Multi-Window for T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2! [Modded N7105 ROM]

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For those of you who just can’t wait for T-Mobile to update with multi-window feature on your T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 SGH-T889, you can install the Modded N7105 ROM, which gives you full multi-window feature along with support for all apps. Just a note, this ROM does not support WiFi calling otherwise it is flawless.

So, what are you waiting for? Go try it and let me know you are enjoying multi-window already.


Download Modded N7105 ROM

Credits – XDA

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33 Responses

  1. Omar says:

    Is this ROM compatible with the app to sdcard script?
    Thanks Max.

  2. Rabi says:

    So im a noob. This was my 1st custom rom install. And it worked 🙂 thanks max your website has been a lifesaver for me. One problem though. For the multitasking bar, I only see stock apps. How do I enable all apps on my tmobile gnote2. Please advise. Thanks bro

  3. Rabi says:

    Op, I just figured it out. Theres an app for that 🙂 Max is The Man!!

  4. Omar says:

    I installed the ROM, it seems to be working fine, but, maybe it’s going to sound dumb, but I can’t get the multi Window feature to work, that bar that appears on the side in the video, I can’t see it, what I did wrong?

    • Rabi says:

      Hold down the “back” sensor button outside the screen on the lower right side of your phone and it should appear. To add apps on the multi app bar, just look for the “multi app window” app on your phone. Hope this helps…..Hey Max, so now that I helped some one with their android, I cant be considered a “noob” any more right?? Lol. Have I earned my stripes?? 🙂

  5. Kevin Boyer says:

    Hey there I followed all your directions to root my note 2 and install the multi window rom, and all went well. However I am having a few issues I was wondering if you can maybe give me answers to? I am new to Android as well. I have multi window n it’s great but I noticed now when I click on the video hub app it tells me invalid device ID and won’t let me in? Also the learning hub app only shows for a moment and crashes? Readers hub app says Rooting detected and won’t allow me in?Game Hub still works fine however along with music hub as well. Any idea what’s going on? I know some of these apps I didn’t even have before and I’m assuming are new apps that are part of the update?

    • Dayat says:

      Move SU apk from System/App and put in Data/App..working on my Note 10.1

      • Kevin Boyer says:

        I tried that but it didn’t work for me, but thanks. I ended up actually just disabling Readers Hub and Learning Hub in the application manager settings, and got rid of those for I don’t see them being apps I would use anyway. It also dawned on me that I don’t think I had a video hub app before either, I think it was a media hub app I had before the install of the rom. I deleted video hub and installed media hub instead which worked sort of, but the problem I am having now is I can’t sign in to Media Hub to purchase a movie or TV show? When I try it just says sign in failed? Any thoughts? Anyone? Would be kindly appreciated. Thanks 🙂

  6. sushil says:

    is this rom work on glxy note gt n7000?

  7. anonumus says:

    do you have to wipe/data factory reset like a custom rom when loading this rom? or do you just load it straight on the device?

  8. darrell says:

    Hi Max
    why is my t-mobile galaxy note 2 says not registered on network
    but it was working fine yesterday. what do you think i should do. please help me thank you.

    • Rabi says:

      Try factory restoring the note2. It should be registered on network then. Afterwards just reinstall the rom. It should work fine.

  9. Jonathan Chan says:

    Some notes on this mod:
    The English keyboard changed, so that punctuation isn’t on each key like before so, for example, you can’t get a question mark by long-pressing “m”
    E-mail background is now black, instead of off-white.
    Polaris office got deleted, but can easily be reinstalled.

    Can’t wait for T-Mobile to upgrade so I don’t have to use a custom ROM just for multiview and can get these features back. (and wifi calling, even if it is spotty sometimes… very useful for texting in my academic building because everything is in basement levels)

  10. alex says:

    What does the “H” icon in the network indicator mean?

  11. chaps says:

    Question about tmobile… What does the “H” icon in the network indicator mean? i root the phone galaxy note 2
    and i install
    Modded N7105 ROM]

  12. LJ says:

    I have a tmobile note 2 and this may be a silly question but must I root to install this rom. The reason I ask is bcuz max says you can install this rom over the factory software

  13. Dan says:

    Will this Rom work on a Canadian Note 2 from wind mobile?

    • Jo says:

      Yes, it does. It works on my Galaxy Note 2 from Wind Mobile in Canada. I rooted the phone first trying another method. And once rooted just installed this over top and it works great. T-Mobile and WIND use the same systems pretty much. Try it you’ll like it. 🙂

  14. Gwapo says:

    Hey guys everythin went well rooting n dl rom as well as booting it. However the multi window doesnt stay in screen rotation. Is there anyway to remedy this.

  15. Gwapo says:

    Its the n7105 rom

  16. sam says:

    i need help im new to this any body help please i have galaxy note 2 i did root the phone how to multi window and what to do with rooted phone

  17. Sim says:

    Will this work on a Rogers SGH-I317 Galaxy Note 2?

  18. cane says:

    When it prompts to open the file, how do I do it?

  19. Hastley says:

    how do you flash this into a note 2? do you have video?

  20. El You says:

    Please will this ROM also allow me to tether my N7105 network to my laptop, and can I undo the installation if it doesn’t meet my needs. Thanks in advance.

  21. Garrett says:

    I just flashed this over my Stock Tmobile rom, and everything is working great so far, but when I rebooted for the first time, it said that i have a software update? I didnt have one prior to installing the rom, would updating do something bad?

  22. Michael Shiver says:

    The update u were seeing was T mobile pushing out the multi window option to the phone…U cannot be rooted in order to get T mobile updates….U will have to unroot get update then root again if u want to flash custom roms…Please anyone not familiar with flashing roms watch his utube videos and read before doing so…Its simple once u know what your doing but if u flash the wrong rom or a corrupt rom it can really screw up the phone…I suggest on the note 2 that u download TWRP…Go to Goomanager in play store and follow instuctions….since there isn’t a touch version of CWM right now it will be much easier to use for newbies….Please do your wipes before installing new roms as this will solve most of your issues….Happy flashing….

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