SkyNote ROM for Galaxy Note 2! [SGH-i317/SGH-T889/GT-N7105]

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Looking for a good solid TouchWiz-based ROM with lots of features added for your AT&T, T-Mobile, or GT-N7105 Galaxy Note 2 with great battery life?

I have been guilty of using SkyNote ROM for the last whole week and have to recommend this ROM as I have been traveling often around Asia lately, and this ROM allows me to get pretty good battery life while adding cool features like Photo Sphere Android 4.2 camera along with Note 2 camera. I find it very handy for taking 3D photo imagery while traveling and it’s also great to be able to use the stock Note 2 camera as it has better features for burst and other camera modes.

Other notable features include custom ink effects, extra lockscreens, call recording, pop-up browser, and custom boot animation support (put any in /system/media directory with root-enabled file explorer app). And oh yeah, wifi tethering works out of the box natively.

Overall, I am very impressed with lag-free performance of this ROM while giving you great battery life. So give it a test drive this week(end) and let me know what you think!

*Note to EMail Subscribers – I accidentally sent this one as N7100 ROM of the week, Sorry this is ONLY for N7105, please DO NOT INSTALL on N7100!


Download SkyNote ROM for AT&T Note 2 (with modem)

Download SkyNote ROM for T-Mobile/GT-N7105 Note 2 (without modem)

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developer of this ROM if you like it, thanks!

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53 Responses

  1. tony says:

    Why can not get the mic icon to stay on the samsung keyboard I have tried everything ……this is driving me nuts I am running the skynote 8 rom tried alot of other roms and there are roms where the mic icon is no problem but the att stock rom and other touch wiz roms it is……anyways can someone help

    • Swishy88 says:

      With the Samsung keyboard, you will see the writing tool, but can long press to select the mic. Is that what you are talking about? I have this rom and switched back to Samsung keyboard and that’s what I have. I installed the 4.2 android keyboard, so my mic is defaulted on the keyboard. I would like to help you, so please let me know.

      • tony says:

        Yes I know about the long press and I also know about android keyboard I dont like the android one because there are no numbers at the top, on some roms it remembers your last choice and stays there and on other roms like this one it doesn’t

  2. Note 2 Fanatic says:

    Just a couple of questions with regards to this rom , 1st will this rom still retain all the stock roms features like S-note and the Spen functions ? 2nd will I be able to use 4g on this Rom ?
    Thx ,Fully appreciate all your rom reviews !

    • Swishy88 says:

      Yes, it’s touchwiz based, so all the s pen, multiview and s note stuff is still there. I have AT&T and my 4G works with this rom, but YMMV.

  3. NightHound says:

    Oh does it support themes too ?

  4. nkend says:

    Will this work on Canadian(Bell) i317m?

  5. Tesla77 says:

    Does this download contain the 8.2 update or not. Its like an extra 60mb. I’m waiting to find out before I install it. Could someone let me know please. Thank you…

    • Swishy88 says:

      You first install the Skynote 8 rom, then dirty flash the 8.2 in recovery. I know this because that’s what I did and have had no problems. I really love this rom.

  6. Techfreak008 says:

    Highly unstable in my opinion. Mobile data does not work and the system reboots itself every minute.

  7. Bennett says:

    does this support Wi-Fi calling for T-Mobile?

  8. Rhon says:

    what do u mean by no modem for tmobile note 2?

  9. Herrard says:

    Is it just me but the security pattern for the lockscreen doesn’t show up every time you turn the phone back on?

    Also, mobile data on tmobile is terribly slow. It says 4G but my speeds are closer to 3G.

  10. Ralphdaddy says:

    So i’ve been running this ROM for the last couple of days now. Wow what battery performance! haven’t had to charge once since I flashed on Monday. Very slick 4.1.2 touchwiz ROM. Can’t wait for the 4.2.2 version.

  11. Robert says:

    I had it freeze up on me a few times. Looks like it happens when the screen rotates to landscape view, not always but enough that I had to reboot the phone a few times a day. I ended taking it off and installing the cm 10.1 nightly builds. Works really well and is using 4.2.2. My phone is the Canadian Bell version I317M

  12. damon says:

    On the update emails i recieve it says this rom is for the international gt 7100 but on the web page it says gt 7105? Can i use this on my gt 7100?

  13. Donte says:

    I downloaded the no modem under the tmobile but it is stuck in the bootloader

  14. curtis says:

    does the hotspot feature work for the no modem version

  15. curtis says:

    i by mistake installed the one with modem aatt on my tmobile phone and now it doesnt detect the sim what do i do

  16. Jill says:

    Hi, I flashed to this ROM after I rooted the device and it says “unfortunately touchwiz home has stopped” and “unfortunately, system UI has stopped” how can I fix this?!?!?!

