Omni ROM with Android 4.4 KitKat for Galaxy Note 2! [AT&T/T-Mobile/Canadian/GT-N7105/GT-N7100]

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For this week’s ROM of the week for AT&T, T-Mobile, Canadian, GT-N7105, and GT-N7105 Note 2, check out latest version of Omni ROM.

Omni ROM is built on the latest Android 4.4 KitKat sources from Google, giving you all the new features of Android 4.4 along with some other goodies.

Android 4.4 is finally here and it will probably take Samsung months to actually update their official firmwares.  Luckily for us rooted Note 2 users, we can go ahead and preview what’s coming with the latest KitKat Android 4.4.

Omni ROM is pretty solid out of the box with pretty much everything working out of the box except the camera.  That might scare some of you but everything else is working so you can go ahead and make a backup of your current ROM and just try it for a few days.  If you don’t like it, simply restore your old ROM and voila, you get to try what’s latest with Android and go back until there’s more stable versions with camera working.

If you don’t know what’s “new” with Android 4.4 KitKat, definitely check out our Top 10 Android 4.4 KitKat Features video right here:

Well, rather than get very wordy and boring, try it out this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Omni ROM with Android 4.4 KitKat for Galaxy Note 2 (for AT&T SGH-i317, T-Mobile SGH-T889, Canadian SGH-i317M/SGH-T889V, or GT-N7105 Note 2)

Download Omni ROM with Android 4.4 KitKat for Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100

Download Android 4.4 Gapps (DO NOT USE OLDER 4.3 Gapps you will FC!!!)

Download SuperSU v1.65

BEFORE INSTALLING, UPGRADE your CWM Recovery to latest version using ROM Manager App from the Play Store OTHERWISE YOU WILL BRICK!!!

To install, reboot into recovery, make backup ROM, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, install SuperSU, and reboot.   (If for some reason you end up in a bootloop, reboot into recovery, go to Advanced Wipe for TWRP or Mounts & Storage for CWM, format/wipe /system, then re-install ROM.)

Credits – N7100, t0lte <— Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!


Download Flash Player APK (if you want flash player use with Dolphin browser)

DownloadAndroid 4.3 PhotoSphere (if your camera works… )

If you want to run your apps in tablet/hybrid/custom DPI mode, see our Xposed App Settings guide.

If you want PIE Controls, see our LMT Pie Control guide.

If you want some awesome audio, check out Viper4Audio FX MOD, which you can install on this ROM to enhance your music 100%.

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118 Responses

  1. Fernando says:

    Wow. 4.4!?
    Can I install it using TWRP?
    Any ideao if I can install Xposed framework on it?

  2. Kevin says:

    Anybody find a solution for the camera

  3. Joseph says:

    Youtube isn’t working. There’s sound but no picture. Google Wallet Tap and Pay isn’t working either. How did you get it to work Max? I’m on T-mobile also.

  4. Suresh Madhavan says:

    Installed the Omni Rom successfully its working great but I guess its not a touchwiz rom.
    Tigra rom’s display was better than Omni

  5. Cris david says:

    Will it work in korean note 2?

  6. Suresh Madhavan says:

    Videos can play but there is no picture only sound. Also not detecting external memory. This rom sucks

  7. Dane says:

    I’ve lost the baseband on my Note 2 after flashing the new ROM.

  8. ChrisFlorit says:

    QQ where is the version for galaxy s4 GT-I9505 =/

  9. Ben says:

    Max is this the 11/11 release or the 11/13?

    • Ben says:

      I know Utkarsh released another for 11/13 but the camera is still not working. That build is also only for N7100 and N7105.

  10. Dane says:

    Sorry for the delay. I got it to work after flashing via CWM. But I’m not liking the ROM much. So for now, I’ve gone back to CleanROM 5.0. I’ll wait for Cyanogenmod 11 to come out for my Canadian Note 2.

  11. Ahmad Chahine says:

    try a camera app from the play store….may work

  12. Elias says:

    hello I install the rom on the s manager?

