JellyBAM ROM V9 for Galaxy Note 2! [AT&T/T-Mobile/Verizon/Canadian/GT-N7105/GT-N7100]

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For this week’s AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, GT-N7105, and GT-N7100 Note 2 ROM of the week, check out latest version 9 of JellyBAM ROM. (v8.4 for Verizon, nearly identical)

It’s been almost over months since the last time we’ve covered it but the latest version is better than ever, more stable than ever, and also it’s now available for Verizon Note 2 users too.

In the older version I was using, USB OTG feature was broken but with the latest version that has been fixed along with many other upgrades.

For those of you who haven’t tried JellyBAM before, it is a custom ROM very similar to PACMan ROM featuring mix of features from AOKP, CM10.1, and ParanoidAndroid ROMs.  Inside JellyBAM ROM, you will find full AOKP ROM Control Settings (See full tutorial on AOKP ROM Control Settings) called BAM Control, ParanoidAndroid Hybrid Settings  (see full tutorial on ParanoidAndroid Hybrid Settings), and some extra features added by JellyBAM team.

The biggest change with the latest version is the addition of HALO floating notifications from ParanoidAndroid ROM.

Overall, this is a very, lightweight ROM that will give you the best of AOSP ROMs without trying all of them yourself.

If you haven’t tried the latest version, give it a go this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download JellyBAM ROM for Galaxy Note 2 (AT&T, T-Mobile, GT-N7105, Canadian, Korean with SJKernel)

Download JellyBAM ROM for Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100

Download JellyBAM ROM for Galaxy Note 2 Verizon SCH-i605

No gapps needed!

Credits – JellyBAM <— Please like their Facebook page, thx!

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73 Responses

  1. Gk says:

    Can someone please help. I have T-mobile and for the past 5 or so updates I’ve lost my data connection completely while I’m at home and randomly through the majority of the day while I’m out. Also I haven’t been able to send or receive pictures. Its made my phone useless. I really like jellybean but i going to have to find another rom. Any suggestions ?>!

  2. adie says:

    hi max,
    after i install the jellybam rom, i notice that i couldn’t hear anything when i make a call and i also notice i couldn’t send a mms. right now i using GT-n7100. hope u can assist me on this matters.thanks.

  3. ShaunzSee says:

    I can’t make phone calls! The receiver or myself can’t hear each other. Using a GT-N7100. Hope this can be rectified. Thanks

  4. simon crawley says:

    this rom is amazing the best i have ever installed, 2 problems tho (1) bluetooth is not workin at all (2) like the other guys have said the calls are not being heard from either end. I hope so much that this can be resolved as the rom is like water so fluid and smooth i cant stop swiping the screen.

    • yngwie says:

      yeah the best rom, but not working phone calls, bluetoth; Like best car, but without machine

      • yngwie says:

        always is that: interface is superb, but something always not working: calls, mms, camera etc. stock rom is best solution

  5. Tyler Smith says:

    Just downloaded and installed the ROM, is there supposed to be a really long initial boot? It’s at like 10 minutes now and making the phone run really hot, is this supposed to happen?

  6. simon crawley says:

    my phone is hot come to think of it i really want to keep this rom but at the mo i cant… bugger!

  7. Oleg says:

    Oh Man!
    This ROM is no good for me. I already had to replace the phone once. Judging by all the negative comments within the first 48 hrs of the thread, it looks like I don’t want to take a risk with this one.
    I’ll stick with Jedi for now.

  8. Rich says:

    Got it installed and working on my ATT note 2. Some things I noticed are weird display fragmenting when scrolling down quickly in facebook, ringtones not loud enough, and the install button doesnt seem to work when trying to install an apk downloaded from the net.

    Other than those weird quirks, this is the first ROM ive used with 4.2.2 and halo. Love them both so far.