  17. tony says:

    this rom is worthless I have been running it for about 3 days now you’re better off to run the stock rom all this developer did is take the stock rom and make is worse the sound is horrible Adobe Flash don’t even work and it’s too buggy and your internet speed is slower dont waist your time

  18. Zeddy says:

    I’ve been using this ROM for the past week and love it! But the problem started occurring today, it froze on me 3 times within 2 hours and I had to hard reset. Is there an update available to this issue? I know it is a common problem in this ROM, as I found reading previous comments.

  19. Chris says:

    I have Samsung Galaxy Note 2 SGH-T899 i cant get to work an i doing something wrong

  20. Zawar says:

    I installed this ROM once before and it worked perfectly fine. I accidently bricked my phone, installed the stock ROM on it, rooted it, and installed CWM. Now when I try to install this ROM, it installs fine and CWM says successful, but when the phone reboots, it stays stuck at the screen “SAMSUNG” and does not boot up. I have tried installing through TWRP as well but same result. I have tried everything, wipe data/facory reset, wipe cache & wipe dalvik cache. Tried all methods but will not work! I really want to use to this ROM. Any help?

    • Swishy88 says:

      Have you tried moving the new rom to the external sd and formatting the internal memory? This is more than just the simple wipe/data reset. In CWM, select “format sd” but be sure to have moved the rom you want to flash to the external as formatting the sd will truly wipe everything. I did this myself when I was having an issue with a rom and fixed everything. Good luck.

  21. Lindsay Pollard says:

    Hi, I flashed this ROM and loved it but when i got a update pop up it said couldn’t update on my device, and now realize in the system overview the whole model name has been changed to the 7105 and I have an ATT note 2 sgh-I317…any advice?

  22. Leo says:

    I have this installed but what bothers me is that i don’t have the “network mode” setting in “Mobile networks” . So it is constantly in LTE mode and this just drains my battery. I there a way I can get the option tab? and also could someone help me create a tasker profile so when I close my screen it goes to 3g mode and when i open it on it is in LTE. HELP 😀

    • Swishy88 says:

      What model do you have? I have the AT&T version and never had such an option on any rom. If this is built on the AT&T model and you have a different, that may explain that. Anyhow, I don’t have that option, but it shouldn’t affect battery life since your phone will change to a lower data network on it’s own. For instance, mine will switch to HSPAP:15 or LTE (if available) if I use data, but drop down to HSPA (3G) if idle. One thing you could do is make a different APN that is not LTE for your network. I’ve done that to prevent my phone from searching for LTE. Sorry if this was no help. 🙁

  23. Jay says:

    i was on the xda website under i317 android development, saw this rom and downloaded it. there was only one version available over there and i think it was the at&t one. after flashing this rom, my phone reboots after every 2 mins and also says no service. when i go into settings and mobile networks, it gives the error saying no sim card inserted where as i do have the sim card there. how can both of the problems be fixed? any link to bell modem that i can flash over this rom. and oh also in about phone the imei number and everything appears as unknown! did a full wipe before installing it

  24. Brian says:

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could post up a UI sounds pack that was taken from this ROM. I really like some of the unique sounds that were titled after elements on the period table of elements. I have switched over to another ROM but would hate to have to transfer back in order to get some UI sounds

  25. Dez Litten says:

    hey max.
    Please please please.
    Do a video on custom Rom modems.
    Why d some roms offer them without radios or modems.
    Why is this beneficial? Or whatever.
    I’m begging you.
    Please and thanks.

  26. Jose says:

    When I flashed the rom to my phone, and then boot it. It just says unfortunately, that application installer has stopped. Unfortunately, the system ui has stopped. What do I do? Someone please help.

    • Swishy88 says:

      Sounds like you just had a “bad flash.” It happens. Make sure you have the skynote zip on your extsd and flash into recovery, wipe/reset twice for good measure, wipe cache, wipe system, then flash the rom. If you still have problems, try re-downloading the rom. I had this happen before and I just wiped and tried again and it worked flawlessly. Good luck!

  27. Jose says:

    Okay, ill try that, but the first time I downloaded the rom, I didn’t have usb debugging enabled. Could that have caused the problem?

    • Swishy88 says:

      I doubt it. Be sure to get the most recent version from the xda-developers forum for Skynote rom. There is an update to version 8.2 you’ll want to flash as well on top of the original.

  28. Mike says:

    Yo if you turn the flashlight toggle on and then turn camera on it freezes but uf yiu use the stock flashlight widget it works fine
    Fix ya bug honie slice skillit g juniour

  29. cameron edwards says:

    I had a system ui not responding over and over again flashed over and over again wipe over and over again

  30. Lucas says:

    Is Portuguese ( Brazil) language available in this ROM?

  31. G says:

    My camera wont work on any app when its pressed the phone reboots please help

  32. Toufic says:

    New skynote 4.3 is out! Its smooth. Follow install instructions.

  33. Rezeki says:

    Does this rom have : airview, airview command, can connect to galaxy gear? Thanks

  34. oscar says:

    How can install the 4.3 update of skynote with airview command

  35. Gerber'Ones says:

    I install 4.3 vanilla edition but my data not works .. help me please .. i have the i317m

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