Jedi X19 ROM for Galaxy Note 2! [AT&T/T-Mobile/Verizon/GT-N7105/Canadian]

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For this week’s AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, GT-N7105, and Canadian Note 2 ROM of the week, check out latest Jedi X19 ROM.

Like its previous versions, Jedi X19 ROM brings you the best of Star Wars theme/sounds/UI along with lots of features like Awesome Beats app for tweaking your sound, transparent multi-window enabled for all apps, Android 4.3 PhotoSphere camera, 4×5, 5×5, or 5×6 TouchWiz launcher with continuous scrolling, and much much more.

The biggest change from previous version comes with a major upgrade to the Saber kernel.  Now you can easily overclock your CPU to 1.96Ghz and your GPU to 800Mhz.  (I was able to attain near 8000 Quadrant scores at those settings, although I don’t recommend that for daily driving).    Also, Sony Walkman has been swapped out for NexMusic for music player.

And for those of you who have never tried Jedi X ROMs, it does come with nice “Jedi ROM Tricks” in settings, allowing you to customize your quick toggles, change ink color, enable LMT Pie Controls, change icons, enable floating notifications, enable Xposed App Settings (to run your favorite apps in tablet/custom DPI mode), set custom notification background, and much more.

Overall, Jedi X19 ROM proves to be one of the best, stable TouchWiz ROMs you can install if you have a Note 2 that supports it.  If you haven’t tried the latest Jedi X19, definitely give it a good “go” this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Jedi X19 ROM for Galaxy Note 2 (for all AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, GT-N7105, and Canadian Note 2s)

Missing apps and more mods?  See Jedi X goody bag.

For custom themes, you can check the XDA theme thread here.

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!  (You can also follow the developer of this ROM Ptmr3 on Twitter.)

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88 Responses

  1. Didi says:

    Hey, i just love this rom, but is there any way of getting it flashed on the GT-N7100?

  2. cameron edwards says:

    All ready have it before you poseted had it about a week ago

    • Mac says:

      You may have had this ROM first Cameron, but your grammar and spelling is terrible bro… 😛

      Max, thanks for posting this! I’m a huge fan of the Jedi ROMS and with X17 + Note2Core kernel (@ 1.8GHz over clock) I’m getting 8400+ on my quadrant (which I know isn’t quite the best standard of testing…) So, I’m definitely looking forward to what happens with an upgraded ROM and saber kernel! Will post my results later 🙂

      • Mac says:

        Okay… I’ve spent most of the afternoon flashing, tweaking and trying combinations. Hope this helps anyone out there who was wanting to experiment like this!

        I ran a quick quadrant on my Note 2 before doing anything and got this result: (I actually didn’t think this was too bad at all! And for everyone’s information, I am running Jedi X17 + Note2Core + SetCPU)

        And then flashed the new Jedi X19 ROM with a combination of the included saber kernel, the updated 45.3 Saber kernel + either Trickster Mod OR SetCPU and after multiple flashes and tweaks, this was the best result I got: (Which STILL in it’s own right isn’t too bad and still MUCH higher than stock)

        Overall, I’d say the X19 is still a great ROM. I’ve backed up my X17 ROM, so I might continue to tweak X19 where I can and attempt to get a better quadrant, so stay tuned and I’ll try and post results.

        And to those who asked questions earlier, if I may help out…
        @ Didi – I am highly suspect that you canNOT flash a N7105 ROM onto the N7100. Max might be able to correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m basing this on the fact that I went the reverse and flashed a N7100 ROM on my N7105 and screwed my IMEI and baseband… It took me forever to get it back to stock after having to find the stock ROM and flash it through ODIN. Check with Max and see what he says about it though…
        @ Lee – I’m not sure about the answers to your other questions, but the Android version on X19 (as per my screenshots) shows up as 4.1.2 – That may not be the answer you wanted, but I hope it helps!

        As Max would say… STAY HAI 🙂 ON ANDROID people!

        • xMADTACOx says:

          this rom says its a 4.3 bit says 4.1.2 im trying to get my note 2 to be rooted and work with my galaxy gear how can i do that last i heard it will only work with tuchwiz and it has to be 4.3 PLEASE HELP ME OUT !!

      • Rico Porter says:

        Who cares who had it first stop fighting for ass kissing positions. Hands down this is the best rom without lossing touchwiz features such as swipe gestures. Sound quality is awsome. Ive used every rom there is and jedi is at the top with flawless results. Probam comes next. Neither one of you have anything to do but troll post and try to sound relevant but unless youve actually built or have a hand in building stop grammar checking you arent no damn teacher and your not smarter then a 5th grader. Jedi x19 rocks

        • Mac says:

          Lol. Such an angry reply 🙂

          Well, I guess you can just wait till my full ROM bench tests results get posted here (My comments are awaiting moderation) and you’ll see I’m no troll.

