Jedi X ROM for Verizon Galaxy Note 2 SCH-i605! [Best ROM]

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For those of you looking for a good stable ROM with additives like Awesome Beats, transparent multi-window, and up to 1.9Ghz overclocking, check out the all-new Jedi X ROM for the Verizon Galaxy Note 2 SCH-i605.

Nearly identical to its AT&T and T-Mobile versions, the Jedi X ROM for Verizon Galaxy Note 2 features cool stuff like Sony Bravia Engine 2 (for better photos/videos), Awesome Beats app with Sony Walkman music app, native wifi tether, performance/battery tweaks, customizable 23 toggles, multi-window enabled for all apps, ink effect, and some more.

If you are not too flasholic and want to stick with one good stable ROM, try the Jedi X ROM for your Verizon Galaxy Note 2 SCH-i605, I think you will like it.


Download Jedi X ROM

Credits – XDA <--- Don't forget to donate to the developer if you love this ROM! Also check out: Jedi X ROM for AT&T Note 2
Jedi X ROM for T-Mobile Note 2

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36 Responses

  1. havard83 says:

    Max has been hard at work “again” . Thanks for all your good work . if not for your websites I wouldn’t have ever rooted my GALAXY S III , and now my NOTE II and enjoying all these great custom roms . THANKS!!!

  2. caleb says:

    Will there be one out for the Sprint Version. I’m loving all this roms.

  3. havard83 says:

    i cant get my 64gb sd card (that i just got) to mount , tried to format and no fat32 only exfat. should i try a new rom/kernel. if anyone could help it would be the mean time im going to go back to jellybeans rom

    • havard83 says:

      the 64gb exfat sd card works with the jellybeans rom build 8(oc kernel) with he apps2sd hack so it might be the saber kernel or the jedi rom itself, which sucks because the jedi rom has been my favorite rom for the note II . I hope it becomes compatable soon.

  4. Micky Hunt says:

    Same 64 GB mount issue – cannot mount – so do not install if this is needed. Not sure of other sized flash.

    Hope we get a solution soon

  5. Micky Hunt says:

    On XDA website

    Why cant i see my 64GB (exfat) SD card?
    You are apparently using SaberKernel_01 which does not yet support exfat. Please Format To Fat32

    So I guess it will mount as fat 32 but I believe that has file size limits of 4GB so keep that in mind and also back up since you need to reformat. Cheesesssss

  6. Dustin says:

    Hello, I have installed this ROM and I like it with one exception, for some reason, I am not allowed to send any pictures in text messages? PLEASE help me fix this. I would like to be able to send pictures in my texts.

    Side-note: Do you know of any good theme downloads for this ROM, like the blue cheese, etc.

    • Robert says:

      I have the same much as I like rom I think I will have drop it. I Google this issue and didn’t find a answere for why I can’t sent mms. Hey max are u familiar with this problem !?!?!

    • Me says:

      I have noticed it is a problem with the network not being available. Not sure if the creator forgot to enable the verizon netork carrier, but eitherway now, it seems Max still has no answer. Someone please help. I really like Jedi ROM but if this doesn’t work, I will have to flash a different ROM.

  7. David Polister says:

    I’ve attempted to download a couple times now and the server isn’t serving… or my net connection is that bad. I saw the zip file in the browser window but never a download dialog. Will keep trying. but I think something might be up with the server. At least for me.

  8. Hamish says:


    You say this is based off a N1705 ROM?

    I have a N1705 and would love to have to this on my Note II, please tell me where I can download the version of this rom for N1705.


  9. alberto says:

    hello max
    this rom does not support 64gb sd card, do u know what sd card is supported on this rom?

  10. micky hunt says:

    Presently the rom only supports fat32 format. So you need to reformat your sd card to fat 32. You will lose your data on that card so back up if needed.
    MAX are there any plans for this room to support other types of formats on the sd card. It is the only reason I do not use it.


  11. Craig says:

    Love this rom. Having one issue though. When I try to send an mms I get an error that says ‘invalid destination address.’ Has anyone else had this issue and I’d there a work around? My service provider is Verizon. Thanks!

  12. NICK Z says:

    I’m about to load this rom on my Note 2 and I was wondering if the MMS issue has been worked out?

  13. mickyhunt says:

    Having issues with wireless connectivity being spotty. Anyone else?

  14. mickyhunt says:

    Found a utility on the web that will allow formatting of 64 GB sd cards using fat32. You need to download the program and format the sd card separately on your computer. Then insert in your NOTE 2 – you can mount the SD but do not format again from the Note2 since it will not be fat32. “”

    This worked on Windows 8 as well.

  15. Alexander says:

    I can’t send mms messaging………
    Galaxy NOte 2 verizon

  16. mickyhunt says:

    Back on JellyBean v10.

  17. Bryan McCoy says:

    Can not get wifi direct to send I can recieve files just can’t send any fix for this

  18. Dustin Pachtinger says:

    I figured out why the MMS isn’t working for some of us on this ROM. I interested or haven’t figured it out, let me know and I will put it out there.

    • Dustin Pachtinger says:

      Mine is going great now, and works fine.

    • Renaldo Maynard says:

      Hey Dustin, it seems like there’s multiple people having the mms problem. You posted that you might’ve figured it out. Can you be a generous person and share that information with everyone? Much appreciated.

      • Dustin Pachtinger says:

        Yea… go back and look into your sd card where you put the zip file of the new ROM you flashed. I am only guessing that you made the same mistake I did. I think one of the post that we downloaded this flash file from had the wrong ROM. It was the Jedi ROM, but not the one for Verizon. To solve this problem… I went back and Flashed the Verizon ROM from the Jedi versions. To fix this, simply go back and find the

        Jedi XV11 or Jedi XVX version or the Jedi XVX_r1 version.

        Like I said above, I am pretty sure those of us who flashed and had this problem were directed to a site that had the wrong version for Verizon. After figuring this out, and re-flashing the right version. It worked. Then I went back and flashed the above version which is the newer one, and that worked too.

        Please let me know if this worked for you! I don’t want to give bad advice if it didn’t. So please don’t t forget to let me know guys if it worked for you like it did me.

        This should be the link….

        • Dustin Pachtinger says:

          The version we originally flashed was the Tmobile version… from the site we were directed too and that was why it didn’t work right and the MMS didn’t work. I am almost 100% that is what happened and that is why…. But again PLEASE respond back to let me know if this worked for you….

  19. Alex says:

    Wow this is amazing thank you so very much. I am truly enjoying the full potential of my note two now. Hooyah

  20. simpson says:

    I have the galaxy note 2 from verizon….and I have applied the latest update so I cannot use ezynos abuse to root my phone…is there any other way to root my phone without a computer

  21. Alex says:

    Quick question if any one can answer it. I pay monthly for insurance coverage for my note 2. Since I rooted my note 2 will that void the coverage?

    • Alex says:

      Also anyone have an vzwnmn:1 , txt keeps coming in. never happened before. and for some reason cant install back up assistance to stop the text from coming in?

  22. MARCUS says:

    Is this available for note 2 international version gt n1700?

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