Jedi X17 ROM for Galaxy Note 2! [AT&T/T-Mobile/Verizon/Canadian/GT-N7105]

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For this week’s Note 2 ROM of the week, check out latest Jedi X17 ROM, now available for AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Canadian, and GT-N7105 variants as a single zip file for all.

UPDATE: Jedi X19 is available now, CLICK HERE to see instead of this!!!

The latest version comes with an updated Saber kernel (that is FAST with overclocking support up to 1.9Ghz), Android 4.3 PhotoSphere (working flawless out of the box), addition of Floating Notification app, and other updates to make it better than ever.

Now even without overclocking, the latest Jedi X17 ROM comes with choice of stock, 5×5, or 5×6 TouchWiz launcher, which is the fastest TouchWiz launcher I’ve tried yet so far, you actually would not believe it was TouchWiz(see video above for demo of it). It’s perhaps as fast as AOSP launchers or even faster.

And for those of you who’ve never tried Jedi X ROMs before, it does come with goodies like LMT Pie Launcher, Xposed App Settings, 23 Toggle Settings, Custom Ink Color, Keyboard Switcher, Custom Notification Background, Fast Dormancy Toggle, GPS Quick Fix, and Seeder.   With the Trickster MOD app, you can easily overclock your CPU up to 1.92Ghz (although I recommend 1.8Ghz at most) and GPU to 800Mhz.

You also get a bunch of great themes to choose from including Galaxy S4 Theme and Deviant Jedi Theme along with couple more so you can easily swap out themes if you get bored (by re-running AROMA installer without wipe).

Overall, this is probably the most stable TouchWiz ROM and also fastest.  It’s not the custom ROM with most features but most reliable that I always come to although it does have a ton of features you won’t regret installing.

So, if you are on previous version of Jedi X or haven’t tried the ROM at all, definitely check it out this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Jedi X17 ROM for Galaxy Note 2 (For all AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Canadian, and GT-N7105)

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!  (You can also follow the developer of this ROM Ptmr3 on Twitter.)

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113 Responses

  1. IP Geek says:

    Hey Max, the Youtube video does not work. Unless my phone is going crazy

  2. rod says:

    4g lt work to .max

  3. e1n5te1n says:

    Does the ROM include S-Pen functionality since it is a derivative of TouchWiz?

  4. Darin says:

    Compatible with 64GB sd yet?

  5. Walt says:

    I really like this ROM but the GPS never works no matter which one of these Jedi ROMS I have ever used.
    This for me is a deal breaker. I have seen other people have the same issue as I do and I have yet to see a solution. I tried the GPS lock then flash a new ROM method to try to fix but without success.

    • Mikey says:

      Im in the same boat, any help?

      • RichyRich619 says:

        GPS works fine for Tmo build. I have no problems. But the only issue that I have is the text msg crashing. I have change the settings to accept more than default settings but still have the same issue. Other than that ROM runs great.
        Max is there a fix for this issue?

    • Joe says:

      I am not having any issues with the GPS. I locks on very quickly.

    • MadMikey says:

      I’m using X 17 and can lock on to GPS within a few seconds. What baseband version and carrier and you using?

      • Mikey says:

        Verizon and MC3

        • MadMikey says:

          From what I know about the Verizon i605 GPS lock problem, you need to copy the /system/etc/gps.conf from a Verizon rom with the GPS fix like Moon Rom v5 or CleanROM ACE 5.

          • Mikey says:

            can you give me a link or detailed instructions on how to do this? I REALLY loved the Rom, but the gps is a must for my work.

          • MadMikey says:


            search xda-dev for a thread with title “[Fix] * VZW GPS Libs * Fix GPS on International Roms *”
            There is a download link to a GPS fix with verizon gps libraries (flash using your recovery). The filename is something like “VZW Test”

  6. Kevin Lincoln says:

    Is there anything in this ROM that does not work besides the GPS issue mentioned by Walt? I would like to try this ROM out but had a bad experience with another ROM and lost all the contents of my 64gb SD card.

  7. Steve says:

    64gb SD card works perfectly for me (Samsung), 4g is a let down though, seems to be for a few people, although I rarely get 4g anyway rofl. Fantastic rom, best touchwiz one for N7105 LTE in my opinion. Still went back to Avatar rom though, much faster and smoother

  8. Justin Serra says:

    My T-Mobile GN2 is stuck on the title loading screen. Any idea why? I wiped all data and cache. Fixed permissions and all. Please help.

    • Preston says:

      This happened to me too and I did a factory reset and flashed again and it worked fine. I’m also a GN2 Tmobile customer.