  13. Cabby OMO says:

    Hi Max,

    Thank for uploading Omni. Just flash Omni, cannot detect my external 64gb SD card. Any Fix? Camera?



  14. Damien says:

    cant seem to find google wallet what do i do?

  15. Jason Mitchell says:

    Hi Maxx……..thanks for all of your hard work and for all of the hours of time you put in to bring this all together for us :-)!! I really appreciate it…. My question is: Can you have more than one custom recovery installed on your phone….I have the lte note 2 and I am using twrp….can I install CWM? and if so, How would I go about doing it? Thanks again,


    • Max Lee says:

      Download ROM Manager and install CWM Recovery. You can revert back to TWRP after installing the ROM by downloading Goo Manager and reinstalling TWRP.

  16. Damion Miller says:

    Max, Thanks for all your hard work. I have been following you for a couple years now and have got lots of great rooting info from your websites and videos. My question for you is why is there not a version for the SCH-i605 and when do you this we will see one? Thanks again!


  17. frehrikk says:

    Hey is this compatible with the galaxy gear?

    • Max Lee says:

      You do need Samsung TouchWiz ROMs for that. There’s a way to install Gear on any Android device somewhere I heard also…

  18. thejmannnc says:

    so can you use twrp or not?? sounds like this rom is a lot of work to get the same experience you can buy downloading W03 and flash it with a 4.3 rom running 4.3 gapps. Is there a difference?

  19. joe says:

    any chance anyone can send me a link for the latest cwm recovery for touch version, I cant find it anywhere I found it on there website but its downloading a image file not img.tar thank you!

    • Suresh Madhavan says:

      Install Rom Manager from play store, then you will get the latest version of CWM recovery.

      • Preston says:

        It only gives you the 6.04.1 version using ROM manager. I downloaded the img file from the website for the 6.04.3, but what’s the use if I need a tar file or MD5 file flashing with Odin? Is there another way besides using Odin that I can install the website img file? Any suggestions???

      • Preston says:

        It only gives you the 6.04.1 version using ROM manager. I downloaded the img file from the website for the 6.04.3, but what’s the use if I need a tar file or MD5 file flashing with Odin? Is there another way besides using Odin that I can install the website img file? Any suggestions???

  20. Dane says:

    Sounds good! I will give it a try. Thank you for telling me about that one. Cheers.

  21. Cabby OMO says:

    Hi Max,

    Download and flash went well. My n7105 manage to boot up. Three main problem

    1. No Camera
    2. Cannot detect my telco network. ( this apply to most android 4.4 rom)
    3. Cannot detect my external sdcard greater than 16gb.

    Any fix???


    P.S. Going back to Carbon rom…

    • Cabby OMO says:

      Hi all,

      Try CyanogenMod 11.0 Android 4.4 KitKat.

      Seem to fix Camera, Telco network and external sd card. But SD card can only detect 16gb.

      Stable but no other addon feature..

  22. Dez Litten says:

    I was so excited to see this but then you said we have to use clock work mod and then sad face.
    I’ll just wait and hope that a touch wiz KitKat version is made soon..
    Maybe by the jedi x dev.
    For some reason custom roms always reboot at random except when they are touch wiz roms.
    And yes I do flash correctly.

  23. Slaaavo says:

    So I did everything he said before flashing this ROM on my GT-N7100, i.e. I updated my CWM and made a fresh backup. However, all I got was the Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100 screen, and nothing more. I got a little bit sad, so I wanted to restore my backup, when I found out, that there’s and MD5 mismatch. After some googling I found out that this is a common problem with the new CWM and can be easily repaired using ADB. Problem is, that for that you have to have your phone booted, which I can’t. So I guess it would be good to warn people to make the MD5 on their own, otherwise they’ll brick their phone for a good hour like me. Now I’m just downloading some ROM for ODIN so that I can flash it and boot and repair my backup and get my phone back.

  24. thejmannnc says:

    I agree, not messing with CWM…Patiently awaiting a TWRP friendly version!!!!

