MyROM for T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 SGH-T889! [4G LTE][T889UVBMB4]

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T-Mobile threw a screwball like week telling everyone that T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 will be one of the first 4G LTE phones. That’s just great news for T-Mobile Note 2 users as your phone does indeed have a 4G LTE hardware, you just need to update your latest firmware to 4G LTE supported firmware.

You can try the official 4G LTE version OR you can also try one of the custom ROMs that come with the latest 4G LTE update such as the latest MyROM.

Not only will you be able to unleash the powers of 4G LTE with MyROM, MyROM also gives you a ton of UI customization (change colors of your status bar, quick toggles, and more), a modified TouchWiz launcher and even MiHome MIUI launcher that allows you to install hundreds of MIUI themes.

Lastly but not least, MyROM does give you WiFi calling since it’s based on a T-Mobile stock firmware and also does offer multi-window enabled for all apps using Multi-Window Control app.

If you are looking to experience 4G LTE without going back to a boring, stock firmware, check out MyROM and do let me know what you think!


Download MyROM

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developer of this ROM if you like it, thanks!

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22 Responses

  1. ليفربولي says:

    Thanks (^_^) what is the best rom gt-7100 ؟

  2. Erick says:

    i tired to download this on my computer and my phone and it would download half way and then say application not found. Any way i can download this?

  3. Joe says:

    Widgets are being cut off. Not centered. Is there a way around this, or a setting that I am overlooking?

    • tdayallday says:

      hey. you just have to remove it from the screen then put it back. it will automatically resize to the 5×6 grid

  4. Karaoke tropical says:

    Can i use this ROM with an unblock I317 that im using with tmobile?

  5. john bones says:

    Can you group MMS with this custom ROM? I prefer the stock messenger over third party apps

  6. frehrikk says:

    Is anyone else having issues with receiving and sending mms?

    • jon bones says:

      If you are on Wifi Calling, MMS doesnt work. I just called TMobile and they confirmed it. Too bad. It would be an amazing feature if MMS was supported.

      Oh well, I will go back to AOKP. Its at least 4.2.2 and I dont have LTE in my area anyway

  7. ricahrd says:

    i’m looking for a stable JB ROM for my tmobile note 2 that supports 64gig ext sd please.

  8. Random says:

    Will this rom work on note 2 sgh t889v (Canadian windmobie). If it does do I have to unlock it to work with windmobile?

  9. Carlos says:

    Hi, wich bands support the Sgh-t889 T-mobile LTE??? i have one unlock and i’m from mexico and i wan’t to know wich bands support and look if works with the LTE telcel (sorry for my english)

    • Luis says:

      Las bandas para el LTE es mas probable que no funcione con telcel. Si quires usar LTE en méxico o con telcel agarra un Galaxy note 2 de AT&T.

      Thank yo very much max for the info. Ever since the first time I had my S2 your websites have been a huge tool. Keep it up max.

  10. kindanoob says:

    whats the best tethering app to work with this rom?

  11. Samuel Solis Jr says:

    Use wifi tether trevemod look it up on xda to change the settings and use hiddenninjavpn while your using it so tmobile doesn’t track you down

  12. chad says:

    Hey on this rom text messages only come up as “new message” in the notification bar. Is there any way to have it preview the message like in other touchwiz roms?

  13. Michael says:

    Can I use this rom on a n7100 ??

  14. Annoyeduser says:

    Everything works great except when I make calls, the screen turns completely black and doesnt turn back on and its annoying to constantly pull the battery

  15. Jerry Fang says:

    Does this ROM support incoming and outgoing calls? I am running Jedi X 17 and it have that feature which is really cool.

  16. JAVIER ORTEGA says:

    my phone is Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (SGH-T889) – 16GB (T-Mobile) but is unloked
    I can change 3g to 4g?

  17. Good blog you have got here.. It’s hard to find excellent writing like yours nowadays.
    I really appreciate individuals like you! Take care!!

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