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JellyButter ROM for Verizon Galaxy Note 2 SCH-i605!

For this week’s Verizon Galaxy Note 2 SCH-i605 ROM of the week, check out JellyButter ROM. ¬†Based on Android 4.1.2 TouchWiz, JellyButter ROM gives you a mix of Clean ROM and Saber kernel (with overclocking up to 1.92Ghz).

Inside the JellyButter ROM, you will find a 4×5 TouchWiz launcher, transparent multi-window with all apps enabled, flash player, and more. ¬†For music, you get N7 Player and Walkman apps along with Voodoo Sound to tweak sound for headphones/speakers.


Jelly Beans ROM Build 19 for Verizon Note 2 SCH-i605 is OUT! [Best ROM]

If I could only recommend one custom ROM for the Verizon Note 2, it would definitely be Jelly Beans ROM.


It comes with lots of features while keeping the stability of stock Verizon firmware. Let me tell you a story about my friend who’s Verizon Note 2 had been freezing on stock firmware. Well, I did install Jelly Beans ROM on his Note 2 and it’s been almost 2 months and no freezes whatsoever and he “loves” this ROM.


Tweaked ROM for Verizon Galaxy Note 2 SCH-i605!

For this week’s Verizon Galaxy Note 2 SCH-i605 ROM of the week, check out the Tweaked ROM.

A ported version from T-Mobile, the Tweaked ROM is built on Verizon firmware with all the features from the original Tweaked ROM on T-Mobile.

Inside you will find ability to change APN (great if you are using GSM networks like AT&T like I am doing in the video) which you normally can’t on regular Verizon ROMs and also easy way to enable soft buttons (in Power menu).


MeanBean ROM for Verizon Galaxy Note 2 SCH-i605! [Palm Swipe Screenshot]

For this week’s ROM of the week on the Verizon Galaxy Note 2 SCH-i605, check out MeanBean ROM.

Mean and lean, the MeanBean ROM is optimized for giving you stock-like experience with much better battery life (automatically undervolted when screen is off) while giving you essential features you need like multi-window enabled for all apps and extra features like Palm Swipe to take a screenshot.


RootBox ROM for Galaxy Note 2!

Here’s a quick ROM overview of RootBox ROM for Galaxy Note 2. This ROM is available for all Galaxy Note 2s including GT-N7100, AT&T SGH-i317 (i317 ROMs are compatible also with T-Mobile SGH-T889, GT-N7105, and SHV-e250), Sprint SPH-L900, and Verizon SCH-i605. (For Korean Note 2 SHV-e250 series, you do need to install SJKernel for your appropriate carrier such as SKTelecom, LG U+, or KT).


Jedi X ROM for Verizon Galaxy Note 2 SCH-i605! [Best ROM]

For those of you looking for a good stable ROM with additives like Awesome Beats, transparent multi-window, and up to 1.9Ghz overclocking, check out the all-new Jedi X ROM for the Verizon Galaxy Note 2 SCH-i605.

Nearly identical to its AT&T and T-Mobile versions, the Jedi X ROM for Verizon Galaxy Note 2 features cool stuff like Sony Bravia Engine 2 (for better photos/videos), Awesome Beats app with Sony Walkman music app, native wifi tether, performance/battery tweaks, customizable 23 toggles, multi-window enabled for all apps, ink effect, and some more.


Eclipse ROM for Verizon Galaxy Note 2 SCH-i605!

Looking for a clean, de-bloated ROM with all of Verizon bloatware zapped and with some AOSP parts added on?

Well, Eclipse ROM is exactly what you are looking for. I’ve been actually following Eclipse ROM for awhile on many other Motorola devices like Droid Razr and the developer of this ROM XDA user nitroglycerine33 makes some of the best ROMs out there. From my experience, his focus on ROM is basically more AOSP experience (pure Android) without losing stability of stock ROM.