Novella Alliance ROM for Galaxy Note 2! [AT&T/T-Mobile/Verizon/GT-N7105]

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Novella Alliance ROM is probably one of my favorite lightly-themed custom ROM for my AT&T Galaxy Note 2. Well, it is now available also for Verizon Note 2 users. If you have T-Mobile or GT-N7105 Note 2, you can also install the AT&T version as there’s no modem on the ROM.

I remember trying this ROM during beta phase and it was pretty good then. Now, it’s better than ever with Alliance Control Custom Settings that allow you to change your lockscreen with ease, customize your quick toggles, change clock/battery/status bar, enable auto call recording, and some more.

And yes, multi-window is enabled for all apps using Multi Window Control app.

Other notable features include lockscreen torch/skip tracks, flash player, and Galaxy S4 S-Voice.

The Novella Alliance ROM is fast out of the box and you can always install a custom kernel like Perseus if you need to get even more performance/tweaking out of it.

If you haven’t tried this ROM yet, definitely give it a test drive this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Novella Alliance ROM for Galaxy Note 2 AT&T SGH-i317/T-Mobile SGH-T889/GT-N7105

Download Novella Alliance ROM for Galaxy Note 2 Verizon SCH-i605

Credits – AT&T, Verizon <--- Please donate to the developer or hit "Thanks" button on XDA if you like it, thx!

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26 Responses

  1. Justin says:

    Does it work on Canadian note 2???
    ???? i have bell

  2. James says:

    Does this rom support 64gb micros cards?

    • Swishy88 says:

      The rom has nothing to do with the microsd support, the kernel does. It’s stock kernel by default, so yeah it’ll work, but if you want a better kernel like Saber kernel, then you will need to reformat the 64gig microsd to fat32 instead of exfat.

  3. RonDellawear says:

    Is the lab rats ROM going to be available for the T-Mobile Note 2?

  4. junebugg says:

    This rom is okay, I downloaded it, and when I tried 2 get on tagged it wouldn’t let me even on wifi. I went back to Frosty Jellybean. Plus this rim doesn’t have Tmobile LTE. I’m waiting for Labrats from Sprint port 2 tmobile. Gore is soon.

  5. junebugg says:

    This rom is okay,nun really special other than a few custom things here n there. rom isn’t faster than frosty or jedi x , when I tried 2 get on tagged it wouldn’t let me even on wifi. I went back to Frosty Jellybean. Plus this rom doesn’t have Tmobile LTE. I’m waiting for Labrats from Sprint port 2 tmobile. Hope it’s soon.

  6. Travis says:

    does anyone else notice that when you go into the app drawer then press the home button, the device does not return to the home screen?

  7. shaun says:

    In nova settings you need to change how the home button gesture is responding

  8. zaya says:

    How come my data is slow? I dont even get At&t 4g lte

  9. agrumpy says:

    I like the OS, however unable to download anything.ex from website like pictures, files, etc. something I should do different? am running the no modem version, for tmobile t889. I also did the fix permission after the flash.

  10. Kyle Embrey says:

    Would be better if you could overclock.

    • Rocky D says:

      HI, the rom has NOTHING to do with Overclocking / Underclocking / Undervolting etc. For Overclocking support you must flash a custom kernel! You probably think its ROM related as alot of ROMS these days come with a custom kernel shipped. You can try: Perseus Kernel, SaberKernel.

  11. Kyle Embrey says:

    “S Voice” says no network connection wifi or 4gLTE. Yes have cleared data and cache forced stopped disabled then enabled still says the same thing

  12. Saurabh Rupji says:

    Camera is a problem. It still crashes and looses the connection. once has to reboot the phone to get camera working. Also not able to change location to external storage. Can there be a fix.

  13. steve williams says:

    Is there a rom that gives the at&t galaxy note 2 all of the functions of the galaxy s4 or something very close I been looking all over the place and cant find anything. Please help

  14. Fernando says:

    Your link for the ATT version is giving some error!!!

  15. Vatsal Patel says:

    gps not working on verizon note 2 need help, I even tried using gedi 3 and having same issue.

  16. Michael Merten says:

    You say it may work on N7105, so it is not tested yet. Not enough information.

  17. Dee says:

    I love the hell out of this ROM, but the lack of GPS is killing it for me. downloading GPS fix is irrelevant because the current version of the app is filled with bloatware and i can never get a GPS lock.

  18. john says:

    GPS is not working…is there a fix…can anyone help?!?!

  19. Gilbert says:

    I’m trying to find a mod that will enable me to put a background image on the dropdown menu for the AT&T Note 2 I317. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

  20. Carmelo says:

    Will saver kernel work if I flash it?

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