Jelly Beans ROM Build 17 for Verizon Galaxy Note 2 SCH-i605!

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For this week’s ROM of the week, check out the updated Jelly Beans ROM Build 17 for your Verizon Note 2 SCH-i605. (See our last review here)

UPDATE: New Build 19 is OUT, see here instead!!!

The latest version comes with updated versions of everything plus some extras like Multi-Window Control app (for adding 3rd party apps to your flashbar), ink effects, and Android 4.2 PhotoSphere camera (as a flashable/optional zip).

Other than that, the Jelly Beans ROM runs faster than ever with cool features like hacked mobile hotspot (native wifi tether works out of box), 23 customizable quick-toggles, long-press track skip option, battery options, Xposed App Settings (See full tutorial here), LMT launcher (See full tutorial here), and much more.

If you are looking for stability of stock ROM but much faster with better battery life and LOAD of features, definitely Jelly Beans ROM is one of the best out there and also one of the best ROMs for the Verizon Note 2. Check out the latest version and do let me know what you think!

Download Jelly Beans ROM Build 17

Download Photosphere Camera zip

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developer or hit “Thanks” button on XDA!

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7 Responses

  1. Calvin says:

    For some reason when I flashed this rom, it now doesn’t let me save pictures to my SD card from my camera. Any ideas?

  2. ross says:

    I am newbie and installed with rom. Its working great except I cant get multi window to work. I assumed it was going to be the same way as the stock where I would get a tool bar on the left to slide out and open other applications but it doesnt work when I enable multi window.

  3. tkjtkj says:

    Fine presentation, the video .. but just wHERE are the ‘install’ instructions?

  4. chris says:

    Great ROM. I am trying to get the CRT effect to work. Any ideas ??

  5. ramon says:

    Rom works great but I have 1 problem….. taken pics are not saved to SD card. Any idea how to fix?

  6. dirkthedaring83 says:

    Is there an AT&T version of this ROM?

  7. ro so says:

    Thank u for latest version of ROM for note 2 (sch-i605)

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