      • Dennis Hatley says:

        I’m also stuck in the boot loop. I installed it using twrp. I cant seem to get back to recovery mode, I did a batt pull and waited before installing battery. I then held power/vol up and down but got nowhere. Any ideas?

  9. Dawn says:

    Everything works perfect , much better compared to jedi x 16 , switching back to touchwiz home from nova launcher. Everything speeds up fast even i am under-clocked @ 500k min -1.2gb max.

  10. JuneBugg says:

    No Lte for tmobile? That’s a deal breaker Max . Can I just add the lte apn?

    • Jojo says:

      I agree I wish I knew this sooner

      • Jojo says:

        correction LTE is supported just not themed if you want to verify go to about this device – status – network type

        this should show that you are on LTE or HSPA and it may switch since LTE is still pretty new to tmo

        sadly wificalling is not supported

  11. alex says:

    Do I need to do a factory reset upon installation if I’m coming from Jedi X 14?

  12. Eric Lambert says:

    Love the x14, but I can’t find accounts sync to kill picaso. I want to kill picaso in gallery, please help!

  13. Ant says:

    Does this Rom support apps2sdscript for use with a 64gb San disk micro sd? Would really like to use that feature, games and apps are only getting larger in file size?

  14. Tanisha says:

    What happened to the rest of the themes I want my Jedi purple theme back please help

  15. keng says:

    sphere program not installed ???

    I selected AOSP Camera 4.3 …. still no sphere program ?

  16. Old Man Dave says:

    Saber Kernel also lets you under clock to 100 if you’re battery saver crazy!!!

  17. Russ says:

    Try the latest faux tOlte kernel with this rom…… AMAZING!

  18. BT says:

    Is anyone able to add a Samsung account? I am unable to use AllShare and am completely missing the option to add a Samsung account.

  19. DaCracken says:

    I’m having a hard time getting it to show any bars for 4G. Though my download speeds are at about 17MBps it is not showing signal strength. Also, it will not resolve my GPS location no matter that I do.

    I have an i605 VZW. Let me know what I can do.

    • Mikey says:

      I’m having the same issues, from what I can tell the signal bars issue you can fix with an app. Go to XDA and search for Jedi X17, in the thread on page 812, post #8116 has a link to 2 files you can flash to replace the signal bars.

      As for the GPS, i’m still fighting that one myself. Max is there anything you can think of that might fix this issue?

  20. Dale Meredth says:

    Wifi thethering doesnt seem to work on tmobile…im using the toggle and I get the “you need to buy thether service” page

    • Ian says:

      Yea! WiFi hotspot not working on mine either with Jedi 17. works on Jedi 14 though? I Like Jedi 17 – but now WiFi hot spot is a killer for me. Any info anyone?

  21. teekiya says:

    Does anyone know if tmobile wifi calling works with this rom?

  22. KC says:

    I’m from Hong Kong. My phone is N7105. I cannot access the internet after flashing Jedi X17. But via wifi is ok. I flashed the HK modem and csc from….php?t=2031575 but still not ok. The APN is correct. I can make phone calls and receive SMS. Can anyone help me out? Thank you.

    Phone Details
    Baseband: N7105ZHALI5
    Kernel: Saber 38.1
    Build number: Jedi X17
    Mobile Network State: DISCONNECTED
    IP Address: unavailable
    Signal Strength: -99dBm 41asu

    Carrier Details
    3HK 4G -LTE

  23. billy says:

    I downloaded an app called utter and discovered that the voice engine was corrupt on this rom.

  24. blake says:

    Having issues with my camera force closing on certain modes like low light and HDR mode using tmobile T889

  25. Jason says:

    I have the Att version. Having problems since switching from JediX16. The worst is when I go to turn the phone on at times it has powered off and it wont turn back on unless I pull the battery. Second, I set the default keyboard to Swiftkey but on most apps it switches to the Android keyboard. I have even froze the Android keyboard in Titanium backup to no avail.

  26. Michael says:

    Not showing LTE on TMGN2 but getting 23 mbps or higher in LTE areas

  27. Danny Oakes says:

    I get the has quit working error

  28. jonathan hyde says:

    Anyone know why I can’t flash any Touchwiz ROM after having CM 10.2? I can only flash non-touchwiz roms.(pacman, aosp, aokp,etc) all TW such as Jedi get stuck on logo after full wipe and rewipe of dalv syst cache data everything. Please any advice is appreciated.

  29. jerry says:

    I just flash my rom from jedi x11 to jedi x17. It runs great, I like the theme and keyboard. But I am having issue with my camera. It takes pictures fine, but when I go change any settings, it force close on me. Does anyone have the same issue? Can anyone tell me how to go about fixing this issue?