  25. mathias drtina says:

    Hi! Instaled omni room om n7100 . works like a charm exept i cant watch any vids. Chrome and everything just crashes and YouTube has sound only. Instagram videos wont work, nor does snapchat vids. Tried mobo, vlc etc. But ey my camera works! Thanks for making 4.4 Easy to instal.

  26. Keith says:

    will cwm cause issues too? i couldn’t find a .tar.md5 file for the i317 so i made one from the img file.

  27. sunraised says:

    can you sent me the CWM thank you ~i cann’t find it anyway…

  28. Suresh K Madhavan says:

    Because of many problems like Camera, External memory, video playback etc. I have gone back to Touchwiz rom Tigra Version 3.

  29. Kirk Ngo says:

    When will the camera work? How they let us know for sure?

  30. hanafi says:

    Its fast but I uninstall…I lost all my spen functionality.

  31. sickamore4life says:

    just came out there it is a cm11 4.4 kitkat for att and tmobile cam working and all…very good

  32. Redeye Dog says:

    Thanks Max. This is light and cool new features but time to go back to Bobcat. I’ll keep an eye on Omnirom though.

  33. darshan says:

    u have android 4.4 for lenovo p770 ???

  34. John Garza says:

    Camera Fix
    Put rwx r-x r-x on system/etc/init.d/80cfw

    • Tony says:

      Got a nightly build from 5:th Dec on my N7100.
      No camera app works and the 80cfw file did already have the permissions mentioned above.
      Though I have a 64GB card…

  35. John says:

    I have the GS note 2 model SHV-E25OL rooted with SuperSu and want to reinstall stock firmware, doesn’t exist and SamMobile isn’t playing game either, is there any where else I can find the files?

  36. Alireza says:

    Is it just 166 Mb all?!
    I installed a lot of roms…
    All of them were over 1 Gb…
    Is it a good Rom? or It’s a rom without any extra things?
    Does it have the Note 3 and Note 2 apps?


  37. JohnD says:

    Tried this using the latest download files and suffer more of the Paranoid Android’s failing: it does not recognise 64gb External SD Cards!

    But, it wetted my appetite for KitKat 4.4!!!

  38. Jamel says:

    Youtube is not working for me, I have T-moblie SGH T88. And it won’t let me play videos on line I tryed updating flash player but it didn’t work.

  39. Nelson Furtado says:

    Great ROM but camera and YouTube doesn’t work.

  40. Fandroid says:

    Thanks for the guiding. After installation using CWM, when checked, Omnirom is not rooted. I checked it through apps available in play store. What do I need to do?

  41. AMAL RAJITHA says:

    Cwm flash error rom all any zip flash no problem but rom not installed plz help

  42. Jenifer says:

    To fix camera you just need to manually fix permissions for it. in root explorer or similar program Go to the folder: System > etc > init.d > long press the file -“80cwf” > permissions> Owner should be read, write, and execute. Group read, execute. and Others read, execute. Hope this helps all with the camera problem! BTW Anyone figured out a fix for the 64gb card not working??

  43. Nicolas says:

    T-Mobile galaxy note 2:
    Google music when streaming glitches out and makes a weird noise after entering and exiting equalizer in the settings

  44. Richard Robinson says:

    Max, I just installed Kit Kat on my Note 2. How do I use Titanium Backup to restore my apps?

  45. marshall says:

    just downloaded the CM11 kit kat for 7105 and t889……works great incl camera
    no issues so far

  46. cabbyomo says:

    hi MAx,

    a quick Q… i try almost all kit kat 4.4. on my n7105, from earlier version to now a slightly better stable nut i cannot figure out one think, Why the developer never fix the SD card limitation. the rom’s can only recognize 16gb. Is there any fix to SD card.


  47. Davide says:

    Hi all, my name is davide.
    I’ve installed omnirom 4.4 on my note 2 n7105.
    I have the same problem about the camera, (it does not work).
    I had a problem with my Sandisk 64 giga external memory (micro sd), but luckily i solved the problem.
    i’ve formatted the memory on my macbook pro (using the ms dos fat – or fat 32).
    After this i put the memory on my phone and now it recognizes the memory without problem.
    I hope I was helpful.

