You asked: How do you remove the last line of a file in Unix?

How do I remove the last line in Unix?

6 Answers

  1. Use sed -i ‘$d’ <file> to edit file in place. – …
  2. What would be for deleting the last n lines, where n is any integer number? – …
  3. @JoshuaSalazar for i in {1..N}; do sed -i ‘$d’ <file>; done dont forget to replace N – ghilesZ Oct 21 ’20 at 13:23.

How do I remove the last line of a text file in Linux?

Remove the Last N Lines of a File in Linux

  1. awk.
  2. head.
  3. sed.
  4. tac.
  5. wc.


How do you delete a line in a file Unix?

To Remove the lines from the source file itself, use the -i option with sed command. If you dont wish to delete the lines from the original source file you can redirect the output of the sed command to another file.

How do you change the last line of a file in Unix?

The following `sed` command will replace the line with a tab (t) delimited text where the line starts with the string ‘Mar’ for the last time in the file. The following output will appear after running the commands.

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