          X19 is a great ROM but I’m getting better performance (Quadrant AND Antutu) from X17 with a combination of other factors. So hit the ‘calm down’ button and slow your roll with your abusive comparitive comments bro. Unnecessary 😛

      • crolikman says:

        I have noticed one thing about Note2Core kernel. While being used along with Screen Filter or Twilight app it drains the battery in four and a half or five hours. Not sure why, as with Saber kernel these two apps let the battery last for 9 to 10 hrs. Any thoughts? I overclock both kernels at 1800.
        Another thing: with Note2Core kernel + ViPER4Android sound engine + powerAmp player I get absolutely amazing sound. AMAZING. I was upset at first to find out that N2C does not support Voodoo Sound, but after playing with V4A I totally forgot about Voodoo. Saber, on the contrary does offer a support for Voodoo, at least it used to up until X18, but I could never make neither Voodoo nor V4A work along with powerAmp. Any thoughts on this issue?
        Thanks for your time.

      • xMADTACOx says:

        its funny when people talk shit on spelling and grammar in a website post.. LOSER you know what was said

    • Rob says:

      Ok what’s the point for the post.

      • crolikman says:

        And what is the point of your comment?
        I have followed an advice posted here and switched to N2C kernel. The productivity has shot through the roof but naturally it came with a price. I am trying to make sure that there is no way to fix some of the issues. And you simply unhappy that my post doesn’t provide you with any useful info? Well, too bad, your post is just as useless as mine in respect to X19 installation or other issues.

  3. ayip shahab says:

    Thank’s Sir.I will try it

  4. steve says:

    Best rom ever. It seems even snapper this time, even with no over clock

  5. MadMikey says:

    If you’re having strange problems with X19, make sure you try to flash the Saberkernel 45.3 over it. It’s a newer version than the one that comes with X19.
    Underclock to 100MHz is super stable with 45.3.

  6. Lee Barcenilla says:

    Can someone confirm if this is Android 4.3? Also for tmobile does the lte work? Will this still have the wifexcalling for tmobile? Does it recognize the 64gb micro sd card? Thanks. I’m running Jedi master rom and don’t wanna flash another unless it’s 4.3 Android. Thanks

  7. Pauly T says:

    Does it support the SPlanner calendar widget? Just about every rom I’ve tried doesn’t. It seems you can only get this on stock.

  8. Glen Buckner says:

    Is the GPS lock issue fixed in this version for i605 (Verizon)? I have tried to dirty flash from different roms after Locking and can’t get it to lock on Jedi and also get lots of force closing after the dirty flash. Using jelly beans 22 atm. Thanks. (I know this was a major run on

    • lifeington says:

      Hi Did u ever find out if the GPS lock is working on the i605 ?

    • B-ry the Wheel Guy says:

      GPS lock is not working on my i605. I’ve tried everything to make it work… Love is ROM, especially after trying cyanogenmod for a couple days, but this GPS issue is driving me CRAZY!

      • hawkeye says:

        I tried this rom as well over the past few days. I too cannot get gps to work. I get the gps icon in the status bar, but nothing showing using one of the gps tools apps that displays signal strength. Did anyone ever find a fix for this? I absolutely love this–but I use my gps daily!

    • David Kim says:

      Have you figured out how to fix the gps issue? I’m still having so much problem trying to get my gps lock into place. It keeps on searching. I have tried doing dirty flashing and it still didn’t work. I have used my rooted stock rom as dirty rom and then install jedi x20. The gps still searching and not locking into place. Any suggestions?

  9. Favio says:

    Just installed this last night, but jut noticed that I can only put my phone on vibrate and not silent. Has anyone else noticed this issue or know why? I’d like feedback, thank you. Plus side, this rom is excellent and smoothed.

  10. lonnie says:

    I can’t gets to 25% then stops,what browser did you guys use?

  11. Randy McNary says:

    I like a number of the features this ROM offers, but I’ve had my phone freeze twice on me (requiring a battery pull to resolve) and I’ve also had some severe pixilation issues. If this becomes a regular thing, I’ll be going back to JellyButter.

  12. john says:

    Does this rom support 64g sd cards? I know with other roms I used I can trick my phone to thinking its 64 internal but jedi this always was an issue love the rom but also live my games and apps out of 64 g I only have 25g left so 16 g wouldn’t be possible if there’s a way for this please tell me how and also keep up the good work max helped me out with a lot of problems in the past lol.

