MIUI ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 SGH-T889!

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For those of you looking for a wildly different UI for your T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2, check out MIUI ROM. If you don’t know what MIUI is, it’s a completely re-worked Android UI (user interface) by a team of Chinese developers who also are making Android smartphones branded as Xiaomi phones.

Although it’s nearly impossible to get your hands on a Xiaomi phone (as it’s member-based atm), you can experience MIUI right on your T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2. Best part about this build of MIUI is that you get to keep your S-Pen apps, Note 2 camera, and even multi-window enabled for all apps while getting the best of MIUI such as themes, ringtones, and more.

There’s a ton of shortcuts you will find on the MIUI ROMs that you won’t elsewhere like the instant flashlight when you hold the Home Center button while in lockscreen. Also this ROM is great for theme addicts who want to changes themes frequently, even on daily basis.

As for performance, the MIUI ROM runs Note2Core kernel with 1.8Ghz overclocking (no need to install SetCPU to overclock), runs pretty darn fast.

If this is something along the lines that interests you, definitely give it a try and let me know what you think, very solid ROM.


Download MIUI ROM

Credits – XDA

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34 Responses

  1. Beddamade says:

    Question: will the, How to Store Apps on SD Card with Rooted Galaxy Note 2! [App2SD MOD], work on this ROM? If so how I cannot get it to work. Or is there another way to make the external SD card the primary SD card?

  2. Rowlan says:

    This is a very nice ROM. Usually i drop the lcd density to 240ppi. (using “ROM toolbox lite”) this process distorts a lot of apps and unfortunately force close some of them too. With this ROM and NOVA launcher you can drop density and still keep the original MIUI ROMs apps like: Dialer, Calendar, Keyboard, Swipe, Camera app, ect… which look very nice by the way, instead of looking for new apps and widgets one by one on the google store.

    I changed to this ROM coz Jedi X was giving me issues with the WiFi and it kept loosing the connection. My Wifi was around 60 kbps download and my T-mobile network was 250 kbps download.

    SpeedTest.Net on Jedi X:
    download-1600kbps, upload-1100kbps

    Speedtest on MIUI
    download-3011kbps, upload-2088kbps

    I dont know why this ROM is so much faster but i hope it stays that way.
    There is nothing worst than unresponsive $800 phone and your girl saying ” I told you it will break your phone!!!”

    In Your Face!!!

    I’ve just installed the Bullet Kernel and the 1.9ghz OverClock works like a dream machine and overall this MIUI ROM feels very stable.
    The Quadrant Standard scores run, first: 7488 , second: 7342 and third was 7566 which is actually the best score I’ve reached with any custom ROM. Which makes it very impressive however after installing a bunch of apps and live wallpaper the score dropped down to 7100 which means absolutely nothing at all :))

    Im going to try it for a few days and see what happens. stay tunned……

    • Rowlan says:

      Quick update…. I know there is no WiFi calling. I also cant find a way to turn on the AIRVIEW on the Spen.

    • frehrikk says:

      Hey bro, I was wondering if this rom is compatible with the “apps2sd”?? I dont know if your running that tweak, but let me know. I just dont want to get the “I told you It will break your phone”, coming from my girlfriends mouth! Lol.

      • Rowlan says:

        I just checked and the app2sd works. You might want to consider a back up app. I use titanium back up for my apps and the data. Good luck

        • beddamade says:

          When I installed the Miui ROM I couldn’t get it to work. What did you do to get it to work?

          • Rowlan says:

            Is your phone tmobile? In the system menu wipe factory reset and cache than install and reboot.

          • beddamade says:

            Yes I am T-Mobile. I got the ROM to get work couldn’t get the sdcard swap to work.

          • frehrikk says:

            Yeah, I went through every step in installing the rom, but the “app2sd”, didn’t work… I decided to go back to the stock rom, because s voice wasn’t working nor was the air view…

      • Rowlan says:

        I installed apps2sd and it works on my phone. S voice I never used, its a shame about the airview but I still like a lot of things about this ROM

        • Matt says:

          I don’t know if this will work on this particular port but if you find airview in settings and click to the left of the on off toggle it should bring up a sub menu which will enable you to activate airview. I hope that helps

          • Rowlan says:

            I have seen the option to turn the Airview on and got excited for a moment but it doesn’t work.
            As soon as I turn it on, it switches back to off.