  30. yerman says:

    will it install on international N7105

  31. Hello, Everyone

    to install AR Liberator, I rooted my phone today. Its model is 7100 international.

    Now I am learnning such amazing packets called ROMs. I wanted to try this one, but
    It just keeps bootlooping. What I see in my phone now is just samsung animation 🙁

    Is there any solution for this problem? Should I install it again with chooing a wrong version
    at the end like T-mobile?

    Best Regards,

    Tugalsan Karabacak

  32. Glen says:

    Awesome rom. Disappointed in the fact the gps doesn’t work. I have tried every suggestion out there. I can live without signal bars. Going back to jelly beans 21.

  33. Ryan Dodig says:

    I am running x16 now I love it! Going from x16 to x17 do you need to do a factory wipe?

  34. Eric C says:


    Thanks for your work.
    I have a shv-e250K with Fido as carrier in Canada
    I root the phone with Odin
    I install the sjk kernel
    I install the room with CWM, i had clear the cache, then i install the rom from an external sd card, then i clear partition, then i reboot.

    when i reboot, it keep loading the “Samsung Galaxy Note 2” forever…
    I cant get into the sytem.

    Can you please give me advice ?

  35. Silverspear67 says:

    @Ant – Do you do a factory wipe before you press the install icon or does it do the wipe when you go to install it? In other words, is the option to wipe a part of the install?

  36. Rob says:

    How do you get the image in the custom notification background ?

  37. Adam Francois says:

    Can not download anything from your site. Also unable to register or sign up for email notifications. Have tried a ton of times with no success. Please help.

  38. Marvin says:

    The link you provided for download has a corrupted file.Highly recommend going to xda & downloading from another mirror website. After i did that downloaded & booted with no problem

  39. Mark says:

    Hi, after installing on my T-889, I now have no data. Would you happen to know how to fix this?

  40. Lunchbox says:

    Does this ROM have better audio than CM ROM? The volume sucks on cyanogen MOD. Also does this have full screen caller ID for incoming and outgoing calls? Hotspot and tethering?

  41. Joshua says:

    Is there going to be a T-mobile specific Jedi Master for this rom with LTE and wifi calling working Mr. Lee?

  42. Hussain Emran says:


    Everything is working fine except photosphere. I am able to take pictures it doesn’t save the pictures on my memory card. What’s gone wrong? The normal camera works fine.


  43. jerry says:

    Hey guys,

    I’ve been runninh this rom for over 3 weeks and it got some issues. 1st, the camera FC when going to option menu, 2nd, it freeze and FC and sent me back to the home screen on random, 3rd, camera is starting to act up, its very slow and sometime it FC on me. I have to try 3 or 4 times for it to work. When flashing, I wipe out everything. Does anyone having issue with jedi x17 rom? I went from jedi x11 to jedi x17 and x11 is way more stable than x17 in my opinion because everything works. If I can’t get this issue fix by the next day or so. I’m downgrading to jedi x14 for Tmobile.

    I appreciate anyone advice on how to fix the FC issues.

    • Jerry Fang says:

      I had issue with Jedi X17, flashed to Jedi Master 14; can’t flash, give me error message in Mobile Odin, so went back to Jedi X11. This is the most stable ROM I have experience. I really like Jedi X17 ROM for the call recording feature. I use that for recording my conversation with company that have me on record so I’ll have proof of our conversation. I really like that feature, but Jedi X17 have issue with camera and phone lockup and random freezing. 🙁

  44. dev says:

    don’t rag me, yes imma complete noob…. ive downloaded the file to my computer what next? I currently have cyanogen that I installed with odin

  45. CyberAddic says:

    Where are the gapps

  46. Jeremy says:

    I am using this rom on verizon and the signal indicator for 4g doesnt work, Is there a fix for that?

  47. yerman says:

    great rom, update to latest saber kernel for 64gb exfat support

  48. gbt says:

    hi, Im using GT-N7150, I finished installing the Jedi ROM, but after reboot system, it stay on Samsung Galaxy II display..then it goes back to CWM..I can’t do anything..It stay the same all over again….can u help me??? please!!??

  49. Nathan says:

    Is there anyway to get this on l900

  50. Ismael says:

    Hola, que operador debo escoger si tengo un 317m de telcel, no aparece en la lista del instalador Aroma, lo hice un verizone y no reconoce mi chip. Gracias

    Hey, that operator should I choose if I have a telcel 317m, not listed Aroma installer, it did a Verizone and not recognize my chip. thanks

  51. Reese says:

    I am sorry but if you have to do a bunch of stuff just to get the rom going good maybe you don’t need to install it. Why waste your time????