  13. Jedi User says:

    I’m having freezing problem and pixeliation problem. I reverted back to X17.

  14. CDillon says:

    Hey Max where do i get the different themes for this rom?

  15. Jen says:

    Maxx can you tell me what rom you would suggest for someone who wants good battery life, quick speeds, and must have wifi calling, for a note ii t889. I am not a really advanced rom user yet so not real worried about have a butt load of stuff to customize etc, I just can’t figure out which of the roms you have listed would be good for me! It is a bit overwhelming frankly! ha ha Would LOVE a suggestion, or a couple of suggestions. And thanks for teaching me about rooting and custom roms!!!! it rocks!

    • crolikman says:

      Why don’t you spend some time on reading about the characteristics of all the ROMs presented on this website and choose the one that suits your needs?

  16. rene s says:

    can i change bootup graphics? rom is amazing but logo on bootup is kind of weak..thanks

  17. Simon Cruz says:

    I cant download it said download unsuccessful.

  18. Andy says:

    Does this ROM unlock the WiFi Hotspot feature?

  19. Shane says:

    Hi all,

    I’m struggling about where to begin with this ROM 🙁 I have the N7105, on the DMF2 build but I really want to install this ROM, however I’ve heard flashing a ROM that isn’t on DMF2 can mess up the IMEI :/
    Any idea what I can do?

    Thanks in advance!

  20. Dem says:

    I installed X19 working great. My wifi toggle switch won’t stay to connect to the wifi. It keeps turning off then grays out. How can I fix it

    • mike says:

      Replace etc/wifi file with the corrosponding file from ICS. It is a 4.1.2 issue. If that doesnt work, It could be hardware. I had to warranty out my first t889 because the wifi radio took a crap. I have to swap my wifi file every time I flash a 4.1.2 based tw rom.

  21. Flying Scotsman says:

    Still no news on the international n7100 port though 🙁 been waiting to try this out for weeks. Twitter had something saying it was coming soon but that was weeks ago.

  22. C Ola says:

    Does anyone know if this ROM will work on model SGH-T889V of Note 2? This is a Canadian variant (with Wind Mobile). There is more than one Canadian version and I’ve learned the hard way that when a site says Canadian variants, it does not necessarily follow that my device is covered.

  23. Garnet says:

    I’m a huge time jedi fans but now I want it for my Samsung galaxy tab 8.0 GT-N5100,
    Send me link if it’s possible please am asking u.
    I just love jedi more than any other rom that I try. Jedi is stable, reliable and soo awesome. And it also give me a lot choice on how I want to customized my phone.
    Jedi is the best ever guys

  24. Gmillere says:

    Hi Max I tried to flash this ROM and it fails on the install.. I am leaving the file zipped but not sure whats going wrong.. any suggestions?

  25. piper says:

    Can any tell me why the LTE does pick up on the JEDI X19 it was working fine with the JEDI MASTER 16?

  26. Gmillere says:

    For some reason my Phone keeps reading my SD card as my internal space and my internal space as my SD Card. so for instance my internal memory say 32 GB and my SD card says 16. Is there any way to fix this?

  27. JBCool says:

    My question is about a tether support. On My S2 I had a “WiFi Tether for Root Users” which worked good with out T-Mobile cutting me off. Is this one Jedi X19 have future like that or I still need to Install “WiFi Tether for Root Users”
    On my New T-Mobile Note 2.

  28. Dez Litten says:

    Hey Max.
    I have jedi x20 rom multi carrier..
    Seems to work fine.
    Anyhow my question is that I have LTE running so the phone says on the network settings or whatever.. But it is don’t say it’s running on the phones 4g icon.. Just says 4g.

    So i know it’s a dumb question but does that mean it’s running and the rom don’t support lte? Or it’s running and I can’t see it?
    Please gmail me or Google + me.
    Also was wondering why certain roms randomly reboot like beanstalk do that at random when the ram gets heavy instead of just allowing me to kill the ram like normal. Any info is highly appreciated And I thank you.

    • JBCool says:

      On My T-Mobile Phone I see LTE Icon with 4G above it. But I did see just 4G in different location. I have X20 installed.
      I did not had any Force Restart with my phone.

  29. Subbu says:

    I’m pretty new to the custom ROM and I just had the Jedi X19 installed successfully. However, my boot animation and font changer are not working and it says “unfortunately, settings has stopped”. Could anyone please help me out of this?

  30. ronald says:

    Would this rom work on n7100?