  48. Davide says:

    I am very sorry for my english, not perfect.
    I am italian.
    Good night to everyone.

    • jeff says:

      you English is great as is your suggestion. too bad the roms a no go too may bugs. I went back to the att 4.3 pre release I can’t find anything wrong with it

  49. Joey says:

    Hi, just wondering whether it will work for the korean note 2 SHV-E250L?

  50. Anders Nilsson says:

    Hi! Wonder how to update? Should i just flash the newer rom+ gapps+su update on the older OmniROM version..without wiping or shall i wipe anything? Using CWM…

  51. Bill says:

    I installed the Omni 4.4 kitkat rom and didn’t like it. Now I can’t remove it. My settings menu doesn’t match the one I see in the video. There is no developer option to enable. After installing the ROM thru cwm I can’t get the cwm blue screen again. It wen’t back to the normal recover screen and I can’t load the ROM zip files.

    • Jen says:

      For the dev options try going to about phone, scroll all the way to the bottom, click on build number and click it 7 times, that should fix the menu issue. For cwm, go into the play store and install rom manager, and go through the setup process, then reboot into recovery from there to flash whatever rom you have downloaded. Hope this helps, and works for ya!

  52. alijouny7 says:

    How about the GT-N7100 ? Any troubleshoot with the camera ?

  53. ChrisD says:

    Hi Max – trying this out on my SGH_I317. I’m getting a set_metadata_recursive: some changes failed error
    (status 7)
    Yup – using latest CWM from google store.
    tried redownloading omni…zip both to internal and external sdcards and installing zip from – no luck.
    any thoughts?

  54. Robert Shelton says:

    Hi Max, Will your apps2SDNote2 work with the Omni ROM?

  55. David says:

    is this site dead? no updates since 11/13?

  56. Edwin Cruz says:

    Hi Max

    I install the kitkat rom and is run smooth but i do not see 4g only h+ or 3g i using galaxy note 2 i317 love the phone
    please help me with it thank


  57. Davey Williams says:

    Have recently updated my I317M to OMNI ROM4.4.2-2014104-tolteatt-HOMEMADE … it cannot get updates I might like to get. When using an app like Snap Chat it states I need to Get google Play Services apparently this phone does not have it anymore. I have tried to go to the google play store to see if I can get it but google isn’t able to send any files to my phone. It is no longer on the Bell Network which I originally purchased it from. my next line of thought was fine I will just restore from backup … I am at a loss how to do so. I did do a backup and I can see it on my phone I just have no clue how to restore it. ANy thoughts … I really like it btw but I want access to updates from google somehow primarily. I just noticed also the imei number no longer shows u in the settings area … I am wondering if I may have more issues in the future. The phone works for everything btw I use a Mobile WIFI stick as a carrier instead of a provider like bell or rogers and use a free text/phone service so functionally I am at about 80% of my needs covered.

  58. Cloud says:


    Ah im having this problem with my rooted Note 2 SGH-I317M. Google Play server error and no connection and i tried everything, cleared cash and force stop then factory reset, then root explorer…. Now i cant even use browser since it says connection error even when im perfectly connected to wifi. Can you help me to fex this issue please?

  59. Petra says:

    Hello, I do believe your blog might be having internet browser
    compatibility problems. When I look at your site in Safari, it looks fine but when opening in I.E., it has
    some overlapping issues. I just wanted to provide you with a quick heads up!
    Other than that, great site!

  60. alex says:

    max max max please please please give me alternative link for sj kernel (note 2 korean)
    i want to flash this rom …
    so please

  61. alex says:

    hello max
    i successfully downloaded thor kernel for my korean lg note 2(shv-250l)

    now my one last question ..
    which rom will work for this kernel ?
    and how to flash it .. ? i mean should i flash before flashing rom or after?

  62. LastAngel says:

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    waste your traffic, you can earn additional bucks every month because you’ve got
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