  9. simon crawley says:

    This is a message for RICH, you said in your comment that you got the rom working does that mean calls work on your phone? if so how did you get it to work. Cheers m8

    • Rich says:

      Calls work, almost everything works. Except there’s no sound when you lock the screen, and the ringtone volume sucks even on max, it’s just loud enough in a quiet room with an AC on but not quite loud enough to hear going 50 with the windows down. Wasn’t like that with my oldass version of CleanROM. After quite a bit more use though, these are my only gripes with it so far.

  10. hendra says:

    This ROM works just find with me. Only issue facing is the sounds seems to be very low. When I’m watching YouTube or any video I can’t hear do much even my ringtones seems very soft. Can the Dev rectify this problem.

    • Sound Volume: Have you tried DSPManager app? It comes with the ROM. There’s also some sound settings in the System Settings > Sound > Power Sound > Enable it. Also there are some options in System Settings > Advanced > Audio tab.

  11. Jeff says:

    Nice looking ROM, runs smooth and the battery life isn’t THAT bad. As with most AOSP roms, I lose signal and/or data connection periodically so it’s pretty much useless.

  12. Installed the N7105 version on my Verizon Note 2 (i605). Everything stable and everyting works flawlessly. Using the stock JellyBAM N7105 (t0lte) kernel and the Verizon VRAMC3 Modem. No signal drops. Good battery life. Testing speaker and earpiece volume increase… I recommend doing what I did. 😉

    • Max Lee says:

      Really? N7105 works on i605??? Gonna try that, the verizon version keeps FC on me with Phone.

      • Yes it does. The HW seems to be the same. The difference between these ROMs are with Network Modes (i605 support CDMA for Verizon, but that even cause problems with signal on CM based ROMs for i605). The N7105 ROM + VRAMC3 (latest i605 modem) seems the best option for those who love AOSP-like in their i605s.

  13. WiFi Fix: If any of you is having problems connecting to WiFi networks the problem is a bug in Cyanogen 10.1 for some models. I used to have problems with that. How to fix it? Find a TW ROM (Samsung based), decompress the .zip file, go to /system/etc and copy the wifi folder to the /system/etc directory in the CM based ROM.

    Here is the wifi folder for Galaxy Note 2 Verizon (i605):

  14. WiFi Fix: If any of you is having problems connecting to WiFi networks the problem is a bug in Cyanogen 10.1 for some models. I used to have problems with that. How to fix it? Find a TW ROM (Samsung based), decompress the .zip file, go to /system/etc and copy the wifi folder to the /system/etc directory in the CM based ROM.

  15. ed says:

    hey Max when I flash this rom, cm10.1, avatar and pacman roms and boot all of my files are missing from my internal memory but if I boot into recovery they are there for me to access. Am I doing something wrong or could it just be my phone?

    • All CM10.1 based ROMs (as all you mentioned), have like new storage directories (/storage/emulated/0 for internal storage and /storage/sdcard1/ for external storage) , these is a different storage structure than TW 4.1 ROMs. If you’re using any CM10.1 ROM and can’t see your files just find your files using a ROOT file explorer (as File Manager with root permissions) and copy them to /storage/emulated/0 or /storage/sdcard1/

  16. Jeff says:

    Wifi worked just fine. Any suggestions on how to fix the intermittent signal loss?

  17. Juan says:

    If u want ur volume loud just go yo setting advance audio scroll to the last click on it and bring ur headphone and speaker volume up…this is the best ROM do far for the at&t galaly note 2..

    • Yeah, and be careful to not force the speaker to sound louder than it can… You could end with really crapy sounds forever. 🙂

      • Preston says:

        I really like this ROM and wasn’t having any problems the first day on my tmobile note 2, but my in call volume and speaker volumes are HORRIBLE….I have my in call and speaker settings at 90 and never pushed it past that, nor will I. Any suggestions?

  18. Lucas says:

    Hello guys. I have a question. Could anyone help me with this?
    I bought a T-mobile Note 2 in the US while I should have bought the international version (N7100).
    Because I am from Brasil and the ROM installed on the SGH-T889 doesn`t come with Portuguese.
    This ROM or any other ROM here can solve this problem? Thanks.