  31. Darian Barrow says:

    My phone is stuck in boot mode. It is looping and not fully turning on with this rom. I wanted it to reboot and idk what is going on. Any fixes?

  32. Brandon says:

    Im new at this, but I installed the rom on my verizon note 2 and now it thinks my carrier is tmobile. I can’t download any verizon apps and the browser brings me straight to tmobiles website. I thought I might have clicked the wrong carrier when I was doing the install setup so I factory wiped it and redid the install and made sure to check verizon and the look at the log to see verizon was selected. Not sure if its a bad downloaded file or what, but it happened the second time too. I unlocked my phone cause im living in japan for 6 months and wanted to use a local sim card. Any suggestions?

  33. John says:

    I just love this rom, but i have 1 problem. Allshare will not work for me. It will ask me to update to Samsung Link but everytime I try to sign in it just keeps telling me that it is unable to fetch my account. Can anyone help?

    • Robert Wiley says:

      It’s not the Rom it’s the app if you did the most recent updates it won’t work, ,but it’s not the Rom that’s causing the problem.

  34. jamie says:

    Installed Jedi x 19 and had no internet service for T-Mobile. I usually never have problems with Jedi x.

  35. Corey Lemelle says:

    I’ve been using Jedi x19 for a couple weeks now on my AT&T SGH-I317. I love it overall but I’ve been having an issue where the screen randomly goes black and leaves the phone unusable. The phone will still be powered on, but will not respond to anything. The only way I’ve determined how to fix this is to remove the phone battery. This happens about twice a day on average and is really annoying. Has anyone experienced this and/or knows how to prevent this issue from occurring?

    • Loco says:

      I’ve had the same issue I noticed it does this when the ram is overloaded just make sure u always clear ur ram as often as possible..

  36. Big Dawg says:

    My hangout app doesn’t work. The video chat saids camera doesn’t work a screen freezes. Help

  37. Laxus says:

    can i install this to my korean note 2? because i already tried it but stuck in boot up (samsung galaxy note 2 start up).. kindly help me.. please.. thanks in advance…

  38. GT says:

    Groove IP keeps crashing

  39. skylar says:

    hi i hav note 2 lte n7105 stock rom running jb 4.3 can i flash jedi x 20 rom + saber kernel? pls help i’m a newbie. thanks 🙂

  40. Shawn says:

    Ok, I hate it when you say that things are working right out of the box and they are not. no GPS and constant mobile data connection lost are not even worth downloading this rom.

  41. Loco says:

    Hey just wondering when u guys are making a Jedi 20.. And also is it going to have 4.3 or 4.4… Ive been using the Jedi Roms and love em just tried cm11 and its really not my cup of tea thank you and keep up the good work… Also when using these Roms only problems I had was the hangout issue when the camera isn’t working and the recipient doesn’t receive my video call

  42. Ralphdaddy says:

    JediX 20 anytime soon for the AT&T Note 2??????

  43. Adam says:

    Has anyone had problems with the text me app. Mine always crashes with X20 Rom. I don’t know if it’s a governor issue (app requires certain cpu/gpu freq) or app dpi issue.

  44. anthony says:

    Hey guys I recently got a note 2 and it had jedi xw0 installed. Can someone please show me how to get rid of this permanetly?? Greatly appreciated thank

  45. David Hayes says:

    I loved this rom and it was my daily driver for a long time, I have now moved on to beans106/alliance build 23. I would love to see you do a review on this rom. It is one of the most customizable rooms out there and it is smooth as silk. Thanks for the videos and keep em coming.

  46. Cross80 says:

    Anyone knows if there’s any way to add a navigation bar to this rom?

  47. Darian says:

    I’ve been using this ROM for the longest time. All of a sudden, anytime I want to use the GPS, it freezes and the system UI stops working. Is there any fix for this?

  48. therabbitnews says:

    I got this ROM about a month ago. That was not what I was really looking for. I installed it and liked it very much.
    Then I kept looking for what I would like to have. I have undo thos ROM for about five times already. I kept coming back to it.

    There are things that I like. And there are things that I don’t care for. However, there are major things that blow me away.

    Keyboard works out for me really well when I use the pen. The original one drove me nuts. I wish they put the space after the recognition though. Now, you have to push the space bar to get it.

    Battery seems to last a little longer.

  49. David says:

    after countless attempts to get cwm to run on my note 2.. I finally got it working. downloaded this to install on my i319 and nothing is happening… after choosing which features/apps to install It looked as though it would begin the installation process and ive been stuck at 0.00 % for the better part of an hour. WTF!?!? what do I do now?

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