danish Hassan says:

    Sorry I dose support LTE just doesn’t show the logo.

    • cherry says:

      huh, that is strange. i spent day trying to get the modem/radio for note 2 and flashing it from recovery, but still didnt see the LTE sticker. also it use as APN and not fast.tmobile.

      not sure which is what.

  23. Stefano Piviali says:

    Yesterday I spent 3h setting up the APN for my new provider (Telstra in AU).
    What will happen to my APN settings if I install this ROM?

    • Mikey says:

      If you pick any of the North American carriers, your CSC will be overwritten. Pick one anyway (to complete the install), then flash the Telstra CSC (you can google for “TDVDMB1 (Australia / Telstra) N7105TDVDMB2”, pick the first link from xda-devel, there’s a link to download the Telstra CSC/modem, flash that with recovery after you have completed the Jedi X install. (Perform at least a system+modem backup before flashing CSC).

  24. MIcah Moore says:

    Ok so I tried to install this on my unlocked ATT note 2 hoping I could use wifi calling now that I’m using t-mobile. Is there a way to do this. Also when I flashed and installed fresh it booted and then would be ok for a few then restart. I’m mostly looking for a way to get wifi calling if possible. I already followed the guide on editing the radio

  25. Juan Paulinux says:

    I agree something makes the apps behave wrong, has to do something with memory, it says that my internal is the external and viceversa, I pictures sometimes are not saved at all, I’ll reinstall it again if I don’t reply otherwise, I agree there is something weird with this rom, and I have used jedi X’s roms before

  26. juan pqj says:

    Ok still the same but I would like to comment that this time I got lazy and didn’t read xda instructions where they recommends after installing don’t touch phone for 10 mins after that reboot, and didn’t have this problem before so I think that would help some problems, anyways im installing jedi master rom, it’s awesome too, ciao

  27. billy griffith says:

    Hi i came from jedi xp 14. I have done a full wipe cache and delvik wipe . I use the rom jedi xp 16 for a daily driver. I first started having the issue of the phone working great but after about a day it suddenly goes black then the lockscreen comes on it says no service it then vibrates . The only thing i can do to get it back on is take the battery out and there a reason for this. I love this rom because of the memory swap. I have done a clean install like 5 times and give it aday and it does it again.

    • Tim says:

      I am having this exact same issue. Every few days the ROM seems to lock up. The LED does flash but no vibrations, can’t turn on the screen, etc. etc.

  28. jay says:

    I installed this because I Jedix16 but everything works! except my HSPA or LTE doesn’t work….why???? Please help!!

    • Danish Hassan says:

      I am getting LTE speeds but the logo is showing 4G.
      So I think it just doesn’t have logo for LTE.
      Try the speedtest app and see if you are getting the speed.

  29. DAYR says:


  30. Tony V says:

    Hey Guys, I successfully installed the Jedi Master 16 ROM on my note 2 however, every time I plug my phone into a computer via USB my phone freezes up and will not respond. The only way to get it going again is if I do a battery pull. Does anyone know how to fix this. Please help. Thanks, -Tony

    • Todd Mc says:

      Hey Tony, Yes you nees to go to the Jedi 16 ROM Thread and go to page 597 and there will be a link for the SaberKernel 35.6, download it and flash it through recovery and it will fix you issue. I had the same problem and found out it was the SaberKernel 35.5 that was causing the problem. Hope this help you as it did me!!

  31. jeff says:

    Anyone know how to switch themes

  32. jeff says:

    Thanks I’ll give it a shot.

  33. Alan says:

    When installed I don’t get signal. Nada. Please help

  34. Dead Soul says:


    I have tried downloading the Jedi x16 three times and it fails midway for some reason the host server I guess times out or disconnects my session…. I have tried with IDM and without IDM… very frustrating wasting my time and Data bundle costs… do you guys have a mirror to this file or send me via dropbox 🙂 ???


    Dead S

    • Dead Soul says:

      This ROM is not working on my phone… it boots the animation and just goes black and vibrates at intervals of 5-7 seconds… ??????

  35. Nancy says:

    I flashed Jedi X16 and now I don’t have the ability to access the samsung account set up. Is there a work around to this.

    • Dead Soul says:


      Did u manage to download the file from this site ?? no one is responding… i sooo badly need this download. I have a slow iinternet conneciton and my ISP bills the sh*t out me… as my downloads fails half way all the time.. and its a 1.1gb Do you have a fast connection maybe you can upload it somewhere else i can download from that instead ? perhaps a dropbox link ? seemes like the host they are using is just garbage. This is the 7th attempt im doing


      Dead Soul

    • Dead Soul says:

      dont bother got the file somewhere else…. this rom IS JUST NOT working on my phone.. thanks anyways

  36. Fernando says:

    After flashing jedi x16 for at&t I noticed my s beam no longer works is there a fix?