            The might be a little issue with a GPS too.
            Not that it doesn’t work but it gets a little confused.
            I was in the car today and couple of times just for a few seconds the GPS was showing that was driving somewhere in Africa. Not bad huh?
            It could have been an accident but I have never experienced anything like that before.

          • Matt says:

            Thats a Shame. I’m running miui on my international note 2 and airview is working just as it did with the stock ROM. Just to clarify though where I said click to the left of the on off toggle I meant on the word air view (under settings, down to device then settings, s pen) and not on the actual toggle thats what brings up the additional menu for me

          • Rowlan says:

            Wow. .. You got me on this one, I must admit. It works!!! I was pressing the on/off slider and not the area where you actually open up the Airview options.
            What a stupid menu design.
            Thanks for that. I was going to just return to stock but now I am going to stick around on this rom. For now anyways. …….

          • Matt Dowdy says:

            glad you got it working. May I also recommend swipepad from the play store to everyone that uses the spen where you can add shortcuts to apps and home, for me at least it makes using the pen more productive

  3. Rowlan says:

    Try to use the ROM with Nova launcher it looks good, you should also install bullet Kernel than you could boost it up to 1.9ghz. I wonder if you going to see any data downloads improvements. Let us know what you think about it.

  4. Jake says:

    I got forced close on Google Voice, which I use as my main number. I looked for a solution but nothing I tried worked, so I flashed something else.

  5. simon says:

    Rom is fast and got a lot of stuff in it… some how I can’t get the 4g internet… I can only get 2g and 3g…. and for the weather app… I can’t get any city in the us…. only major city in china…. are there anyway to get them fix…. … any advice be great… thank !!

    • Rowlan says:

      I think all the custom Roms have some sort of bugs. Mine gets stuck from time to time. I can’t get about the phone info to work either. I was trying to check the signal strength

  6. Luis says:

    cant wait till i try this out…. gona luv the Flashlight button… hate looking for the flashlight……. n best feature is u can change ur UI anytime u want!!!

  7. Rowlan says:

    I was trying to install some apps from the market and this Rom is telling me “Out of Space, Free some memory”
    I had like 4gb+25gb on my exSDcard
    I’m going back to Stock Rom for now. Everything is just so buggy I’m tired of trading off my phone’s features all the time.
    I’m going to overclock it to 1.9ghz and thats all. I have the 7600mhp battery, so i dont have to worry about saving juice

    • Matt Dowdy says:

      Did you come from cyanogenmod previous to this rom? if so you might have a file named o in sd card which has been left that you can safely delete. check under miscellaneous files in settings, data to see how big it is. if you have got a o file on your sd card choose properties and check when it was last modified just to put your mind at ease before deleting it

    • Matt Dowdy says:

      I restored back to the previous rom I was using after trying out miui and I’m back using omega rom v10. It’s pretty much exactly the same as stock but completely stable. you can select what bloatware if any you want to install n there’s also multi window control app so that you can add any app to the multi window and the omega files kitchen to apply skins etc. I think after trying various other roms this is the one I will be sticking to for quite a while

  8. Dan says:

    Hey max great ROM, just so you can find Xiaomi phones pretty easily via ebay

  9. troyd says:

    This doesnt support my 64gb ultra sandisk mory card

  10. chigg says:

    i have a really quick question the lockscreen is not working { wont show up on my phone} and also my phone ends every call i get (black list is disabled

  11. Stephen Mclaughlin says:

    Can someone help I have a tmobile note 2 and when I try to install this miui rom it says “bad cannot install” fromcwm recovery wats up with these files sometimes?

    • Lesly says:

      Stephen, that happened to me as well, i just re downloaded the room and tried again. It worked the second time.

  12. Lesly says:

    Whats up Max?… Love your vids, been following you since gs2 came out. Keep it up… Question for you, is there a way i can switch the miui browser back to the samsung browser?

    I tried titanium backup by uninstalling the miui browser, then installing the samsung browser. It worked that way but sone features such as the menu button didn’t work, not allowing me to go to browser settings.

    Thanks in advance.

  13. Tipick9 says:

    to run LTE with this room?

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