    • Yes, this ROM have Portuguese language. You need to root your device and install a custom recovery before you can flash this ROM. You can find instructions to do that in the homepage of this site. Look where it says “…t-mobile…” in the title.

      • Lucas says:

        Thank very much for your help… What would be a Custom recovery?
        I thought that I should only root the device and then install the new Rom with Odin.

  19. Adie says:


    Before this I have problem with this ROM, but after visit JellyBAM website. They have counter most of the problem, and they have provide with newer version and I have download the new one and it work nicely even though it still have few minor problem.

  20. creepyz says:

    After reading all the comments i cant find a solution for the calls issue. I can’t make calls well i can make them but cant hear anyone at all either end. Bluetooth not working also. Anyone know how to fix it i want to use this ROM as i said in my last comments its the best I’ve ever used. Cheers.

  21. Dark2003 says:

    Anybody else’s battery taking like 2 days to charge with this rom

  22. Rafael says:

    Hi! I sawed this video
    And i just wondering if there is touchwiz on 9.x JBam? The owner of the video says, in the description, that we can use spen apps. Do you know anything about this?

  23. Kyle says:

    Verizon note 2 running beans rom 19 perseus alpha36 kernel. Did factory data reset tried to flash jellybam and
    get fail. Any suggestions?

  24. Scholaryoshi says:

    Don’t get it for tmobile lte. No LTE radio 🙁

  25. Rocky D says:

    Hey guys, does anyone know of a way to have call recording on AOSP/AOKP roms such as this one? I currently am on Hawkish Extreme, but thats the only thing thats keeping me from installing this AOKP rom is the inability to record phone calls. In my line of work i take alot of phone interviews and it is a must for me. If anyone can point me in the right direction i would greatly appreciate it!

    • Max Lee says:

      I would stick with TouchWiz if you absolutely need phone recording.

      • Rocky Dubb says:

        Hi Max, thanks for the reply! Yeah for now that’s what I’m doing as I really do need call recording. But I’ve been dying for a while now to try out android 4.2.2 on my note 2 and use features like Halo! So there’s absolutely no other alternative you know of for call recording on AOSP/AOKP ROMs?

  26. Preston says:

    I just received the update 9.1.2 version for this ROM on my Tmobile galaxy note 2. I haven’t had any problems like all listed above. Only problem I was having was a seriously horrible battery life. Do you happen to know if the update fixes this or exactly what the update DOES correct?

  27. Preston says:

    It is DEFINITELY working. I’m using wi-fi connection right now.

  28. Preston says:

    My swype text is NOT working in either stock messaging or my go SMS. I like how the words would be in 3D while you were texting before this update. Any suggestions??

  29. Preston says:

    Anyone having problems with their keyboard swype text?

    • tyler says:

      Download Google keyboard from app store (it’s the same as whats installed. Then go to the Google keyboard app in ur app list and follow instructions. Then go to settings app go to language then Google keyboard and turn on swype

  30. dodgeabel says:


    Running on the Verizon GN2 and wanted to get support from the developer but I can’t seem to find him/her on the XDA forums anywhere. For that matter, I can’t even find the JellyBam ROM on XDA’s boards. Do you by chance know what gives? Having issue with APN. Selecting LTE for VZWINTERNET but still won’t get me out of 3G mode. Thanks Max.

    P.S. You are the best when it comes to any knew news on ROMS for the SCH-I605. Thanks and keep up the GREAT work sir.

  31. E powell says:

    Installed fine on i317 but if wont let me get past the setup. It says setup failed and something about gmail failing over and over. Any ideas?


  32. Alain Jacquelin says:

    Hi I have Netflix and it won’t work on jelly bam, any help please and thanks a million

  33. benjamin says:

    i dont have mobile networks signal.. anyone can help me out?

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