  37. Tichaona says:

    Has anyone found the fix for the phone hang with this ROM when you connect to a computer USB. It locks up either on Windows 7 or Mac. It might be just a piece that was not tested so I have to make sure that I do not connect it to PC USB. The only way out is removal of battery, a PAIN. On the other hand I am used to connecting the phone to the PC USB, so this has bitten me a couple of times each time

  38. DeQuail Sims says:

    hi i have the t-mobile variant and whenever i try to flash it it says that it aborted it what should i do to flash correctly????….please help

  39. Brando says:

    Dev….is there any way you can please make this available to us at&t SGH-1317 note model owners? I have had the older version from when it was first released but want this new update if it is available for this model #.

  40. Gens says:


    I having a problem about my battery life. 5hours screen on and done. My battery drain fast. Can someone please teach me how to proper use of trickster mod to save battery without sacrificing performance? When screen is on I am using only facebook, sms and some web browsing. Im not playing any games still my battery drain fast.

    Thanks guys in advance!

    • Gens says:

      I am using this rom, I flashed it last thursday. I am new about the rooting, flashing rom and tweaks. So if anyone can help me. Please.


  41. din says:

    Hi, just wanna know if I can use this for vodafone (Australia) or only for usa/canada?

  42. Hariston says:

    I have an international model of note 2(GT-N7100) SSN:N7100GSMH, and i really want to try this rom, but none of those are working for me, the Jedi X(v17) instal and at end satys in bootloop, and the jedi master(v16) do not detect my sim card?
    There is any version of this rom for international model?
    Tks in advance!

    • din says:

      i tried jedi x16 on my n7105t its working for Aus carrier…if you watch the utube video he dont recommend install on n7100 because this is for LTE version

  43. freddy says:

    still no live wallpapers? i did a dirty flash and skipped the themes and got it to work for about a week then all of the sudden it just dies. other than that i love the rom, but it’s my battery and i chose to drain it with fancy eye candy

  44. jelani says:

    Does this work for verizon also?

  45. Nathan says:

    Link isn’t downloading. I really want this.

  46. teekiya says:

    Does anyone know if tmobile wifi calling works with this rom?

  47. Gloria says:

    I go to see day-to-day some sites and blogs to read articles, but
    this website offers quality based content.

  48. Gary Parkes says:

    Jedi X17 is out & for some reason can’t D?l from the Jedi Host

  49. Mark says:

    I have installed the rom and ny mobile data isnt working. I then tried to install a different rom and its still not workong!

    Also with the jedi rom my games were lagging really badly. I tried to message you twice in two youtube videos but I see that many people have not had a response.

    Please help as im going away on friday and need mobile data on.

    Im in uk with n7105 note 2

    • cherry says:

      try latest version of Tweaked ROM for note 2. i moved away from jedi and i am liking tweaked.
      gives me 4G LTE, GPS is very accurate, allows call over wifi and many other features. hope that will help u

  50. Radu says:

    is there any jedi roms for the international version ? the N7100 ? i really like the room, but i cand really tell if it will work with the international version N7100

  51. Wyspa Gier says:

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  52. pio says:

    hey man.
    I am subscribe to this page.
    I tried to download the rom.
    the thing is that when I click on download
    it send me to this page.
    than I get stuck.
    the only thing to download its a bunch of adds.
    I am not to good at this .
    can I get some help?. thanks

  53. Kevin says:

    I just installed this rom to my SGH-I317 it works great. But is there a way to change the themes besides thru recovery mode and doing it all over?

  54. Charolette says:

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  55. It’s going to be finish of mine day, except before ending I am
    reading this enormous post to improve my knowledge.

  56. N8IVE says:

    Why dont I see jedi x 20 on here im using it on the sgh-i317m and its epic

  57. jester21 says:

    Hi guys, just installed the rom and the lte doesnt work for globe here in the philippines, any workaround? TIA

  58. Joe says:

    I just installed Jedi x16 on my Note 2 1317 from AT&T. I just switched to Tmobile and selected that carrier option at install on Aroma and it still doesn’t work. It still asks for a unlock code. When I try to call it says not registered on Network. What do I need to do next?

  59. Mikayla says:

    Hey I just installed JediX on my note 2 and when I went to reboot it my phone won’t come back on.. it stays at the Samsung screen? What did I do? Can u help?

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