    • Vyze says:

      For extra features that aren’t available on the stock ROM such as free WiFi tethering. Or because we are nerds and choose this as a hobby as opposed to things like memorising the statistics of every player on every team to have an imaginary or fantasy team play imaginary games to make one feel smarter than other middle aged men playing make believe. Just a thought… 😛

  52. CyberAddic says:

    I still cant find the gapps and the link you sent doesn’t work.

  53. CyberAddic says:

    I can’t find the gapps.

  54. Reed says:

    Any chance this will become available for the Sprint variant anytime soon?

  55. Robert hedges says:

    How do you get at 4g lte to work please help me

    • Robert says:

      Its probably working but you are not going to get the LTE shown in the status bar,just the 4g.
      But to check if you do have it and to see that it is working .Go to settings-about phone-status, it should be there

  56. Dan Saskowski says:

    any reason why it might not be showing my signal strength?

  57. RichyRich619 says:

    This ROM is good, I just hate that it runs off HPSA and the LTE for Tmo, it fluctuates at random but works flawlessly. Awesome Beats did not run from the Settings, but runs when you go to the app directly to setup. Will see how this ROM goes as my daily driver. Good work JEDI rom developers. But only hope that it will soon have Android 4.3 rather than 4.1.2. Thanks a Maxamillion, Max.

  58. Snober says:

    is this rom galaxy note 2 n7100 . /?

  59. ilyas says:

    I installed this ROM,all okay but I always hear this random pop up sound like almost every time. How do I disable it? does it have something to do with the Jedi Rom tricks?

  60. Brian Osburn says:

    I had Jedi X14 installed and it was getting sluggish so I just installed Jedi X17 today and love how fast it is. The only problem I am having is that it will not see my 64GB card. It is formatted as exFAT. I went through this thread and saw the suggestion to format it as FAT32 but when I tried it, it told me my card was too large to be formatted to FAT32. I then tried the Perseus 3.0.36 kernel to see if it would read my card (this is what I had to do in order for my phone to read my 64 GB card after installing Jedi X14), but it did not work. Can someone suggest a kernel that would read my card while using the Jedi X17 ROM?

  61. PeterS says:

    I just installed it. Google Play was working. Then I went back into recovery, and installed GAPPS, now Google Play isn’t working and I can’t download my applications. Any suggestions?

  62. windsor says:

    descuple minha ignorancia mas alguem pode me enssinar as configuraçoes pra eu usar o meu note 2 lte , na frequncia 1.8 e 1.9


  63. Dakota Allen says:

    i was using jedi x 17 then i upgraded to x 19 and it works great with only one issue and this issue has been persistent in every single jedi x rom and idk why they haven’t fixed it. when im using a Bluetooth device part way through a call the person on the other line will not be able to hear me talking any longer but i can still hear them. i have tried multiple different Bluetooth devices and its the same on all devices. how can i fix this?

  64. bradley trombley says:

    I just installed jedi x19. I cannot find back up assistance. It has been restored thru titanium backup but I can’t ffind it on the phone. So I have no contacts. I also backup thru my gmail account and that seems to have lost them also. Please help. I also wondered if this ROM doesn’t support the note 2 keyboard. With the top row with the numbers.

    • Robert says:

      When you stored your contacts were they stored under Google contacts, Sim, or phone? If they were stored under phone contacts you can’t retrieve them. Under sim or Google you can.You can switch your keyboard in Jedi Rom tricks.

  65. Leo says:

    bro, thus this work on note 2 n7100

  66. kk21 says:

    With this ROM, I can use Wifi hotspot? I used to be able to do that with stock ROM, but then T-Mobile starts charging for it.

    • Jerry Fang says:


      I am running jedi x 11 and was able to use the wifi hotspot. Every Jedi X custom rom have wifi hotspot features locate in the drop down notification bar. This feature by-pass the tmobile hotspot. I have never use tmobile wifi hot spot app, I just use the one that came with Jedi X rom. Been using it without any issue. Hope this help.

      • kk21 says:

        Thanks, Jerry. So are you using tmobile? I was reading a few forums that I had to do some specific steps to enable hotspot. So you didn’t have to do any extra steps and hotspot works out-of-the-box after you installed Jedi x11?

        • Jerry Fang says:

          Yea. Right outnof the box. When u flash any jedi rom it automatically include hotspot on the drop down menu. Jedi X 17 have a cool feature which allow u to record your incoming and out coming calls. Ready cool feature.

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